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7/ 01/ 2015 Dear Sirs/ Madams I am a 26 six years...

7/ 01/ 2015
Dear Sirs/ Madams
I am a 26 six years old Ugandan woman and before my 22nd birthday, I had had over 7 cosmetic procedures done to my breasts.

Growing up, I was a skinnny small child and my huge breasts never matched my tiny body frame.
By the time I was 14, I was already a D cup and kids at school used to make fun of my overly huge breasts.
This became worse when I had my daughter at 16yrs old. After breast feeding my daughter for 9 months, my breasts werent only huge now, but wrinkled and saggy too. They were heavy and hung as low as up to my belly.

It was no secret that I hated my breasts. It was very hard finding a bra that fit. I never hung out with girls my age and rarely dated since I was so afraid to take off my clothes infront of a man. My breasts made my life miserable. But growing up and living in africa, this wasn’t a problem I could fix.

So, when my father passed away and left my sister and I had a small piece of land each, and I decided to sell my plot of land to have plastic surgery , nobody was surprised.

I sold my land and went online in search of cosmetic surgeons. Thailand had the cheapest surgeons listed and that’s where I chose to go.
I was booked with a surgeon in Yanhee International hospital in Bangkok. I had no idea what kind of procedure I would have but I hoped I would discuss with the surgeon to help me choose what was best for me.

After consultation with the surgeon, he decided augmentation with 400cc silicon implants over the muscle would do the trick. He said the implants would puff out the sagging areas to give my breasts an uplift, a fullness and a younger look.

After this procedure and the wrappings taken off, I was shocked at how much bigger my breasts now looked. But they didn’t feel heavy – that would come later as the implants dropped lower and lower.
When I complained to my surgeon, Dr T, about the size of my breasts, the surgeon said it was the swelling and that they would look better with time, but they didn’t.

They felt heavier and heavier as months went by. And then the back aches started. These back aches got worse and worse over time. When I wrote to the surgeon, he said I had to make another trip back to thailand to take a look at my breasts.

6 months later I was back in thailand.

The surgeon took one look at my huge breasts and said they were very heavy for my small chest and this was causing the back aches. He said I had to have a breast reduction with a lift and smaller implants this time.

I had the reduction and after this procedure, the left breast now looked much bigger than the right. Like the left was a DD cup and the right a D cup.
The surgeon noticed this and a week later I went back into surgery to fix it. After the attempted fix, the breast looked even worse than before.
The surgeon said he couldn’t do anything about it before 6 months had passed.
Since I cldnt stay in thailand for 6 months, I flew back home to Uganda. And for all the time I was in Uganda, my breasts wldnt stop leaking. I had to wear paddings and I would change the paddings for as many as 6 times a day. I got an infection and the smell coming out of my breasts was terrible. I stayed on antibiotics and painkillers but none did any good. The physcian who gave me my antibiotics back home in Uganda said I had taken lots of antibiotics over time and that I had become resistant to them.

Anyway 6 months later,I flew back to thailand.
After seeing my breasts, the surgeon offered to do this next surgery for free. I only had to pay for hospital charges. He also said he wldnt be the one operating on me this time. He said he had found for me an older and more experienced plastic surgeon, Dr P, to perform this surgery.

I had a consultation with Dr P and Dr P said that my breasts were too huge to have implants at all. What I had needed was a lift and reduction without implants in the first place.
So Dr P took out the implants and performed a lift and reduction.

After this procedure, my left breast – which had been bigger than the right before – was now flat on my chest. And the right breast all perky and beautiful.
The lefty was like a B cup and the righty a C cup.
However, when I took off my dressings a week later, both my nipples peeled right off with the dressings. I was horrified. Both my nipples that had been big and strong before were now gone. I didn’t have nipples anymore.

The surgeon explained this was because my blood supply had been cut off when Dr T – my first surgeon – had put implants over the muscle instead of under the muscle.
Dr P said he could fix the left breast to look almost the same as the right breast after 6 months.

Despite the gone nipples and un balanced breasts, I was very happy. I was happy because I now had one beautiful right hand breast and I finally had hope.
I had hope that I could finally solve this agony of my life.
My breasts felt lighter than ever. And although I had to put sponge under my left breast to match the size of my right breast, I was really happy.
I even got to wear a swimming costume for the first time in my life.
I flew back home all exicited and cldnt wait to tell my new boyfriend the good news.
But my boyfriend took one look at my breasts and said he couldn’t date a woman without nipples. He called me crippled and then broke up with me.
I was hurt that my boyfriend left but I didn’t blame the poor guy much because truth is, my breasts without the nipples, looked pretty scary. I mean if I had a girlfriend who flew overseas to have plastic surgery and flew back home without nipples, I would probably leave her too.
But I was still hopeful and looking forward to the end of the year so that I could go back to Dr P to fix the left breast.

