12 weeks later, I'm so happy, I don't even remember the pain!!!

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Hello RealSelf Peeps! I am a mother of 3, ages 16,...

Hello RealSelf Peeps! I am a mother of 3, ages 16, 11 and 3, all delivered naturally....the most that I weighed during pregnancy was 254! I am 5'8, approximately 185 lbs. I have always been on the thick side but regardless of how much I weigh, give or take 5 on either side, I can never hide my stomach without looking like I'm hiding my stomach if that makes any sense! LOL! I am married to my high school sweetheart who has no problem with my stomach (well that's what he says) and can't understand why I am willing to put myself through the pain...anyways, he is FINALLY accepting it and willing to support me!

Anywho, I go to my second consultation tomorrow....I have to get 3 estimates before I accept any and then I have to check reviews/references! So, are there any questions that are a must during the consultation?! I have a few that maybe you all can give me the REAL answers for! 1. How many days will I need 24 hour care? 2. How soon after the surgery will I be able to drive? 3. Is it realistic to think that I can start a new job about 3 weeks after the surgery (a desk job)? 4. Those with small children, how were you able to interact with them after surgery, how many day post surgery will it take to be able to? 5. Is it realistic to think that I can go to a dance competition 2.5 weeks after surgery (not to dance, I'm a "dance mom"?

I am so excited, I called today to pay my deposit...

I am so excited, I called today to pay my deposit and set a day and they said that someone canceled for March 26th, so the day is mine!!! I'm both excited but very nervous! So what do I need to do to prepare myself?! Are there staples that I need to purchase and have on hand? What should I wear? Do I need to get a pedicure and manicure since I will be shut in for a couple of weeks? What type of food did you all eat the first few days?

I'm taking pics in a few minutes and will post them shortly!!!

So, during my initial consultation the dr stated...

So, during my initial consultation the dr stated that he does not do drains...when he said it, I didn't question it because I figured that he was the professional!

Is there anyone out there that had this same experience? If so, how did that work out for you?????

The hubby and I went shopping for a few things...

The hubby and I went shopping for a few things that I already know that I will need after the sugery...but, as we are walking thru Target to pick up the simple things on my list, like MOM, Tylenol etc...they were out!!! Is this a sign?!!!! I hope the heck not!

On another note, my husband doesn't cook AT ALL! He rarely even goes in the kitchen except when walking in from the garage area! LBVS! Did any of you try to prepare meals for the family ahead of time and freeze them at least for the first week or did everyone tend to eat out? I'm a stay at home mom, so everything that is done around here is basically done by yours truly...ME! Any advice here????

Oh, and I'm getting scared at HELL! 8 days left!!!!

So, I'm officially a week out....I really darn...

So, I'm officially a week out....I really darn excited but nervous at the same time! I am making a list of things that I need to have completed by the day before surgery...washing clothes, meals prepared and put in the freezer etc. (I'm a control freak, can you not tell? LOL)

Thank GOD for one of my really good friends that I met when I moved to TX 6 years ago, she is going to stay with me during the day for the first 3-4 days while the hubby is at work! She is a really good caregiver and the kids love her so that is a huge plus! I plan on going out this week and put her a thank you basket together to show her how grateful I truly am!

So I just got off the phone with one of my friends...

So I just got off the phone with one of my friends and she made me feel really bad about having my tummy tuck done...she said that this was not a good decision and I will regret it later...she weighs all of 105lbs with no jelly belly! She also went on to ask why I am spending this much CASH (no financing for me) when my husband is the only one working!

The only people that know are my husband, children and 3 friends (including her)...this is the reason why I didn't want to share this with people because NO one will understand how I feel when I look in the mirror at this stomach that I have! Then she also said that it was a bad idea not to tell my mom, who was fine with it until I told her that I was going to schedule it! I figured that I would call her after the surgery (we talk everyday all day)...

Have any of you dealt with similar feedback from people that don't agree?

I went today to have my pre-op done! Gave me 3...

I went today to have my pre-op done! Gave me 3 prescriptions-valium, hydrocodone, and phenegren. They told me to wear pants that are easy to slip on and a button up or zip up top. They also took all of the pictures needed for the before and after shots. I can not believe that this is actually about to happen!

On another note, a job that I am REALLY REALLY interested in, called me today for a second interview...go figure!

I couldn't take it, I actually broke down this...

I couldn't take it, I actually broke down this morning and told my mother...she hung up on me twice and then after that she spoke to me and sounded much better about it....I am her baby girl, we are truly best friends, she is 1000 miles away from me and if something happened she would be devastated so I truly understand her being upset.

