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I met with my PS on July 3 and have scheduled my...

I met with my PS on July 3 and have scheduled my surgery for Oct 5! I have always been flat chested (34A) and am finally going for it! I have just started a new job so I couldnt take the time off to have multiple consultations so I picked the first doctor I met with, Jennifer Walden of Austin, Texas. I am a little worried this could be a mistake considering she was not very friendly but in looking at her website she seems very good. I decided to go with 325cc silicone under the muscle. I have decided to wait until Oct 5 because I cant really take any time off from my new job until then. My surgery is on a friday and I am going back to work the following Tuesday. Does anyone think this is not enough time to recover? My boss would NOT be understanding of the surgery so I have decided not to mention it and just say I was taking a vacation. My pre-op is on Sept 21 and thats when we will make final decisions on size/shape. I am not sure which shape to pick?! High profile, moderate profile, or plus? Not sure which is which. I was also thinking I wanted to go for a big B small C but now i am thinking i may want to go a little bigger? Dr. Walden also suggested silicone because it feels more natural. She let me feel both and the saline just felt like a hard balloon. I have heard its very rare for silicone to rupture and that they have been improved significantly over the years. I also decided to have the infra-mammary incision only because my Dr. said the scar would not be noticeable. I had a friend who had hers through the arm pit and my dr said she could do that but it would cost more as its a more difficult surgery. Does anyone have any advice on incision? I definitely do not want a noticeable scar! Would appreciate advice :)

After A LOT of thought, I decided to schedule a...

After A LOT of thought, I decided to schedule a consultation with a different doctor just to see what else was out there and I am so glad I did because I absolutely LOVED the second doctor. I immediately cancelled my surgery with Dr. Walden and scheduled with Dr. Dustin Reid. Dr. Ried's bed side manner and enthusiasm was 100 times better than my first experience. He was so warm and comforting as was the entire staff. I had let the staff know I was in a bit of a hurry as I was on my lunch break and they rushed me right in and moved as fast as they could to get me out of there. I even had a personal email from Dr. Reid later that night thanking me for my visit! Anyway, a lot has changed over the past month and I have moved my surgery date up to September 14th eeek! I was interested in getting a small C in the beginning but now am leaning more towards a full C. I am not sure how many ccs but when trying on the sizers in the office a full C seemed perfect for me! My pre op is on the 10th so I will make my final decisions there. Still sticking with silicone behind the muscle. Not sure about high profile or moderate though? Oh and will be doing the inframammary incision. I am having the biggest issue picking a size! I am 23 years old- 5'5- 120 pounds and friends say a big C will be too big on me but I know 100lb girls who have Ds and look great! I definitely do not want to have to deal with buying all new clothes though...I will probably try on the sizers again at my pre op and just make the decision then! So excited!!! let the countdown begin!

Pre op appointment was yesterday! Its all so real...

Pre op appointment was yesterday! Its all so real now...I am really doing this! We decided on 350cc silicone implants behind the muscle. This should make me a full C. I got my LONG list of prescription and am about to go pick them up now. My doctor said I will have to wear the zip up sports bra they give me for 6 weeks UGH! I didn't realize I would be stuck wearing that for SO LONG! I think thats the only thing thats really bothering me right now about this whole thing. I know I will be so anxious to get fitted for a bra and show my new girls off. Doctors orders though. I also was a little alarmed that they told me I will have to sleep sitting up for 2 weeks...This seems impossible. They gave me a coupon for Relax the Back but I looked at their back pillows and they are very expensive. I will have to create my own little contraption. Does anyone have any suggestions for this? I think my biggest fears right now are that they will turn out awful. I am worried they will never drop or be too far apart. My doctor explained that my breast are already fairly close together so this shouldn't be a concern but I have seen so many BAD looking BAs on other women and I cant help but to be a little worried. EEEK less than 48 hours till surgery!!!

Post op day 1: I made it through! Yesterday I woke...

