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So my bob job is in just over 10 days. I'm so...

So my bob job is in just over 10 days. I'm so excited and nervous!!! I'm totally premenstrual atm and my little girls have been so swollen! They seem like they know what's going to happen and are saying 'look! Look how big we are!!!' They've calmed down a bit now, I am actually going to miss them...

Destination Beauty - Thailand

So it's been 2 weeks post-op today and I'm sorry I haven't written sooner. The whole experience was so amazing/nerve-racking/exciting and overwhelming I'm only able to write a full review now. Well basically I'm here to tell you the truth about Destination Beauty. The bad thing about Destination Beauty was that the whole trip had to end! It was one of the most amazing things I have ever done (go to a foreign country for plastic surgery!) and I would do it again tomorrow.
I have heard great things, and bad things but in my honest opinion I would recommend Destination Beauty to anyone (and I'm not getting paid to say this! Lol!) The level of care and professionalism I received would equal if not surpass any I would get from a 'western' country. Where I'm from breast augmentations are day sugery procedures. In Thailand I was in a 5 star hospital for 2 full days and nights, with amazingly caring nurses checking on me every 2 hours on the dot.
I have read the importance of 'bed-side manner' in regards to surgeons, and one thing I will say is that westerners must be willing to accept the eastern surgeons 'bed-side manner'. It may be different to western, no less, just different. Maybe it's the thick accent and their humbleness, I don't know. My surgeon was Dr Kasemsak. I had read a review that said he was 'odd' and that there was something 'a little off' about him, so when I met him, as open-minded as I was trying to be I couldn't help being a little nervous. Now that I know Dr Kasemsak I can proudly say that as my surgeon he was the kindest, sweetest, most humble (if not very shy), sensible and professional surgeon I've ever met. I now understand that for some people (especially westerners) thick accents would be a worry for someone about to operate on you! But Dr Kasemsak was more than willing to explain things more than once (or twice) if I didn't understand. The nurses that assist him are just amazing as well. During my final consultation (when the blue texta came out) I realised I wasn't as mentally prepared as I thought and in the consultation room I had an anxiety attack. The nurses and Dr Kasemsak were so lovely, I was so embarrassed as I broke into a sweaty pale shaking mess and nearly collapsed! They had obviously seen it plenty of times before because they all did everything they could to help me.
My hopes for DDs probably won't be fulfilled because as Dr Kasemsak explained, as I've always been very small breasted I simply don't have the skin to hold 400+ cc's implants without the risk of complications. He explained all the risks, showed relevant pictures and explained why the SAFEST option would be 350cc's. As disappointed as I felt, my boobs now are fantastic, they don't get in my way, I'm healing beautifully (touch wood!) and I'm so pleased that his main concern was safety, above my desires.
Basically I had the breast augmentation, 2 x days and nights in 5 star hospital, 8 nights in serviced appartments, where a nurse would come to visit, buffet breakfast daily, transfers, flights all for what it would cost for the breast augmentation alone in my home town. Oh! And! Before surgery he told me I may or may not need a nipple lift, he would see how the implant sat once he was in there. I paid for a nipple lift as well, and on waking from the surgery I was told he didn't need to do it and they reimbursed me the money within a couple of days! So I ended up with more spending money! As I said to my husband, he could have just cut out my nipple and sewn it back on, I never would have know, lol! It just proved again to me the integrity and professionalism of this company and their surgeons.
The company comes twice a week to the apartments and takes all the clients out for afternoon tea (at the most beautiful cafe) and when I went I was lucky enough to meet the owner of destination beauty himself. A Dutch man called Martin (I think that was his name, I was still on a LOT of painkillers then, lol!). I felt so lucky that he was in town and decided to come. He really opened my eyes to the world of 'cosmetic tourism'. What an amazing concept. The women I met would not have been able to afford such luxuries in their home countries. And Thailand's infrastructure and safety standards in the hospital I stayed at were better than anything I could have imagined.
My husband and I have a son with a disability and this is only the 2nd holiday we've been on alone so we were able to sightsee, and shop and explore almost every day. The street food there is absolutely fresh and delicious and so cheap!!!!
Ladies; do your research, stick with reputable companies as you would with anything. But if you really want to spoil yourself and have an amazingly eye-opening one in a lifetime experience, I recommend Destination Beauty and would do it all again tomorrow if I could!! :)

More pics!

