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In 2007 (age 45) I was a very active person. I...

in 2007 (age 45) I was a very active person. I worked out everyday, ate right, and kept my weight down but I had "mommy boobs" as I call them. After much research (so I thought) I decided to have a full Breast lift with Saline Implants 250cc filled to 275cc under the muscle from a very reputable PS in our area. (I decided on the Saline because at the time Silicon implants were rupturing and there were all kinds of lawsuits going on!! I thought Saline would be safer) I told my PS I wanted to remain a C (which I had been my whole life) but a full C. I went from a good size C to a humongous DD. Hated them the minute I got them and regretted the decision but decided to just live with it!! Everything was fine until two years later (47 years old) I noticed so many things going wrong! I felt TERRIBLE!! I thought "47 is not old but lets be realistic, it is up there in age. Maybe this is a product of old age setting in. My menstrual cycle was becoming sporadic so I thought I was going through Menopause which is common for the women of my family...ok, its age!!! Then I started noticing my face was aging horribly and my skin was a grayish color...ok, its age!! Then I could not complete a workout class! My muscles were fatigued...ok its age! Unexplained weight gain, hair falling out, brittle nails, etc etc...ok its age!! All my joints ached! I couldn't get up from the chair without moaning! I could barely get out of bed..ok its age. Saw a specialist and he said I had Arthritis! I thought "this can't be my life at 47 years old". I could NOT seriously have aged this much in two years...AND IT JUST KEPT GETTING WORSE!!! at 49 years old my menstrual cycle stopped!! HOORAY...but really!?! I felt like death warmed over!! Then things really went hay wire!!! Finally (age 50) I decided I couldn't take it anymore, something was wrong!!! I went to see my family doctor! He said the same thing all my friends said, "well you are getting older"!! He ran a battery of blood work and the results were Thyroid 0, Adrenals 0, Cortisol 0, DHEA 0, VitD 0, Progesterone, Testosterone, Estrogen all 0!! He said I was a walking shell!! He had never seen levels this low and was just as shocked as I was!! Now at 54 years old and $$$$ worth of pills, creams, blood tests, Saliva tests and Dr. appointments to get levels back where they should be is STILL ONGOING and I still feel awful!!! Terrible attitude, Brain fog, chronic fatigue, muscle fatigue, hair loss, skin discoloring, wrinkling, adrenal failure, hormones off, thyroid off, aches and pains in ALL JOINTS, depression, now add in Hot Flashes and sensitivity to heat and cold!! Jesus Lord Help me!!!

THEN I FOUND THIS SITE and started reading all the reviews and blogs about implants!!! It was my "AH HA" moment!!! I am not crazy, I am NOT old....my implants are making me SICK!!!!! I immediately made an appointment with my original PS to see what had to be done to have them removed!! I was so shocked....He wasn't hearing of it! "Don't take them out unless you want to be saggy again!", "the implants are not making you sick!" All he was concerned with was taking the 10 year old implants out and replacing them with "new improved ones". Well, if these weren't making me sick why did I need "New Improved" ones!!! When I told him I wanted them out he basically shut down and ended the appointment...RED FLAG!! ummmm, you will NOT be working on me with that attitude!! I made an appointment with another PS in a neighboring metropolitan city for a second opinion and that happens on August 12th. I talked to my husband (and showed him some explant pictures from this site) about the possibility of having saggy deflated boobs again, he said he didn't care about that and was only concerned with my health....so these BAD BOYS ARE COMING OUT!!!! THANK YOU ALL for posting your stories and helping me to realize what is actually going on with me!! Never in a million years did I believe Saline Implants could be doing this to me!! Now, if I have them removed and still feel this bad...then...I'm old!!! LOL

