Dog ear revision with arm lipo

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I'm a close to 40 yo mom of 2 (6,3). I have...

I'm a close to 40 yo mom of 2 (6,3). I have always had weight issues and have been fighting my entire life for a figure. I didn't much weight with either pregnancy, but I was left with diastasis rectii and C-section over hang. I finally decided that before 40, I finally want to have to body I always dreamed of. I weighed highest at 180 and lowest at 115. I'm 5'4" and weigh 125-130 presently. I have had BA in 2012 with great results, but I did have lipo to the abdomen in 2011 that turned out horribly. I can't wear a bikini because of the disfiguration. I'm hoping the TT will correct it (I'm not expecting miracles at this point) enough for me to wear a bikini again. I am so happy to have found this website and see so many beautiful, amazing women who empower me everyday. I wish and pray all of you the best that life has to offer! Photos to come later....:)


beware....the bottom is disfigured and the lighting really doesn't show the deformities. There is a wishbone indentation in the center top portion of my abdomen where the doctor jammed in the cannula in only 2 places, hence leaving the wishbone mark. Hopefully, I will not need fat grafting the future to correct this, but it's a possibility that I can't wish away...

10 days to go!!!!

So, I read all my lovely August TT advice and I think I am ready to go...
1.gauze absorbent pads
3.betadine wipes
4.silicone tape for later
5.dulcolax suppositories ( i hate drinking it) :0
6. bromelain, arnica tablets, arnice gel
7. pillows for arms. legs, feet
8.dry hair shampoo for day 2 when your hair is sticking to your scalp and feels like its melting onto you face..LOL
9.playing extra with kids
10. working extra hard so I don't feel guilty for taking time off.
So far I had a slumber party of 4 kids from 3-7 years of age and woke up this morning at 6:00am. My husband I cooked breakfast and I'm at work by 8am for a 13 hour shift.
I hope I'm ready....Did I miss anything?
Happy Monday all!

4 more days!

I thought I would be more anxious at this point, but now I'm more excited to see the new me! I can't wait to be happy about myself inside and out. Thank you my special TT friends for preparing, guiding, and just being there for me! I'm so grateful for all of you. Time to enjoy decaf.... :)

D minus 2

So I have everything in order and I we to see the PS the last time before my surgery day. We went over scars, healing, who is going to help me...he suggested I stay bent over 90 degrees for 1 week, 45 degrees for about a week and by week 2 I can stand straight. He discussed how my bb would weird for a while and my privates would swell too. Lastly, he recommended I stay over night at the surgery center so that I would 24 hour care and he can visit me evening and follow up that morning. My hubby and I decided that would be best. I'll have compression on my legs to prevent clots and nurses watching me with extra IV pai meds if I need it sounds awesome. Plus, the cost was a few hundred dollars more. Anyway, I'm so excited and can't wait to share my results with you all!

It's On!!!

Alright this is the last pics of myself before TT....Praying for all my TT friends! Thank you friends for giving me the strength!

Flat side!!!

Hi ladies! I'm up and on he flat side! Thank you for thinking and praying for me. I will post pics later!

Flat side

Hello my TT friends! I'm up and watching tv right now. It took almost all day for the anesthesia to wear off. I feel some burning on my abdomen, but otherwise good! Will post pics a couple of days. Thank you all soooo much for your support, advice and love!

Po day1 and 2

So after the surgery, I stayed in the center for the night. The hospital bed was so uncomfortable and the sheets kept bunching against my back and my buttocks. I finally had a couple of nurses at 2:30am to fix the sheets and get me out of bed bc I was so uncomfortable. I went home Friday and my bed is much much more comfortable. I need 3 pillows against my back and 1 neck roll so I can sleep at a 60 degree angle. I walked around the house bent over and I must say that my back is killing me. I use my hands to my thighs for leverage, but a walker would have been helpful. Been taking bromelain and arnica and trying now to switch to Tylenol instead of norco every 4-5 hours. Here is 1 photo. I'm super swollen!!!


