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I've known since I was 14 that I wanted a breast...

I've known since I was 14 that I wanted a breast augmentation... When all the other girls developed and I didn't.. I have always felt inferior. Even as an adult finding clothes that look good are a challenge. I have worn padded bras as long as I can remember. I am 33 5ft 6 about 165lbs. I have pretty significant hips so I always look disproportionate.

I have yet to have this done based solely on money,but my husband does anesthesia and the surgery center he works at has a new plastic surgeon (we are from a small town and he drives in 1 day a week from a larger metroplex area). And since he is new to the area he is running a "special" introductory rate and my husband decided if we were going to so it now was the time! So he is getting me new boobies for Christmas.

I am a little nervous but because we are both trained in the medical field I am not real apprehensive about the procedure but more about the results. I have thought about it so long I am afraid it won't turn out like I expect.

I am currently a small 36B and want to be a full c. When I first talked with my surgeon we were thinking 350cc would do what I wanted but then after he measured means I tried on sizes we decided on 400cc moderate profile. We came to this decison because my rib cage is wide and my breast fold sits a little low so there is a lot of area to fill. The 400cc with the moderate profile he said would give me the fill I wanted out as well as filling my chest area so I didn't look like they were too small for the surface area I have.

He has done more of these than me so I trust him. I just don't want that super fake look. I won't have an official preop appointment because I was visiting my husband at work and talked at length with my surgeon so there really isn't anything to do at a preop since we already decided and discussed it all. I have sent in my preop paperwork and all I have left to do is my labwork and then show up on surgery day.
Feel free to comment and does anyone know how I "follow" the stories of other people I like on here.

As a side: I am curious how you all felt about...

As a side: I am curious how you all felt about your boobs immediately post surgery... And those of you that consider yourselves to have a high pain tolerance, how was it? I am having under the muscle with infamamammary incision (in the crease). I am most curious about how they will look I mediately post surgery.

So, I'm thinking about all the things i need to do...

So, I'm thinking about all the things i need to do between now and surgery date. I know it's not until the 12th, and i have 21 days to go, but i'm thinking about all the things I need to have done before then. I am a photographer, and as such, i spend a lot of time sitting at the computer, but also a lot of time photographing kids/babies which requires me to lift my camera a lot. I will have photographed all of my sessions for this year (except newborns) by this saturday, and I am usually about 2 weeks from photographing them to editing them...however, I run behind a little this time of year. I want to have ALL of my sessions for the year photographed and edited by my surgery date, so i won't push myself to get them done after surgery. That being said... I have a newborn due ON my surgery date. Newborns have to be photographed when they are 5-10 days old, so i am looking at potentially photographing a newborn when i am 5-10 days post surgery. I'm not incredibly worried about this, and secretly hoping the baby comes early so i can get him photographed and over with. ;) (another is due on the 7th, but that one should be photographed barely in the nick of time) but will i get lucky enough to have them both edited by then?

Other than worrying about work (don't we all) I am compiling a "list" of questions i forgot to ask that I want to ask my surgeon about at my pre-op visit so far they include:

How soon to wear a sports bra and for how long (i know he recommends front close sports bra) and how do i judge what size to buy?
What restrictions will i have post surgery? (he already told me that he wants me to shower same day and go out for dinner that night, and that he has no restrictions on arm movements, but I am wondering about driving mainly)
When will he do my post-op appointment (he comes to town every 2 weeks)
What kind of suture and dressing will he use (i was a nurse before i was a photographer, and so i just wonder what to expect in the way of dressings, plus there is a suture i am allergic to that I need to make sure he doesn't use)

I am also thinking about it 100% of the time! I'm trying to work, but obviously, i am updating here instead. ;) How am i supposed to think about anything else for the next 21 days! I am so excited. and so far, have only told my sister and my sister-in-law. Of course my husband knows, but i'd rather just wait till after to tell anyone i decide to tell. I do have 1 friend who has previously had one done, i am having lunch with her next week and I am going to tell her about it and talk to her about her recovery. I am excited for that.

Oh, and I am posting a topless pic... that took a little guts. especially, since i didn't photoshop it. I usually photoshop all my pictures, and make myself thinner, (sometimes give myself a little more boobs)... so it was hard to post an unedited picture, but i want girls with my body type, size, an similar breasts to have a realistic view of what to expect. (ignore the awful (top lighting) but i will take my afters in the same light... it's my bathroom)

So, today I'm feeling a little down. A little...

So, today I'm feeling a little down. A little depressed because I have to wait so long, and partly because I'm really hating my body right now. I am eating better so hopefully I will feel like a rock star (body wise) after surgery, but I'm not looking forward to that whole (swollen) part of it. Oh well, guess I will "work" today to keep my mind off of it.

On another note, I have been curious about implant "profiles". My doctor said when he measured me, then saw the 350 (which in discussion we both thought would be the choice of implant) in the sizers that I should go with 400cc and that he had to put it in his "calculator" but most likely a moderate profile. I was all confused, because I had no idea what "profiles" were, he explained that because I have a lot of "square footage" on my chest, my chest is wide, and my crease sits a little low (which unfortunately makes my torso look short, squatty, and heavier) he needs to "fill" that space, and a moderate profile will do that, that is is a "wider" profile, and so it sounds like I am getting an extra 50cc, i'm really not, because it will just "fill" my chest. So, this morning I was a little curious and did some research to educate myself.

A "moderate" profile implant used to be the industry standard, but they found that thin women, couldn't get large implants because their chest wasn't "wide" enough to carry the volume, introduce the "high profile" implants. Basically, the high profile implant has a smaller diameter, so you don't need as much volume. This little bit of information was great to me, because I have seen people with "high profile" 400cc and i knew I did not want that much boob, (just not on my body, i'm pretty modest unless I am only out with my husband or family) so, now I have an understanding... But also more questions:

You see, there are 2 "moderate" profiles, a moderate and a moderate plus. I REALLY like the look of the moderate plus, so when I go for my pre-op it is one more question to ask my PS. Will I get a moderate or moderate plus? I like the projections the "plus" gives, but would that change my cc size again? IDK. I have to see what his "calculator" said and what he thinks will look best. I am attaching a few helpful images I found on the web of implant profiles, because I found them very helpful and thought you guys might too.

Just a quick note: I've never been so sure of...