PS Consultation

So I finally had my consultation. I went in KNOWING exactly what I was going to do, but came out somewhat confused and undecided!! I was certain my consultation was going to be about having my implants ex-planted!! I was certain that due to everything I've read about implants, all the blogs I've read from other women with the same symptoms, the so-called 10 year expiration on the implants and my unexplained medical problems.....TAKE THEM OUT!!!!
I met with the new PS and he was WONDERFUL!! He was very accommodating, sympathetic and educating. He took his time and did not rush the appointment!! He addressed every question I had and even suggested questions I should have. (I wish I would have used him initially). I told him my implants were bothersome, hard as rocks, and that I thought they were making me sick. I went into great detail about my symptoms and what I've been going through for the last 10 years (see post above). He examined me and said my implants were exactly the same size so he didn't think there was leakage. He said they moved freely so there was no Capsular Contracture. He said "as a Doctor, and since you have Saline implants, I cannot medically say the implants are making you sick, however, I will not disregard what YOU as a patient are feeling." Long story short, I left his office with 2 options. #1... I can have them removed, wait 6 months to a year and see if the symptoms subside. If the symptoms subside then yes the implants were making me sick. Boom, done...everyone's happy again!!! #2....have them removed...wait 6 months to a year and if my symptoms have not subsided then it WASN'T the implants making me sick and there are other underlying problems. If I'm not satisfied with the way they look without implants I can go back and he will put them back in. I talked to my husband about the choices and of course he said It's my choice and he would support whatever I decided. I'm leaning toward option #1. He said he felt like I wouldn't have to much of a saggy breast because I still have quite a bit of breast tissue and ample breasts. I just wouldn't have the fullness at the top from the implants. But, who knows..after a year I may not care what my boobs look like and just leave them out. anyhoo...that's the latest!! your thoughts????


So, I had my consultation on August 12th (read post above). After two weeks of totally agonizing over this procedure, my options from the PS, much soul searching, continued research, and major major anxiety (LOL) I finally made a DECISION!!!! I don't know if I'm making yet another mistake or if I'm making the best decision of my life but THESE BAD BOYS ARE COMING OUT...Boom (mic drop)!!!!! I am CONVINCED these things are making me sick and I am way to young (54yo) to be dealing with this many health problems!!
My appointment is schedule for Friday September 9th and it can't come soon enough!!! I will have the procedure done in the Doctors office. A little slit under each breast (on my old scar), pull out the implant, sew me back up (he said he is leaving the capsule in) and I'll be on my way home and on my way to being healthier...I hope!!! I'll just have to deal with having my old jiggly, saggy, mommy sacks back!!! LOL!! The day after my consultation I started loading up on vitamins and healthy foods just in case I made this decision so hopefully it will help me heal better and faster. I will post again after the procedure is done!! Thank you all for your comments to my prior posts!!

Quick Question.

I was told to bring a compression sports bra to my surgery. Probably a silly question but what size do I buy? I'm a DD right now. Will my breast size go down after surgery since I won't have implants any more? Should I get a D cup compression bra? What did you ladies experience??


Tomorrow is my surgery! I'm so nervous I can't stand it. I'm ready though. Ready to be natural again. Ready to have these softballs out of my chest!! Ready to find out whether or not these things are making me sick!! Either way...I'm ready!! I'll post in a couple of days!! THANK YOU for all your support..you ladies are The Bomb!!

The Itty Bitty Titty Committee!!!!!

So Friday was my big day!!! The office procedure went GREAT!!! Took all of 20 mins to remove the implants and I was on my way. My PS was AMAZING...so comforting and gentle!!
After all the draping of sterile paper and "prepping" his work area he said "put your hands under your bum and don't move them"! He gave me a couple of numbing shots under each breast (with the biggest freakin syringe I've ever seen), made a 2" incision under the first breast and POPPED out one of my implants!! (repeated on other side) BOOM...back to being a member of the itty bitty jiggly titty committee!!! LOL but they have bra's for that!!!!!
The minute he was done I raised my head to look at the implants. They were completely crystal clear..no yellowing, no mold!! They were in pristine condition. He said they looked brand new (10yrs old). I asked the PS if my breasts looked like two fried eggs and he said, "well no, maybe poached, but they'll get better" LOLOL
I'm 3 days post procedure and I don't know if its psychosomatic or real but I HAVEN'T FELT THIS GOOD IN 9 YEARS!!!! Saturday morning I literally...LITERALLY...popped out of bed instead of dragggiinnggg out of bed. I have no joint pain, I haven't been depressed in 3 days, my body isn't swollen like a Macy's day parade float, and I haven't had a hot flash in 3 days either!!! Either way....YAAAAYYYYY!!! I weighed Friday morning and again saturday morning and I'd lost 5lbs!! those damn things weighed 5lbs!!!!!!!!!!
He sent me home with an antibiotic and Tylenol #3. I did not have the pain meds filled because I haven't needed them. I have had NO PAIN!!
I took my shower yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised at how good they look and am totally pleased with the shape of my breasts. The hubster had to help me put on my compression bra. He looked at my chest and said "they look awesome". Damn I love that man!!!!! I've attached my before and after pics but remember the pics are two days post procedure...I have a long way to go!!!
Thank you ALL for your comments and well wishes. I wish you ALL the best in life!! Will check in again in a month or so to update how I'm feeling!! Thanks again, much love from your chairman of the itty bitty jiggly titty committee!!!