I feel so much better today! Only took 1/2 norco today, put on contacts and too a picture. I'm very swollen, but no rolls when I sit down! I'm amazed at what the PS can do. I can't wait for the swelling to go down.

Drains out!

So I had the drains taken out today. I took pain meds an hour before the appt so I wouldn't be in too much pain. Anyway, the nurse pulled out the first one and it felt like someone ripped off a piece of my skin! It was sooo utterly painful that it brought tears down my face ( I usually don't cry from pain) the second drain was painless. I had a little gauze rolled up like a small ear plug put into my bb which is super cute! Then I was wrapped up into a sausage again. I FU again on Friday and he said in 2 weeks I can transition into spanx. Happy Monday my TT friends!!!


So I was cleared to shower and I forgot to mention that when my drains were removed, I had a red blistered spot where the drain tube was lying flat on my skin. It's such a bad blister that I am putting mupirocin on it 2 times a day. I'm already on keflex (my doctor put me on it for prophylactic). Hopefully it doesn't get bigger!! Anyway, it was nice to wash my own hair and body and finally see my full body. I'm in a little shock as the incision seems so long to me. I'll post pics when I feel better. Happy healing to my TT sisters. I do love you all. (Muah!!!)


So last night I had a terrible time getting myself to bed. I couldn't get comfortable! My butt feels like a flat pancake and there is no more cushion left. Thankfully, my hubby got me a situated and I was able to get a little bit of rest. I took a shower this morning (seated of course). The gauze that was put it my bb fell out so I made a new one with sterile gauze. My PS actually recommended an ear plug later so it doesn't turn into an outie. I am severely flexed in this photo so I look like a blob, but the bb is teeny and the abs look smooth! Hopefully, the flanks will thin out a bit more when the swelling goes down...happy hump day ladies!!!


Feeling better. Still very swollen but sleeping well and not on any pain meds except before bed so I can relax. Happy Friday everyone!

Pod10 and back to work!

So, I went to work today. I only worked a short 6 hour shift, but I'm still in pain. I didn't take anything until I came home and I'm starting to stand up straight. I have a slight tilt because my abdominal muscles are so tight!
I wore spanx and the crotch has no hole. It was so hard to use the restroom and I would gladly take any recommendations on how I can improve this.
I'm not happy with my scar right now. It's a little high on the sides and the front could also be a little lower. My waist is thicker than before, but I'm sure it's due to swelling. Thankfully, my deformities are all gone! For all my TT friends out there, does the waist get a little smaller and does the scar move down a little after the swelling goes down?? Thank you always for your help and support.


Feeling a little better. My underwear almost covers the sides....Happy labor day everyone!

13 days PO

So, I'm still not too happy with my scar. I have a follow up on Friday. I still have a Ton of swelling on the front and I can see a little bit of a waist! Hooray!! The bb looks great and I'm still taking bromelain, arnica, biotin, Multivitamin and fish oil. Haven't started scar therapy yet because my PS hasn't cleared me. I'm back at work and so far so good! I'm still really tight in the front and can't stand completely straight! Wow. Here's a side by side photo. Happy healing to all my wonderful TT friends!!

Scar pic

2 weeks!!

I'm not taking any pain meds just occasional muscle relaxer after work. I'm still on all my vitamins and I have slowly massaged in the shower all the swollen and bumpy spots. My bb is healing very well and the only thing is I wished I had more of a waist!! I still look very straight and boyish. It would be great to have some hips! Dee can I have some of yours??? Lol...happy healing my strong beautiful TT friends!!

I need a better stage 2 garment. Help!

I need a stage 2 garment with no underwear and only covers the abdomen. Any suggestions??

3 weeks!

