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I am 21 years old but having recently lost 20+...

I am 21 years old but having recently lost 20+ kilos was left with saggy and deflated boobs. I had been thinking about having my breasts done for quite some time but finally decided to take the plunge and go to Thailand as it worked out to be more that half the price than what it would've cost me in Australia. I booked through destination beauty and was assigned to Dr Narongdej for surgery on the 6th of December 2014 at Piyavate hospital in Bangkok. My destination beauty rep was always nice, professional and helpful, and she replied to my emails very quickly which means I got organised fast. I arrived in Bangkok on the 5th of December with my mum and my sister and was greeted by the driver upon leaving the airport. Next thing I knew it was the day of my surgery and we were being picked up from our hotel (Somerset) by the driver (I would 100% recommend staying at this hotel as the destination beauty office is located within it, so anytime I had any problems/questions I could just pop down and ask away! Also you will meet a lot of other people staying there who have had surgery as well which is nice). When we arrived at Piyavate hospital I was taken to the Tria spa located within it to have my blood and temp taken, weighed and injected with blood thinner (I think thats what it was) which i'm pretty sure prevents blood clots. I was then taken (by buggy) the main hospital for x-rays and then back to tria spa for my consultation with Dr Narongdej. He was friendly enough, and recommended I go somewhere between 205-305cc, depending on which implant will be fit the best into my boobs after he performed the breast lift. I was fine with this as I was more getting them done to improve their perkiness, not for the size, and he is an experienced surgeon so I trust his opinion. After my consultation I was taken to my private room (which was lovely) to wait for surgery. I was wheeled down for surgery around 2pm and taken into an operating theatre. I didn't have a positive experience here as it was quite hectic, and there were about 10 people rushing around getting prepped. No one spoke to me and acknowledged that I was there and I had no idea what was going on or what I was going to be put under. My surgeon wasn't even there yet so I was getting more and more nervous to the point where I had to ask one of the nurses what was happening. She got the anaesthetist who told me my surgeon was prepping in another theatre which I was going to be taken to shortly. He also told me I was going to be put under soon. I had quite a scary experience waking up from anaesthesia, all I remember was my surgeon telling me to breathe, but it not being able to for a few seconds. Then I finally took a long gasping breath and went back to sleep. I wasn't sure if this was a dream however it felt extremely real. I wanted to ask my surgeon about it but never got the chance too unfortunately, I wonder if the same has happened to anyone else. Anyway I woke up for the final time in the recovery room, and the nurses were very friendly and said 'goodmorning!' to me :) I was then wheeled up to my room where I was to be staying for 3 nights. The nurses looking after me were so friendly, and came in every couple of hours to check my blood pressure and temp and give me my meds. The language barrier didnt cause any problems for me and they were honestly so lovely, they really did care! I was in a lot of pain but tried my hardest to get up and walk around as much as possible to prevent blood clots and boredom ;) Theres a TV in the room with a couple of movie stations however I would reccomend anyone going over that will be staying for more than a night to bring lots of stuff for entertainment! The movie stations played the same movies over and over and the other stations were all in Thai. So to save yourself from boredom maybe bring a laptop or some books to keep yourself entertained :) I was connected to their wifi as well which was good! Dr Narongdej came in on my final day to check me and see if i could go home. However it was a very quick visit. I had a few questions which he answered before checking my breasts and the blood viles attached to me and then quickly exiting the room without saying anything, not even goodbye. Im not trying to whinge but I had more questions I wanted to ask and he didn't even tell me if i could go home or not. The nurses didn't even know as he didn't say anything to anyone! I honestly thought I was going to get more time with him, it was pretty disappointing and I just got the vibe that he didn't really care at all. As if he had the money and had now lost interest, he was colder than he was when I first met him. I thought I would get the chance to ask him about my scary experience waking up from anaesthesia as well but I didnt realise he was going to be that quick otherwise I would've asked him straight up! The nurse had to call him and ask if I could go home and he said yes, but I had to be discarged with my blood viles still intact as I was draining too much blood still for them to be removed. The next 7 days were pretty crappy, I was very dizzy, tired and sore. I had to make constant trips back to the hospital to get my blood viles checked to see if they could be removed, I had them in for about 5 days so I couldnt really go anywhere far from the hotel. I didnt mind though because i was told to take it easy as sometimes girls do too much and ended up with infections. Destination were pretty good with organising my appointments at the hospital and getting me there/back, aside from a few times that the car was late. My follow up appointment was the day before we flew home, Dr Narongdej wasn't able to see us because he had an emergency he had to attend to so we had to see another doctor. The hospital were pretty disorganised, they were getting patients names confused and I ended up sitting in the room they took me to topless for an hour waiting for the doctor to come! It didnt bother me too much though I was just happy to be getting my stitches out and going home. All in all my experience was 50/50. I am happy with my result but there were some pros/cons of doing the surgery abroad. I understand that my surgeon has done thousands of these surgeries before but that doesnt mean he should the reduce the quality of his service as time goes on. Operations are a big deal to people, and its nice to know that your surgeon has your best interests at heart. Some people may have had different experiences with him but I personally feel as though he didnt care as much as he should. Improvement in the after care would have made my time there much much better and I would be 100% happy. I dont necessarily regret going but if something goes wrong I will get it fixed in Australia for peace of mind knowing that I am in good hands. I am grateful to my Doctor as he has done a great job and I am very happy with my results even though im not 100% healed yet (im 4 weeks post op). I dont want to seem like a whinger cause i know its the price you pay for going abroad, the only reason I came on here is to share my experience so that other people going over kind of know what to expect so that its not as much of a shock to them. There were certain trade offs to doing the surgery in thailand, so just be prepared for that and do your reasearch on the surgeon as much as possible to ensure you are in good hands. I would reccomend my doctor to anyone having the lift/augmentation, he is good at what he does. Just dont expect too much in terms of after care