1 1/2 weeks post procedure

I know I said I was going to wait a while to post again but I just had to let you all know, especially those considering explant, HOW GREAT I FEEL. It literally amazes me everyday!!!
Its only been 1 1/2 weeks since my procedure but I have already realized some MAJOR changes in my body.....of course there are those that will scoff at the notion that the implants were causing all my problems but I am now a firm believer because I'm LIVING IT!!!!!
I am experiencing...NO brain fog, NO aches and pains in my joints, NO depression, NOT ONE HOT FLASH SINCE PROCEDURE DAY!!! My hair is brighter and not falling on the bathroom floor, my face is ROSY in color, not gray, and I can see a difference in appearance whereas I have lost the old lady look and my face is actually oily. I have not had to use my night cream!! I no longer qualify for a role on The Walking Dead!! LOLOL!! I have not used my body lotion and my legs and arms are not dry and ashy!!! I noticed yesterday that my fingernails are not yellow and brittle they are white and hardening. I have slept through the night and wake up jumping out of bed instead of dragging out of bed!! I can ride in the car longer than 30 minutes without my whole body screaming. The list goes on and on!! I've actually lost 6 pounds, without even trying!!!!
I notice different things everyday that I have suffered with for YEARS that are getting better or have disappeared!! If you are contemplating having your implants removed....DO IT...DO IT NOW!!! No matter the cost, no matter what your partner thinks, no matter what you think the appearance of your breasts will be in the end, DO IT, you will Thank yourself!! Its absolutely the BEST decision I ever made!!!
on a side note....my shirts are now TO BIGGGGGG!!! I dropped from a DD to full C.


well, its been almost 3 months since I had my explant surgery!! I'm still getting used to the way they look. Personally I think they look fine and I don't mind them at all. They look exactly the way they did the day of explant. They haven't filled out like they said they might but then they haven't flattened out either so that's good. I absolutely, positively, without a doubt, feel great and as the days go on I feel better and better!!! I notice different things every day that make me have a*ha moments. I catch myself on a daily basis saying, "I haven't experienced _____since my surgery!! aha!! Those damn implants were causing that!!!" I have NOT HAD ONE HOT FLASH since the day I had my implants removed and I was averaging at least 5 to 6 per day. It was like a light switch, they were gone!!! I have not had one bout of depression since surgery day and I actually like my husband again!!! LOLOL I started a workout regimen about 3 weeks ago AND can finish the damn thing!!!!! I can ride in the car for long periods of time without hurting from top to bottom. I can walk....I can walk my dogs without my legs feeling like lead weights and screaming in pain and hobbling half way home. I have absolutely NO JOINT PAIN, not in my arms, legs, wrists, elbows, ankles..no where!!! My husband asked me for one of my Aleve the other day and I couldn't even find my bottle, that's how long its been since I took one. ALSO, sleeping.....sleeping is now amazing!!! I can sleep on my stomach again and it doesn't feel like I'm sleeping on two over inflated soccer balls. I can roll all over that bed with absolutely no pain and I don't have to move my boob when I roll over at night LOLOL!! The list just goes on and on!!!!! Sadly though a few of my original symptoms have slowly returned. My skin has gone back dry and my hair is still falling out. This I am contributing to my hormones!! I will gladly take these two in exchange for the 20+ I got rid of!! anyhoo, just thought I'd check in. I probably won't again since all is well. anyone reading this who is contemplating explant all I can say is DO IT DO IT DO IT....DON'T WALK, RUNNNNNNN...RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN AND DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!! God help anyone who puts these things in their body!!! I wish I would have known. when I think back on how bad I felt and how good I feel today I get so angry!!! I lost 9 years of my life!!!! 9 PRIME years of my life!!!!! God speed everyone and have a safe, happy Holiday Season!! Merry Christmas!!
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