30yrs Old - 36DDD/F to 36C?

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Hi everyone. I've been stalking RealSelf for...

Hi everyone. I've been stalking RealSelf for awhile now and finally decided to take the plunge. I'm 30 years old with triple Ds and experiencing back and neck pain, chafing, shoulder grooves, bad posture, etc. I've always hated having larger breasts but until recently, the pain was bearable so I didn't do anything about it. However, I went to my first consultation with a surgeon today and it went very well. She submitted a letter to my insurance company and hopefully I will hear their response sooner rather than later.

I would like to go down to a B cup, but I would be satisfied with a C (as long as they NEVER EVER get bigger again!) :) I'm feeling very anxious because I wish I could just get everything over with, but I'm hoping that by the end of this year I will have smaller breasts. So this is the first post in my journey!

Just has a second consultation. The second PS...

Just has a second consultation. The second PS told me he could most likely get me down to a B cup, but that he couldn't guarantee a certain cup size. Based on PS#1's consultation, I'm not sure how natural-looking it would turn out. (PS#1 told me that since the base of my breast was wide, a B cup probably wouldn't look natural. She's actually never done a BR that resulted in anything less than a C, which is what she recommended.)

Anyway, PS#2 also said he would submit a letter to insurance and that he would hear a response by - wait for it - the end of the week! My stomach is already turning into knots.

I got a phone call yesterday from PS#2's office. ...

I got a phone call yesterday from PS#2's office. INSURANCE APPROVED ME FOR A REDUCTION! (Is it weird that it only took one day to get approved?) Either way, I'm so happy. I do have to pay my insurance deductible, but I have an FSA, so I will get reimbursed for most of it. I think I still want to wait to hear back from PS#1's office and what the insurance company tells them. Then I'll schedule my BR and hopefully have the surgery done by the end of the summer!

Edited to add: I would like to lose about 10 or...

Edited to add: I would like to lose about 10 or 15 lbs before surgery, and I think 2 months or so should be enough time to do that the healthy way. I haven't been to the gym in a few months but they're about to know my face real well :)

Hi everyone, I still haven't heard back from...

Hi everyone,

I still haven't heard back from PS#1 about insurance, but I wanted to give an update. I've been looking (just looking!) at clothing online. I can't wait to be able to fit into normal size shirts, instead of having to buy a XL or XXL so that it can fit over my chest. I can't wait to button up my work shirts without using a safety pin each time. I can't wait to be able to wear one sports bra (and not have my boobs pop out in the middle of yoga when I do anything upside down or sideways. I can't wait to get my good posture back! I can't wait to be able to buy a bathing suit top from Target and not a a specialty store. I can't wait to go to bed braless when other people are around. I can't wait to get rid of these shoulder grooves (do they go away or are they just there permanently?).

But the thing I'm most looking forward to is not having this back pain anymore. It's been so long that I can't even imagine how it is going to feel. I've been working out almost daily. Just doing cardio. Not sure how much weight I've lost because I haven't stepped on a scale, but I can give an update on that later.

My friend asked me the other day if they have counseling for women who get this surgery. I told her that if they do, no one has said anything about it to me. Though it seems like a good idea. I know this surgery has one of the highest levels of satisfaction, but there has to be some emotional "adjusting" that takes place. Ladies who have had this surgery - how was your emotional recovery? Was it all just a feeling of elation the whole time? Did you have any moments of regret?

So a couple of things to report: 1. I received...

So a couple of things to report:

1. I received a notice from an attorney's office for my insurance about the original surgeon I went to (the one that insurance approved in 24 hours). It was asking me to verify the details of the possible accident that lead to the services being covered... I have NO idea what they want me to verify or why they would send a letter, but it seems a little fishy to me. Anyway, I won't be using that surgeon.

2. The second surgeon (my preferred one) was faxing my information to the wrong number, so it took 3 months and too many phone calls, but I was approved for her to do my reduction. I have to get it done between November and February. I went ahead and scheduled my appointment for November 28th (the week after Thanksgiving). As son as I hung up the phone with the scheduler I had knots in my stomach. A month and a half of waiting. But I'm also super excited for this to finally happen. I just need to figure out the details.

For those of you who live alone and in a different state from your family, who helped you on surgery day (and the few days afterward)? I'm about 1500 miles away from my closest family member and I don't want to burden one of my friends with staying with me for a whole day after the surgery. Technically, my dad works from home and he could fly down, but a plane ticket would easily cost $500, so if there is a better, local option I would prefer that. How long do you need to have someone with you afterward? How long before you can drive yourself places? I also work form home so as long as I can type on my computer and answer my phone, I don't have to take too many days off.

