25yo 5'7" 115lbs 32A - 32DD Silicone Round Textured Unders 325cc Bangkok W Dr Worapong (Cosmeditour)

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BACKGROUND Growing up skinny and an A-cup and my...

Growing up skinny and an A-cup and my mom being a B, I knew was never destined for the natural big-boobie life. I think i'd wanted a boob job since I was about, 8?! Unhealthy goals for an 10-year old, maybe.. best decision of my life? Absolutely. Id looked into it extensively about 4 years prior, but didnt have the funding. 2016 I was single, funds were looking good, a close friend had just gotten hers, and I was thinking "maybe this is finally the year!". After a breakup I had booked my (also longtime dream) trip to backpack Southeast Asia solo for a few months over summer, and to visit some friends in Brisbane, Australia along the way.

So my whirlwind boob job - a lifelong dream that came together suddenly when a friend in Australia mentioned Thailand (where I was already travelling to) was a boob-job mecca. Im already on this trip-of-a-lifetime then fast forward two weeks, countless research hours, phone calls, and emails later, and I was booked for surgery: THE FOLLOWING FRIDAY!

I knew I would have to do it alone since I was already on this solo journey, but I was ready. What are the chances id be a plastic surgery capitol of the world AND have an extra few thousand to get my dream boobs at the same time?! It was a long time coming, but a spur of the moment decision to get it done NOW.

I spent hours and DAYS researching hospitals, doctors, reading reviews, and companies online before deciding on Cosmeditour based out of Gold Coast, Australia. Their price was very reasonable, and they took care of ALL the booking, transfers, etc! It was nice to have something of a "boob job concierge" that took care of it all, at no additional cost. Callen was the BEST advisor and helped me get this booked in a matter of 1 week; a process that usually takes several months she said. She was even nice enough to help sort out the payment ($3000 USD) over multiple credit cards. I opted out of the Cosmeditour standard hotel and chose my own instead. Theirs was a 5-star resort, I went with 4-star.. still REALLY nice, but only $50/night instead of $100. In Bangkok, thats a BIG difference! Think a Hilton vs. a Ritz Carlton: totally fine in my book, considering id stayed in a $4 Thai hostel only the week before.

So now I was overseas, alone, in Thailand, for an extended trip, and about to undergo surgery and my first time under general anethesia. Aside from the excitement of BOOBS, questions and worries were flowing through my head every day (I mean we ARE women, its gonna happen) so came the ultimate question: do I tell my parents? What it something goes wrong with the anethesia? What if they butcher me because, ya know, its Thailand? More so, how do I tell my tree-hugging, granola eating, forest living glam hippy mom (who nearly fainted when she saw I got my belly button pierced) that im getting plastic surgery? With 5 days to go I decided I had to, JUST IN CASE something happened. And the unthinkable: she was ever so oddly... EXCITED! We agreed not to tell my dad, because well, awkwardness. Once she was on board she wanted to be updated every step of the way, which I was happy to oblige.

I arrived in Bangkok via bus then taxied to the hospital ready to check into my pre-op hospital/hotel room. At Bangpakok9 Intl Hospital they have a whole floor of suedo-hotel rooms, for the friends & family of patients so they dont have to find alternative lodging while visiting or taking care of relatives in the hospital (USA, when can we get on this idea?! Brilliant!). It was $35 for the night and this way id be ready to go at 8am for tests, consult, etc. The check in and everything was SEAMLESS. Cosmeditour had told me I might want some snacks, flip flops, and a zip-front jacket for surgery day, so I went into the city to buy pre-op supplies. The surgical bra they wanted me to purchase at the hospital came to over $100 USD! I asked if I could get my own and they said yes. Found one in the MBK Centre in Bangkok for about $20 instead. It wasnt a front zip, but I managed fine by stepping into it instead of pulling it over my head.

8:00am the morning of, I met my personal concierge (provided thru Cosmeditour), Nan. She was loooovely! First she escorted me around the hospital doing a bunch of tests and paperwork making sure I was fit for surgery: blood pressure, physical, x-rays. All the staff were SO. NICE. Coming from the healthcare system in America, this was a breeze! After about 1 hour of tests I got a break back to my room.

