BA: 33 Years Old, Breastfed 3 Kids, Tears Drop, Dual Plane Placement - Phuket, Thailand

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A little about me, i have 3 children all breast...

A little about me, i have 3 children all breast fed. After my first i sat fine in a C cup, however after my 2nd and 3rd child all my baby weight went along with my breasts right down to a B Cup.
I love to run and work out and over the past year i have gained tone and definition to my body. I have started to feel good about the way i look except one breasts! (two things actually, i am also getting Rhinoplasty - that in a different story) I am now on the verge of an A cup. It bothers me that i work hard at looking good, however i will never be able to change the way my breast look. Which is why i have chosen to get a breast augmentation.
I have spoken to a friend who has traveled to Thailand twice for breast implants. Knowing that i could not afford this in Australia, i started to do my research.
So after months of research and stalking this site plus many others, i chose to go with Gorgeous Getaways. I have never been overseas so i was sure i wanted to go with a company that could arrange all hospitals transfer etc.
The end result is i am booked in on the 20th Sept with Dr Rushapol from Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute (part of the Phuket International Hospital) for Breast Augmentation and Open Rhinoplasty.
Dr Rushapol recommended Tear Drop Silicone Implants with Dual Plane placement. However he advised that should i show to have high nipple level on physical examination then i could opt for round implants. All the final details of size etc are discussed at my consultation the day before surgery. I would like to go to a full D cup.

Under 5 weeks to go. Trying out Rice Sizers

I cant believe its under four week untill im on a plane and off for my Rhinoplasty and Augmenttation.
Playing around with rice sizers today. Left pic without sizer, right with 375cc sizer. I want to acheive a full D cup so im thinking 400cc. Ater spending days searching i finally found a supplier in Aus that sells the Lipoelastics medical bras. It arrived and Friday and it is absolutely awesome. Perfect size! And such good quality.
On a more negative note im feeling more and more anxious about leaving my kids for 20 days. I have never spent more than 5 nights away from them. Im worried im going to get home sick. Hubby has never had to cope that long without me. I have set up skype and will call them during the day so hopefully that will be enough.

No longer thinking tear drop

Oh and i should ad that i am no longer thinking tear drop. After reading a lot about implant shapes and comparing the results i realised that it would not benifit me anymore than round when it come to the final result. I just can not sustify paying an extra $1700aud for tear drop if it is not actually going to give me a much better result and you cant tell the difference than if i had round.
Of course if my surgeon has a very valid reason for using tear drop then i will still go that but otherwise i think round will do just fine.

Consultation done, sugery tomorrow

Well had my consultation this morning. Was picked up at 7:30 am and seen the Surgeon at 10am. Have chosen Tear Drop 400cc dual plane placement. I am very happy with this decision and the surgeon was really great at explaining why tear drop would be better for the shape of my current breasts. I am being picked up at 7:30am and will go straight in for surgery for a two day stay. Hopefully i will be able to do an update tomorrow after surgery.
Ahhh so exciting!

1 day post op

Well had my BA yesterday. Final result was 390cc tear drop. In quite alot of pain. Feel like my rib cage if being crushed. I thought this would ease whe the pressure bandages come of but as soon as they put the compression bra on the pain comes back. I am being kept in for another night to manage pain and because im still loosing blood. They look huge at the moment from the swelling. It feel better when i am sitting up straigh th as it takes the pressure off my ribs.

3 days post op

Yesterday afternoon i was discharged back to my hotel as my bleeding jad subsided enough for the drains to be removed. I was still experiencing a fare bit of pain but and was a little shocked to see that i had only been given a miscle relaxent and paracetemol for pain releif. As well as sleeping tablet and a different pain killer for night. 4 am this morning of woke up in alot of pain. This pain subsided a fare bit when i released some of the pressure from the compression bra. From my understanding the bra is not suppose to cause further pain or discomfort, so i have loosened the bra enough to still provide compression and support but not to cause pain or discomfort. My next pain medication wasnt due untill after breakfast so i had to have a very early breakfast so i was able to take more pain relief. I contacted the hospital to express my concern of this period of pain between 4am and breakfast. The doctor send through a list of further meds and instruction i can pick up from the pharmacy to help with this.

7 days post op check up

Cant believe its been seven days already.
Had my post of check up today. Surgeon said everything is as expected. He showed me how to massage to help them soften and drop. I was surprised that he advised only to push in from the side and down from the top. Not sure if this is due to the tear drop shape. He removed my stitches and scars are healing well. I have noticed them slowly getting softer a little each day. My left more so than my right. I do however feel that i need to buy a bigger bra now that i no longer need the compression as much, something just for the support. I dont want to be applying to much compression which may slow them from softening and dropping. Loving doing progress pics at the moment. Needless to say hubby is also loving seeing the progress pics...eager for me to arrive home in 7 days time. I head back to the hospital monday morning for one last check up before im off to the airport to head home.
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