21 Years Old, Mildly Tuberous, and Going to Thailand - Thailand

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From the moment I reached puberty and my boobs...

From the moment I reached puberty and my boobs started "growing", they've been one of my greatest insecurities. While my friends all had nice, round, developed breasts, I had these funny looking little things that seem to act like they're not friends. For a while I tried to embrace them and started going out sans bra, but it didn't take very long to realise that I was never going to be happy unless I did something about them.

As I'm currently planning a 6 month overseas trip starting in August 2016, now seemed like the perfect time to finally get them done. I don't want to look back at all my travel photos and see little boobs in ill-fitting tops. I want to look back and smile because I look and feel friggin' incredible!

I've made the decision to go with CosmediTour for my BA. A friend of mine got her implants through them and cannot speak highly enough about the entire experience. I've been bombarding her with messages every hour asking ridiculous questions but she's handling it well. I initially thought I would need a nipple lift as well as implants but after I sent my images off I was advised that I would be able to go without the lift but I would need teardrop implants, dual plane placement, and one of my IMF's would need to be moved downwards. It's a complicated case but I'm nowhere near as tuberous as I have seen. At the moment I've paid my $500 deposit and the images have been sent off to the surgeon for official review and to make the final decisions as well as decide on a surgery date. I'm getting the package that they offer with 10 nights accommodation as well as some meals, etc which is costing me AUD$6181 all up not including flights.

To say I'm excited is a complete understatement! Plus I've never been to Thailand so that's a huge plus. New, better boobies here I come!!!

Before Pictures and Rice Sizers

I thought I might quickly chuck some pictures up so you can get an idea of what I'm starting with. As you can see my boobs are pretty far apart (something the surgeon commented on...more about that in the next post) and slightly droopy. Not great for a 21-year-old!

I also made some rice sizers in 325cc and 400cc the other day which I tried on with a 10E bra that I (for some reason) have at home from a few years ago. The photo I've added is with 325cc which is filling out the 10E nicely. They look huge in the photo but really proportionate in relation to the rest of my body.

Surgery Date Confirmed!!!

My surgery date is officially confirmed!!! 14th of March 2016 with Dr Chatpong. He has advised that I get breast fold incision, dual plane placement of Tear Drop, Cohesive Gel Implants. This is what I thought I would be getting because of my slight constriction and small nipple-crease distance.

Next I need to book flights. I've had a look and figured out that it will cost me $200 less to go from the 11th-23rd of March than to go from 13th-23rd of March, so I think I'm going to go over a little early and be a tourist for a few days.

Update! CosmediTour, Cancellation, Nerves.

Okay so this is gonna be a long one...

I'm currently writing this from the Bangpakok 9 International Hospital Residence in Thailand. There are now 26 hours and 11 minutes until my surgery (not that I'm counting or anything...) and I am petrified.

It's like all of this planning and everything I've wanted for years is finally here. It wasn't until I landed that I realised exactly how absolutely crazy it is that I'm currently alone in a foreign country about to have major surgery. Note to anyone considering medical tourism: Bring a friend. So much has happened since I last updated. Initially I reconsidered and chickened out and cancelled my surgery. Then my spiteful nature got the best of me (a comment from my self-proclaimed "big boob friend") so naturally I had to move forward with the surgery. Luckily the date was still available and here I am.

Here's some stuff I didn't know about what CosmediTour provides on landing:
- Someone will collect you before you even get your bags
- They will fast-track you through customs (seriously, 5 minutes instead of 40)
- They will carry your bag for you if you want (I'm a fiercely independent woman so I didn't)
- Then they will wait until your shuttle arrives from the hospital (a 40 minute drive away)
- At the hospital you will be personally chaperoned to your room then left to your own devices (aka bed)

As I stated in my last post I decided to come a couple of days early. They've been boring as hell (I've actually been studying... and that's saying something). Luckily there's a Starbucks in the hospital and a Family Mart just outside. There's also an ATM on the first floor to the left as you come out of the lift if you, like me, always neglect to bring cash to foreign countries. There's also a cafeteria but I haven't been there yet.

I won't have much more to add until tomorrow night after surgery. My check up is at 8am, consultation at 1:30pm, and surgery at 3:30pm. I have a massive list of questions to ask that I'm probably going to forget tomorrow. I'm super disorganised which, really, is nothing new.

They're In! Part 1/2.

I'm going to do this in two parts because it's going to be loooong.

Yesterday was a combination of distracted waiting, tests, and paperwork (plus a little bit of surgery for good measure).

The day started with my check up at 8am. I cannot speak highly enough of the efficiency of this hospital! I got a CXR, a blood test, vitals check and ECG all in less than half an hour. Back home that would have taken at least an hour, most of which would be waiting. After all the tests it was back to my room to wait for the cardiologist to evaluate all my results. Then I was taken down to have another physical exam and chat with her to give me the all-clear for surgery.

Then back up to the room again to pack and get ready for my consultation. My consultation wasn't until 1:30 but I got called down at 12:30 to move to my private hospital room. Then I was told to have a shower with some special antibacterial wash and put a clean top on. During the consultation Dr Chatpong was amazing! He was very thorough in his explanations and clearly told me what size he thought I should get for my anatomy and what he would do to make it work. I ended up choosing 300cc high profile implants, which seemed the perfect size when trying them on.