12:00pm she came and took me to my consult with Dr. Worapong. He was very calm, soft-spoken, and methodical. There was a lot of BA paraphenalia around his office like samples from Mentor & Allergan, goodies from Natrelle, calendars, etc. It weirdly made me feel at ease like this what he DOES. On a daily basis, just boob jobs. He measured several difference places on my chest, and plugged those numbers into a little worksheet. He hadnt asked yet how big I wanted to be, which I thought was strange. I had decided myself on 350cc thru all my Instagram research (LOL). He told me 300 would be my ideal size, any bigger wouldnt fit on my frame due to my small pocket, the width of my ribcage, and it would look "unnatural", and possibly get symmastia (uni-boob). I told him I wanted around a D, and we eventually agreed on 300/325, since once boob was bigger. He marked the measurements on my chest before I went back to my room to wait.

4:00pm Nan came to get me and help me move into my recovery room. We set out my phone, charger, snacks, and some sweatpants & jacket for after the surgery. I was starting to freak out a bit (my first surgery EVER) but she was very reassuring.

Nan had me change into a gown and we walked to the operating floor. I sat in the waiting area for just a few minutes (again, coming from US hospitals, this was incredible) before the anesthesiologist introduced herself and took my blood pressure. She was older, but warm and wise and you could tell shed been doing this a long time. She walked me into the operating room, had me hop on the table and explained the anesthesia. She put the mask on and (again, first timer here) it tasted delicious, like candy. In 3 breaths I was out. I came to as they were lifting me off the table and onto a gurney. I was only semi-conscious but felt SO SORE. I was in and out of consciousness as they wheeled me to my room, but I remember almost throwing up because the pain meds were already kicking in. At this point I felt sore, but honestly not the worst thing ive ever been through.

The next day felt like when you're home with the flu and its mostly a day of TV with a lot of naps. The nurses were AMAZING. They came in very regularly to check on me, bring me meals, give me meds. Sometimes they would bring a group of interns (I think?) to watch the check up and they were all sooooo lovely!! The whole while I was hooked up to a Morphine drip and had drainage tubes coming out of my boobs into these little bags attached to the morphine stand. At one point I was feeling the meds wear off, so I buzzed the nurse and they were there in 2 seconds, turned up the meds, boom done. Seriously the hospital care was so good I want to fly to Thailand if I ever need anything done again, plastic or not.

By day 2 I was 100% alert and could walk around my room easily and get dressed.
Day 3 I moved into my hotel for a week long recovery.

Cosmeditour provided the transport to my hotel, Suhkumvit 12 Suites. Ladies, when you get in a car for the first time, HOLD ONTO THEM. Dear god, the speedbumps. I settled into my new home for the next week and even ventured out into the Suhkumvit neighborhood for some dinner and a wander. By far the worst thing about recovering in Bangkok was the heat. Along with boobs, comes boob sweat. And that stretchy band was SO ugly and hard to conceal, I wish I had had some different tops that could hide it. I bought a few seasons of TV shows and spent the majority of the next few days inside, mainly because of the heat (TBH 80% of that time was just spent looking at my new boobs lol). I would venture out sometimes a couple times a day, but only for 1-3 hours at a time because I would get tired and sore. By the end of the week id still gotten out and seen a lot of Bangkok, but id say if theres anything you MUST see and want to enjoy it 100%, do it before.

The worst part I didnt anticipate: SLEEPING. I bought an airplane neck pillow which I wore while sitting/sleeping in bed and that thing was a GOD SEND! I used all the pillows to make a fort around myself because my body kept wanting to sleep on my side. I kept waking up realizing I had taken the band off in my sleep too. My back killed me for about the first 3 weeks or so it was so bad. And being in Thailand, all I wanted was a Thai massage but was too embarrassed to explain to the Thai ladies that I just had a boob job and couldn't lay down on my front. My biggest regret was not just asking for a sitting back massage!

Suhkumvit 12 was so lovely and a perfect mid range option. Pool, restaurant, fun neighborhood, and rooooom service!!!! I didnt get to experience the pool & outdoor lounge because I was scared people would see the bandages under my tiny bikinis and I was embarrassed. I should have just done it. I wish I wouldve had some boobie-buddies or been able to meet other girls undergoing the same thing as it got a bit lonely and boring at times, but was it worth an extra $500? Ehhhhh..