Post op day 1: I made it through! Yesterday I woke up and headed to the surgery center around 6:30am. When I woke up from surgery I was extremely groggy and my boyfriend was right next to me. I remember wanting to look at my new boobs so badly but I was too sleepy to move my arms! The nurse was trying to make me eat crackers but my throat was so dry from te breathing tube I could barely swallow. I slept the whole way home and the entire day pretty much. I got up once because I was dying to look at them in the mirror and they look SO small to me!!! My boyfriend says I'm crazy and that they look great but I really think they look too small. We decided on 350ccs under the muscle so I'm hoping once they soften up I will like them more. They are so tight and foreign to me right now I don't know what to think about them. I'm required to keep this sports bra on that clasps in the front at all times. I slept pretty well my first night. Im required to sleep at a 45 degree angle for 2 weeks and I think the only thing that's making it bareable is this airplane neck pillow I have. I'm definitely in more pain today than yesterday so I'm going to try to take it easy and not do too much today. Will try to post a picture sometime today!!

Post Op Day 2: I finally left the house today to...

Post Op Day 2: I finally left the house today to go out to eat and I think I over did it a little because I have a ton of pain in my right breast. My left breast also feels a lot higher than the right which is really bothering me! I don't have my Post op appointment until Monday the 24th and Im worried I need to be doing something to make the left one drop more. My doctor said they will teach me to massage them at the post op appointment but It seems like I should be doing something to soften them up now? My doctor said he doesn't usually make his patients wear the band that pushes the breasts down unless they need it. I am sort of wishing that I had something to push them down though. I think I am just being impatient :) They are definitely hard as rocks which I'm sure if normal. I also am frustrated because I weigh 10 lbs more than I did the night before surgery - I also haven't had a bowel movement yet which is super frustrating. I also stopped icing yesterday - Does anyone think icing helped them at all? I havent noticed any bruising yet, I wonder if this is something that ill start to notice after a few more days. I added a post op picture from today- I still think they look pretty small :/

Post op day 5: Everything is going well so far...

Post op day 5:
Everything is going well so far and I can say that I am becoming more and more happy with my results! I definitely feel more comfortable in the front clasped sports bra they sent me home in. Anytime I take it off I feel extremely uncomfortable. The left breast seems to be more swollen than the right and much of both breasts are still very numb. Has anyone else experienced numbness for this long? Ive also seen that some of you have used heat instead of ice. My post op isn't until the 24th,10 days after surgery so I'm feeling a little impatient about getting my many questions answered. My stitches are dissolvable so they will be taking off the stere strips and teaching me to massage on the 24. I feel like I should be massaging them now because they are still so tight and swollen. I measured myself today and according to the measurements I'm a D cup but they seem so much smaller to me. I know it's a waiting game so I am trying my best to be patient! Will update pictures today!

Day 8: I am definitely loving the results although...

Day 8: I am definitely loving the results although I definitely wish I went a little bigger. I've noticed many of you all saying the same thing after surgery and I'm wondering if all of our minds are just playing tricks on us. My bf says they are perfect but I just think they are so damn small! But I really am happy with the overall look of them, I think I just expected them to look a little bigger. My Dr. said that I had to sleep at a 45 degree incline and not to sleep on my side for 2 weeks. I followed this for the first 4 days but I cannot do it anymore I haven't been sleeping well at all! I wake up at least 10 times a night because I'm so uncomfortable and i keep waking up on my side. I haven't noticed anything different after sleeping on my side so I'm assuming I'm fine. The pain is still pretty intense unless I'm laying down. I notice if I leave the house they start to hurt tremendously. They just feel so heavy and tight still. I am guessing I'm experiencing more pain because I was so extremely flat chested before? The skin on the sides hurt the worst. A nurse from my Dr's office called yesterday trying to reschedule my first post op appt because my doctor had a "family emergency". I practically begged her to let me come in anyway and just see a nurse because I'm dying for them to teach me to massage and give me a bigger bra. I know I could go out and buy a different bra myself but I am anxious to see what they think of results and to get these damn stere strips of because they itch like crazy! I feel like they need to be massaged because the tightness is getting a little overwhelming at times. They said it was fine for me to come in and just see the nurse as long as I'm ok with it. I will try to update pictures later although not much has changed!
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