So, I feel like I am more swollen now than I was at 2 weeks. I'm working full time and maybe this heat is making me swell. I'm going to stay on all my vitamins for 2 or 3 months ( you can see my previous post for a list). I see my PS tomorrow and he is going to do a scar laser treatment. I am still struggling to find a good stage2. Marena high waist brief was too loose in the gut and too tight in the rib cage, and the hook eye closure dug into my privates so badly that I couldn't sit still. The flexees torsettes are nice, but the wide bra straps dig into my shoulders. The spanx power brief has no crotch opening and therefore, I cut the brief and wear my own brief over and that seems to work pretty well. I ordered a couple of pull on waist cinchers and I'll let you know if that works.
You can see the sides of my stitches kind of curve up, but hopefully it will fade or, I'll be getting a revision. I am still so swollen that I can't fit into my jeans...Thank goodness for scrubs!
Thank you to all my TT sisters for all your support and advice so far and continue this journey with me!

Laser treatment for scars

So I went to my 3 week check up. I had some sutures along my bb, lower abdomen and either side that was removed along with sutures on both sides. The left suture was soooo super sensitive and ticklish that I almost face punched the nurse! Lol! After that, I got laser treatment along the scar. It felt like really hard rubber band snaps all the way across....little discomfort compared to what we have been through so far. My scar looks sunburned and feels that way too. I'll try to post pics later. My next follow up is in 3 weeks and I will have one more scar treatment. Happy healing to all my wonderful TT sisters!

Laser treatment pics

Here's a comparison of before and after treatment. You can see a halo around my bb.

The weekend

So, it's been 3.4 weeks and I have had a serious weekend of gambling, drinking(not heavy) and concert walking. I went drinking tonight because I have a friend from out of the country.... Needless to say, I have been functioning fine. Swelling is not good, and I still have a to of swelling in my bb. Will post pics later... Happy week all!!!

3 weeks and 5 days!

Here's some pics. You can silicone strip over the scar. It's thin but little dark. I'm sure I'll need another laser treatment. Do I see a waist???

4 weeks!!

The time just flies!!! 4 weeks already! I feel so much better and not taking anything except vitamins these days. I still wear binder at night and sometimes during the day too. Thank you to all my TT sisters for your support and inspirations! Happy healing everyone!

shapewear and sneezing

So, I got Leonisa maximum waist compression waist cincher. It holds me in very well. I am 5'4" and 128 and got a medium. It's a little big around the bra line, but fits well on the tummy and lower abdomen where I need it the most. I wear a slimming tank from maidenform for extra control and I can work a full 8-13 hour shift without abdominal tightness. On a side note, my allergies are acting up and I am sneezing over a dozen times a day. Thank goodness I am over 4 weeks out! I still feel a little burning, but holding your abs when you sneeze certainly helps! Also, make sure you get your flu shots....It's coming! Happy healing all my TT sisters! My measurements in case anyone is curious is
bra: 36
waist: 29
hips: 36.5
I hope my waist goes down to 27....That would be awesome!!!!!!

Leonisa waist cincher

Compression garment find!

So, I'm about 5 weeks and 2 days. I can sleep on my back, sometimes on my side and a little bending and twisting. My stomach is still tight, but definitely better! I finally found a few garments to help me during the day. I bought these 2 from and it didn't come with measurements so I'm putting up photos of sizes. They were very low cost 17 and 20 dollars, and it holds better than spanx! I wear the waist cincher with a tummy control cami and it feels great! The corset digs a little under the bust because it's too long for me, but this also doesn't feel too bad. Overall, I recommend this one because it's similar to leonisa waist cincher and cheaper!
I've been using some creams with silicone in it recently and my scar is smooth with hardly any keloid! It's still dark though. I will post some photos if before and after laser when I go in next Friday. Happy healing everyone!!

Cg photos

keto-cote spray groupon deal

I saw a groupon deal for keto-cote silicone based scar spray that is waterproof. I haven't tried it, but for 13.99 why not? Happy healing my TT friends!!!

oops I meant kelo-cote, not keto-cote.

sorry about the typo

6 weeks!

Nothing much has changed. I am going to start working out next week and start hard core dieting at 8 weeks. I will post some photos of laser after my treatment tomorrow. Happy healing all my TT friends!!!!


