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Thanks to the fabulous stories and feedback from...

Thanks to the fabulous stories and feedback from previous and current ladies I am actually here in Thailand awaiting my procedure in 3 days time! It's been 12 months in the making, a rocky road filled with so many doubts .. Do I really need this? How can I be so vain? What will They say ? ... And So many more!
I have been so fortunate to have connected w a lovely lady through this site who has been so generous with her her time and info.. She has done the ultimate and come here this week as my support person.. How lucky.. thank you ! Whilst I know many do this journey on their own .. Would I have ? I doubt it!
Im writing this mainly to share my first experience and ensure no one else does the same! After receiving all the pre-op info 4 months ago thought I had firmly in my mind what not to take in the 14 day lead up .. I have been very diligent Except for the day of departure from home .. Lack of sleep plus anxiety lead To a headache, so took 2 Nurofen. I was due for surgery the next morning .. And now am fully aware that is a massive No, I'm told it can result in the same thinning to blood as asprin. My surgery was postponed for another 6 days.. Hence I'm sitting in my Thai villa waiting it out! The upside to this is I have a bucket of confidence in my surgeon, he chose to forgo the earning for that day and reschedule for my safety .

14 Days post op

So I sat it out to wait for the new Op date.. there were many times I thought I might just hop on a plane and go back home.. Lots changed due to my rescheduling, mainly my gorgeous support friend had to leave on the day of op, instead of a week post-op as planned! But I stayed and nervously went ahead.. my husband flew in for the recovery and stayed the weekend, which i was eternally grateful for. Im very happy with the result so far. Dr V listened to everything I requested. I did Not want an overdone look or any pulling, stretched lines. And I think I have that, though it is only day 14 and minimal swelling left, I think its going to be good (if anything perhaps he could have ignored my request and gone a little firmer, Ill reserve my judgement until All swelling is down and a month at least has passed) .
The Phuket PPSI is a state of the art centre, in Dr V I have every faith, so I have No hesitation in recommending. The waiting room was full of caucasians, I saw loads of Australians and their support people visiting various Drs. I stayed 2 nights in hospital at PPSI (Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute), 1-2 night stay is normal. I had a reaction to Pethadine and was vomiting during the first night, so it was recommended I stay another. All this was in the one price. I paid for nothing else during my stay after the full up-front payment of US$7,500 this covered all Drs visits, meds, extra night in hospital, transfers to and from appointments.
The operation was 6.5 hours, longer than I actually had registered it would be. I did experience some issues due to a language barrier on my first night post-op in hospital with the night staff. This became very frustrating as the night went on but we sorted those out the next day. Dr was very grateful for the feedback and he has acted to make amends for patients going forward. This clinic is only 3 months old.
So, the update....I had upper eyes and lower face - neck and sloppy jowls ! Sutures are fading very well and I think will be hard to detect very soon. The most difficult /painful part of this process for me has been my throat... Dr advises this was due to the oxygen tube down my throat but I could not swallow very well after Op, and felt like there was a tight rope around it for a couple of days. My jaw had very little movement for 3-4 days also.. this was due to pressure under operation and swelling along the jaw. Still now I feel the worst part is my throat .. the nerve endings are tingling constantly below the jaw line and up to the ears, it feels like I have a vice around my throat, mixed with a mild burning sensation. Not sure how common this is, but def know everyone reacts differently. Today it has settled somewhat. Still a lot of numbness of the ears and about 3cm either side of ears, this was to be expected and feeling is slowly returning. By comparison, the eyes were a breeze and suture lines are becoming less visible by the day.
Feedback from friends so far has been Very nice, all saying I look years younger and what a great job. Against my initial thoughts I have fessed up and told a couple of girls, knowing news will travel fast.. but I was stressing too much about what others would say behind my back, so nipped it in the bud. Im happy I did that as its been met with encouragment and 'I want to do that too' rather than building a web of lies that Im not good at, about where Ive been and why I look so much fresher. Everyone handles this differently, each to their own.
I have lost weight, unintentially, due to my jaw being locked so not eating a lot for the first week, now this week I picked up a tummy bug in Thailand... mostly everything is still rushing through me. I was unaware rice may be one of the worst things to eat in Asia due to potential bad bacteria if left longer than 2 days. You live and learn... its been a full 2 weeks of that !!
If Im brave Ill put up some photos, but not wanting to show my full face here.
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