Some photos of the girls!

I'm scared my review came off more negative than I wanted to. Dont get me wrong I am very happy with the results! One of my nipples is higher than the other at the moment so they can photograph weirdly but i'm still healing and they're still settling but I am pretty amazed with how good they turned out! I can finally wear whatever I want and be confident and for that I am forever grateful. Dr Narongdej is truly a good doctor there were just a few things I were unhappy with but at the end of the day I am in love with my new boobs. I just want to warn girls that going to Thailand is a very different and surreal experience which had many ups and downs!

Update 8 weeks post op

I haven't updated in a while because I was unable to upload photos from my phone so I had to put them on the computer. This is my scarring 8 weeks post op. Its all been going ok aside from a few spitting stitches which have delayed the healing process of my scars, and caused a bit of discomfort. I emailed destination beauty a few weeks back and they told me it was normal to have spitting stitches and that they would go away on their own. Most of them have bar one or two, so hopefully in a few weeks they will be 100% gone. I am pretty happy with my results, they have settled in nicely. My nipples aren't as symmetrical as I would like, however this seems to come out more in photos, it is less noticeable in real life. I think they must be dropping and healing at different rates so hopefully this problem will resolve itself, however it doesn't bother me too much anyway :)

Destination Beauty Thailand- Infection.

Everything was going fine with my boobs after surgery through destination beauty, until it wasn't. My boobs are infected, seems to be mainly around the nipple incision line. I dont know exactly what caused the infection but I am fairly sure my body was having trouble dissolving the stitches (they use very cheap dissolvable ones over there), which resulted in them spitting. The spitting stitches caused the slight openings around the nipple and bacteria must have gotten in, resulting in an infection. I am currently on antibiotics, so I have to wait and see what will happen as I am not sure if the implant is infected. If it is then I will have to fork out lots of money to have them removed here in Australia, as there is no way I am going back to Thailand. My nipples are also not symmetrical and are different sizes and shapes which I am unhappy about.

All in all I want to warn everyone about going to Thailand. I know it seems all well and good on paper, as a young girl with saggy and deflated boobs all I wanted was to be confident and happy with my body. Being a uni student it was near impossible for me to afford the implants AND lift in Australia, so Thailand seemed the best place to go. You always hear stories like "my friend went there and hers look great", you think you've done your research and that everything will be fine. Looking back now I realise how stupid my decision was and if I can deter at least one person from going then I will be happy. My infection is a result of the lack of aftercare that exists when you have surgery abroad. I didnt know what signs or symptoms to look for in terms of an infection (I wasnt told), and its a struggle finding surgeons here in Australia that will see you if they know you've been to Thailand. When I realised that something was wrong I saw the same surgeon that had recently fixed my friends botched Thailand job, and he proceeded to tell me all the horror cases he had seen from other girls that had been to Thailand. One girl almost died on the table when undergoing liposuction, she had to get several blood transfusions and then when she woke up they STILL wanted to go ahead with putting implants in the next day because they didnt want to refund the money she had already paid. Lucky she had her wits about her and refused to do the procedure, which most likely would have killed her. She also ended up with Hepatitis C from the transfusion. Moral of the story, they dont care about your health or wellbeing they only want your money. He also told me that Thailand is host to a lot of different bacteria, and although hospitals may claim to be 5 star, you cant be completely sure of how clean the environment and materials are. He see's a lot of girls come back with infections that are difficult to fix with antibiotics due to the medication here not catering for the particular strain of bacteria. Some girls are on and off medication for up to a year in some cases trying to rid the infection (i really hope this doesn't happen to me)! Honestly they cut a lot of costs over there and you end up getting cheap meds and cheap medical care. My friend recently had her boobs done here in Australia and I was shocked as to how thorough and on the ball they were with her, as I didnt receive anywhere near as good of care as she did. I know the cost is higher but it makes everything so much safer. Your health and wellbeing does not have a price tag.