Just a quick note: I've never been so sure of anything! i got dressed this morning, wearing an awesome orange sweater that I love, but rarely wear because it makes my hips look so wide. I feel it's unbalanced, and when i got dressed i thought, I can't wait to wear this in a couple of weeks when it fits. ;) I have included a picture of it for reference, as well as some pics in my favorite push up bra from victorias secret. ;)

So.... I heard from my PS office today. I...

So.... I heard from my PS office today. I previously had a preop appt scheduled for wed and then because we had talked so much at my consultation my dr said I didn't need a preop, i was fine with that I feel very informed but I had a few questions and had emailed them to his office for answers. I told his office that if she could get answers I didn't need a preop, well she emailed me back and said he said I should keep my preop. I guess my questions were a little complicated but it makes me smile that he wants to talk with me himself and make sure I am informed. So. Wednesday I have my preop and I will post about that afterwards. :)

As a side note: I think I broke my toe today. I dropped several "poles" on it who,e setting up at work today and that was 12 hours ago and it still hurts and throbbes especially if I drop it below my heart. :/ oh well. It is what it is. Hope it doesn't get between me and my sleep tonight because I had enough trouble sleeping last night. :/

Good night all... Talk soon.

So, I had a dentist appointment today, That's no...

So, I had a dentist appointment today, That's no big deal, except about halfway through he asks me: "Has anyone ever told you you were iron anemic"? I told him yes, that sometimes I hadn't been able to donate blood because of it. He then told me that my gums were bleeding way more than usual (you have to know i've been to the dentist pretty frequently the past few months, so he should know) and i thought to myself: NO! I can't be anemic and have messed up labs, because my pre-op is tomorrow! Yep, my preop is tomorrow and they will do my lab work. I promptly went to the drugstore and got some prenatal vitamins with iron, i took one tonight and will take 1 tomorrow and continue taking them throughout my surgery so i don't bleed and bruise, (though my PS will cauterize it's probably just better).

And, when my husband came home from work today he proudly told me "You are officially on the schedule" which means my PS has scheduled my surgery at the surgery center and now I am an official patient. This made me smile inside! ;)
I am so excited and I will let you know how my preop goes tomorrow. ;) i have several questions I can't wait to post the answers to.

So, yesterday was my pre-op appointment, I was...

So, yesterday was my pre-op appointment, I was sitting in his office waiting, and for some reason, I actually got really nervous. Out of the blue, I thought I was going to be sick all of a sudden. It was a little weird. But, then they took me back and I got to talk to him, and i was MUCH more relaxed. He went over everything, answered all of my questions, some of which I am going to share with you. First, was what profile he is going with, and the result is: Moderate plus, so i will have 40cc moderate plus under the muscle. Several were about what to expect post-op, so I will go over those also, the day of surgery, i will come home in a surgical bra, he said it is very ugly, and I will hate it but I should wear it right after surgery in case there is any oozing, I will not have a "dressing" but I will have skin glue on the skin of my incision. I am to come home and nap, then get up and take a hot shower, and be sure to stretch out my arms real good in the shower, to help them loosen up. I can then put on any bra I like as long as it has no underwire and is supportive (enter my new Victoria's Secret zip front sports bras). I will wear this bra pretty much 24 hours for about 3 weeks. (though I have a bandeau coming, and I might have to cheat a little because I am going to see my FAVORITE football team play 10 days post op and I have a super cute t-shirt dress to wear, but it's strapless. We will see how i feel i guess). After my shower and bra, I am supposed to "go out" that night, he said there is something psychological about getting out of the house, seeing as how my surgery is on a wednesday and I help with the youth at church on wednesday (there for about an horu and a half) We are planning on just going to church that night. Also, i have no driving restriction if I am not taking pain meds (obviously i don't want to drive while medicated) but, we will see how i feel, I am still going to schedule for my kids to ride the bus the rest of that week.
He asked if I had any problems with nausea after surgery, and I told him yes, he said with breast surgery there is an increased risk of nausea after surgery, he sees it in breast patients a lot, however there is a new anti-nausea pill (i forgot the name i already dropped off the prescriptions) that if you take the morning of surgery will help with nausea. He said he learned about it from his mom who is a chemo-therapy nurse and that so far every patient that has taken it has had zero nausea after surgery, so i'm taking it. I can do pain, but I can't do nausea.
Then we chit-chatted for awhile, as he works with my husband, he said he is super excited to do the surgery, and I agree I am too. I then asked him about his rate of post-op complications, and all of his answers were good (keep in mind he is a perfectionist that graduated cum laude) Basically, with a straight up Augmentation (no lifts, etc) he has not seen any post-op complications (i specifically asked about compliant patients) he said he has seen a few with augmentations that had lifts added, but that is also a more complicated surgery. He has had no infections, no wrong placements, no hematomas (but admitted that because they happen in 1 in 100 patients, its just a matter of time before he does) and he said that CC were most likely to develop around 4 years out, and he hasn't seen any of those thus far either. He said he believes that part of the reason he doesn't see them is because he does an antibioitic rinse of the pocket as well as the implant before implanting, that there is a theory that CC are from bacteria that "scar down" and so he believes that's why he doesn't see them.
I feel really great about my surgery, i'm not really nervous or scared about anything, I know I will probably be scared and nervous that day, but not for any real reason.
Also, because my husband will be "working" that day, he won't be able to come home with me after the surgery, and because I haven't told many people about it, only my sister and my sister-in-law and 1 friend, I really didn't have many options for a driver. I wanted my sister to come, but she won't be able to get off of work, my husband kept saying, when you go home, the "girls" (meaning the nurses at the surgery center) will be headed out to get lunch for the doctors, we can have one of them drive you home, but I really didn't want that, so last night I talked to my sister in law who will be taking the day off to come be with me. I'm super excited about that because my husband also won't be able to hang out in recovery with me he will have to do the next case, so i'm glad i will have someone there with me to help me out and share in my excitement! ;)

Now, on another note: I have a 14 year old daughter, she is pretty well developed for her age (more than i have, idk where she gets that) and a few months ago I had told her I was saving to have the surgery done, and she thought it was a dumb idea. I have recently discovered that she is a uncomfortable with her own breasts and has been "hiding" them by wearing sports bras and such. (I also have a 7 year old son). I wasn't planning to tell either of them about the surgery, and when they have to ride the bus that morning, because I have to go in so early, i was just going to tell them that I was going to work with poppa. I mean, I AM going to work with him, i just left out the part about having surgery. ;) However, she's also a smart girl and she may or may not figure it out. I don't want to give her any self-esteem problems, I grew up with a TON of those that I inherited from my mom. So, I don't know. Part of me thinks i shouldn't tell her, but part of me thinks i should. I kind of want her to understand that there is nothing wrong with having breasts, that there is a difference between having them and flaunting them, and having them and dressing them appropriately. IDK. Guess I will decide later how I am going to handle all of that.