I do feel better now because hiding it from her was tearing me up on the inside...but I did tell her to not say a word to my daddy (I'm also a daddy's girl) or my sister or brothers and she promised me that she wouldn't (which I know that she will probably leak it to my sister if anyone).

So now I'm really ready to get this show on the road!!!!!!! 5 more days!!!

After reading the reviews and the majority of you...

After reading the reviews and the majority of you all saying that you had a recliner or rented a hospital bed....I went with a recliner and it just got delivered today!

I think that I am all shopped out, whatever I don't have now, I just won't have! lol

On another note, I have a job interview in the morning, so this focus is somewhat taking away for the stress/excitement/nervousness/pure craziness that I have been feeling about my TT! Pray that I get the job....so at least I can replace the 7K that I took from our savings!!!

I cannot believe that the big day is approaching...

I cannot believe that the big day is approaching so fast! I could not sleep a wink last night, then when I fell asleep, I had a dream that the TT was done and my stitches were above my belly button! LOL....

Anywho, it's Sunday so I am going to get ready to go to church, come home and wash clothes and try to find things that are going to wear me completely out so that I can get a good nights sleep!

My anesthesiologist just called me to introduce...

My anesthesiologist just called me to introduce himself and tell me what to expect tomorrow! I really appreciated that call, he said that if I'm extremely nervous tonight and can't fall asleep to go ahead and take a valium. I like him already...this is the type of customer service that I sure do appreciate!

It's done! I'm in sitting here in pain, not severe...

It's done! I'm in sitting here in pain, not severe just uncomfortable! I have peed about 8 times an this is wearing me out! I take blood pressure pill that I also a diuretic! Hopefully tmrw so better and I will post pics for you all!

PO day 2....I'm very uncomfortable, it hurts...

PO day 2....I'm very uncomfortable, it hurts really bad when I have to get up to go to the restroom. This was all expected...I just need to feel better sooner than later. Sorry for such short post, I just need too get more rest....peace out:)

PO 3...Doing as well as to be expected I guess! I...

PO 3...Doing as well as to be expected I guess! I have noticed that when I drink to much I get really uncomfortable. I took a shower today and that was a pain in the a$$! My lower back is killing me but all and all, I'm good. My kids look so sad, they just look at me and want to cry...l told them that by this time next week this stage will be history!

PO day 4 - this road to recovery is really hard...

PO day 4 - this road to recovery is really hard for me! I went from being in tears from the pain caused by constipation to having diarrhea that keeps me running back and forth to the restroom! My back hurts like hell! Thank God for my BFF who has been over here taking care of me and the entire family, from cooking to cleaning, and even washing me up because I can't do it myself! I took one pic but can't seem to figure out how to upload it from my iPad, I really just want to feel semi normal again!

Thanks for all of the well wishes etc, I don't want to scare anyone, it's obvious that I'm just a darn wimp!

On another note, how the heck are you PO ladies able to get such good pics 1-5 days PO, I can't even stand straight long enough to take a pic!

Today seemed to be a better day! My BFF/Nurse ...

Today seemed to be a better day! My BFF/Nurse went home so I was really depressed about that! My mom whose 1000 miles away sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers that brought tears to my eyes! But as far as the pain, the only thing that I'm feeling is pain in is my lower back. I don't have drains to worry about, so thank God for that! I go see my PS on Monday for my PO checkup and I'm hoping that I can at least stand up straight by then!

Well that's it for tonight! Good night dolls! Maybe tomorrow will bring more pics!

PO Day #6...Today has been a really good day, I...

PO Day #6...Today has been a really good day, I have been up and moving around a lot, I get tired pretty quick and that's when I make my way back to my old faithful recliner. I do have a burning sensation that I feel from time to time at the incision site but I can deal with it without pain meds, which I have been off of for well over 24 hours.

I do wonder what most people do all day! I sleep only because I can't really do anything else! My kids have been a huge help since the BFF left, the house is pretty spotless so I'm happy! I go in for my post op with my PS on Monday so I'm really looking forward to that! I didn't have to deal with any drains so thank God for that, other than these few lines, all is well with Donsgirl!

Today makes 10 days since my surgery and I feel...

Today makes 10 days since my surgery and I feel really well! I'm up and about, able to drive, still not standing up completely straight but I'm almost there!

I went to my first PO with my PS, this past Monday (exactly a week from the date of surgery) and he said that everything looked well! They took the tape off of my incision site and put collodian on it. They clipped the stitches from my belly button, told me that I should be lying in the bed now (no longer the recliner) and I have to really push myself to stand up straight!