These are my skinny jeans that fit me well along the hip but I had serious muffin top....I think muffin top is gone?! woohooo!!! It's still very tight along the hip which tells me that Im still swollen. I cant wait to see my final results!

6 weeks and Fraxel laser

So I went to my PS today. This is the 6 week mark and I am 126lbs. My waist is still 29 and my hips are 35. I'm hoping my waist will get a little smaller. So I had laser done again and the PS said that he saw some thickening along the scar and injected it with kenalog to reduce the thickening. He released me to do any and all work outs and I do not have to wear a cg anymore!!! I will prob wear a cg for another 2 weeks as the swelling is intense when I don't wear the cg. I also bought some spanx leggings. Some reviews said that it's see thru in the butt, but if you wear black undies and wear a shirt that covers the bum then you shouldn't have a problem. They feel great and just a little compression in the abdominal area. Thanks for letting me continue to share my story and can't wait to begin my post op exercising!!!

got the hair did...:)

So, I have a slight wave in my hair and I wanted it straight for the winter. It took 3 hours and 2 washes to get it super duper straight!!! I had a keratin treatment and magic straight, 3 HOURS! I put this on realself because if you have had your hair washed you know you have to lie back and then get up again. I did 2 serious sit ups and although it hurt, I was pleasantly surprised! Healing has commenced!! :)

Super straight :)


morning skinny

Feeling great. I'm not as motivated as my wonderful TT sisters and I have not been working out! My kids and my crazy work schedule keep me going all day long. I will start yoga soon (probably after 8 weeks) and I have been walking a lot! My diet is still more protein and less carbs, but I don't deny my self anything because I think our bodies are still healing. So until I can start exercising fully, I am not dieting. Happy healing to all my TT sisters who inspire me to keep going!!!

8 weeks and 4 days.

So not much change here. My weight ranges from 126-128. I am walking a lot and plan to start aerobics tomorrow. My belly button still looks plastered on but the PS says to wait until 3-6 months. I still have some swelling but mostly at night. I'm using silicone based creams during the day for my scar and a silicone sheet at night( thanks for the tip D37!). Scars are still dark, but pretty thin. Hopefully it will fade. I will post pics later from the spots that got laser once and the spot that got laser 2 times. Happy healing all my lovely TT ladies!!

Photo of scar and bb

Don't know why this photo is so grainy. The center if my scar also has my old bb scar so that's why it looks kinda funny. Scar is dark but flat and thin.

10 weeks!!

So, my waist hasn't gotten any smaller. I still have pain on my lipo sides. I still have swelling along the front center from the bb down, but overall I feel great and can do pretty much everything. I am still very careful with my abdomen and I use a concoction of scar creams to make it more thin and invisible. I sometimes feel tightening at the center of the abdomen too. I hope for a little more tightening of the waist as time progresses.....Happy Halloween all my TT sisters and thankyou for letting me share my story! :)

Out on the town... :)

I never wore dresses and skirts and now I love it! Happy days my TT sisters!

Oops photo!

12 Weeks!

So, I went to my PS Friday, he thinks I am doing great. He does say my scar is dark, but to give it more time. He wants me to continue scar sheet and continue silisone ear plug into the bb. My waist measures from 27.5 to 29 depending on swelling days. I only swell a ton when I eat too much carb....story of my life...:) I can wear size 6 in dresses and I love that I don't have a serious pooch belly!!!
My PS wants to see me in 6 more weeks at which point, I will have a teeny dog ear removed, and possible extra lipo along the waist. Hopefully I won't need it, but I sure did pay a lot of money and I want to be 100% satisfied with my results! So happy for all my TT sisters that look and feel great!

Funny of the day...