In the meantime, I am SUPER excited, and ready to have it done. I have a lot of "work" to keep me busy between now and then, but here's to 13 days and counting. ;)

Ok, so I just "talked" to my daughter, she of...

Ok, so I just "talked" to my daughter, she of course thinks i'm crazy and didn't have much to say, but those lines of communication are open. She said she figured I was going to do it soon, based on my ipad. (the kids use it all the time, and i've been logged into this site some, and downloaded pictures that i was going to show my surgeon to it). So, i guess it's good I opened those lines, because otherwise she would have thought I was hiding it and that could have created more self-esteem issues than her knowing. Thanks for all the awesome advice you guys gave me. Now, i'm just ready for the surgery day. ;)

So, I'm 10 days away and I'm starting to get...

So, I'm 10 days away and I'm starting to get nervous. I have an un realistic fear of anesthesia!! Funny since my husband is doing my anesthesia and he's the best I know (I thought so before I married him) he has had patients way more difficult (sicker) than me with no problem, but it still makes me nervous. Even though my brain knows there is no reason to be. :/.

I am in the "I have to get everything done" phase. I will be finished photographing everything for the year Tuesday afternoon which will give me 6 days to edit them all and get my house cleaned. I have a girl that owes me some house cleaning time, I'm hoping to cash it in. :) oh, and I must put some movies in my blockbuster que that I really want to see. :)

Also, my post op sports bras came in, I tried them on over my padded bra and still had room so I think they will be perfect. I'm so ready!

Guess that's it, just waiting now....

So, what's the quickest way to loose a few pounds...

So, what's the quickest way to loose a few pounds pre-surgery? Contract a Stomach Virus/food poisoning! :/
IDK which it is, but i've been on and off to the bathroom all morning, and my stomach is upset. I am hoping it's something I ate and not a virus, because surgery is in 9 days and i don't have time to be sick.

So, long story short: My Sister in law is supposed...

So, long story short: My Sister in law is supposed to come be with me and drive me home from the surgery center after my surgery, well, over thanksgiving weekend they hit a deer that did a lot of damage to their car. She just text me and told me that the day their car is supposed to be ready to drive is 2 days AFTER my surgery, its an hour and a half drive for her and her husband doesn't think that her car will make it that far.

So, I'm back to not knowing how i'm getting home, and i'm out of options, because only other person that knows is my sister and she can't take off that day. :/ *sigh* my husband says he will just get one of the "girls" meaning nurses from the surgery center to drive me home. (even though I know them, it would be a little weird). And, i'll be at home all by myself with no one to share my excitement with.

Hope this all works out.

So... Originally, I totally thought I wanted 350cc...

So... Originally, I totally thought I wanted 350cc. Then when trying on sizers my surgeon said I needed 400 to fill out the width. I'm good with that. But.... Maybe I've had too much time to think or looked at too many pictures because now I wonder if I should do 425. Just for good measure.

I really thought I wasn't gonna be that person that questions my size choice. At I was going to trust his judgement and go with it. He says that will make me full c small d. Which is what I asked for.. But, do I really even know what I'm asking for? How do you "pick" a size you've never been?

Hmm... I'll prolly chicken out and stay with the 400 but I don't want to be disappointed. I just wish it would hurry and get here so I can't change my mind... Know that feeling???

5 Days until my surgery and I am SUPER excited! i...

5 Days until my surgery and I am SUPER excited! i can't wait, I'm having some "boobie" cookies made that I am taking in to the OR staff on my surgery day (I know all of them).
I'm getting sick. Like, a cold sick. for 2 days now I have been so congested I can hardly breathe. It started as allergies, i was sneezing all day and congested, and then yesterday I sneezed less. Well, now I'm starting to cough and I'm freaking out. I CAN NOT get sick!!! So, shortly i'm heading to the pharmacy for a plethora of drugs to fight this thing, I can handle allergies (they always act up this time of year) but they can NOT turn into something else. :(

So, I called the PS office for something...

So, I called the PS office for something unrelated, she asked me how I was doing, and I told her how I was feeling, she is relaying that to my PS, and he will most likely be calling me in some meds. with just 5 days to go, rather treat it now instead of waiting and wishing i had later.

And, she told me my implants had arrived, which was great to hear because now i don't have to think about changing my mind. too late. ;) (he is in the process of picking a new "implant company" and is trying implants from different companies, so that's why they were ordered and not just "in stock" before anyone asks. He was very open and honest about this, and it doesn't bother me in the least, i've worked in the medical field, and i know pretty much everything is the same, what it comes down to when signing contracts with companies is customer service and price)

Well, my ps called in a prescription for a z-PAC....

Well, my ps called in a prescription for a z-PAC. My last dose will be the morning of my surgery... I also picked up my post op meds. :) so now, I'm just hoping to feel better... I had a girl come clean my house last week.. May have her come again next week.. All I have left to do is some laundry.. Decorate the Christmas tree, a few days of work, and try to get better.

I'm not nervous at all, I'm actually very excited!!! I can't wait and I'm soooo ready!

On post op day 2, I will have to take my son to the dr, which means either timing meds so I can drive or having someone else drive me... And on post op day 3, is his birthday party.. Just 2 hours at my house but I couldn't skip over it. He will have a bounce house and cake that's pretty much it. I'm looking forward to relaxing with the exception of those 2 things... Here's to hoping it all goes smoothly. :)

Surgery is tomorrow, I think I'm all ready!!! I'm...

Surgery is tomorrow, I think I'm all ready!!! I'm beginning to get nervous... Have a few "housework" things to do, but I'm ready!!! Surgery is at 8:00 am, I will post as soon as I can afterwards. I had some cookies made that resemble boobies that I am taking in to the or staff as a present! And one of the girls that I work for is going to come and drive me home! :)

As I am writing this, I got so nervous I had to get up and run to the bathroom... On the Brit side, I'll probably loose 10 lbs by morning and not have anything in my system to worry about constipation. On the downside I'm supposed to start my period the day after surgery, but its looking more like I will start tomorrow, so I can add that into the fun!

I'm so ready to be done!! I'm excited but I also know that I am going to be a mess in the morning!! Wish me luck!

Today is surgery day. I'm here nervous and waiting...

Today is surgery day. I'm here nervous and waiting... Trying to calm my nerves. Ill post after when I can.