I have been off of pain killers (not even tylenol) for a while now...I do get drained somewhat quicker than the norm for me, but I am still able to get a lot accomplished before I get to that point. I'm still not lifting heavy objects (including my 3 year old) but for the most part, I feel very comfortable when I'm home alone, showering and other normal daily activities!

I saw some old friends today that knew nothing about the TT and they were very curious to how I lost the weight since they saw me 6 weeks ago...and of course I told them that working out has done my body well;)

Today is PO #12, I am still feeling very good! I...

Today is PO #12, I am still feeling very good! I have a pretty good amount of energy...still playing the worn out card so that the hubby and kiddos continue to baby me;) LOL

I posted some pics that I took this morning...I know that a lot of you ladies had drains and my doctor (whose VERY seasoned) doesn't use them...I was somewhat nervous about that, but I'm thinking this is the reason why I bounced back so quick!

I forgot to add, I DID NOT have lipo, only a tummy...

I forgot to add, I DID NOT have lipo, only a tummy tuck:)

16 Days PO and still doing well! I have posted...

16 Days PO and still doing well! I have posted new pics that I just took a few minutes ago. I seem to have most of my energy back...I'm able to do a little shopping, cook dinner etc with little or no help at all. I am still very careful when I have to bend over and pick up stuff, I normally squat. I go to the doctor on Friday for my 2nd PO appt, but other than that, I have no complaints at all!

On another note, it's funny how the hubby said that nothing was wrong with my tummy before, and all of a sudden, he is sending me texts asking for pics in his favorites undies, we are both very pleased with this investment! LOL

Hey RealSelfer's! As of today, I am 3 weeks and 4...

Hey RealSelfer's! As of today, I am 3 weeks and 4 days post op! I had my 2nd follow-up with my PS on Friday the 13th and he said that everything was healing well. He told be to start putting Mederma Scar Cream on my scar starting that day. I had a few questions for him which I have listed below (you all may have a few of the same):

1. Burning sensation right under breast...This is from the stitches holding my muscles together.
2. Pulling in chest when standing up straight...this is normal, I have to continue to push myself to stand up straight, which as of today is no issue.
3. When can I sleep on my side and stomach? I can sleep on my sides now, but it will be a while before I can sleep on my stomach and no massages either:(
4. When can I take a bath? Starting today
5. When can I get back on the elliptical? In another 3 weeks
6. When am I cleared to have sex? As of today, but be very careful, no rough housing! lol
7. When can I lift heavy things like my kid? Use the muscles in my legs to pull her up, holding her close to me...not the muscles in my stomach (I have just chose not to pick her up yet).
8. When can I resume vacuuming, sweeping etc? I can sweep now, slowing move back into vacuuming and my NORMAL household chores.
9. Is my 2 hour drive to Tyler on Sunday okay? He approved it, I attended a dance competition with my daughter and I actually felt fine...until later that night when I got back home...so it was actually 4 hours total in the car.

Remember, these were the answers to my questions on Friday! As of today, I'm feeling great and sexy as ever! I'm a stay at home mom, so I can't quite say that working all day is wearing me out....I do make sure to get me a nap in daily tho...in the recliner of course:)

I hope that everyone is healing well and getting ready to strut our flat bikini belly's this summer (P.S. I have already purchased 2)! LOL. I will post pics tomorrow or Sunday.

Oh, I forgot to add that my PS said that he...

Oh, I forgot to add that my PS said that he removed 4.5 lbs of fat! Dayummm is all that I could say!

I have made it past the 12 week mark and I feel...

I have made it past the 12 week mark and I feel great! There is nothing that I can't do, I'm sleeping on my stomach just fine, I don't feel any pain anywhere, and I am extremely pleased with my results! I am so happy that I made the decision to have a TT! My husband it also very pleased, he just looks at me in amazement! Now prior to the surgery I was a very confident person, but now, my confidence has gone to another level!!!

I can wear my bikinis, little shorts, fitted maxi dresses...the whole nine yards!!! When I went back for my 12 week appointment, my PS gave me a $150 gift card to the spa, now how awesome is that!!!
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

So far, during the consultation Dr. Nakamura made me feel very comfortable and answered every question that I had written down before I could even get to them! Everytime that I have had any type of interaction with the doctor and his staff, they have been nothing but caring and very on top of things. Whenever I have called with questions PO, they get me a nurse IMMEDIATELY! They are a great team, and not the mention he owns his surgical facility and it very nice as well. Without a doubt, I would recommend him, hands down!!!!

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