Anyway, I'm still on a weight loss journey. I haven't stepped on a scale but I can tell I've lost some weight. I know that these profiles are pretty useless without pictures, so I'm working up the courage to post some "befores."

It's November! The month of my surgery! Thurteen...

It's November! The month of my surgery! Thurteen days until my pre-op and 27 days until my BR. I'm ready for these ladies to be gone. Good riddance! I can't wait to be able to do so many things. I think I may even train for a marathon (or half) next year! Super excited! I guess now I have to play the waiting game. I will probably order some scar-healing strips from Amazon next week. Does anyone have any recommended brands? I heard Kelocote was good. I will also be ordering a wedge pillow to help me sleep on my back. I sleep on my stomach every night, so it's going to be pretty uncomfortable. By the way, does anyone know of any natural remedies to help recovery time? I do something called oil pulling (Google it) and it does wonders for my body. I plan to continue this after my surgery because it will probably help me with recovery.

My dad is flying in to assist me the day of my surgery, and a few days afterwards. I work from home, so I should be OK to go back to work fairly early after my surgery, but I took off from 11/28 (surgery day) until 12/3.

Good luck to everyone out there with a November surgery date!!!

My pre-op is ONE WEEK away! I can't believe it's...

My pre-op is ONE WEEK away! I can't believe it's almost here. Today I downloaded all the forms I need to complete for my pre-op appointment. I swear I printed out about 100 pages. Now the fun part of filling them out...

Last week I started getting worried that I would miss having big boobs. Not big like they are right now, but I've been obsessed with becoming a B cup/small C and lately I've been wondering if I wouldn't rather be a large C. I know how my brain works, though, and if I tell the doctor I want to be a large C I know I'll regret it afterwards. I don't have that great of a track record with last-minute decisions! Anyway, as the day draws nearer I ave SO many emotions. I'm anxious for it to be done already. I'm scared of something going wrong. I'm SO HAPPY that it's finally happening. I've been stocking up on books to read while I recover. Also, my dad is coming into town and he's a huge movie buff, so I need to make sure Netflix is connected to the TV for him. Yeeeeee three weeks!

Pre-op was this morning. The PS told me to expect...

Pre-op was this morning. The PS told me to expect something between a C and D cup - probably a D. I'm devastated. Ever since I got home I have actually been contemplating cancelling my surgery in 2 weeks and rescheduling it once I have lost more weight and she can get me to a "B to C" range instead of a "C to D." I don't want to be a pain, but honestly, waking up after surgery and being a D cup would be close to the worst thing in the world. I would feel like I wasted everyone's time and my money. I don't care about looking proportionate; what I care about is being able to go braless in a summer dress. Can't do that with Ds. Plus, right around the time I went from a C to a D cup (college) is when I started experiencing shoulder and back pain, bad posture, and grooves in my shoulders from bras. I want to get rid of these problems, not just reduce them. Needing advice. Surgery scheduled for 2 weeks. I can postpone it until February without needing insurance approval again. Should I wait? Should I go back to PS#2, who said he could make me a smaller cup size (even though it might not look proportionate)? Gah. Sleeping now.

HI everyone! Only three more days until my...

HI everyone! Only three more days until my surgery. I’ve been nesting around the house – cleaning, organizing, and stocking up on things so that I won’t need to do any of them for a while after surgery. I even put up the Christmas decorations and decorated the tree! I’ve also been disinfecting everything I can around the house, just to be safe. I even bathed my cat! I still need to pick up the prescriptions I’ll need for Wednesday. In addition to those, I also bought some Arnica Montana because it’s supposed to help with swelling and bruising. I’ll start taking that the day before surgery. I only have one container of it and it should last about 2 weeks.

I went to Target yesterday and passed by the “Intimates” section. They have bras for $8. EIGHT DOLLARS! And soon (hopefully) I’ll be able to fit in them. I also went through some boxes I have in storage. They’re filled with old clothes that fit me when my breasts were much smaller. I can’t wait to have a “fashion show” in a few months, which means I’ll be able to clean out my storage and stop paying for it every month. Lots of good things happening with this surgery!