So plot twist, this was NOT at the end of my trip! I still had about a month to go through Cambodia and Vietnam. Cambodia was brutal hot (again, boob sweat, sports bra, band... not fun) but at 10 days Post Op I was feeling well enough the surgery didnt really impede the rest of my trip. I switched out my backpack for a roller suitcase but honestly I probably couldve managed.

1 Month - The first month was crazy and new and every minute of every day I was reminded by my body I had just had these huge things installed on my chest. I was still sore most days, and anything that involved my chest, arms, or shoulders I could feel amplified 50x. Not painful, or meaning I couldnt do things, just... noticeable. Most of them were still numb and my nipples were super sensitive. I was worried about having sex at 1 month and the pressure/bouncing, but it was okay. Manageable.

6-8 weeks - The soreness has subsided and things were 90% back to normal. But they were changing nearly every few days with dropping & fluffing, bigger, then smaller, then stiff, then squishy?! Make up your mind!! This was the most frustrating phase, but I found out THIS IS NORMAL.

3 months - I didnt actually get sized until 3 months. I ended at a 32DD (10DD for you Aussie ladies). Theyve pretty much settled, work is totally fine (I was working in a restaurant). I still feel like they have a lot of upper pole and havent dropped 100%?

6 months - They said at 6 months is when you start to accept them as part of your body. I feel like I did that at about week 2, but I see what they meant now. I almost forget about them on a day-to-day basis. They're just my boobs now :) 100% no numb spots, nips still very sensitive, but thats not exactly a downside ;) Theyre finally getting soft & squishy and can even bounce a bit!

They say hindsight is 20/20... I feel like overall, it was the right choice and im SO happy I did it the way I did! IF there were any things I wouldve changed:

Talked with the Dr about Teardrop instead. I see a lot of girls that it has more a natural look for, and although I LOVE my boobs, I wish I wouldve explored that option more.

Gone bigger. Even like 25ccs. Again, im so happy I have them and we will all get boob greed at some point, but in my experience and what ive heard is that Thai doctors tend to be more on the conservative side. I did end up with a very natural proportionate look (most of my friends didnt notice) but a little bigger wouldnt hurt.

Didnt need to buy the jacket or flip flops suggested.

Didnt need to buy the "surgical bra": my extra supportive sports bra was fine.

Worn the band and done the massages more regularly. Ill admit, there were days I skipped, and the time in that pressure band definitely dwindled quickly. I dont know if it wouldve made a difference with them dropping more, etc, but if I had then I wouldnt have anything to question now!

Asked those damn Thai ladies for a massage, boobies out and all!

Had a "boobie-buddy". If Cosmeditour had a option to pair up two girls going solo (and possibly even split the cost of a hotel room) it wouldve been even more incredible a trip!

Known about "the band", and learned how to dress for/around it.

Pics at 5 months post

1 Year Update

It has been ONE YEAR!!!! Wow has that flown by. Im watching Operation Thailand online reliving my incredible experience thru Cosmeditour in Bangkok.. and realizing so much has still changed since I updated at 6 months. They have finally settled 100% and I can see the "forever" results. It didnt happen until 11 MONTHS!! I now see why they say you cant see the long term results until 1 year. They can finally be pushed up in a nice bra and feel completely a part of my body. Numbness all gone & nipples back to normal sensitivity (booooo...). Ive ended between a DD-E bra size, but most people still dont notice them underneath a shirt, so its not as noticeable as you'd think that size sounds. I can sleep on my tummy, although its slightly more uncomfortable than before.

- Still the best decision I've ever made
- Neck pillow the best $4 I invested in the whole procedure (used it months afterwards)
- Still regret not asking for that back massage...
Dr Worapong

Dr Worapong was courteous, practical, straight-to-the-point, and efficient. I could tell he does tons of these a day and this was a very basic, routine procedure for him. He calculated my "size" based off measurements he plugged into a worksheet and told me my optimal size would be 300. I was hoping for 350, and we settled on 300/325. He said it would not look natural at all and my bone structure wouldnt be able to support or fit any bigger than 325. When I saw him again to remove the stitches, he was super nice and happy, he seemed really pleased with the result 3 days post op :) It was nice to see him smile! Again he was very efficient and took his work seriously. Thanks doc.

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