2 weeks today post op

It's been 2 weeks but it feels like yesterday and at the same time it feels like a life time ago!!!
The first 4 days are a blur. I remember being worried I wouldn't sleep but thankfully I managed sleeping up right thanks to extra pillows and a neck pillow. That thing saved me!!!
On about the 5th night I woke up on my side with one pillow!
I've heard of 'Morning boob' is that just sore as f$"# boobs when you wake up?!? Coz that was really unpleasant. My right boob where it met my sternum killed me for almost a week I reckon, it is much better now.
My surgical bra did my head in, but I'm used to it now. I let them out (when I wash obviously) to breathe every now and then, or to put scar ointment on them and after about 10 mins I want to put it back on again! It's becoming like a security blanket for me! I feel like if they're strapped in, they're OK!! Lol!
I sleep on my side most nights, but most of the time try and fall asleep on my back (which I thought I'd NEVER be able to do being a tummy sleeper)....
My amazing husband has been soooo supportive, but up until this morning was scared of the new additions I think, lol! I think he didn't want to hurt me (such a sweetheart). But this morning he had a gentle squeeze, lol!
My breasts have lots of numb spots still, mostly half of my right boob. As their getting sensation back its like its almost painful sensation. I still can't feel my nipples 100% but when I touch them if anything it feels unpleasant. I hope this goes back to normal!!
I have one more week off work, so I'll be 3 weeks post op by the time I get there.... Hopefully I'll be ready.
I absolutely love my boobs. I feel in proportion for the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE but I'm getting the impatience that everyone seems to get. I want them to drop NOW lol!!!
I pray for healing, gratitude and patience every day, and I know before I know it I'll be out of this sexy beige bra and into something worthy of actual boobs!!!
Oh and I miss running terribly but again, healing is more important....
Patience girl! Patience!!!

3 week mark!

So I'm half way there till I can take off this damn surgical bra...! I can't wait! I love my boobs so much, each day they become more a part of me. Sleeping on my side no worries, still get morning boob, still get 'sore and tired' boobs in the arvo, have to go and unstrap them and give them a rub and a breather for 5 mins.
Scar treatment of an evening....
I have asymmetry and one is defs dropping faster than the other but I'm not stressing. I'm just concentrating on healing.... Happy days...!!! :-)

4 weeks 1 month Boobaversary!!!

Well well well, it's been 4 weeks (minus one day, but I won't post tomorrow because I know work will be exhausting!!!) already! Wowsers... What a trip this month has been. I feel like I've always had these girls and looking back at padded bras and being disappointed in a dress braless seems like another person! Not that I've worn that many dresses since, lol!!!
Now I know my girls are lop-sided, they always have been. It's just more noticeable now.... One thing has been interesting. My right boob (your left) has been giving me the most grief, pain, etc, however she looks amazing! (Pics don't do her justice) and leftie (your right) just needs to catch up! I'm left handed and very left-dominate, and she feels tighter and everything so I'm HOPING beyond hope (and praying, and visualising....) that she'll catch up with her picture perfect (in my eyes) sis!!!! I'm trying not to stress because in the whole cosmic scheme of things, my lill' ol' boosbies don't matter that much. My amazing husband loves every inch of me (blessed!) and I was soooooo lucky to even get my dream of having a boob job that I feel a month in, I need to stop myself if I start worrying....
I'm soooo happy I have actual breasts, and not the bee-stings I had. They have a long way to go and it's fascinating to watch and feel the journey first hand. Today I feel truly blessed about absolutely everything, and I hope all you beautiful booby ladies out there feel some blessings too..... Lots of love, xoxox

5 week mark!

5 weeks today I had my breast augmentation in Thailand. I wish I was back there! It's cold today and I'm hanging for Thai food, lol! I'm so happy because I can actually lie on my stomach! It defs feels different but absolutely no pain! Also I tried jogging the other day and the first 2 jogs I think I had too much support because I felt like I had 2 bricks on my chest and I was so tight it was hard to breathe deeply. So the 3rd time I just had 2 sports bras (ditched the support tank, just a normal top) and as I was jogging I thought 'oh man, I think my knees are sore' then after a bit thought 'hang on I'm thinking about knee pain, that must mean *gasp!* there's no boob pain!!!' Yay!! I couldn't even feel them! So 5 weeks is a good week. I love them, I have minimal pain and my scars are healing beautifully!

From flat to DD's!! My dream come true!

So I just can't believe it but I was measured as a DD and sure eough...the DD's fit me! It's just so weird having had been so small for so long. It is honestly, hand on my heart, my dream come true. I'm fairly tall so they don't look huge which is what I wanted, but they're starting to FEEL like breasts now. I'm so blessed, and so lucky, and I love them more and more every day... :-D

6 weeks today!!!