Sunnyside, I need to create your avitar... :)

13 weeks

So nothing has changed really from 12 weeks. Swelling is definitely minimized and activity level is completely normal. Abdominal muscles are still weak, but I can do a sit up if I really try. I exercise 2-3 times a week mostly cardio and hot yoga (I skip most of the abdominal exercises). I am still not too happy about my waist size because it doesn't match my small hip size. My waist after a long day swells to 28-29 and in the morning, it's a 27.5. My hips are 35.5 so I look very straight. I noticed my left side waist does not go in like my right side. I will bring this up at my next PS visit. I use silicone ear plug in the bb and I put silicone tape over it because I'm working really hard to fade the scars.
Overall, I'm very pleased with the results and will keep posting my progress :)

Not so bad in the mornings

Good morning all my lovely TT sisters! So here's a few pics of my bb close up and my straight tummy. Side shots shows that I am flat :).
What do you ladies think? My waist could be a little smaller right?? Thank you for all the thank you's and comments! Happy Monday!

14 weeks

So I will not be able to post tomorrow since it will be a food fest and posting a photo might be very scary! Still doing well and enjoying the cold weather. I hope everyone is healing well, taking their vitamins, and using their scar creams! Happy gobble day my TT sisters!!


Before the festivities begin, I would like to thank all my TT sisters for the comments, thank you's and more importantly all your support through this!!!! I am so thankful today for all of you! Happy gobble day!


I posted a photo above with me in a thing. Seriously, when was the last time I wore a thong?! It was comfortable when I took a few steps and then when I took a few more, the material went straight into my crack and then some....I then remembered why I hated thongs soooo much!!! Anyway, it's nice to wear for a night out but not all day wear unless you are used to it. I am stil obsessing about my waist size and will let all of you know how that goes at my next appointment. Take Care my TT sistas!!! :)

swell hell at 15 weeks

So, I didn't even eat very much today because I worked a 13 hour shift and total 14 with the drive to and from. Needless to say, my stomach didn't feel like the pilsbury dough boy, it felt like a really hard dry bread. Swollen and hard....So frustrating because every day, we are trying to see results but then we get a minor set back. Just wanted to let my TT sisters know that almost 4 months and I still swell.... :( On a lighter note, I have to drink Go Lightly for a colonoscopy this week. Whoever named this drink should drink it for the rest of their lives.......XOXO! :)

4 months!

So nothing much has changed here. My waist still stays at 27.5-28. My weight is still 127, but I haven't really been exercising. Just on and off hot yoga. I still wear garments during the day to cinch the waist like leonisa or slimming tank. I have a few yummie tummie underwear that's pretty nice. The tanks are just stretchy. The jeans, however, are awesome. Fits well and keeps you in. The leggings are nice too, but overpriced. Spanx leggings are just as nice! I have a follow up in 2 weeks and I'm going to discuss smaller waist and teeny dog ears. I stil swell at the end of the day. I hope this swelling goes away someday! Cheers all my TT sistas!!!

Friday nights...maybe any night

So my TT friends tell me!!!! How often do you guys hit it??? Honestly with work and kids it's awesome if we get 3 a week. What is the norm? Do I have a problem if I don't want it more than 2-3 times?? I'm worried bc some ppl post 3-4 times a week...please like and share!!! :)

4.5 months

So I went to PS thursday and he agreed that I had some excess blubber in the waist. I do need to have tiny dog ears revised. So, I will go back in January to have revision and extra lipo in the waist area. I have been battling a nasty cold and the sneezing/coughing has my belly in a hard knot! The bb scar is still dark and not sure there is anything I can do except wait for it ti lighten. I am a little frustrated that I have to go back, but so happy that my PS does agree and doesn't tell me that I have to keep waiting and waiting....Hope all my TT sisters are healing well and enjoying the upcoming holidays!! I will post pics before and after procedure in January... :)

Happy New Year

Wishing all my TT sisters a happy 2014 with fun, love, laughter, and flat tummies!!! God bless!

