Boob Job 350cc and Lipo to Lower Abs Thailand W Dr Verawatt

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In over a month il be flying to Thailand to get a...

In over a month il be flying to Thailand to get a BA and tiny bit of lipo with Dr Verawatt. Im really excited and can't wait to get this done but also a bit nervous about the pain.
I have emailed the surgeon and sent photos he has suggested anywhere from 300-400cc round and under the muscle. I am leaning towards 400. I have a consult in Australia and they suggest 375-425.
I am 29years old, no kids 5'7, 57kgs and 34b. I have a stubborn bit of fat in the lower abdominal and bigger and smaller it is ALWAYS there no matter what I do or how lean I get. Getting rid of this will be such a huge relief as I have been self conscious of it for a long time. I haven't been self conscious of my boobs but would like a bigger size. I am curvy ( have booty which I love) and think a pair of boobs will go well
I have been a little hesitant about getting a BA at my age not having kids as everyone recommends waiting but I have made the decision I really don't want to wait. I want to enjoy my boobs in the next 5 years (I don't plan to have kids till Im around 33). I have had a rhinoplasty in the past and the only they I regret is not having it done sooner. So I kinda feel like I need to live in the present. In the future I may have to have a revision or lift which I am ok about.
My partner is a real boob man (seriously I had to ban my nipples from him for awhile lol) so its going to also feel good having decent boobs. I am getting a BA for me and I am 100% confident in myself with him and he assures me he loves me no matter what I do and no implants will change that as most loving bf do but I do know its something he would be so excited over so a definite plus!
I can't wait to wear un padded bras, back less dresses and omg bikinis...bikinis have also been a battle for me and with my new boobies and poochless tummy I can't wait!

The consult

Before the consult I was half unsure if this was the right thing to do and half felt like it wasn't real. I broke the news to my mum and feel like I have broken her heart :( she feels I am so lost and Unconfident and confused and said a lot of hurtful things which I know she didn't mean but was really scared and upset for me. I know when I'm a mother I will worry about my kids the same way. It still sucks though:(.
I flew in early morning on the 5th (2 days before surgery) I'm staying at the Nina resort in Patong. I brought my blender and went out and brought fresh fruit and veges to blend up for happy healing.
I went to the consult yesterday and my surgery is first thing tomorrow. He arranged a car to pick me up 7am to take me to PIAC hospital.
The consult was better than I thought and all unsure ness and worry I had disappeared. He was absolutely amazing. I had a consult in Sydney and I felt a lot more better and sure about using Dr V as my surgeon. After explains the process the outcomes and before and afters with previous patients he then measured me up took photos and took a million measurements. He really is a perfectionist he noticed my boobs sit lower on my torso they are not saggy or anything but sit slightly lower genetically and he said he would inside the implant ever so slightly up. We agreed on round implants dual plane. I tried on the bra with inserts you can top up so you can go by 25cc and build it up. I showed him pics I like and he gave me some implants and was really happy and was shocked to find out it was only 300cc the other surgeon was recommending 400! I really like how he never told me what cc it was but let me stop adding when I liked the look on my chest. He suggested I put in 400 to compare and holy they were way to much they didn't suit me at all. I talked about if I were to lose weight and if I were to have kids and breastfeed and he said your boobs can handle it if you do it slowly. Stop breast feeding gradually and lose weight gradually. He also said if I gained weight as opposed to milk that would affect the sagging etc so good things to know
So 325 it is! (He's adding 25 as its under the muscle)
I'm surprised I'm not as nervous as I thought I would be and its tomorrow! I think it's because he was so spot on about everything instantly I had a good feeling like I'm in good hands.

the day after surgery

Piac hospital is very very good. It was very very clean and the nurses were very promt. I was checked a lot and felt extremely well looked after.
Yesterday they took my blood did x-rays. I arrived at about 8 and went into surgery 10am. I got out at 2pm. It wasnt too bad. I knew id be in pain. I had trouble sleeping my back aches from lying down so long my bf has been massaging it now and then. Its so nice having him look after me and fuss over me it makes me feel better. When i breathed in a felt a bit of pain so thats mainly why i couldn't sleep. They gave me anti nausea drugs in my operation. I held of from strong pain killers as i get very sick very easily and just thought that would be the worst thing even though they gave me anti nausea meds. Today it feels easier to breathe and and i slept a bit in the morning. I found it good to breathe deeply from my stomach abd not my chest. They took the drains out which was a relief because i could feel slight stinging from them when i moved. It hurt so bad t asking them out but at least it was quick. Dr V came in and said everything went well. I forgot to add i decided on 350cc before the surgery because i was a bit scared i was going to small. The lipo he said he took out 220cc. I have no pain in my stomach at all its just my boobs that feel sore and to be honest my back hurts the most out of everything. I took some strong pain killers with anti nausea meds today. Dr V gave me a bag with another boob tube garment and meds all labeled and a cardholder with the next appt time which is the 12th. Oh yeah i cant shower for 4 days! !! Because of the bandage on my stomach

day 5 feeling much better

Not much sleep at night not been eating much but today took a taxi to mall and went for a small walk in air con which was nice to get out of hotel. I dont know how anyone could do this with out a helper ive been relying on my bf for everything. Yesterday he gave me a sponge bath which felt so much better after i can't wait to wash my hair. Tomorrow i go in to dr v to get stomach bandages off im really looking forward to it. Day 5 feels like the first hard hump is over and it will get better from here on. The last 5 days were hard not going to lie. I cant wait to stop taking all these meds too.


Im now about 3 weeks post op and feel really good. Im very glad i went with DrV. My stomach isn't completely flat yet he said itl take about 2 months to see due to swelling and redraping of my skin and tissues. I still can see a difference though and happy so far. Really glad with size of boobs i went with
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