13 Years of Wanting Big Boobies! Thailand, TH

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Finally! I have the oppurtunity of getting a BA! I...

Finally! I have the oppurtunity of getting a BA! I am currently stationed in Okinawa Japan and my friend and I have decided on going to Thailand with Destination Beauty to get our boobs done. I originally was going to go to a Japanese doctor here but the prices are crazy high!!! $7,600 for a BA. We recently paid for our air plane ticket ($605) and for our room and fly back insurance ($739).
Our representative Catherine has been very helpful and responds to our many emails promptly.
Right now I am currently scheduled to have surgery with Dr. Kasemsak Pyungtanasup. However, after doing some research and reading reviews I am very very nervous and anxious. I asked my rep. if I could be scheduled with another surgeon so we will see what she has to say. A lot of them are already booked for our date. So we will see!

Change of Doctors

My rep just emailed from Destination Beauty confirming my dates with Dr Dalip! I don't know why but I feel so much better and I am getting so excited! About 6 weeks till we leave for Thailand :)

16 more days!

Getting closer and closer to leaving for Bangkok! Very excited but I'm still kind of nervous. I just want everything to go well and smooth! I'm looking forward to meeting Dr Dalip.
Still thinking of getting 500cc but I'm starting to second guess my size. I don't want to look too big and too heavy. Hopefully the sizers will give me a better idea.

I've lost 18 pounds in the last 3 months! :) almost to my 1st goal weight. Hopefully the lipo will help me get rid of my love handles and pudge!

Waiting to go back for surgery!

Decided on 485 cc high profile silicone. Dr Dalip will be performing surgery with Destination Beauty at the Tria Hosptial in Bangkok Thailand

All done!

Everything went well!
Just posting pics now then I will let you ladies know all about my experience with Destination Beauty

Pics 1-3 days post op

So far...

So far everything has gone very well. I think Dr Dalip did an amazing job and the nurses took care of us at the hospital. There were a few things that bothered me a little bit but now that I'm writing a review I think try are very petty to mention. I'm just happy that surgery went well and I didn't come out butchered like I was scared of lol

My abdomen doesn't hurt at all!!! The lipo so far has been a breeze but my boobs hurt! Especially my outer right boob.

8 days post op, just got home!

Just got back from Thailand.
I had my post op appointment with Dr Dalip that went well. He changed my dressings, took pictures and answered all of my questions.

8 days post op pictures

11 days post op/compression garments

Just got my new compression garment in the mail today from AmaZon for $23!!! Much better then the hosptials one for $141!!!
I have a few streaks on my abdomen from the lipo. In the shower I was finally able to start massaging them and I think it helps
Loving how everything looks right now!

17 days post op

My stomach is looking better and better everyday! I have 2 waves that I'm massaging in the shower and I might consider doing an ultrasound treatment.
Bruising is going down, STILL trying to the get permanent marker off of my sides lol

5 months after surgery

Has one not dropped???

This picture is embarrassing for me to post.... So if you look at my before pics they weren't the same size to begin with. I should of got one implant bigger but I decided against it. They just look off to me!!!!! Planning on getting them redone in a few months :/

Go bigger ladies!!! You will regret it!

Breast Augmentation #2!!

Soooooooo after getting Brest implants a year ago in Thailand (485cc silicone) I am going to Dr Metcalf in OKC on 27 May to go bigger. Thinking about 600 or 650cc

I was asmyetrical after breast feeding and my son favoring one side over the other.
So I am also hoping Dr Metcalf can correct that some too..

Breast Augmentation #2

My last BA was performed in Thailand with Destiantion Beauty. Nothing negative to say about them.. It was just a rushed sizing consult and I chose 485cc high profile silicone.
A later I decided to go to the same Doctor my sister went to in OKC with Dr Dan Metcalf.
Yesterday I had surgery and everything went well.
Cost of surgery with silicone-$4400
implants #1- 495cc rough high silicone
Implants #2- 650 smooth ultrahigh silicone implants
The only "downside" about dr Metcalf is he only does things his was. Only high or ultrahigh implants and will only go through the armpits.
With my implant exchange surgery he had to do 2 different incesion sites

4 days after

Feeling good today.. Wearing my post op bra and my band that the doctor gave me.
Hoping that they even out.
I go back to Dr Metcalf in 10 days to get my sutures out

1 month post op BA #2

I have been sending Dr Metcalf post op pictures via email since I live 4 hours away. He called me a few days ago at my 1 month mark to check up on my "high" left side implant. He said if it doesn't drop then in 3-6 months he will do another procedure to open the pocket.
I am still wearing the band everyday in hopes that it will help.
I went to Victoria Secret yesterday and with my 650cc implants I am measuring at a 34 DDD :)

I think the left might be dropping?

I'm still wearing the band everyday, a month and a half later. I think it's slowly dropping. I still think they are different shapes but I guess there is nothing you can do about that.
I do love them tho :)
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