34 with one child. 32c to 32E. Mentor 325 cc dual plane. Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute. Thailand

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After 8 years of wanting this I have finally...

After 8 years of wanting this I have finally booked my surgery through Gorgeous Getaway. After watching "Beach Bodies" I decided that when I get married next year I want to fill my dress with a pair of boobs! Watching the show gave me confidence in the work they do in Thailand. I have a small frame and I am currently a C cup. Which isn't bad really. But I just have no shape after I had my son 11 years ago. Now I am 34 and I really do feel this is my time!
I was going to head over by myself but after reading reviews on here I thought it may not be such a good idea as the post-op recovery sounds like it may be a bit rough the first few days. So I now have a friend coming with me for the first 7 days.
To be honest I haven't told many people about the surgery. Just 2 friends and my partner. Mainly because I am worried that someone will talk me out of it!
So feel free to give me all the support you can! And I hope that my review will support others too! All the reviews I have found on Dr Poonsak are all over a year old. So I will keep this review updated during my trip! I cannot wait!
So BA day is in 6 weeks and I am off to Phuket to see Dr Poonsak.

4 weeks to go!

So I have 4 weeks left. Starting to have a few small doubts. But then I get over them and the excitement comes back! Most of my worries are about travelling overseas for the surgery and not having the support when I get back to Australia.
But if I don't do this I will regret it!

Count down begins!

So I now have 3 days left at work! Fly out in 4 days! Surgery is in 5 days! GG emailed me on Monday asking to bring my surgery forward a day. Which is fine. Just would have liked to settle in Phuket and the hotel first. Instead I land at 10 pm Sunday night and get picked up from the hotel at 7 am the next morning!
Never mind. At least I get an extra day of recovery the other end.
So I will update this I suppose at the hospital! I will be brave!!

Boobs are installed!

So arrived in Phuket late last night and got picked up at 7 am and taken to PPSI. The hospital is amazing! Better then any Australian hospital I've been too! You wouldn't even know it was a hospital actually!
They did my bloods, x rays and ECG basically as soon as I got there. Had my surgery at noon. So I was starving!!! They make you where these hideous orange surgical gear. So looked like a criminal in prison!
The waiting room was full of fellow westerners! All Aussie and kiwi! This makes you feel at ease and confident your in a safe place!
I woke up really well. I was all prepared for pain and lots of vomiting. But the pain is bearable and I don't even feel nauseous at all! So no vomiting! Woo hoo!
Just tired and keep dosing off. There is a TV with a movie channel in my room. So have some entertainment! There was also a camera crew filming a patient in reception who has just had some major face work! So this maybe screened in that Beauty and the Beach TV show back home! I did my best to stay out of view!! Ha ha.
So in regards to the implants i had dual plane 325 cc. So far I think it's worked for me...... but will see when they start to drop and fluff! I still can't believe I've done it! Recovery was pretty good. Only bad thing was I woke up shivering as I had got cold during surgery. But they put a warming devise over me and warmed me up pretty quickly. Any way I really need to go to the toilet! But I have a drain hanging down each side of me and attached to a drip! Not sure how I can juggle it all across the room to get to the bathroom!
Any way I will keep this updated!
I've done! Wooooo hooo! ! I've tried to upload pictures but it won't let me.... so I'll try again tomorrow!

Day 2

Chest feels a lot tighter today and I feel like I am struggling to breath! But it is just the tightness. Got discharged with a heaps of meds to take! Needless to say I'll be over popping pills after this!
Sleeping is uncomfortable and sitting up feels heavy on the chest too. But still no nausea or depression! So I am happy!

4 day post op

Bandages came off today! And I got to meet them properly for the first time. They are huge! And at the ugly initial stage. The skin underneath my nipple is numb. So I can't feel myself touching them. Which isn't helping my brain to adjusting to them! But all this is to be expected. I think they will be perfect! Just don't like looking them to much!
Pain is much better today. Still sore but not so tight now that the dressing is gone. My muscle on the left side keeps twitching which is uncomfortable! But so far so good!

One week!

I cannot believe it's been a whole week! Time flies! Any way all is going well. Still sore and my left pectoral muscle is as tight as can be and I still get many muscle spasms. The right is doing very well!
I'm getting used them now that they are not so high and tight. I have a couple of before and after photo's.


Well I arrived back in Australia yesterday. I really struggled at the airport. There is a lot of walking about and carrying hand luggage around all that time killed me. I was in a lot of pain. So getting back home was not the best.
I went straight into town to get a good sports bra. I brought a few from cotton on, which I took with me, but no way good enough! No support at all. They are more like a bikini top. Plus nothing fits me well enough! Sports bras always come in small, medium and large ect. I'm a small but now I have bigger boobs I need a medium. But then the band under the boob is to big! I found one made by berlie. It's a medium but actually fits under the bust too. But as I have 3 months to live in this bra I will need to find others that fit!
In regards to pain I'm still in a fair bit. My left still the worst. It's when I get up and move around its worse. Being in Thailand I've not had to worry about house work, laundry, cooking and all other domestic duties. But having to get back into it is hard and pain increases. Actually felt the implants move when I bent down to pick up washing. Wasn't pleasant! Any way my last day off work tomorrow and back to it Monday. Hopefully the pain settles as I have a fairly active job!

Almost 3 weeks!

Cannot believe how fast this time has gone! I've been home a week now. I really am missing Thailand and my experience there. Wish I could do it all again!
Any way I am experiencing the different sized boob problems! I knew it was probably going to happen after reading other girls reviews! But it doesn't stop you from worrying!!!
My left side is bigger then my right. I actually prefer the bigger size! My right is too small! So I am hoping that the muscles in my right boob are just hugging the implant and that it will loosen and FLUFF! The left side has always been the cause of most of my pain so it is more then likely still fairly swollen. But I much prefer the size. Any way they are starting to get softer and look less scary now. Trying to be patient! It's hard!

Almost 4 weeks

So I went bra shopping today. Most reviews have said after 4 weeks you can do some shopping..... so I headed into town and went to Bras n Things. We do not have Victorias secret in Australia so this was the next best thing and they had a sale!!
It was so much fun! It is hard trying to find bras with minimal padding. I tried on a Playboy push up bra and it made me look like an e cup! I was slightly embarrassed. I looked like my nanny who had massive boobs and used to smother us as kids when she gave us a hug! Any way 32 DD fitted me well. One seemed a bit small but no way am I any bigger then a DD. I kept sending my partner photos! He appears to be afraid of them..... you can tell he loves them but he avoids them a lot..... almost like he is shy around them! Anyone else's partners acted like this??

One Month Today!

Looking back at before photos. Confirms I did the right thing! In fact it's been one of the best decisions I've ever made!

Bigger then I thought!

So I got sized properly today. And I am a 10 DD/E! I actually fitted most e cups better then DD's. But each bra is different. It's hard finding 10e bras. These boobs are going to cost me a fortune! I am secretly happy about my misfortune!!

10 weeks post op

All is going well. I still have no sensation on and under my nipples. But they have dropped well and feel like mine. Not one person has noticed that I have bigger boobs! I have 4 months until I get married so I'm happy that they will fill my dress and I wonder if anyone will pick it up then!
My left side is more prominent. My surgeon said that my chest wall sticks out more this


Not sure what happened there I hadn't finished my up date and my phone starting ringing and it posted my previous comments!
So my left chest wall has more projection from where I was pregnant. So it makes it look like my left boob is bigger. But it's not. It just looks it!
Dr. Poonsak

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