You may think you're cutting costs but it will end up costing you ten times more to fix the problems you are more likely to have from going abroad. I had to get a 8 grand loan to get mine done in Thailand, and now I am potentially looking at another 10+ grand debt if my implants are infected. Thats almost 20 grand in debt and im only 21! If I could go back in time I would tell myself to wait and save until I have the money to get it done here in Australia, where the health care is excellent and I am in my comfort zone, with my surgeon a short drive away if anything goes wrong or I have any questions. PLEASE head my warning its not worth the cost cutting


So I am still struggling with infection and breast pain. I have taken antibiotics several times and the redness and pain seems to go away for a little while, but then once I'm off them it comes back again. The pain in my breasts is an every day thing. It's not overly unbearable but I defenately know something is wrong in there, I know my body and I am 6 months post op, sometimes it feels like I've only just left the operating theatre! I have been thinking about the beginning signs of infection and I think it may have started a week or so after I got back. It might be because when I got my stitches taken out in Thailand, I was told that I didn't need to cover the open wounds and that they will just heal by themselves. My theory is that walking around without them covered would leave room for infection, especially because I was walking around the airport, a major carrier for germs and bacteria! Anyway I want to get them redone here in Australia because I can't stand having boobs that don't feel right, are sore and inflamed. Also I am really not happy with my nipple shape either, they are blatantly uneven and at different heights. This is something I would overlook if I didn't have infection but I figured I might as well get that fix if I'm going under again. It just saddens me because I really did think I would be fine over there. The gist of it is that the health care in Australia is a hell of a lot better. The surgeons care about you more, the hospitals are cleaner and better quality and you are less subject to harmful bacteria as it is a cleaner environment. Majority of men and women go over there for the price, I did too. However you risk spending double or even triple than you would have if you just did it in your home country when something goes wrong. My experience isn't the worst one either, I have heard and seen many more terrible stories than my own. I am just finding the courage to share it with you all so that you can make informed decisions. If you do still want to go to Thailand, please do your research. I thought I did mine and look where it got me.
P.s I'm not uploading photos as not much has changed since my last ones, they are just a bit more red

Infection/overview of my experience

I just thought that I should post a quick summary of my experience for girls who are coming on here to see if Thailand is a good option for them or not. I don't want people to have to scroll through my epic story. So, in summary:
-I went through Destination Beauty with Doctor Narongdej for implants/lift on the 6th December 2014
-I had a semi crappy experience. He did not act like he cared, no one ever held my hand and told me it was okay when I was nervous, I didn't even get to see my surgeon before I went under, he didn't ask all of my questions and spent hardly any time with me, all in all probably about 15 minutes (aside from the surgery)
-I thought everything was fine, but not long after returning to Perth my left nipple and breast were inflamed, red and sore. I thought this was just sitting stiches at first (as a few came out). Turns out it was early signs of infection. I'd had it for a while before I even noticed as when I emailed destination beauty with photos they said it was all normal and was just the stitches. I went and saw a surgeon in Perth and he confirmed my infection
-I have been on/off antibiotics for months now. Just when I think it's gone, it comes back again and I'm at square one
-Upon trying to pinpoint why I got an infection, I think it's because when my stitches were taken out I was not given any dressings to cover the open wounds (I was told that I didn't need one and they would heal by themselves- at this point I was stupid and naive and trusted their advice). I was therefore walking around public places in Thailand and Australia with open wounds that could easily come in contact with bacteria (especially in places like the airport)
-I am not happy with my results. My nipples are uneven and the infection has caused my scaring to be horrendous
-Majority of the time my boobs are sore, red and uncomfortable
-I am going to have them redone hopefully next year (I need to get the money first)
-My whole experience in Thailand cost me about $8000-9000 all up, but because of the problems I will now need to spend an additional $10000 or more here in Australia to get them fixed and get rid of the infection. Not to mention the copious amount of $$ I've spent on seeing doctors and surgeons here in Australia
-Since coming back to Australia, I have seen my own friends and others subject to horrors as a result from Thailand surgery (one of my friends went through Doctor Kasemsak at destination beauty and was absolutely butchered by him, she needed to get them redone and the surgeon in Australia found out her implants were fake copies!! And also said her case was one of the worst he's seen)
-I want to warn girls that Thailand IS NOT A VIABLE OPTION. Disregard the good stories you hear because I guarantee there's double the amount of horror stories to make up for it, people are just too scared to share their bad experiences for fear of judgement and the same old "that's what you get for going to Thailand comments" (trust me, I've experienced them first hand). Yes, you save money. But there is a higher chance of something going wrong resulting in spending DOUBLE you would have if you just had it done in your home town
-PLEASE reconsider, I wish someone had told me before I went. I don't even know if I would have listened as I was in denial, but please listen to me. As a normal, sensible young girl I want others to learn from my mistake
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