round 2! More ab lipo, dog ear, and arm lipo

So I stopped using all scar creams because I knew I was having scar revision and a little more lipo. So yesterday, I went to get my abdomen and dog ear revised. Definitely an easier experience that TT. I was walking around and went to the store, but didn't drive. I also got my arms did! They were so bulky and I could never get them small enough. My PS does slim lipo which is a smaller cannula. I have one hole in the crease of my pit and the other in the crease of my elbow. I have some serious serious bruisng so I wll try to post pics of arms soon. I can already see a difference in the arms even with the swelling. I am not sure about the abdomen yet. It's very swollen. The arms are very sore and I can't even pull my hair back of put on a shirt over my head. Can't take a shower until drainage stops and incision holes are closed. I hope this helps for anyone considering arm lipo. Hope all is well with my TT sisters and I will keep u posted on my progress.

Photo round 2

Day 2 PO lipo and dog ear revision

Arm photo

Don't be alarmed. I wasn't beaten down but maybe hit by a truck...just kidding! It's been 3 days since arm lipo and by far the most frustrating experience. It's hard to lift your arm to eat(prob good for me) and can't put my shirts on. Overall, I can tell a little that thame arms are small. My abdomen is swollen!! It's not much bigger than before so I know it will be smaller later. Will post tummy photos soon. Happy healing to all!

PO day 5

Steristrips are still firmly adhered to the sides that were once bulges that looked like clams were hanging off my skin. I hope when they come off this Friday, I will be pleasantly surprised. My arms right now are so swollen that I simply cannot tell if they really are small or its a delusion from all the medication I have been taking for pain. Because we use our arms everyday, there is no possible way for me to stay still. In my OCD state, I decided to measure my arms and abdomen: 10.5 arms and 29 waist. I know it's too soon, but I sure have waited long enough for some good results! Any suggestions on arm compression besides ace wrap? I love the ace wrap, but I seriously look like the michellin man....Have a great day my TT sisters!!! :)

1 week PO dogear and arm slimlipo

My arms feel better everyday, but they are still very very swollen! My abdomen is still swollen too, but from the photos, it already looks smaller. I still have steristrips on the dog ears and go for a follow up tomorrow. I am still taking arnica and take biotin too. As soon as the lipo incisions heal (which are very well hidden) I will begin massage. I am only using ace wraps but I did order a compression vest so I won't look like the hulk in clothing. Happy healing my TT sisters!!


Oops forgot to load dag nabit...:)

1 week 2 days PO dog ear, lipo, and arms

So, I am very swollen and very frustrated at this point because I feel like my arms should be super small and waist should be super tiny.....But it's not. And to top it off, I seriously see back fat that is really more noticeable now than ever. I just got the rainey arm vest which is a little tight around the chest and not tight enough around the arms. Hopefully, this really is swelling and not just the way I am going to look. My bb scar is still on the outside and I don't have any hooding because the PS said I was too thin, but I see tons of ladies here with awesome looking bb's. I am going to try another type of laser soon that targets just the melanin hopefully it will fade. I even am trying make up forever waterproof concealer.....Any other suggestions? Thanks for hearing m vent.... :)

2 weeks and 2 days arm lipo and dog ear

So ladies, I feel so much worse than I did after the TT. I am not sure because I am 5 mo PO from TT and then I had more lipo on waist and dog ear revision with arm lipo. It seems to me that my arms are smaller but when I put them down, there isn't much of a difference. My skin was so lax from weight gain and loss that my arms are super right from the lipo. I have some indentations that are noticeable in the arms but I am massaging and trying to soften the skin. My stomach is super swollen and doesn't look as good as it did before the revision. I am overall not impressed right now except for the fact that te dog ears are gone. Anyone considering arm lipo really needs to find a good visionary PS of what you want and make sure that the results are to your liking. My doctor is great but I feel he could have done a little more. What do you ladies think??

3 weeks PO

Still swollen and still feel a lot of stiffness in the arms and waist. My waist is 28.5 and arms are 10 around in the mornings. I was feeling sharp shooting pains and started to use arnica gel around the arms and waist and this stuff is magic!! I have stiffness but the sharp pains are practically gone! All bruises are gone after 2 days of use. I am going to get a different laser on my bb next week to see if it will lighten. Will keep you all posted! Happy Thursday my TT sisters!!