I still need to stock up on a few more groceries for my Dad. I also need to find some button up shirts to wear after surgery (hoodies?). For those of you who have already had the surgery – how did you feel about cooking the week after? Will I be able to make my own food or will I need someone to bring me meals? I’m worried about some of the limitations I’ll experience. Yesterday one of my friends (a nurse) told me that my dad will probably need to help me go to the bathroom. Why is this? You mostly use your legs to lower yourself onto the toilet, right?

Today I was walking up the stairs to my apartment and I fell and skinned my knee – like a 4 year old. It REALLY hurts and I think I bruised it. I put some hydrogen peroxide on it and bandaged it up, but it hurts when I put pressure on it. At least it happened today and not after the surgery!

Anyway, I’m REALLY looking forward to not having to work for 5 days. I feel like the past month I’ve worked every day, even weekends. So, it will be nice to actually be off... for real.

Oh yeah, I forgot to add: After my last post...

Oh yeah, I forgot to add: After my last post (about not wanting to be a D cup) I contacted my surgeon and discussed my concerns. I asked her if she thought it would be better if I postponed my surgery until after I lost more weight. She said there was no need to do that because the difference in size would be minimal even if I lost the weight. But she did say she would be aggressive during surgery. Things like this make me very glad I chose her as my surgeon. :)

Got a semi-early start this morning... Everything...

Got a semi-early start this morning... Everything is clean, clothes have been washed (need to put new sheets on tomorrow), fridge is stocked, work is (almost) completed, car is cleaned, Christmas decorations are hung, prescriptions are got, nightstand is stocked with "goodies" - bottled water, medication, books, a candle. I'm enjoying my last day with my oversized breasts. Last night I took some more "before" pictures. In bathing suits that I haven't worn since high school. I looked ridiculous, but it will be fun to compare later.

Only thing to do now it wait. And finish this stuff for work.

Hi ladies! Here’s an update of how my surgery...

Hi ladies!

Here’s an update of how my surgery went yesterday. I tried to post it earlier but apparently RealSelf was getting it's own reconstructive surgery all day :)

My Dad and I arrived at the hospital at 6:30 yesterdaymorning. After about 30 minutes of waiting around they brought me back and a nurse got me ready and took all my vitals. They had me change into a gown that was really high tech... there was this machine that connected to it and filled it with hot air so it was like I was wrapped in my own little heating blanket! I peed thrice during the pre-op process because I was so nervous... Anyway, the surgeon came in and marked all over my boobs so I looked like a football playbook. I made my Dad step outside for that part. She spent about ten minutes doing this and was very precise, which I appreciated. I reminded her to be aggressive and to make the areolas smaller than normal (I love how the smaller ones look). BONUS! The surgeon said that she would do some complimentary liposuction to reduce/eliminate my “armpit boobs.” She had to make a small incision in my armpits, about 6mm wide. Have I mentioned that I love my surgeon?

Afterwards, I lay back down and the anesthesiologist came in and started asking me questions. The next thing I remember is waking up in the recovery room about 5 hours later. I was in pain (6-7 out of 10) so the nurse pushed some kind of pain medication (not sure what) but the pain only went down to a 5. So she gave me some crackers and a percocet. Pain went down to a 3 :) The nurse kept asking me questions and talking to me, but I was REALLY tired so I just wanted her to shut up and let me sleep. (On the inside I was groggy bitch, but on the outside I was very polite and cooperative.) It didn’t matter that I wanted to sleep because I wasn’t staying overnight at the hospital so it was time to go home. I got dressed and was wheelchaired to the exit, where my Dad was waiting to get me. We made it home safely and I’ve been in bed sleeping ever since. I'm sleeping on my back, which is NOT how I sleep, but I purchased a wedge pillow, which has been a LIFESAVER. Dad’s been bringing me everything I need. It’s nice to be waited on, though I still find myself being stubborn and trying to do everything myself. I have to keep reminding myself that I just had major surgery.

I've been consistent with my antibiotics and pain meds, though earlier I threw up one of my antibiotics because I was walking around too much. Anesthesia is no joke! If I stand up for more than 3-4 minutes I get way nauseous. I'm sneaking powdered fiber into everything I eat, so hopefully I'll have a BM soon. (TMI? yes, please) I've also been drinking a LOT of fluids. I'm super bloated. My face looks like a Cabbage Patch doll.

I don’t really have that much pain – just the lower sides of my chest (not sure why, since sure I'm pretty she didn’t cut there...). I’m supposed to take it easy. No lifting over 5 lbs and no raising my arms above my shoulders. I’m all wrapped up in gauze and tape, so I have no idea what my new boobs look like. But the surgeon doesn’t use drains so I go back tomorrow and I think she’s going to remove the dressings and put me in a surgical bra.