When time finally came to go back to Dr P and I emailed to schedule an appointment, his assistant didn’t sound so friendly in his replying email.
Although Dr P had promised to do this next procedure for free before, he now demanded for money. He said this was a whole new procedure and he would charge me the exact amount he charged for an augmentation.

Problem is I didn’t have any more money left. The money I had got from selling my plot of land had run out. All blown away on my breasts. And I had nothing else to sell.
But my younger sister said she had never seen me as happy as she saw me when I came back from thailand with that beautiful right hand breast. She said I had to finish what I had started and so she offered to sell her plot of the land to help me and she wldnt let me say no to the money. To be honest I secretly hope she would give me the money. I was desparate to fix this flattened out breasts.

So with the money my sister gave me, I was on the next flight to Thailand to see Dr P.
Dr P examined my breasts and said there was no way my breasts would be the same size without an augmentation.
And when I reminded him of what he had said about my breasts being too huge to ever have implants, he said he would use very small sized implants this time. And a much smaller implant in the right hand breast to make both breasts look the same size as much as possible.
I asked whether he would put the implants under or over the muscle since he had said before that putting implants over the muscle had cut off my blood supply. Dr Pitch replied that my blood supply had already been cut off and putting the implants under the muscle wld draw my breasts apart and kill them totally.
I went under the knife again, for an augmentation once again.

Later that night my right hand breast started feeling painful. It had this burning and stinging kind of pain. The left hand breast hurt too but a normal kind of pain you would expect after surgery.
I knew there was something terribly wrong with the right hand breast but Dr P wldnt listen to me. He kept saying the pain was normal and would pass. But it only got worse.
And despite this kind of state I was in, Dr P still discharged me from the hospital.

Once back in my hotel, the pain was unbearable. Pain killers didn’t help at all. I developed a high fever. I was vomiting and crying and in pain throughout that whole night.

First thing in the morning, I got a taxi and went back to the hospital to see Dr P. It was around 7 am but I didn’t get to see Dr P until after 4 pm. All this time I was laying there in the waiting room, in pain and vomiting. But the nurses kept telling me Dr P was in surgery. And that he would see me as soon as he was done. They kept giving me painkillers that I kept throwing up. It was horrible.

When Dr P finally got to see me, I was rushed into surgery. It seemed I had seroma or heamatoma or some kind of fluid that was causing the pain in my right hand breast.
It took more than 4 surgeries over the next week to get some relief in my breast. I stayed in the hospital for over weeks with a 2 drainage tubes and bottles.
All this time the money my sister had given me running out.

When I was finally discharged from the hospital, I had to wear dressings – which I would change twice daily – for over a month.

And as if that wasn’t enough, this augmentation with the so called smaller implants turned out to be a total failure. My breasts were now back to their old, if not bigger, size. I think even bigger and more saggly than they were when I had that first augmentation with Dr T.
I was shocked.
Dr Pitch told me not to worry. He said as the swelling came down, they would become smaller. But from my past horrible experience I knew that wld not be the case.

And now a year and a half later, am back to my usual saggly and wrinkled breasts. They are loose and hung down to my belly. The implants outlines very much visible. My right hand breast is a DD cup and my left hand breast a D cup. My left hand breast has capsular contracture and it is hard, tight and very painful. Each passing day, the implant pushes more and more to the centre of my chest and gets harder and tighter and more painful and discomfortable. The back aches are worse than ever before.
I have very bad back aches and its very hard for me to sit straight up or find a comfortable position to sleep in at night.
I suffer from post traumatic stress disorder and I had a nervous breakdown last year.
My sister wont even talk to me anymore. She blames me for blowing out her money. She gave me all she had at a chance to see me happy and when she saw what the doctors had done to me, she said she would never forgive me.

Truth is I don’t care about beauty or my breasts looking better anymore.
I just want these implants out of my body and for the pain to stop cause its becoming unbearable. Am guessing the only way for the pain to stop was if the implants are taken out.
Because I remember how light my breasts had felt when I had had that reduction and lift without implants with Dr P.
I desparately wish I could have that light feeling just once more.

Dr P wont help me. He wants more money and I have run out of it.
Am stuck with this pain and I don’t know what to do anymore . I don’t have a single coin left and am out of a job.

I know there are people with bigger problems than mine. I know there are millions of people dying of cancer and hunger each single day. People waiting for heart transplants and kids without homes. I know there are people with terminal diseases and there are lots of terrible things happening in the world. Things more terrible than my cosmetic surgery gone wrong.
I know all this.
And I also know my cosmetic problem shouldn’t be considered a problem at all. After all, I brought it onto myself when I chose to have that first cosmetic surgery.

But to me it is a problem.
A problem that is killing me slowly. A problem that has taken so much from me.

Therefore, I am reaching out to all the plastic surgeons out there to please help me.
I am begging any kind hearted surgeon to help me please and take these implants out of my breasts for free. Without payment because I don’t have any money left.
I just want the pain to stop. Somebody help me please.
Thank you.
Yours sincerely
Dr T and Dr P

There are just no words to describe it.

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