So today was surgery day...I'm going to tell you...

So today was surgery day...I'm going to tell you about it..
For there this morning was really great because I knew everyone I was nervous but they helped relax me. We did all of the usual stuff like a pregnancy test, Iv, etc. they put a fentanyl patch on me per my husbands orders. then I was sitting there and another anesthesia provider (whom I don' for, walked in and I said hi. ) he then went to the desk and started talking with the girls about working on family members... How some people can but some people don't like to in case something goes wrong etc... I could hear this whole conversation and it made me nervous all over again and my body's response to stress is diarrrhea.. So, my nurse came in and we went down the hall where I went to the bathroom and hoped no one else would say anything that might upset me (my husband was working doing 2 other cases so he wasn't with me to calm me down)

Then, I waited some more and my dr showed up and started marking me. About that time my husband walked in... I was happy to see him.. My dr finished marking me and as soon as I sat down on the bed, my husband started giving me meds, I exchanged like 2 sentences with him and that's all I remember till I woke up in recovery. I was very foggy and hurting a little I told the girls and they gave me some morphine.. That helped and I hung out in recovery trying to wake up. When I did wake up enough they moved me to the step down room with a recliner and my friend/driver was able to come see me. :) I sat there for about 45 minutes and then they took out my ivs and I got dressed and came home.

When I came home, I laid in the recliner and cat napped while my friend watched tv. Prior to my nap I took 3 Advil and 1/2 of a flexaril. (He prescribed hydrocodone and Valium ill take them if the pain is worse or at bed time) when I woke I ate some crackers... Then I jumped in the hot shower and it felt so good... I dressed in my Victoria's Secret sports bra and sweats with a zip front hoodie. I'm really comfortable probably due to the. Fentanyl patch and the fact that he numbs it with local.

So,the down sides: I am bruising in the crease (where my incision is) it is really tight kind of like engorgement after having a baby and it aches a little but its not unbearable... I can move my arms however I like. My left side seems a little worse than the right. The crease on that side is more sensitive and seems like is "pulling" more when I move that arm. But overall it's not too bad, I'm just hanging out and chilling.:)

T add insult to injury I started today... Sometime, but I was prepared for it. I was wearing my diva cup and due to the pain meds I don't have pain. :) I love my diva cup because it only has to be emptied every 12 hours or so, so I don't have to mess with it too much while I'm dealing with recovery. But if any of you are expecting to be menstrating during recovery you should check it out. I bought it 4 years ago when I was supposed to be in the same predicament on my wedding day and never turned back. I love it. Google it. Going to make recovery and dealing with a period so much easier.

Ok.. Where to start, I'll start after my review...

Ok.. Where to start, I'll start after my review yesterday. I was feeling very good, very little pain due to the fentanyl patch I have my husband explained it this way: (it's like taking 1 hydrocodone all day but without the peak and drop you get with the pill) and I can take my other meds if needed. I didn't take much other than Advil yesterday, and I ate some crackers and had some sprite, when my husband got home I was feeling very nauseous so he gave me a shot for that. (Prescribed by him not my ps) and then I felt much better... We went to sonic for dinner (I had grilled chicken sandwich with only the chicken and bun) I could only eat about half of that. Then we picked the kids up from church and came home.

At bedtime I took 1hydrocodone and 1/2 of a flexaril.the flexaril we always have on hand for joint/ba k problems my husband and I have occasionally, my ps prescribed Valium as a muscle relaxer but I don't want to feel high so I didn't take it. I could tell right when the meds kicked in. I was then in zero pain. I was trying to sleep propped up on 2 pillows like my ps wants me to, but it was very uncomfortable for me as I always lay flat with a chiropractic pillow, but I had asked him previously and he said if I could sleep propped up it would be better for swelling, so I tried it I kept sliding off the pillows. So I took them out and laid flat. Halfway through the night I got up and took another hydrocodone and tried the propped up pillows again fr awhile and the. Had to get rid of them again. I even slept on my side some last night (rolled towards my back more than my stomach but on my side. I slept with my arms up down under my pillow , pretty much all over the place. I didn't really have any trouble getting in or out of bed I was just very cautious how I moved.

This morning I woke up, got dressed didn't even unbutton my pajama short just put it on over my head, and woke the kids up. After they got on the bus to school I sat to watch tv in the recliner with some ice on my chest but I kept falling asleep, so I finally went and took a hydrocodone and laid down propped on pillows with ice and the pillows once again only lasted half the time. When I woke I got in a hot shower, I am loving the hot showers then back in my Jammie's and I was still very "stiff" in my chest so I took half a flexaril and am about to watch one of these awesome Netflix movies. And see what I can eat.

A few notes: I am also taking my antibiotics. I have to wear the sports bra 24 hours slept in it and boxers last night. My left boob is more sore on the outside bottom than any other place. It's weird. I thought maybe the sports bra is rubbing it and since I ordered 2, I just switched to the other one. Both my husband and I are very surprised at how well I'm doing, so I'm trying to be careful not to overdo it. I am fine opening doors and moving my arms, but not really "pushing myself either". I do have some bruising in the crease where the incision is, but not too bad see pictures above.

My husband said the sweetest thing to me, he said: you have a figure now.
It's amazing what a little curves will do for you, feeling well balanced really makes me less self conscious about my hips and mid section (though someday I'd still like a tummy tuck). I feel complete now, like I'm a woman and not a little teenager.

And on the note of my 14 year old daughter: she's taking it pretty well, I asked her when I tucked her in last night if she wanted to see them she said yes so I showed her and I think that's when she realized I wasn't trying to be Dolly Parton just be better than it was. She seemed to approve. I guess that's all for now, I'll update more changes as they occur.

It is now evening of day 1 (yesterday was surgery)...

It is now evening of day 1 (yesterday was surgery) feeling a little lighter and more sore... Manageable but took meds because I don't have to feel this way. I have nothing to do to it so why not ate the meds and be comfortable so I did. :) now ill probably sleep. I have also arranged a driver "just in case" because I have to take my son to the dr tomorrow. And, my ps emailed me (called yesterday but I missed him) my post op appt is at 10:30 sat morning. :)

That is all for now.

So, I expected to wake up this morning in a ton of...

