23YrsOld/No Kid/Mentor 400cc HP Cohesive Smooth Round/Bangkok, TH

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Almost 1week to go till my surgery. the reason why...

almost 1week to go till my surgery. the reason why im doing it is because i hate wearing bras. i always feel sick and hard to breathe when i wear them maybe because it gives too much pressure to my limb bones and stomach. especially when i go out to drink, they make me feel drunk and sick easily and sometime i feel like fainting. but if i not wear bra my breasts have no volume and make my dress look not nice. i tried using the sticky silicone bra but its too heavy and doesnt stay in good position. so when i start to worry and scare about the coming surgery, i try to think about the relieved pain and stress from bras lol this make my mind back to normal haha. so excited but still scare about the pain after surgery.

finally its today

sorry for last review i wrote "limb" which i wanted to actually write "ribs". anyway today is the day! my operation starts in 3hours. so excited. i only feel nervous and worry about the pain after operation. i will stay one night at hospital. the picture is before op.

post op Day1

i finally got my big boobies!
but i still havnt see it without the compressed garment.
i will stay one night at hospital today.
right now the pain feel like i m having super muscle ache.
and i feel like im gonna throw up everytime i move.....
so worry about the pain after i go back to my home.....

post op day 1

post op day2

islept well last night and doctor removed the compression garment this morning.
he told me i dont have to wear anything for today and start wearing sports bra from tomorrow.
yesterday i felt sick and couldn't eat anything but today i can eat normally. i feel much better .
i can walk and stand myself. but my right nipple is so hurt lol

post op day 2 night

im back to my home.
i still wear the compression garment.
i will change to sports bra on the day after tomorrow.
i read many ppl's experience and most of them said they cant stand up or move themself for at least 3 days but i can already move and stand up and walk by myself since this morning. and i can eat food and snack normally. doctor told me i can sleep flat since my implant is not high and in a good position already.
right now my boobs are swollen and feel hard like gummy bear or water balloon.
i m excited for it to get soft.

post op day 2

i went to eat dinner outside.
my bf drove his car. we walked outside to find pharmacy to buy paper tape for my compression garment.
i dont really feel that much pain already.
i can dress up myself, i can bend down, i can do almost everything.
but when i cough its hurt.
and somehow my throat feel sore.

more of BEFORE photos

i will post my before photos for compare.

post op day 3

bounce and squeeze
everything is going so much better than i
expected! still alittle pain but i can already live normally. i went out to eat outside and also went for shopping:D

my breasts r still swelling but its softer than yesterday. i really like the shape of my boobs! my bf loves it too hahaha
i took a video of my boobies bouncing and show how my boobies feel now.
i hope it help anyone who is planning for BA:)

post op Day 9

Everything went okay:)
but i think i did too much activities in the first week. i went for shopping, i cleaned my room, i washed my hair, dry my hair, sex, ride motorcycle....etc ... :P
and now my chest near armpit area and side of my boobies hurt and sore.
i didnt really wear sportbra and i sleep flat and sometime on my side at night..
oops.. but i think my boobies looks fine.
i went to check up with my doctor last friday and he gave me a medication called "Singulair". for prevent cc. i will update again when the swelling is gone and boobies gets softer:)

11days post op

how soft is silicone breasts? after 11days post op

post op day12?

on bed and standing

tried something cool!

hi, today i tried something cool!
i used my iphone flash light to see my implant under my skin!!
all you have to do is just turn off all your room lights and close the curtains, open ur iphone flash light and attatch it to the side of your breast. ur implant will glow red in the dark lol.
since i got more fat on my left boob, it was harder to see but it glow so clearly on my right boob hahaha its funny and cool. it will help you know the position of your implants too^^
it could be a way to tell fake boobs or not... lol

pre op photos with experience

here is my pre op photos.
im 166cm tall 49kg
breast base width is abt 12cm(i think)
my breasts r on low position and theres no volume right below my chest muscle.
so theres some gap between the chest muscle and my breasts tissue? fat?
From the side view, my boobs r kinda like "S" shaped lol..

