57 Year Old Wanting to Look Good Again. Going to Thailand PIAC.

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Hi I'm 57 years old, happily married with 2 grown...

Hi I'm 57 years old, happily married with 2 grown up children. I have like many of you been a stalker on this site since I joined in March. I think it's awesome and gets you prepared for what really happens. I used to be a b/c cup I'm now a DD and want to be a B cup again. My belly just keeps getting bigger and bigger the menopause I'm told.
I try to exercise I walk a lot but that's about it I hate gyms and end up wasting money when I join them. I am getting very nervous as my BR and lift plus vaser lipo to upper /lower abdo and hips is only a week away 31st may. I'm second guessing myself my hubbies keeps saying only a week are you excited. Yes and no. I've gone through Nip-Tuck cosmetic surgery in Auckland. Penny Bennett seems very nice and helpful. She also had a BR a few years ago in Auckland plus lipo last year in Phuket so good to actually talk with someone who's been through it. Can anyone tell me if I can have my nails done before surgery or not I have gels and wouldn't be able to get them off easily.
My Dr is dr narupon at PIAC I've not heard anything bad about him only good things so fingers crossed.
I'm also worried about the long flight back to NZ but I'm in Phuket for 16 days so hopefully should be ok. Has anyone had problems with the flights I know it's going to be hard but any tips/advice would be great.
I will update next week once I've been under the knife

Very happy

All over and back home in New Zealand. Didn't like Phuket very much quite dirty and frightening to think I'd gone there for this Sutter but the private PIAC did a great job and the 5 star beach resort was just what was needed. I'm sure this helped my recovery to be so fast. Very hot and humid but hotel out of season so nice and quite nothing to really do but relax.
Returned to the resort Po day 3 felt tired but ok. Had a bit of food Meds and lots of water. Hubby looked after me put me to bed watched a bit of TV had a great sleep. Woke feeling a bit sore still swollen took meds had a shower washed and dried hair but a touch of makeup on and we went to the restaurant for breakfast.
Had a nice easy day felt great slept in the afternoon dressed later for evening dinner . Feeling tired but great considering this was day 4 po
Great to say no constipation feeling lucky so far nothing has gone wrong.

Getting better by the day

Days 5 to day 11 po boobs getting smaller fealing great still tired but nothing like I imagined it to be.

Before pics

5 weeks Po - not that happy with results so far

Well it's been nearly 6 weeks and if I'm truthfull I'm not 100% happy with my results
My breast still feel big and although they have been reduced it seems more bulk and with the lift they look smaller but they measure the same as before
I'm hoping there is maybe some swelling still there but I don't think they will go any smaller. Also not happy with different heights of my nipples. PS did say he couldn't fix my inverted nipple not sure why not, but I've lived with that for years so I can forgive that if they were the same height and size. The scar length is also different , I just hope the left one drops a bit more that may line them up. Still early days I suppose but just disappointing.
My vaser lipo results are not great either I cannot see that much difference only a disfigured belly button and some ripples with saggy skin, I also hoping its early days and this will get better. I'm still in CG 24/7 and still swell up everyday.
When does this feeling stop!!!!
I will post some updated pics soon

Still unhappy with results -6 months post op

I've not been updating as I'm quite depressed with the outcome so far. My breasts are still big I've paid a lot of money and gone through the pain and recovery to decrease one cup size and the vaser lipo was a complete waste of money my stomach is ugly all rippled and uneven. I was probably better off before . I've sent my latest pics off to PIAC and it's now with a committee they have told me to send more pics in December and they will review my case.
Looks like I will have to save for a few years to get a tummy tuck.
I'm hoping Dr Napron w

More pics 4 months post op

Not sure why pics are upside down

My before pics

BR revision and tummy tuck

Piac stood by their guarantee and agreed on my BR revision at no cost to me also paid for my flights
I cannot fault them this time the brand new PSIS facilities are fabulous 6 stars everything brand new
Dr Narupon was excellent he listened to what I wanted and has delivered. I was told that I may have to have to seperate operations depending on how long my BR would take . Went down to surgery at 8pm met some of the team my nurse was fantastic his English was good and he was chattering away to me he was lovely it's a shame I cannot remember his name, then the anesthetist came to see me omg what a lovely guy he was he told me it would be entirely up to him if I could have the 2 ops done at the same time. Then dr Narupon came to see me before being wheeled into the theatre. I was so impressed with everyone the lovely nurse who had made a cape around her because she was a bit cold but said to me she's super nurse again the lovely anesthetist was talking to me saying he would look after me and that's it I was asleep
Woke up in recovery was told I had been able to get both ops done 6 hrs No nausea can remember those leg embolism sleeves popping in and feeling nice and warm and cozy bit cannot remember going back to my suite. Slept well being checked regularly throughout the night.
Day 1 had a bit of breakfast as much as I could as I wanted to be able to take all the medications without being sick I was on 20 tabs a day plus my own arnica and probiotics so even though I didn't want to eat I made myself was supposed to stay in hospital for 5-7 days, I did so well I was discharged back to the resort Novatel karon beach after 4 days which was great. Don't get me wrong I felt very tired and sore but I consider myself to have a high pain threshold and was lovely to be back with my husband to look after me in a 5 star resort. Couldn't fault the resort they did everything for us once they knew I had had surgery wheelchair was always there if I needed it they moved us to a beautiful room next to the lifts to make it easy for me. All the staff was so helpful
Dr Narupon

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