So, I expected to wake up this morning in a ton of pain!! This was supposed to be the day they hurt the most. I woke up stiff but in zero pain... Fentanyl patch I guess... I'm not high on pain meds either. I took pain meds last night when I slept along with ice and I feel great!! Which is good because I have to drive to a dr appt for my son later. :) I figure that will take all my energy though so ill nap after that. I am, kind of excited to get dressed fix my hair and see how they look even if they are hard as golf balls. :)

This morning when I woke my husband wanted to feel on them even though they are hard so I "un bound" them which felt really good and let him... He was careful. Not much to "feel" right now, but even he is enjoying them. :) I guess that's it for now gonna watch some tv and relax till dr appointment. I'll update later if I have an update. :)

Easy day... Ran some errands.. Even blow dried and...

Easy day... Ran some errands.. Even blow dried and straightened my hair today. Feeling very good really. My post-op is tomorrow and I'm anxious to see what he says.

As a side note: I feel like every time I leave the house my chest is screaming "I had a boob job" even though I know it's not. I think part of that feeling comes from them being so hard right now and not moving... I feel like they look fake.

Guess ill find out tomorrow, I'm having my sons birthday party and my mom who I haven't told will be there.. Guess we will see if she notices. She is the type that will definitely say something if she does. :) ill let u know how it turns out. Maybe more pics tomorrow!! :)

I had a pretty good night last night, sometime...

I had a pretty good night last night, sometime during the night my fentanyl patch quit working, i know this because i started hurting, and had to get up and take pain meds twice (when i took none all day yesterday). I woke up this morning, and everything was STIFF, the first thing i did was get in the shower. I couldn't wait to get in and let the hot water loosen these puppies up. I did, and it felt great. When i got out, i took some advil and my husband removed my no longer functioning fentanyl patch. Then I headed for my post-op appointment.

All he did was look at the placement, and the bruising, said they looked good, and said he would see me again at 3 weeks, and that at 2 weeks, either my husband or i should cut the suture at the skin (granted, we are trained to do this, so we have a little more liberties than most people with our own healthcare). I asked if i could go "braless" for a couple hours a day, and he said i could as long as i was wearing a bra "most" of the day. That was a little exciting, because i hate bras but so far haven't decided to go braless. He said the reason he likes me to wear the bra is for the support to keep them from dropping too fast. (i'm really good with that) ;)

I may be partial, but i've looked at a lot of boobs lately, and I think they look rather amazing for newly post-op. I'm more than pleased with his work, and will tell anyone who asks, that i think so. (i've even told some people who didn't ask).

So, what do other people think? My sister said that honestly, she probably wouldn't have noticed if i hadn't told her. (thanks to all those padded bras i used to wear) and i'm sure it helps that i'm wearing conservative clothing due to the awesome sports bra. I had My son's birthday party today, and i didn't feel like I got any weird stares from anyone, my mom was here, and she didn't say anything, so it must not be too noticeable. ;) My sister however, feels like I 'need' to tell my mom so her feelings aren't hurt later when she learns i did it an didn't tell her, I guess I'm just the "bad" child, cause i don't feel like telling her. Maybe if the right opportunity presents itself.

I haven't taken any more pain meds other than the advil i took this morning, and i don't really plan to. We will see how the night goes. I am looking forward to wearing that previously mentioned orange sweater to church tomorrow. It is very conservative, but might be just right to take these puppies out "dressed" for the first time, since a sports bra will go nice underneath it. I will let you all know how that turns out, if i get any weird stares or comments, though i think my radiating self esteem may help too! I'm so excited and I feel great! ;)
This was one of the best decisions i ever made and i would not change it for anything! ;)

So, this morning is day 4 post op. I am now...

So, this morning is day 4 post op. I am now getting all of the "strange" sensations everyone talks about. I have this one random spot on the under outside if my left breast that burns for absolutely no reason. I can feel the muscle "move" over them an it feels very strange. Lots of strange feelings, there is even occasionally a feeling that they are going to just "fall out" even though I know rationally that they won't, there is occasionally that sensation that they will, and even though he said I could go braless I don't want to because they feel more secure with a bra on. :)

I really thought I would be a lucky one and not have all the weird sensations but apparently I am not immune.

On the bright side, I'm not taking any meds at all!! :)

So, I thought i was a rockstar today, but i'm not....

So, I thought i was a rockstar today, but i'm not. let me explain:

I slept really well last night, woke up with "morning boob" but not as bad as yesterday. Slept on my side (leaned back) some last night, as was feeling pretty awesome. First morning i didn't feel like i needed a hot shower to "loosen up the girls". Well, my daughter had a doctor's appointment in dallas, that's a 2 hour drive for me, and so we headed out at 8am this morning, for her appointment. We got there early, drove around some, did some shopping, had an early lunch, and headed over to the doctor. Spent some time there, did what we needed to. When we left, i was feeling a little drained, but not too bad, and considering how good i felt this morning, i decided i'd do a little more last minute shopping before i left, so we headed over to target.

I wanted to just get in, and get out. (mind you, we don't have a target in our town, and i had 3 people to buy for). So we go in, look around, i'm not sure what i want to get them, and shop. We were in there for a total of about an hour. about 20 minutes before i walked out, pure EXHAUSTION set in. It came on FAST, and my whole body told me i had gone too far. I was HOT, like real hot, took my jacket off, started feeling a little light headed, (but i'd come this far, might as well finish) and then my sternum started ACHING real bad, I probably looked like an idiot walking around all dazed out holding my hand on my sternum. lol. My daughter (14) looked at me and said "mom, are you ok?" I said, no, i'm not. Let's just go. So we did. I got something to munch on and a monster, and fortunately, had something for everyone. We left the store, and I was thankful for cruise control the 2 hour ride home. I'm home now, but i'm exhausted. about to take a WHOLE flexaril and camp out in the recliner for the remainder of the night.

Moral of the story: Just because you feel good 5 days post op, doesn't mean you are a rockstar and can push your limits! Your body will let you know quickly and loudly that you shouldn't have done that.

I know tomorrow I am going to be paying for what I did today, i know i will be drained and tight, and maybe even sore tomorrow, but i plan to do nothing except a "small" amount of laundry and lay around.

On the bright side, the girls have loosened up a little, and have a little bit of "bounce" to them. I will post new pictures at the 1 week point.

So, one of the things I hear from friends when...

So, one of the things I hear from friends when talking about boob jobs is: "what did your husband think" So I thought i would share a little of his perspective. Get ready to LOL.

