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Days were flying this past week, as it was my last...

Days were flying this past week, as it was my last week of semester at uni and till exciting changes in Thailand! I actually Bought flights and only then finished discussion about the exact surgery day with my doctor! so from the beginning I was calm and just plain excited, but the anxiety is really starting to sink in. I'm hoping that pre-op appointment will reassure me that I've made the right decision, and looking forward to trying on sizers..get questions answered by my surgeon in real! Yeeees I will see him in half an hour for the first time in my life and then 3 mornings later I am on the operation table!!! Aaaaah so excited and scared at the same time!!! I was thinking of going not more then 300cc, probably will stick with 285cc high profile rounds. But we will see what Dr.V will suggests and what we will agree after he will see me in real :) Will update again after my pre-op with the finalised size Yaaay!!

Finally met Dr.V!!

Finally met Dr.V - really like his manners. Everything has been explained in a details and all my questions answered. As I want natural look was not expecting to go more than 300cc, however Dr.V suggests 330cc or even 350cc rounds. I still have few days to decide!
So excited for Monday!

Today was the day!!

My surgery was today and went well, and so far recovery is great. We ended up with 350cc high profile.
Day/night before I wasn't even nervous and started to be nervous that I am not nervous haha probably I couldn't believe that it is real.
Now I have minimal pain that is easily maintained just feel uncomfortable and cannot move a lot..
For 1 night taying in hospital/hotel with 24/7 nurses which is very helpful!! At the moment Cannot imagine of going to toilet or unscrewing bottle of water by myself haha
Hope it will get better day by day..
Will meet my doctor tomorrow morning!

So far so good

Had agood last night's sleep, because of medicine. Have no problem of sleeping on my back as I am back and side sleeper, but still knowing that cannot turn is bit scaring me!
I am happy I have decided not to have surgery on my first days of arrival to Thailand as I had few days to enjoy sun, pool and weather!!
So today leaving to my hotel and will continue my rest.

Smooth and easy healing

I am lucky that my recovery goes so smooth. Everyday I am going for a breakfast, dinner and a short walk between them. Stillntaking antibiotics and all other prescribed medicine.
They getting softer and lower everyday.

Healing and enjoying Thailand

So this is my day 6.. Not so much to update as breast is not as swollen as fro mthe beggining, however it is a lot to go.
I am meeting my surgeon in 2 days, so I will see how it goes. As I was very active all these days and have no idea will it have negative or positive influence in my healing..
What is more, if you need any recommendations about the Phuket International Hospital, my opinion about their service, my doctor, his manners and communication please do not hesitate to contact me. As I booked surgery, communicated with Dr.V personally and organised all hotels by myself as well. So no intervention with third parties, which means no unnecessary extra costs!! I am happy to give you some tips and see how I can help!!

Stitches removed this week-it was absolutely pain free

I have my stitches taken out on my 7day post op. Nurse was doing such a good job that I didn't feel anything at all! Doctor showed massage technique I have to use and I got medicide/cream fir my scars.
Still feeling them in the morning, but getting easy to get of the bed in the morning, also staring to sleep on my sides!! Breast starting be softer - at least I can feel once I am touching it and it becomes more natural and swelling going out. Still a lot to go and I want them to get closer each other so spending more time on keeping them pushed inside once massaging.. Hope this will help. Did anybody recognised that massaging helped to move implants in place they wanted??
I know that they should change a lot in next few months, but I would like more fullness on top and I think it won't happen :((
Just what I recognised - it doesn't matter much teardrop or round implants you will choose - your breast will remain your body and breast shape!
Will meet my surgeon day 14 post op and then I am leaving to Bagkok and going back to AU.

17 Days after my surgery

I am feeling alright. Still bit if swelling (especially because my period is coming). My skin is terible because of antibiotics I had to use for week..
With doctor we both agreed that I do not need bra Dr.V provided me anymore and started wearing sports bra. This should be done for 3months. Not necessarily sports bra, but most importantly bra without pushing them up and no wires. So I am planning to start wearing just the regular triangle bra/bralette next week (if I will find supportive enough).
I also started massage my scars and I have a lot of lumps inside. Which I am very very nervous about!!!! Doctor saying it is normal healing process but I am scared they will never dissapear :( and it is sooo scary to feel them when massaging! Other than that I an VERY happy with the result
so far!!

3 weeks post op!!

Time flies!!! Still feeling tightness and feeling them all the time. Trying to sleep on my side for few hours per night.. Do not feel comfortable to do it for longer as kind of pain starts..
So far I am very happy with the result!! Once they took stitches off my scars were barely noticable, but now they got darker and I understand it is normal as scar turns into scar and is healing..will try to spend as much time massaging scars as I can.. :)
Cannot tell you how happy am I!! Even I never been too shy but my inside confidence raised. I mean I do not demonstrate it but feel more confident and sexier woman inside! If you think about BA, do not doubt, do it!!! It's really worth!!

More pictures

Bit more pictures of my 3weeks post!

1 month Post tomorrow!!

Updating my pictures. As tomorrow is my 1month post. Cannot believe! I am so happy!

2,5 month. Couldn't be happier!

Will be 3 months in 10days. Love everything about them!
Excuse me for the pictures, Got sunburn..

Everything is going well

Love them soo much! Still feel them.. still feel that they are not exactly mine. But maybe my body needs a bit more time get used to it :) Scars are still visable, but will share a pic the next time :)
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