So 6 weeks today I went under the knife in Thailand. Every day I love my boobs more and more.! One has definitely dropped quicker than the other, my left side still has a way to go. I'm left dominant and wonder if that's why...? I realised I have always been worried that bigger breasts would make me look fat, but because of my hight I think I'm proportioned really well. I'm so happy I'm the DD I always wanted and I'm so glad I didn't go so big that I become uncomfortable. I can lie on my side, 3/4 way to lying on my stomach but not able to lie in my stomach.... All good in the hood here ladies...! Have a wonderful week! :-D

7 weeks post surgery

So it's 7 weeks yesterday.... I sent my surgeon pics of my progress and he says that all looks fine. I told him that I was worried my right breast is dropping too much but he assured me all looks normal and that I will change every day for at least 6 months (which we all know right...? Lol!) so yeh, lefty still seems smaller, hasn't dropped as much and looking at my before pics, a lot of it is asymmetry, and it looks worse in pics. When I show people (friends, not randoms, lol!) they cock their head to one side and take another look and say 'oooh, yeh, a little..' So I'm rapt they're not gasping with shock at first glance, haha!!! But you know what the best bit is...? Remember as a kid on your birthday or Christmas, or when you got a new pair of runners, you woke up with that fantastic feeling in your tummy? Well every now and then if I'm cooking or cleaning or something, my arm brushes against them and I jut get an overwhelming feeling of love for these babies..... I love them so much, they're like my kids; I love them more every day! Lol!!! Very happy with them...! :-D


What a difference!!! Before vs 7 weeks!

8 weeks!!! :-D

Wowsers, 8 weeks! It feels like ages ago and at the same time like it was yesterday...! I'm totally used to my boobs, they're a part of me now.... I'm working so much and school part time so I don't have time to go shopping for new bras or clothes but I'm not too fussed. All I can do is snap some bare booby shots and whack them up! lol! I think my asymmetry is here to stay but you never know your luck and they're not too bad anyway. I can live with it quite easily, noones perfect right..??
I hope you're all well, reading this or not I wish everyone out there getting surgery all the best healing wishes and that you all get what you truly desire.... It really can make a difference to your inner selves. It's not vanity, it's finally feeling how you thought you should have felt all along.... God bless, see you in a week!

9 week mark!

It's been 9 weeks, and I can finally lie on my stomach to get a massage! Admittedly I roll up towels and put one across my chest above and one below my boobs but it's a real turning point for me...! Same as last time, love my girls so much, no complaints, no worries.... I was worried my perfect right breast was dropping too much but it's seems to have stopped doing that. My left is still a bit different to my right but that's just me and my perfect imperfections... :-)
So happy I got my boobs done. Would do it all again tomorrow....

10 weeks!!!

Well it's already been 10 weeks... Wow!
I feel like my right boob is looking the wrong way sometimes (lol!) but I keep looking at my before pics that do show the assymetry I already had. I know I don't massage enough either so I really need to keep that up. It's winter here now so I don't think about them much during the day to be honest, all rugged up with layers on!
I get the occasional stinging pain which I hope is the feeling coming back because my right breast is still 50% numb, and my left probably 30%. I wonder if I'll ever get the sensation back...?
I'm still in love with them though... :-)

New bras!

So I still can't believe I'm a double D... It's truly beyond my widest dreams, but here you go. Proof! Lol!
Brand new bras that are 12DD. I'm so happy with these girls!!!

11 weeks!!!

Eeep! It's nearly been 3 months, I can't believe it! My gorgeous girls are still their beautiful lop-sided self and I still don't love them any less for it. I keep pushing little lefty down and I still think she might drop nicely.
A couple days ago I had rippling on righty at the base and cleavage. I told my hubby to check it out but he said he couldn't feel anything. He also pointed out he doesn't know them as intimately as I do, lol! I think it's gone away though now.... Weird... I'm over the muscle so I'm at more risk but I don't think it'll be a problem.... I hope... Lol! I hope everyone's in booby heaven and enjoying their new additions.... xo

3 months since my girls came along!

So it's been 12 weeks today!!!!
So my right boob has dropped way more than my left. They look strange together but fine on their own.... They both have their own way of doing things. I'm still not stressing because I just love them so much!!!
Anyway, I STILL love them more and more every day. Still the best thing I EVER did!! :-D

13 weeks ladies!

So I get rippling every now and then on my right breast at the lowest part of my cleavage. The weird thing is it comes and goes... My right scar was really stinging and hurting the other day, now it's totally fine. I had really sore and sensitive boobs the other day, and now they're fine. I'm getting sensation back on the surface skin of both boobs (half of both were numb, but only the skin; internally I could feel touch if that makes sense...). The sensation is starting to come back around the outside, I'm guessing the nipples will be the last...? Any ideas..?
Other than that I could talk all day about how much I love them and how much I feel like a woman and it is still the best thing I have ever done.... My hubby was scared of them for a long time, but every day he's used to them more and more. I'm at a point where I have almost completely forgotten what it's like to be flat chested... All good in the hood girls xo ;-)

14 weeks!

Bras on special, still can't believe I'm a DD!!! Eeeep!
Dr Kasemsak

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