Let me start by saying, my husband was against me having a boob job. He was definitely the "I like them just the way they are" t type. That's all fine and dandy, but I didn't. Eventually, he did concede and let me do it, he said "cause he was tired of hearing me complain about it" but let me tell you how it's been since:

On the day of Surgery, he did my anesthesia, and I have a picture of him in the OR "feeling" on them before they put the dressing on. He got to feel on my new boobies before I did... (but they were fine the way they were.... yeah, right, he couldn't wait (literally) to get his hands on them!!)

Day 2, when changing he said: "Wow, you have a figure now". I smiled. That was when i realized he was going to like them just as much as me. ;)

Day 3: He REALLY wanted to feel on them, and even though they were super hard, i let him "feel" on them, he was very gentle and just rubbed them gently.... Complained later this day because i didn't send him a picture of them.. (i had text him my day 2 pics when i updated here) I replied back, because you got the 3D version, this morning, i didn't think a picture would compare.

Day 4: I'm struggling with the "did i pick the right size" syndrome, and walk up to him in the kitchen, feeling a little downhearted and say "do you like them"... his eyes get big, and he leans in to my ear where the kids in the other room won't hear and whispers: "They are titties, i like them in any configuration!" I literally laughed out loud, and thought, what a "guy" answer!

Days 5: he "sneaks" a peek whenever he can, when i'm changing clothes, and will come up to me and pull my shirt out and look down. Yeah, i know he likes them. ;)

This brings us to last night...
as I'm changing clothes, he feels on them and comments how they are beginning to "soften" up. I tell him they are, and have him check out my incisions for me. Then we head to bed. Now, I'm laying on my side, very carefully, i'm carefully positioned and sleeping in only the zip front sports bra and boxer shorts. I'm on my side so I can "talk" to him about my day... (remember yesterday was the day i overdid it, so i was sore, and moving very carefully). He leans over and starts to unzip my bra, I tell him not to do that, they are sore and I don't want him to play with them. He keeps doing it and I assume he's unziping it to take a "peek". Well, i was wrong, he unzips it all the way. i get mad, because now I have to roll over on my back to zip it properly, i roll over to zip it and am complaining... to which he says "I didn't know i was going to have to wait a month to play with them". I replied, keep it up, all you are doing is giving me information to blog about. ;) He laughed and left me alone.

But, I laid there thinking.. This man, who said for YEARS, I like them just the way, they are, don't change anything... He is almost more enamored with them than I am. I am surprised by this. I hear women say "my husband doesn't want me to change them" and they let that prevent them from doing anything. I also let that stop me, until he got tired of hearing me talk about it. And now, he loves them.. and they aren't even "finished" yet. I think guys don't realize what it is going to be like "on the other side". And, ultimately they don't have to wear them. ;) I think he is just as happy as I am that I did this, and I am so glad that we have a relationship where we can talk about these types of things. I do not regret my decision in the least, and i am 100% sure, he doesn't either. Only, now he is like a little kid waiting to take a toy out of the box... "can I play with them now"... LOL.

An on my "healing": I am exhausted and sore today after overdoing it yesterday, i'm taking it easy, and laying low. Actually, going to have a nap after i finish typing this. I took 2 pain pills last night because my muscles were so sore after all the overuse yesterday i couldn't sleep. and i haven't taken any pain meds in 3 days. That's what "thinking you are doing good" will get you. Ladies, even though you are feeling well, be careful not to overdo it. I will post 1 week pics tomorrow. Until then...

Happie boobies! ;)

It's been 1 week since my surgery. I love the new...

It's been 1 week since my surgery. I love the new girls, but I'll be honest.. I'm in the "did I go big enough /I love their size" dilemma. I go back and forth. I think part of the reason I feel this way is this darn sports bra. I think when I'm wearing real bras I will like them a lot better.. Cause I love them when I have the sports bra off. I'm getting tired of being in pain/uncomfortable and its beginning to wear on me. That pretty much sums up my emotional status so now ill address the others.

My physical status: I'm still pretty drained and sore from overdoing it the other day.. I'm trying to take it super easy. There is still some tightness to the girls, but the actual pain is decreasing.. I was pain free till I over did it now its like starting over. For the most part I'm pain free now except for certain movements and the weird "burning pain". Some movements really hurt.. Like the muscles are trying to learn how to function over the implants.. It really hurts when I have to cross my arms in front of me (like turning the steering wheel when driving). And then this weird spot under my left breast that burns for no reason... It's kind of annoying I'm just waiting for it to go away. My scars are healing well and in another week I will cut the strings (they are clear so u probably can't see them in pics). I've been putting cocoa butter on the girls but not the incisions and it feels good. :) I honestly think I'm not drinking enough water and I'm going to try to drink more.

I guess that's it for now. I'm ready for them to feel like part of me and not so foreign. I can tell they loosen up every day. I'm completely happy I did this and now I'm just ready to be healed. :)

I don't know if you guys remember me saying in my...

I don't know if you guys remember me saying in my pre-op posts that my ps had told me my crease sits low.. Well, as the girls drop I am encountering a problem where my awesome vs sports bras aren't "long" enough. :(

As the girls drop, the band is no longer under my boob but sliding up into my fold.. This makes the band really tight and it makes it rub on my incisions. :(

So.. Quick trip to wal-mart. (Only store open in my town) for a different bra with adjustable straps I can make longer... Yeah. That was a pain. The only front close bra was super itchy and a few that I had I put in over my head (ouch) weren't supportive enough. Enter cheap $12 bra with back close, no underwire and adjustable straps. Why do they not make more bras without underwire!!! I swear every bra had one. Tomorrow I will check KC penny.. In the meantime.. I get to sleep in a semi-uncomfortable bra. :(

So, I guess things are starting to "settle" as i...

So, I guess things are starting to "settle" as i don't feel there is a whole lot of new things to report today. My emotional well being is better, i don't feel as depressed today, As far as the "girls". There is still this weird burning, on the left side. I think the other bras were irritating it, so i am anxious to see if it gets better now that i switched bras. If i wasn't "looking" at my incisions, i would think based on the burning that the outside of the left one would be raw and irritated, but it's not. AT ALL. So, idk what the burning is.

For those that are more post-op than me: a question: I can "feel" the muscles move over the implant, it's like an exaggerated "flexion" of the muscle. It's really weird. If you understand what I am talking about, how long until i don't feel that anymore and they just feel natural? or will i just "get used" to feeling it. It's like I can feel the muscle "folding" or something when i move, it's a very strange feeling, almost like a muscle spasm, but yet not quite. I'm not sure how to put words to it. Depending on the motion, sometimes it hurts (if that part is sore) and other times, there is no "pain" at all, just this weird sensation of the muscle moving.