So when I lift my arms up, there are some track marks and tightening of the skin. My arms are numb, but burn at times. I guess this is all part of the healing process. My waist looks good, but also has hard tissue which must be swollen areas of liposuction. At this point, I am a little scared of using the compression on my arms because I am scared of more tightening. I wear compression on my waist everyday and take a break in the evenings. I hope all my TT sisters are healing well and enjoying the weekend! :)

Arm photos

So this is 3 weeks and 3 days PO arm lipo

Another laser treatment.

My PS had another procedure so my follow up was pushed to next week, but I was still able to get laser treatment done on my scar. My Bb is the most disappointing part bc right now I can't wear a bikini! Anyway, the PS and I have a game plan but I might get a second opinion bc I'm starting to get frustrated....overall, I'm still swollen and still trying to heal...:)

Arms and belly

So I went to see my PS and he said arms are getting better. There is some lumpiness in the left arm, but overall it is getting better. My waist is stil 28 and 29 at the end of the day. My only real concern is my belly button at this point. PS says to wait it out and see how it looks after the scar fades. I'm cleared to go back to the gym! Hooray!!! Let's tone up these bad a gams!!

Tummy 6mo POand 5weeks PO dog ear revision

Swelling is still there but overall I feel great! I can do crunches and bend and move with no pain. I have some stiffness at the end of the day. I am now motivated to get in shape for spring break and we go!!

Bb progress

There are 3 photos: center is 6 weeks after, right is when I use a silicone ball and put it in over night, right is recent and after laser treatment. Doesn't look good to me. Overall shape is awesome and I feel great! My arms are feeling little better. I still have numbness on the outside and lumpiness is getting better too. Happy healing to all my TT friends!

9 weeks PO dog ear, arm lipo

I'm feeling great. Arms still burn every now and then. The shape is coming along. The indentations occur at end of the day when my arms tighten. My bb is the only thing I am still having issues with. It's been 8 months and I think I need a second opinion. I'll let you all know how it goes!! Take care my lovely strong friends!!!

Belly button revision

So....I finally got a revision! I got a second opinion and the PS was going to charge 3100 for a revision!!!! I couldn't bear to spend that much on a revision so I went back to my PS and said I want a revision. He finally squeezed me in and charged only Supply fee. Here are some pics and I will keep you all posted!

Bb update

Ok so it's almost 2 weeks and my PS told me no activity for 2 weeks. How am I supposed to not walk or not be active for 2 weeks with little kids??? Anyway, here is a side by side of 8 mo PO and 2 week bb revision. It looks a little different but scar is still noticeable. I'm not super-thrilled but hope by 6 months it will look better. I still swell and I still wear compression tank tops bc I feel better in them. Happy healing all!! :)

Released until 1 year PO

So bb is healing. Doesn't look like a bullseye. Not what I expected but it's better than before. Because I am too thin, the skin around bb doesn't envelope around the scar. When it fades, I'll be alright with it. Here's a pic of me at the docs office sitting. Happy healing and will try to post monthly.

Summer time!

So, I'm not completely happy with my bb, but just gonna go with it. My waist is still not as small as I would like, but i guess I could lose a few pounds. Hopefully a little weight loss can make my figure look better. Overall, I don't regret any results and hope everyone else feels the same!! Happy summer beautiful ladies!!

Summer photo

Scars are well hidden even in a string bikini. Can't wait until they are all faded. For the darker skinned ladies, I'm almost 11 months and scars have not faded yet with the utmost care ( lasers, scar tapes, all sorts of gels). It's just gonna take some time.

1 year PO

So ladies, my skin is dark so the scar is still noticeable but getting lighter! He left a tiny vertical scar but because my skin is so tight, we can't do any revisions for another year. I am very happy with the results and just need to tone up a bit more. Hope everyone is well and happy!!!
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