At first, i really wanted to get teardrop(anatomical) shaped implants.
so i told my dr but he told me my boobs and nipples positions are too low for it.
He said Round shaped High Profile 375cc or 400cc implant on me would be great and it will look just like the teardrop shaped implants.
I couldnt believe him at first because his decision about the shape and sizing was too fast! he didnt really measure my body like i saw on youtube videos.
he measured so fast like i dont evern remember if he really measured me or not lol. i rememeber that day i was stressed beacuse i cant have teardrop implants... and i was worried if HP will look too fake and too round for me since my upper part of my boobs are so flat..
So i did more research on sizes and looked at more boobs on internet and i even measured myself at home and checked and compared the width and height of the implants from Mentor website...
and finally i trust what he recommend me was the best on me.

and now its already about 2 week post op and right now im happy with the size and the shape of the boobies i got from him:)

post op photos

post op day 13 photos.
i feel more adult:)

iphone flashlight to glow your implant lol

ok so this is the photos of that previous post about the cool thing i did lol

feeling bad about boobies

omg i suddenly feel so down... and really feel bad about the High Profile silicone inside me. i feel like its too large for my breasts tissue and skin. inside my breast have no space for it to move even tho its smooth type because its height is too high, it cant drop into my sides when lay down or move my body. i startrd to think i should have get moderate profile or moderate plus... when i grab my breast it feel very soft outside but inside is hard. i can feel a huge gel ball inside... The first time when i went to consult with doctor about BA, i didnt get to touch HP implant. i only touched smooth moderate profile and it was really soft and i liked it so i chooses smooth type. but then doctor said he will use HP on me but he didnt have sample to show me that time. and i didnt have chance to touch it before i got it done because his clinic was too far. i didnt know HP was not as soft as moderate type... if i knew HP smooth was firm like this anyway, i would have get the textured type instead! i feel like it will be tight and the feeling be fake for 10yrs unless i gain some weight and grow more fat in my breasts... my bf is really ok with it but i miss the real soft feelings on my breasts... i wish i can go back time and know that using HP will come out like this. The shape is really nice and i think my doctor he did great job but he should have tell me about HP more before the operation. This is Thailand.. they r too chill.

post op 3week

hello been 3 weeks now!
the photos r from last wednesday.

Sorry about the previous post, i was kinda depressed but now im ok!
they got softer but its more like my fat and skin got softer and the implant just move better than before. i dont think the implant will be softer than this..
if i try to grab the whole boob, i can feel the silicone but if i touch normally, its soft.

i think if i choosed moderate profile, it will be softer but with MP to fit my breast width, i can get only small size(cc). so i guess its a hard choice..

if anyone with a small boobs and want a nice shape boobies, i think High profile will be good choice and it will look nice even without bra(like anime boobs lol) but you should know that it will not feel natural and when u touch, u can tell that the implant is inside because theres not much fat and space to begin with so the High profile will be too tight inside.
its like about 80% of ur boob is made of implant and the rest is ur own breast tissue.

If anyone with small boobs and want a little bigger with natural look and feel(texture), i think i would suggest Moderate Profile. it will not look so big but it will look more like real breasts. u will have nice and big looking boobs if u wear a bra but it will look flatter naked.
with MP, about 60% of ur boob is implant and 40% is ur own breast tissue.

if u already have some boobs, High Profile wont feel fake i guess.

well this is just my opinion.
i kinda regret that i got HP but i think i will still regret if i got MP too haha
i will never know which one is best for me unless i try both.... lol

but well, i did BA bcuz i dont want to wear wired bra in the first place, so i should be happy with HP.
anyway i love the size and shape(just wish they get alittle more closer to cover the gap in the middle)


