Extended TT & Upper Ab Lipo & Mon Lift

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Hi guys. Can anyone help me. I want to to a TT...

Hi guys. Can anyone help me. I want to to a TT with Lipo. Im thinking of going with Destination Beauty. They have Told me Dr Kasemsak will be doing the surgery. But there is hardly any reviews about him.

Also they work with Dr narongdej. And thats the Dr im thinking should to the surgery. Because i have seen his reviews and and work.

Pls help. I havent gotten back to destination beauty. Because i dont know which doctor i feel comfortable with to do the surgery.

Has anybody done a Tt with Dr Kasemsak or Dr Narongde?

Thank you in advance

EXTENDED Tummy Tuck And Lipo

Hi every1.... I am a 30yr mother of 2 Beautiful children. I have waited so long to do this surgery. And saved up for 2yrs to go for surgery. Necially i wanted to do the surgery here in Australia. But it was to expensive. It cost $15 k and that wasn't even including the hospital stay ???? . After alot of research on here and the internet. I have chosen to do the Tt & Lipo in Thailand. I went with a Company called Destination Beauty.

Now although there is alot of bad feed back about Destination beauty i still went with them. I spoke to a customer service representative named JEEZY. I have added her email address for you to do further enquiries. She waz very helpful and someone i would recomend for you to speak with if you go with Destination Beauty (jeezy@destinationbeauty.com)

After emailing back and forth........ she had recommend that DR KASEMSAK will be doing my surgery. As you will know... there is hardly any feedback about Dr Kasemsak on here. So what i did is added DB on FB and looked through the work he has done. Also. With the feedback that was on here. I was able to speak to 1 or 2 people who had surgery with dr Kasemsak. All went well and happy with his work!

Also after talking about it with a friend she went to get her boobs done by Dr Kasemsak in Dec 2016. She said he was amazing. But make sure you know what u want and take photos and keep asking questions untill yous have both come to a conclusion on how you want to or will look like after surgery.

The reason y i wrote what i have. Because there's points in here i wish some one else would have wrote down. I hope im made it easier for you to do reasearch. And i have helped in any kind if way.

Anyways today is the 22nd of April 2017 and i fly out to Thailand 2moro 23rd. Consultation is on the 24th at 9am. Wish me luck ???? i will keep you posted.

Surgery Day

Ok here goes guys. Ive been picked up from my driver. With 6 other ladies. Who i am guessing are also getting suregery.

Im so nervous atm. But i know that the end result will be amazing.

Its ok to be nervous everyone does. Just know that the outcome. And all you ever wanted and worked for is here.

Day 2 post op

The staff here are amazing. I have seemed to get my apititie back amd have had something to eat. For the pain you get morphine.... some people get sick. Me i was able to take it. No effects. Destination beauty staff are soo wounderfull and amazing! I will up load pics later.

But if u go with a company. Go with them! You ate in good hands. I have also meet with alot of kiwis. But they live in australia.

Good to meet other poeple who uave done surgery and speak to them as well

Romove bandages but still have drains day2

Day 3

Omg cant believe its day 3. They did say if you get lipo that lipo wud be the hardest. And they werent wrong. Ive with with a 1 person who has done an extended tummy tuck. But not lipo. Shes is 5 days post op. And has no medication no pain. I still have pain like tingling pain. But im ok. All is well. Can get on and off the bed with no dramas. Life is great!
Staff is also Amazing here at samitivej hospital bankonk. Thank u for being so wounderful!

Day 4 post op

I woken up and i feel bloated witch means im swallen. Lower abdomen. Im massaging it and the moment and doing a lil walk around the room. Ive also got my monthly. Could be a factor. Havent taking any pain killers yet. And not in any pain. Ive had 3 drains inside me. And only 2 seem tobe working properly. Ive spoken with nurses and rhey say its ok
But i will keep double cheecking with them

Day of surgery 24.4.17 Tt lipo &Mono lift

5hrs after these photos where taking i was in the theatre room. All i memba saying. Is i feel funny and i was out like a light. And then i woke up dazed. My surgery took 4 hrs. Plus 2 hrs recovery and i went into my room. Im so grateful for DB (Destination Beauty). Because you need alot of support after surgery. And i knew if i did this in Australia i wouldnt get the same treatment. Seriously. If your thinking of doing any kind if surgery . Have a good look into them. They are very wounderful.

Day 5 im getting out of hospital

I cant believe it! Im suppose to be discharged today. And i so cant wait. Its gets pretty biring once your in hospital fir 5nughts. So make sure you bring some stuff to intertain you.

How am i feeling? Im feeling amazing. Had no pain killers yesterday. Only a sleeping tablet. Which i slept like 6 hrs so im feeling good!.... omg i hate the bed ???? you take everthing for granted the things u use to do that you hate. And now u love them now.

I haven't had any pain. And i still fell bloated. Lower bs which means im still very swollen. But thats ok thats normal. You cant do this type of surgery and expect there to be no effects. The nurses also said that us normall. Coz of the lipo.

Yes guys its true. Lipo is sore. But manageable. 4th day no pain killers. You can do this. Yes it is painfull but only the first day. And they do medicate you. So u dont feel much. So if your planing on doing it. Do it! You will be do happy you did. This has been along time coming for me. Im so proud of myself!

Day 5 pics

I will be discharged today. But i cud go back to hotel with my drains depending on what the doctor says. I hope i get them out. Coz apparently its more comfortable that way to move around.

Day 5 pics

Day 5 pics.

Although it may look sore. Trust me i feel nothing. I havent had any pain killers today

Day 6

Although i was out of hospital. I had to go back to take my drains out. All went well. I feel so much better with them out. Still havent had any painkillers. And im not sore. Went to the MBK markets shopping walked around for a few hrs and feel ok. No pain no nothing.

Day 8 pics

Today i feel a lil pain. Just a little. Only took paracetamol for the discomfort. It was only because i was walking way tooo much. And got told to take it easy. Other then that. Im feeling great. So take it easy when walking. Yes walk as much as you can. But not for long periods of a time ok

I want to update you as much as i can. Because when i want to do reasearch about something. I want to know as much as possible about something. I wish someone had did this b4. So i could see how there progress is.

Dont get me wrong. There probably is. But i was unable to find any.

Anywayd i hope this is enough info for you.


I blame no one but myself for getting the infection. No matter what surgery you do. There is a risk of infection. Things to take note.

Keep it dry- the ladies i was wirh they used some sort of strips.

Just where you see its more red in one area or it doesnt look how it should. Put a bandaid on it. Something DB should of dont when i went for check ups but didnt. Im not fazed. As soon as i got off the plane and reached sydney. I went straight to the doctors.
Dr Kasemsak

He is so Amazing told him what i wanted. He even did a lilttle bit extra for free. Hes an amazing dictor. Who turly looks out for you. Would recommend him to any1

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