Thanks again for all your prayers and warm wishes! I’m SO glad I got this done and I can’t wait to see what they look like! I can already feel a difference in back and neck pain. It's GONE! I'll try to update again after my first post-op appointment.

Post Op Day 1 I went to my first PO appointment...

Post Op Day 1

I went to my first PO appointment today. She took the dressings off and... I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new breasts. They’re so small and cute! They’re EXTREMELY boxy and still swollen, but I can tell they are going to be the PERFECT SIZE :) SO glad I chose my surgeon! And my armpit boobs are practically gone! She put me in a surgical bra and gave me another one so I would have 2. I can buy more bras as long as they aren’t constricting (like a sports bra) and don’t have any underwire. She gave me the “nipple test” and I haven’t lost any sensation (triple yay!). When I got home I looked at my profile in the mirror and couldn’t believe how small I look. I was like “I’m flat-chested! Like a BOY!” Hahaha. Actually right now they’re probably somewhere around a full C, so not flat at all, but compared to what I had before, these are tiny! I’m so happy I had this done. I think I will be saying that a lot over the next few months (and years).

To anyone out there on the fence about doing it – go in for a consultation! I’m only at Day 1 post op and I can already tell it’s the best decision I’ve made in my life.

My pain crept up today. The incisions under the breasts are VERY sore. The bra seems to end exactly where the incisions are, so I put extra gauze around them, and even bolstered that with a clean washcloth. Technically I could have showered today, but by the time I got home I was so tired I just got back into bed. I’ll try showering tomorrow (and taking more pictures for y’all).

My next post-op appointment is in two weeks. She OKed me to drive as soon as I was off pain medication and I felt up to it, but I don’t really see the need to drive anywhere anytime soon. Dad has been perfectly happy watching movies and basketball all day (and eating awesome food delivered by my friend).

Earlier when I was sleeping my cat walked across my chest. I about threw him across the room! He was just coming to lay next to me, but it hurt like crazy. I had to make sure I didn’t bust anything but the girls are OK.

Anyway, I’ll try to upload the pics I took on my phone today. They’re not such good quality, but they give an idea of the size and boxiness of my breasts.

Does anyone else's throat still feel weird from...

Does anyone else's throat still feel weird from the intubation?

Day 3 Post Op Man, today has been the best...

Day 3 Post Op

Man, today has been the best recovery day so far. I haven't felt the need to sleep for the entire day. I'm still tired, but I've just been taking it easy. I've been off pain meds for more than 24 hours and there has been minimal soreness. I changed my gauze today. My right side is draining a little, but the left side seems happy. I have minimal bruising, which I contribute to the arnica montana. I forgot to oil pull today, so I'll try to start that up again tomorrow to see if it speeds up my recovery. I feel like I'm ready to go back to work on Tuesday... I just don't want to. It's been so nice to focus on myself these past few days. I spent twenty minutes exfoliating and painting my nails this afternoon!

My stomach doesn't feel so big today... I think I've been seriously bloated since surgery and I didn't even know! Yesterday I ventured out with my dad to go find some more button and zip up tops. The car ride was fine, but afterwards I felt really tired.

My breasts don't look as boxy today as they did yesterday. I'm sure they will continue to shape themselves over the next few weeks. My throat still feels weird from the intubation. I'm not sure how to explain it... it feels like there's a layer of rubber on my throat and when I eat or drink something it just feels... weird. Hoping this will go away soon. I've been cleared to start walking so I might start taking ten or fifteen minute walks tomorrow.

My dad leaves in the morning. Before he goes, he's been helping to rearrange my apartment so things aren't awkward and out of reach. I think I may even ask him to vacuum the living room. I saw some crumbs in there while I was painting my nails and they're already all I can think about. He's been super helpful this whole time and I'm so blessed that he could come down.

I posted some new pics today. All taped up :)

1 WEEK POST I made it 1 week! Definitely...


I made it 1 week! Definitely learning a lot as I go. Like how tired I still get from doing minimal things. The other day I went for a ride to visit some friends who just had a baby. We were only there for an hour and I just sat the whole time, but when we got home I was wiped out!

