Asian 42yrs old 350cc high profile siltex mentor

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Hi Realsef sissies..I been stalking for a couple...

Hi Realsef sissies..I been stalking for a couple of months im gunna say thank you very much to all the ladies that shared their journey gives me knowledge and found a lot of tips during their pre and opt surgery. To begin i was 32B before i got married and after gave birth of my two kids a little of changes.but i was young that time 21yrs my breast appearance is still good..
I am not really aware of my breast as its still ok.but suddenly after 10yrs ir more my breast becoming so ugly.and so i started to feel ashamed of it.
Before i reallt dont like of having a fake boobs.had a bf before from US asked if i want a breast implant cause i akways complain about my breast.but really dont want going into the knife and get an implant.but then again fast forward had my current bf now that is obsessed with big boobs i i get jealous everytime he twist his neck just to stare at girls with boobies.not feelin good about it as i dont have those.well then one day he asked me if i wanted breast implant i say no.but after a year i change my mine i wanted now because i think its not bad wishing to have just at least a little mountain on your we decided i will make it in thailand.tried to have consultation in beverly hills philippines but they cannot give me a reasonable time for us for a consultation as we have not much time when we were in philippines the last time too busy..then on our way back here in cambodia we went to Yanhee hospital for the consultation.
I had my first consultation at Yanhee under Dr.PramoteManurangsee..Nurses at Yanhee were very nice and friendly.after some measurement from my breast he recommend 300cc Hp..well that time i dont understand yet that Hp n cc thing.
He showed the silicon anyway and let me try the 300cc and i like it.not too big not too decided ok..
Dunno my measurement..mybe on my next consultation can ask about it.
I decided to write and post my journey here.i am hoping mine will be as good as the other girls too.
I will be having my BA at the end of the month if theres no problem from my very excited and at the same time a bit scared.
At the moment im still waiting and waiting..i hope im still alive after my BA lol...:)

wish boobs

Wish the dates comes closer can't wait lol...

forgot to upload..

More Wishpics..credited to the it!

sports bra and picture

well today been looking for a sports bra that have a zipper in front but cant find anything.this place is suck.and so decided to get this than nothing.but no bigger size and so i got only 32a and 32 b..its ok if ever wont be able to have surgery i can still wear lol..still waiting for the moment:)...

My fav.wish pic..

17 days to go...pulling the day to come..cant wait to have boobies..

1 day post op

boobs feels ok..but my incision is hurting so much..i had 350cchigh profile mentor first day can stand up by self no nausea and vomitting at all..just hard to move but despite of my incision pain i can still manage to walk and go to toilet alone with my dextrose.hvrnt see yet my new girls but it feels like i have a rock in my chest so hard and heavy..anyone with the same stats and implant like mine? how long foes it take to feel even just a little bit softer and lighter..
Dr.Pramote has been very understanding with my thoughts but at the same time he's trying to explain what will happen if i get a bigger boobs..i supposed to have 260 moderate profile or 300 high profile but when i showed him off picture what i want he explain to me the possible consequences as i want bigger than 300cc .heask me if 340 is ok..said yes i would love to.but finally the supposed to be natrelle 340 is not available so we settled at 350..hmm i like it of course.and the nurses were so very nice and kind ..they took care of me very room was excellent nothing i can say..but all went well..

ugly bra..

hey are from day 2 post op..internet in our hotel suck..cant open 1st day was fine..but 2nd to 5th days has been very hard for me.i got lot of bruises my incision hurting me so much..i miss sleeping in a regular position.back is hurting too with sleeping in sitting position.every morning i wake up its so hard very painful in my under arms and in the top of my chest..i feel like my new girls are too big..looks like i already have rippling from the first right nipples is numb and cant feel anuthing no sensation at all..but right is ok..its normal can feel the sensation.i am worried when i will be feelin normal.i cried most of the time with the pain i am having everyday.the bruises looks very different.i have a rhinitis that triggers all the time..when i sneeze blow my nose makes me cry ot hirts so much..worried also that it may affect my breast and forms a bubbles inside because its forced whenever i sneeze and blow my nose..i feel very helpless..

Worried Double bubble and assymetry:(

Hi Ladies i am in my 17days post op now..havent posted that much as my breast turn into something i didnt think i would kinda worried with this double bubble on my left breast.but my Ps says it will be blended with my tissue in doing massage everyday 30mins 3x a day..and its getting a little bit softer now..i raised my arms one hour everyday as my PS Instructed me to do it..hope this double bubble will be gone soon.i cant wait..


nothing much change double bubble still visible..still trying massage everyday..hoping one day it will look proportion and smooth..lefty hasnt dropped yet.but right i think had dropped faster than my left.

5weeks and progress

Hey Lovely Ladies,
its been 5weeks now and I'm feelin good.everythings is pains. no more mondors.cord , and no more double bubble i was thought it will not go away.but my PS was right it the skin and the silicon will join together in time..its getting softer and squishy also but not very soft as the natural one.well still hoping it will in time.
Dr.Pramote Manurangsee

Still waiting for an outcome.

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