43 Years Old 300cc Explant. Thailand, TH

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Ten years ago in thailand i had 300cc right &...

ten years ago in thailand i had 300cc right & 320cc left saline mentor
i have fallen out of love with them , was having some issues with asthma & was not sure if it was related
since booking the surgery have quit dirinking booz and the asthma has cleared up .
i am on the fence about having a lift , the plan is to defate the implant on consult the day before and make a decision .
operation is one week away i am having trouble sleeping and now have a cold

5 days to get myself healthy

Five days out from surgery I have a head cold , so I've been in bed for two days ,my implants were painful last night I think it's muscle contraction or something from laying semi elevated.
it's hard not to think about The operation constantly.
I've pretty much made up my mind that I will get a lift, but I am keeping it to myself because I know my husband would not agree ,I will be alone so it's up to me.

Decision is made no lift just explant

well im in singapore and cant sleep , the doona the put on the bed is so hot & there is no sheet so i can turn the aircon off , so its 5am my flights at 10am .
after i read 40 and about to be free message yesterday
i had a talk with my Husband he was shocked that i was even considering a lift , so after me bursting in to tears i think he finally got the magnitude of me going it alone in thailand and me considering a lift without telling him said he now wished he was coming with me . im so glad we had a talk i now feel loved and brave . i will get the xplant with no lift and wait to see what happens from there give it a year or two

Consult done

Today today was the consult The hospital is very thorough they ran ECG blood tests chest x-ray and a prick test to see blood coagulation time .
The surgeon recommended that we do at Cresant lift
I think in his opinion he thought this would be the best outcome price didn't change .
He drew on me as you can see in the picture that overhang underneath is 1 cm looks like he's going to lift it 1 cm
After red Robin's latest update I just bought 13 DVDs that's my plan if I can't read

Out of hospital

My surgeon tells me the surgery went well I can't see the incisions as there is a lot of bandages he has me in a compression bra and I'm due to go back on Friday we agreed on a Cresant lift
I hope that's what he did.
Still taking pain meds every so often ,got a lot more mobility today for sure
looks like there's a bit of fluid build up.
My hair was in such a state this morning I just put it in a bun that's all I could do tomorrow I will go down and get hairdresser to wash and detangle

woke this morning feeling clear headed

after checking my business emails my brain went foggy pretty quick, trying to deflect them to my husband
docs got me on antibiotic ,codine ,diazapan for night sleep , anti nausea ,
changed my bra and took a quick pic
Im forunate i have a mate to bring me meals when needing to take meds , hes been a trooper stayed in the hospital the whole time with me .
my husband was feeling bad last night for not being here , called him this morning mentioned i would take more pain meds ,he told me i should try not to its bad for my liver . i told him i would cut his nipple off and ask him to no take meds lol
still working up to washing my hair

Bandage rejection

I've been a little bit itchy for most of the day but early this evening it got intensely itsy I called the nurse and the doctor called me back he said to take off the white bandages and sure enough that's what it was having a reaction to the tape I'm so itchy

4am scratching day 3

i woke this morning at 4am with insane itching i have welts from the white surgical tape , I did some google research cortison creams seems the go but my husband roared at me for self medicating waited for a resonable hour to call Dr Treeasit again he confirmed told me to buy Dermovate , but still had to wait a while longer until pharmacy opened .
alot of the swelling and fluid has gone . im praying the tape on my nipples has no reaction . just taking antibiotic keflex now , hoping i wont need any pain killers today .

Day five post op consult

I went this morning to see Dr teerasit he has taken off the gauze , my nipples are pink yay !!!!
feeling a little bit emotional today not sure why because I'm extremely happy with my outcome there is still a little bit of fluid may go down a little bit more but hey I have nipples .
The yellow I thought was the die antiseptic but it's bruises.
Went for a very slow walk around the shopping centre to treat myself was hoping to buy a nice bra but honestly I can't be bothered.
happy to be back in the room
Dr teerasit said I can take the bra off when I'm in the room and let the incisions breath

Stay in bed

Haha just realised I was a day ahead of my self yesterday today is day 5 . Making myself stay in the room today I am a bit tender from yesterday's walk .
I keep waking at 3 am so annoying .
My flight home is tomorrow night an all nighter considering changing for a few more days , don't won't to set myself back in progress . But want to go home

Day 6

I woke this morning with pain must have rolled on my side feeling sooky this morning full of self pity . My left side is giving me dicomfort . Go to see dr teerasit this morning to change the tape .
I fly out tonight at 9 arriving home at 8am it's going to be a long night . Pretty sure I will need to use pain meds to get through it .

Happy to be home

Hi guys just giving you a quick update on the trip home from Bangkok was better than expected I was so tired that I can sleep sitting up for a change . I did the four hourly pain medication routine which got me through.
It was awkward for me to ask people to pick up my bag every time I had to put it through a scanner .
The last boarding gate I explain to the security lady that I had surgery there was about six of them of course there curious that want to know why so I told them that I was really a man , we all had a good belly laugh !!
However I did have a meltdown when I got home was hoping for the house to be a bit cleaner . Girlfriends to the rescue with the steam mop . My nipple sensitivity has come down a bit it's been quite painful on my left side there's a lot of gurgling going on inside my breasts Dr teerasit said it's air in the pockets . The bruising and swelling is gone right down. I prepared my husband for the absolute worst scenario so he was quite surprised at how good they looked.
I went to see Dr teerasit before flying he took off the old tape which didn't feel very nice and replaced it with a new
The tape needs to stay on for three weeks I was given some extra tape just in case they start to peel off.
I can shower in one week .
He took photos of the incisions whilst the tape was off and showed me on the computer the incisions are really nice and neat they go all the way around the nipple there is a small amount of gathering on each side of the nipple hardly visible.

Big progress

At the 2 week mark
can drive but still have problems with top gears in the car as my left side is a lot slower to heal . Hypo sensitive nipples have me trying to arrange them differently in my bra but no pain meds now for a week . Emailed my surgeon asked if I can wear an underwire he said no problem !!! He did say don't buy too many bras just yet . I still can't see my insicions
13 days before I can remove it completely . Not sure if there is much differences in previous pics

Steri tapes off

Hi Everyone
Day 20
I removed the Steri-Strips today things look pretty good
a bit of crusty blood there .
I feel vulnerable without out the tape on I'm scared I'll open them up.
Kinda wish I just left them on now !!!

Day 25 healing well

A quick update after removing steri strips 6 days ago , my nipples have relaxed and look a lot happier ,
Left bottom side is still a little inverted i'm sure it will write self in time .
I consider the Cresant lift to be a success my nipples are no longer facing the ground
I'm So happy I went for it and got the surgery over and done with,
instead of waiting until the end of the year. That's it for me and surgeries I've learnt my lesson,Love what you've got and be happy.

Healing well

It's been over 4 months absolutely happy with my decision . Sill have itchy scars when wearing a bar sweating
I'm not using a scar treatment just pawpaw ointment if there itchy .
The chest pain I was having when sitting upright have disappeared since explanting .
Enjoying my natural self
Teerasit Sripanidkulchai

Teerasit Sripanidkulchai,M.D.,F.A.C.S.

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