I got a tip from a few ladies to put a pillow under my knees when sleeping. It makes sleeping on my back SO much more bearable. I ran out of arnica montana a couple of days ago. I DEFINITELY feel the difference without it. The last 2 days I’ve had increased swelling and pain, especially under my arms where she did the lipo. The outer-bottom side of both breasts is where most of the swelling is. It’s not painful... it’s more... numb. I’ve also noticed that my nipples are more sensitive... in a bad way... Like it’s almost painful when something brushes against them. I don’t know if this is because of the arnica montana or not. For those of you taking it, do you follow the instructions on the label? One tube lasts about 5 days that way. Or are you stretching it out? Someone needs to take me to the grocery store for a refill! Actually, I think I might drive myself this afternoon before rush hour gets too bad.

I’m getting really antsy to start exercising. I think going to the gym and getting on the treadmill or elliptical for 45 minutes would help with the stir-craziness of not leaving the house. It would also just make me feel better. I’m getting pretty antsy to be fully recovered and get back to “normal” life (I know, I know, I have a long way to go). One question for you ladies who have already had the surgery: When were you given the OK to lift your arms above your shoulders? I’m not as sore as I was right after surgery, but I don’t want to push myself too hard.

Not much else to report about recovery. I’m still prescription-free. Still tired. Barely draining on either side. Still love my new boobs :)

11 DAYS POST So, last night we had a bunch of...


So, last night we had a bunch of people over for dinner. Afterwards I was completely exhausted so I went straight to bed. I must have been super tired, because I woke up in the middle of the night and I was... sleeping on my stomach! Apparently I grabbed a pillow and hugged it to my chest, then lay down on my stomach. It must have worked, because I felt no pain. I woke up and thought “I’m not supposed to be like this...” But everything seems fine today. No busted incisions or pain or anything. (Though, I must admit, it felt good to sleep like that again!)

In other news, most of my steristrips have come off. I still have a few. I know I thought the size of my breasts was perfect before, but the last few days they seem big. Too big. Like I’m going to end up a D cup. Which is NOT what I wanted. I know that swelling has added some fullness to them, but I’ve been taking arnica montana religiously (minus a couple of days when I ran out), so the swelling is at a minimum. I’ve been feeling a bit bummed out about this. I first noticed that they might be bigger than I’d like because I have been wearing button up shirts during the day and I still experience the puckering of the buttons across the breasts. This is the same size shirt I wore when I had trip Ds! That’s not supposed to happen anymore! I wanted small, dainty breasts that I wouldn’t have to wear a bra with. Breasts that don’t make my shirts pucker. I’m trying so hard to focus on the many positives that came out of this surgery. But I really wish they came out even a half a cup smaller. I can’t wait to get the OK to exercise because I’m very determined to “work off” some of the excess fatty tissue and I’m hoping that will take some of the size away. I don’t think I’ll ever be a B cup again, but I just might be able to get them down to a manageable C.

At about 7 days post I came down with the itchies, bad! I couldn’t even sleep. Luckily, my doctor had pre-prescribed me some anti-itch medicine. It worked like a charm. I haven’t really experienced that for a couple of days. I see the surgeon again on Wednesday for my second post-op.

POST OP DAY 19 Hi everyone! I’m about 2.5...


Hi everyone! I’m about 2.5 weeks post-surgery. I’m doing pretty well. No pain. I had my 2nd post-op appointment last week and the surgeon seemed pretty impressed that I had stopped taking pain medication so soon. I’ve been reading some reviews for ladies who are still in a lot of pain 2 or 3 weeks post. I really think the arnica montana has done wonders for my recovery.

PS started me on scar treatment (Scarguard). I thought it was too soon for that, but if it’s going to help the scars disappear faster I’m all for it. Most of my scabs are gone and the incisions don’t look so bad anymore. I also have a tube of Kelocote that I bought over a month ago. I plan on using that when the Scarguard is used up.

Since my last post, I’m feeling a little better about my size. I still think they’re big and I wish they were a little smaller, but I don’t think they look bad by any means. In fact, I quite like how I look now in t-shirts and jackets. I’m still very antsy and ready to start exercising. I’ve been doing pretty well with my diet, though I haven’t stepped on a scale to verify any weight loss.

On Saturday night I went out for a friend’s pub crawl (don’t worry, I only drank water). I stayed out for a few hours, but that was definitely overdoing it, because I slept ALL DAY on Sunday. I think I was awake for 4 hours total. My body just needed to sleep. I’ve been taking it easy ever since. Anyway, I’m posting new pictures so you can see the recovery progress. Wondering how long it will take before the remaining boxiness goes away and they drop more in the center and not off to the sides...

Forgot to add, I added a couple of new pictures.

Forgot to add, I added a couple of new pictures.
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