All Booked! 24 Years Old - Implant Removal - 3 Years Old Silicone 320s - Over Muscle -Going Back to Natural - Poland

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Hello everyone! I have always been helped so much...

Hello everyone! I have always been helped so much by reading reviews on here!

So I had my breasts enlarged when I was 21 in Thailand at Tokai Clinic - he done a fantastic job - I had Silicone Allergan 280ccs placed over muscle. Previous to boob job I was a 34A - After Boob job 34D. Everyone who has seen my boobs say that they look fantastic but over the last year my left breast has become slightly hard - it does soften with massaging but then goes back again. I do admit I was slack at massaging them in the first place. I also have been suffering pain and discomfort with them recently - shooting pains - they are also starting to sag a bit

My spiritual values have increased in the last couple of years and the boobs just don't feel right anymore I also feel that my health has been slowly getting worse. Have been doing some reading on breast implant illness - and can recommend the book The Naked Truth by Susan Kolb to read to anyone cosidering!

Anyway I begged the universe to help me get these things out of me - they have been a hinderence the last few months and have been causing my immense distress and pain! Miraculously I recieved a letter from my credit card saying they have extended my limit the exact amount I need for the operation :) :) without me even asking - I was sooo happy about this and feel like my prayers have been answered. Operation is booked on the 10th March at Coramed clinic in Poland where they will remove the implant and capsule! I am nervous about what will be left - but also reassured that they will be my own boobs so no more hanging onto them as i run up-stiars - no more having to wear comfy massive granny bras - no more worrying that my boyf feels the hard fake boob when we cuddle and no more shooting weird pains and sensations :)

Having breast implants has allowed me to journey inwards and realise that confidence comes from you not from having boobs! they have been fascinating to have - plus sides the bikinis, sexy underwear, feeling curvy and womanly - downsides men talking to your chest - feeling like people stare and certain clothes do not suit big boobs and i look frumpy! All in all thas been a fascinating journey but ready to get back to me now!

Some Before Pictures and an update

WOW - So went to my Mums house - she is very kindly coming with me - we booked everything for the trip - flights / hotel etc - read reviews on the surgeon! A bit concerned as only have 4 days until I fly home after op and then start a new job when I am back!!!! But as they are over muscle hoping it will be relatively easy - off to poland to Coramed CLinic for the op! Anyway here are some before pics......

Slight second thought........

So today had a few slight second thoughts - went to look at some comfy bras today in town - then out of curiousity looked at some 34a's which is my original size - the feelings of being unhappy before arose - have to keep reminding myself of all the good reasons to get em out! 3 weeks on Tuesday until op :)

This time next week will be in surgery!

Have been looking on here this morning for some inspiration - only 7 days until surgery now - eeeeeeek. Am slightly worried that my scars are in my new breast fold and my original fold was actually a big higher up - will have to wait and see the outcome


ok so an update - sorry for the delay - Coramed are lovely and heard such good things while I was there however I got all the way there to have a blood test and be told that i am pregnant - which was a complete suprise ... I am just trying to figure out what to do as my health is not fantastic with these implants already... but will update when op is next booked!

Ok so second time around - let's do this

So it is now all booked again to go over to Poland and have explant - booked for 14th July!

Operation is today!!!!!!!!!!!

So only a few hours until the operation today - starting to get scared now and questioning if i am doing the right thing but have to keep reminding myself this one op will be over soon and a lifetime of freedom from bras and plastic in my chest awaits - looking forward to the health benefits. Will take some pictures later but may not be able to post them until I am back in UK as cant get internet on phone here


The op went well - was very quick.... the drains in recovery was the hardest thing. I am happy with the result and hoping to get them a bit firmer over the next months!

6 days post op pictures

So 6 days post op - flew back from Poland yesterday - recovery has been a breeze since the drains were removed. Started applying aloe vera gel and going to use almond oil to try and firm up the skin....

My original bA surgeon put my scars underneath my natural breast line - so i think my new breast line is lower down than the originals - other than that they are all good just a bit saggier...

I am going to mention my diet in this as i think it is very important - i eat a lot of vegetables / superfoods. I am vegetarian apart from the odd fish.

2 weeks post op

2 weeks post up - incisions still a little sore but nothing major
one is slightly bigger than the other - i detect slight fluid build up in my left breast - this breast always didnt heal as well from the original op but hoping this levels out

They are bigger than my pre op size a little - think i am now a 34 a/b ( an a is a little small)

1 month post op update

This was the best decision i have ever made in my life!!!!!! Feel so amazing being back to natural, cant wait for them to heal a bit more so i dont have to wear a bra all the time. I was a bit slack the first couple of weeks and was taking my bra off - but need to keep it on for support, my left breast is slightly more sore than the right but it is getting better.... hoping to get some feeling back in them soon - will have to do some deep healing

2 months post op

So I think they have gone down a bit now - missing them a little but getting used to it...

They still feel numb... only as numb as when i had implants ... so i think maybe they wont go back to how they were before. I am still wearing mostly support bras - havnt worn underwired bra yet

9 month update

Still no sensitivity in nipples... still scar tussue lump in left boob... they have shrunk with weight loss.. the gaop between them has become alot bigger

13 month update

So i am now feeling like i miss the implants a bit - i am considering fat transfer. I was even considering small implants - but i have to remind myself of how i felt before! Currently researcing the long term success of fat transfer
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