Dr Suporn Primary SRS and Subsequent Cosmetic Revisions - Thailand, TH

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Having spent many years consulting with some of...

Having spent many years consulting with some of the worlds most highly respected SRS surgeons I had finally come to a fully informed professional conclusion that Dr Suporn in Chonburi Thailand was the only one that guaranteed my expected outcome of a fully functioning neo vagina that would be cosmetically near natal in appearance.

I had my primary surgery on 1st September 2006 and Yes, the recovery and dilation schedule is very time consuming and painful however the results more than made up for it.

Dr Suporn did indeed give me 9 inches of fully functional depth. I am extremely senate through vaginal penetration and through cliteral stimulation.

I had a revision on 2nd of July 2015 for purely cosmetic reasons . I had an upper and lower commissure labia minora extension and cliteral repositioning and urithal erectial tissue reduction.

Revision images Please be warned they are of medical sensitive nature

Please see my 12 day post revision. on. All images were taken by clinic staff.

3 Weeks post op

Well, it's exactly 3 weeks from my revision surgery. Being back in London and with a structured routine of daily once dilation of 20 minutes with the medium then 10 minutes with the large dilator.
This is vital not to maintain depth as I am nearly 8 years post SRS surgery but to stop the vaginal opening from constricting along the z plasty incision lines.

My clitiral and labia minora sutures are still fully intact and are really irritating me as I wait for them to dissipate over time. Others around my vaginal opening have dissipated and there is some slight skin separation but no bleeding this is normal as there are deep muscle and fascia sutures still holding the wound closed. Dr Suporn's Z plasty skin layer closure by healing by secondary intention. This helps in keeping the vaginal opening elastic, stretchy, soft and pliable. This really is were Dr Suporn's surgical technique comes into its own. It mimics that of a cis gendered vulva opening that can stretch to give birth to a baby .

The wound care and douching is still paramount. Hibiscrub and silver sulfadiazine help with the wounds healing from secondary intention.
Panty liners in underwear during the day and at night no underwear just let the wounds breathe.

I shall post some more images when i am at 6 weeks

My 10 week update

As you can see I am still swollen and still have dissolvable sutures in situ which will dissipate over time.
Still dilating to keep the vaginal orifice pliable.

I will update at 3 months post op

3 Month Update on my SRS Revision with Dr Suporn

Well I cant believe it 3 months already . Well I am very happy with my outcome from a cosmetic revision with Dr suporn in Chonburi Thailand.Everything is functional and is looking anatomically correct. As a Transwoman it is for me vitally important that my vulva looks as near natal as possible. Its not that I live my life in stealth mode its just for my self esteem.Its very hard being a transwoman, with the threat of violence, social and economic marginalization many of us face . So looking CIS female becomes not just a matter of vanity but of life itself.Yesterday the 1st September was my 9th year anniversary that I had SRS surgery with Dr Suporn. In those 9 years I have turned my life around. I do not work in the sex, fashion and media industry anymore, which frees up so much pressure on oneself to constantly seek the approval of others. In a world of a male biased sexual ideals, dominated with unrealistic images and values, portrayal of so called woman hood .Having been a media avatar, fashion model, sex worker. I had a great insight in the psyche of human behaviours so I put my self through University and gained a PHD in Psychology.I now work within in my Community, to help others overcome there issues. There is another way forward. and its my way.I don't do YouTube, Instagram, etc. because to compare oneself is to despair. We are not all created equally so everyone's life experience is different.Its not that one is better or worse its just that we are all individual and our life stories should be just that, ours.I do not know what tomorrow brings but right here and now all is good so I am enjoying the precious present moment in time.Blessed be to you xx

Penis disection

What is surgically modulated in SRS

Vaginal pigment enhancement.

I have had medical tattooing to enhance my labial pigmentation which adds dimension to the vulva.
Dr Suporn

Simply the best experience for SRS Surgery. I cannot comment on other procedures this surgeons undertakes as i have not utilised him for other surgical procedures.

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