Last night, I let my husband "feel" on them. Since i'm not massaging, and they are getting soft, i assumed it wouldn't matter. He was impressed with how much they have softened up, and even more impressed that he can't feel the edges of the implant. The left obviously still sits a little higher. I can find the top of it on my chest, but the right is just about settled (i assume) because i really have to try to find the top of it. The sides don't feel un natural, and i can't tell where my breast tissue ends and the implant begins (by feeling). Maybe when they soften more i will, but not right now.

I finally got the bra thing straightened out. and i am SO MUCH more comfortable now. I am in a Genie (or an "ahh bra" it's the same concept different brand) and it feels so much better. I feel better with the girls supported (because of the weird muscle feeling i mentioned earlier, it just makes me feel more secure, and now they feel supported and there is no rubbing on the incision. granted, i've only had it on for about 20 minutes, but it's already SOOO much better.

I guess that's about all i have to say right now. Still taking it easy, I can tell they get sore when i overdo it, but otherwise i'm doing good. And, i'm happy with their size, though i would have been ok if they were just a "tad" larger, but isn't that what everyone says. ;) I can always loose weight and then they will appear larger...which i need to do, this taking it easy watching tv and eating stuff with no exercise, is bad for my waistline! ;)

So, anyone have any questions for me? I'm not shy I will answer anything. ;)

Today is post op day 9. I played dress up a little...

Today is post op day 9. I played dress up a little this morning, and tried on a few tops that i didn't used to "fill out". I was happy. ;) I also thought i should have gone about 50cc bigger, but then i remember that i did go 50cc bigger than what i originally thought, AND.. my husband says that would have been too "out there". I can always play them up with bras, better than trying to "play them down" when i don't want them the center of attention.. (like running ,and church events)

This is also the first day that they don't feel so "foreign". They still don't feel like me, but it is getting better. I'm having less of that weird muscle thing, and less pain and burning also.

I drove for about 5 hours today... I love my car, I HATE my seatbelt. Put that sucker behind me so i didn't have to fight it.

Ok, well, I'm off to dinner with my husband in a few.. might "dress up" the girls. ;)

So.. Quickly. Today is post op day 10. It's been a...

So.. Quickly. Today is post op day 10. It's been a busy day. Made a few mistakes.. I knew I would drive for like 5 hours today and I really need my back adjusted. So, I asked my husband to "pop" it. He does this by hugging me and squeezing my back which is usually out between my shoulder blades in an upward motion. I was feeling pretty good so I thought it would be ok... I was wrong. Hurt like hell and my back didn't pop. Caused a ton of incision pain on the left.. But everything is ok. :) dealt with that, drive an hour to my sister, went shopping wih her for a few hours then drive another 3 hours in the car then when we got to our destination we decided to go out for drinks and listens g I a friends band play. It's almost midnight and I have tired out. :) being careful with my movements and limitations, but my stamina is much better.. Tomorrow we r taking in a pro football game. :)

To answer a question I was asked about sex after a ba: I had sex about day 5. I was on top and in control so the girls didn't get hurt. Everything was fine. Day 9 was the first time missionary style and I have a great husband so he is careful with the girls. He does feel on hem but carefully and lovingly. :)

Will update late Sunday or early Monday.
Starting to "like" the girls more. Most people don't notice the difference. Probably due to all the padded bras before.

Any over questions out there I can answer (speaking only from my experiences if course)???

So, today was a really busy day and I thought I...

So, today was a really busy day and I thought I would tire out quickly.. I didn't, guess I'm getting my stamina back.

After about 5 hours of sleep last night (thanks to a failing battery in e smoke detector in e hotel room we stayed at... Lots of beeping) I got up. I was a little stiff from all the action yesterday, but I got in a hot shower and that helped. Got dressed wore a bandeau bra with a strapless dress. I was a little worried a out the bandeau not having enough support, but was told it would be ok.

(I should mention I still have that weird burning sensation on the outside of the left breast)

We went and ate, and headed to the game. All was well, feeling empowered in my dress with my new girls...

All was good, felt a little unsupported but it was ok... Until... The touchdown by my team that sent the game into overtime... I jumped up out of my seat with my arms raised to yell... And realized that wasn't so good... That weird spot on the left side burned bad!!! So, I calmed down a little after that. Finished the game, drove my sister 2 hours home, and by that time I couldn't stand it.. Been about 8 hours in e bandeau, changed Into my supportive bra and drove the other hour home.

Overall, I feel great.. Not real tired or sore, much better than I anticipated... Bring on the holidays! :)

I am uploading a cropped picture of the dress with the modest boobs. :)

So... After my shower this morning, I noticed that...

So... After my shower this morning, I noticed that my scars are starting to "peel" I had skin glue over them. There was a small "scab" and skin glue. Well, the left is healed so I did exactly what you aren't supposed to do.. I peeled the akin glue off.. I did not do that to the right as it isn't healed as well.

It probably wasn't a wise choice as that akin is very sensitive now.. But it was nice to see it healing. I have seen many scars as I was previously a surgical nurse.. And I ha e other surgery scars (so its not just that I heal well) but I am impressed by this scar. It's almost invisible. It's hard to see where the edges are seen together!! I am amazed on a level I can't express. I am including a picture.

Well, crap. I just couldn't help myself and was...

Well, crap.
I just couldn't help myself and was peeling the skin glue off the right side.. Here's something about stuff on the body that I can't stand.. I'm that person that peels sunburns too. :/

Well, there is a "pin-sized" hole in the incision on the right side. Was covered till I did that. Now, I'm freaking out a little. Emailed my ps to see how he wants me to proceed. I thought neosporin and a bandaid but I am waiting to hear from him before goin any further.. I am updating with a pic of it too.

The messes I get myself into.. If I end up having problems with this incision now I'm gonna be so mad at myself. :/

Well crap. I'm that person that peels...

Well crap.

I'm that person that peels sunburns.. Like I just can't stand stuff that shouldn't be on my skin to be there....
Well, I picked at the right incision.. Only taking off the skin glue, not causing any bleeding or forcing anything that wasn't healed to be "removed".. It was just hanging there and I couldn't stand it.

Well, on the right side there is a pinhole opening. It was covered until I removed its covering. Now I'm freaking out and don't know what to do. I thought neosporin wih bandaid, but then thought maybe I Hoyle leave it alone. I isn't know what to do so I emailed my ps and I'm hoping he checks it before I go to bed and gives me advice or I won't get much sleep worrying about it. :/

I'm real mad and frustrated with myself right now. I included a picture. :(

Well, the ps emailed me back about the pin hole...