Post consult it was back to my hospital room for some more waiting.

They're In! Part 2/2.

Between going back to my room and being taken down to surgery I had my IV put in and got changed into a super cute hospital gown. Just a bit of a side note: don't bother braiding your hair or putting it up or anything because you'll need to take your hair tie out along with all your piercings, etc. :(

What surprised me was getting wheeled right into the operating room and physically strapped to the bed with my arms spread. I got to lie there like that while they finished getting everything ready and hooked me up to all the machines, completely aware of everything. And this is where it gets a bit crap. An oxygen mask was held over my face so hard that I had to try to turn my head so I could breathe out. Then, without any warning, I felt the anaesthesia being injected into my arm. Warning: this hurts. I felt my heart rate rise really quickly and I started to panic.... Then I was out cold.

I woke up a few hours later in the recovery room in not too much pain because the local hadn't fully worn off yet. I stayed there for about another hour before being moved onto a different bed to be taken up to my room. I'm not going to sugar coat this - being moved HURTS. My pain shot to about a 15/10 when it had already been sitting at about 7/10. Being moved onto my actual bed hurt just as much. Anybody who tells you they only felt tightness from the surgery is a liar. Even now I'm still at about a 7-8/10.

I've spent most of the time sleeping since then but I'm still in a lot of pain. Getting up to go to the loo hurts more than anything because the full weight of the implants moves down and pulls on both the muscle and the stitches. Sitting up is the same. Just be prepared to be in pain.

I'll try to do another update when I'm a little better because even using my arms to hold my phone right now hurts.

Another Update - Now 12 Days PO! 1/2

I've been meaning to post and update but haven't had the time or energy, sorry anybody who's actually been reading this! I'll pick up where I left off on Day 1 before leaving the hospital.

The day after my surgery Dr Chatpong came in to check up on me and remove my drains. Taking them out wasn't exactly painful, it's just a strange and uncomfortable feeling. After he had taken them out and changed my dressings a nurse helped me put my compression bra on and gave me my "strap of doom" (seriously, this thing sucks). They also came back and replaced my dressings again with waterproof ones the next morning which I was told to keep on until my checkup on Monday (5 days later).

After 2 nights in Bangpakok9 Hospital I was taken to AETAS Bangkok for the remainder of my trip. The day I left the hospital was the first day that I was actually able to get out of bed and get dressed on my own (until that point I was still in the hospital gown I was wearing before surgery). I had actually gotten out of bed myself the day before but that was only because I felt my (awfully unpredictable but thankfully light) period start and, well, I wasn't wearing underwear and wasn't about to bleed all over the bed. It's amazing what you're able to do when you don't really have a choice. The hotel is absolutely amazing although I did end up spending a lot of time in bed.

I didn't venture out of the 500m radius around the hotel until day 6 when I decided to go to some markets. I was fairly okay walking around but going in a tuk tuk and on the skytrain wasn't really fun. By the time I got back to the hotel a couple of hours later I was exhausted and sore. I definitely wouldn't recommend pushing yourself while you're recovering. Listen to your body - if it's telling you to stay in bed, stay in bed. You've just had major surgery, you're not required to do anything!

On the 21st I went back to the hospital for my checkup and to get my stitches taken out. I barely felt the stitches being taken out which I was really nervous about. Dr Chatpong wasn't with me for very long but he did have a look and told me that they're looking good. I mentioned that one of them looked a little lower than the other and he showed me how he had lowered the crease and I would need to patiently wait for it to drop into place properly. It's not really obvious in photos but in person the crease area that he was talking about is really visible and is looking more normal every day. I was also told to massage them morning and night by pushing them together then pushing them down. No circles obviously because they're teardrop.

Another Update - Now 12 Days PO! 1/2

I left Thailand on the 23rd and was in transit for 18 hours before arriving home. The most difficult part was trying to carry my backpack around the airport because I wasn't able to swing it onto my back - I needed to find something to put it on, get my arms through the straps, then stand up with it already on my back. I would highly recommend getting some kind of wheeled luggage for the plane if you're travelling for surgery. By the time I got home I was tired, grumpy, and sore. So I had a nap.

I finally went back to work yesterday which has been a lot harder than I thought it would. Luckily it hasn't been busy because of Easter but working in a kitchen still isn't really easy when you're still in recovery. I've learnt that my job involves a lot more reaching and lifting than I thought. My coworkers have been really supportive and helpful though which I am super grateful for.

I'm at the point now where I can semi-easily get dressed but it still is a little painful trying to get clothes off, especially if they're a little tight. I'm just listening really carefully to my body and what it can and cannot do. That said, I am super super keen to be able to wear real bras again! Dr Chatpong has said 8 weeks so I've got 6 weeks to go (4 of those with the "strap of doom"). They're getting softer and dropping more every day and I'm happy with the size so far. I know they're just going to keep getting better from here!

Quick update 11 months p.o.!

Hey guys,
I've been really crappy with updating this because my life has been crazy since I went to Thailand (my ex and I broke up, I moved in with my brother, and I spent 4 months travelling the world).

I'm now 11 months post op and am super happy with the results! I've gotten so many compliments from men I've slept with which is a definite plus! Here's a quick picture update before I write something a lot longer when I get home from work tonight. :)
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