4months post op

4month post op
hi long time no update.
i been struggling with early stage of CC.
my left boob was CC level 2 when i check up with doctor last month.
i was so sad and had no hope for it to be fixed but i tried hard to massage and take vitamin E and Singulair.
my boyfriend helped me pushing them to sides to sides with his hands and feet lol.
i had to move them very hardly and aggressively. when my bf is not around i place my boobs on chair or table and push my boobs up and down with it because i dont have enough strength to push them with my hands lol. its painful at first to do this hard core massage but u will get use to it lol
at first it didnt move even abit and felt soooo hard but now after doing all this its feel same as my right side. but i still feel the HP implant is too large for me. since the shape is High, its too tight to move around. it feel like too fit under the skin.
and since my implant was placed not high enough since the first day post op so there is not much space in upper area too move. now they are not soft like real boobs but its much softer than last month. next time if i will change the implant, ill go for moderate profile for sure.
Anyone who have Early stage of CC, dont give up. its painful but there is hope!


6month post BA

hi its been about 6months almost 7months post op!
my boobs havnt change much from the last update but heres some pics.

6months post op VIDEO

this is how it looks now..
updated video

Where did i have my BA done at?

hello i notice some ppl from here want to know where i have my BA done at.
so i will write here:)

Peera Thienpaitoon

PSC clinic (Peera Plastic and Skin Clinic)

Clinic Location:
1st Floor, Sport City Building
Prachacheun Road, Laksi,

Surgery take place:
Nonthavej Hospital

Hospital Location:
30/8 Ngamwongwan Rd. Bangkhen
Nonthaburi 11000

You must make an appointment with clinic before to meet the doctor and discuss about your BA because sometime doctor will be absent.
you can check the contact info at the clinic website.

Doctor is very famous and popular for BA so there will be many patients at the clinic everyday. You will have to wait at the clinic even you came on time for appointment(its normal in Thailand)

when you meet him, you will tell him the size and shape u want to get and then he will measure your current size with the measure tape and his eyes and hands.
dont be shock, he will measure them very very quick.
and then he will tell if the size u want can fit ur body size or not.
i recommend you to ask him what size will look best on you.
after that he will let you try the the silicone samples in the sport bra.
and then you choose the shape and the texture.
after that he will ask u the date u want to surgery. and thats all.
You should ask everything that u want to know.
He wont give enough infomation if u dont ask lol.

Good Luck:D

post op almost 1year

sorry about the video is not straight
hi long time no update.
my boobs dropped lower now.
and somehow softer than last update.
i am so happy that i dont have to wear bra anymore! i just put on silicone nipple cover(?) when i go outside but it looks like im wearing a bra because my boobs are good shape now:D i hate bra so much!(this is one of the reason why i had BA done)

1year post OP

review post op
hi its been 1 year since OP.
i think its look nice when im standing up.
or laying down on my sides.
but it look fake when i laydown normally haha. i should have get wider sized silicone or flatter one or textured implant since my chest have thin skin in the middle and since i got smooth silicone, its moves to my sides too much lol.
i hope this video will help people who are planning to do BA ^^
silicone move well inside compared to post op 6month:)
i think 400cc HP is not so big as i expected since my body is kinda wide too. it looks like good size. not too big. and when i wear a big t shirt or loosy clothes, i dont look too fat with this size too:)

squeezing video

boob squeeze
forgot to upload the squeezing video.

ok, when i try to squeeze them, i cant really squeeze my impant beacuse my implant is High profile and High Profile implant itself feels firm beacuse it's full filled inside to keep the High profile shape so its pretty hard to squeeze! lol and since my implant is Smooth texture, when i try to squeeze, the implant slides away and i can only squeeze my fat lol.

i didnt get to touch the HP implant before OP.. i only touched the Low profile which was very soft... i thought HP would be as soft as LP... :(

if u have big hands like me and can grab the whole boob, its feel like a ball as u can see in the video lol.
so if u gonna let ur bf touch ur boobs, have to touch softly and squeeze the surface and dont let him grab the whole boob lol.

hope this video helps;)
DR. peera

famous doctor in bangkok thailand. he is very popular and famous for BA. handsome and kind and did a great job on me:) but he is not so fluent in english. He is too busy to talk to patients properly. Just keep in mind that he wont give you enough infomations if you don't ask him.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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