Well, the ps emailed me back about the pin hole opening and basically said, don't worry about it. Put a steri-strip on it or cut off the sticky part of a bandaid and put over it so I don't have to look at it and be nervous about it.

Now, I'm off for Christmas with my Family!!!

Everyone have a Merry Christmas!! Enjoy your families!!! :)

Today is 2 weeks. Not much change but a few little...

Today is 2 weeks. Not much change but a few little things to mention. I had my sutures replaced trimmed today and we put steri strips on the open part of the right incision. Left incision looks great.

Both incisions have developed a rash on the skin around them. I have no idea why. No rash anywhere else. The area hasn't been jot or wet so not a heat rash. My theory is that now the skin glue is gone the area is just sensitive (my skin will break out with certain laundry soaps) and maybe because it is healing sensitive skin it is easily irritated? Regardless, I am treating it with 1% hydrocortisone cream hoping it gets better. I am currently braless because the bra band runs right on the rash. Ill put it back on in a bit. Supposed to wear it "majority" of the day for another week. I emailed ps and told him what I was doing with the rash. He's probably tired of my emails. :/

I will keep u updated on how it "heals". Anyone else get a rash 2 weeks out? Can you share your experience.

Added week 2 pics.

Added week 2 pics.

Nothing really new to post here, on post op day 16...

Nothing really new to post here, on post op day 16. Just a few "emotional" components to touch on.
1. I am so ready to go for a RUN! I had pretty much "laid" off of running before surgery, but i feel like for the past 2 weeks all i have done is eat, and now i have these great boobies, I need to "tone" up the rest of my body to match. Dr says 2 more weeks then I can run.

2. size. I know i went back and forth thinking that i wish i had gone bigger as most people do, but as my emotions settle, so does my perception of the new girls. I think they are actually the perfect size. I actually have boobies without a bra, and if i wanted them to be the center of attention, i could 'play them up' with a bra. however, the biggest thing, is that now my curves balance out, and yet they are still small enough to be modest. I have to give my surgeon props, for choosing just the right size, when i went in, i told him i wanted to be a full c, because i still wanted to run, and be "modest"... he asked if a small d would be ok, and i said yes. I think I am right in that range. Next week I can go bra shopping, and i will let you know, how "right on" that statement is. But mostly, I'm happy because my girls balance the curves of my hips (photo posted). Most people have not noticed (even my own mom hasn't noticed, i'll address her in a second). I actually had a friend of mine, a dr, ask me how they were, she said she didn't even know i needed a ba, i said yeah, well that's cause of all the padded bras i wore. So, that was helpful to my psyche, to know that it's not incredibly noticeable.

as far as the girls themselves, still waiting on the left one to drop just a tad, and the rash to be gone. It's still there, but hopefully not for long.

For those that wanted to know about telling family. My sister, my brother, and my brother's wife all know, yet i have not told my own mother. Let me explain. I originally had thought i would tell her at Christmas, but i don't want to be the center of all of her conversations. I know, that as soon as i tell her, she will find a way to work it into every conversation she has with anyone, someone will be all "do you like my new shirt" and she will be all "did i tell you my daughter had a boob job"... I am just not ready to deal with that or her. so i did not tell her on Christmas.

I did however get asked today, what I got for Christmas by a friend's daughter (awkward). I am a shoe fanatic, and i actually bought myself a pair of boots on the 23 that i really like, so i've been telling everyone i got "shoes" specifically a pair of boots for christmas. It's actually funny, cause they are "madden girl" boots and I got them for $9!

Guess that's it, feel free to ask any questions if you like, I'm off to have lunch with my hubby at work, and probably will have numerous conversations about the girls, since that is where my surgery was done.

Updated to include before pic. I was ashamed of it...

updated to include before pic. I was ashamed of it before and pulled it down, but figure you guys might like it for reference now.

I am so itchy because of this rash! I just took 50...

I am so itchy because of this rash! I just took 50 of Benadryl hope it helps. I think I'm so itchy because every bra rubs on it!! I am supposed to wear my sports bra for 3 weeks. To keep them from dropping too fast, and as they are pretty much in position and I don't want them to drop any more I have been very compliant. At the most I've gone an hour or so without it. At my last pre-op I asked hi. If I could go bra less at all and his answer was "yes as long as I spent the majority of the day with a bra". I feel like I have emailed or texted him a million times and I not want to be "that" patient that bugs him with pointless emails. In ever sent him the picture of e rash but did send him an FYI email that it was there and I was treating it with hydrocortisone so he could tell me to do different and he didn't.

I really want to email and ask him how bad it would be if I slept bra less tonight as I am so itchy. If the Benadryl doesn't kick in I might just risk it and do it anyways. :(

Anyone else worry about being "that patient" that bugs their ps?? I know I do it cause e girls are so important to me. I told my husband if I lost a toe I wouldn't freak out as much as I do at just the thought of something going wrong with the girls.

Thoughts anyone?

Ps: adding an updated pic of the rash.(if not better by Monday will be emailing him)

So... I slept with my bra on. And I have stopped...

So... I slept with my bra on. And I have stopped using the hydrocortisone to see if that helps.

Scratch that: I was walking through the house...

Scratch that: I was walking through the house complaining that I itch And my daughter says "how about some anti-itch cream?" I said: "I tried that for 4 days it didn't help". She says: "maybe it helped more than you realized you weren't walking around complaining".

Point taken. Applied hydrocortisone ointment.

Am going to email ps office. :(

My ps is calling me in something for the rash. In...

My ps is calling me in something for the rash. In the morning. Relief may be in view! :)

Well... Still it hung like crazy. Ps called in a...

Well... Still it hung like crazy. Ps called in a new ointment.. Hoping I feel better tomorrow.

See Part 2 of my breast augmentation review by clicking this link.

I have been completely impressed by Dr. Hubbard and his staff!! He spent a lot of time answering all of my difficult questions and addressing my concerns. Neither he nor Julie ever made me feel rushed! He is very hands on and has answered my many questions pre and post op via email, call, or text. I always felt like he was "in this" with me. I was never alone. Not only did he address my concerns but did so very promptly! I verbally explained my goals to him and he helped me pick the correct size to get me exactly what I wanted!! I would recommend him to anyone considering this or any other procedure! I want to mention that I have dealt with a lot of Doctors in my life, and I'm not easy to please. I was completely impressed with my treatment, I can't stress that enough. ;)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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