Ethnic Rhinoplasty - Thailand

I am leaning towards finally taking the leap and...

I am leaning towards finally taking the leap and get a nose job. I started to realize how undefined, flat and big my nose was a few years ago. Every since then I've been researching affordable surgeons from over the world and I now believe that I have found one.

I am interested in going to Thailand to have this procedure, because I've found a website and I really love the work that are offered, not to mention the prices which are really good.
I really how I can find a travel buddy to take the trip with me. I have not consulted them yet but I'll be doing that soon. If anyone is interested in joining this journey with me contact me and I'll send you a link to the website so you can check it out. I also think I might get lip reduction and reshaping there as well. It cost roughly 200 usd so I would throw that I. There too l.
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