Campos 8/16/12 ETT,BA, Lipo, BBL - Tijuana 5 month update

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Hi all! Guess I'll begin with the why-I've decided...

Hi all! Guess I'll begin with the why-I've decided to do something for myself after four hard pregnancies. I only have two living children, but my pregnancies have been awful! The first pregnancy ended in miscarriage, my second resulted in delivering at 32 weeks, a 4ib little princess. I had preeclampsia with her, and gained weight due to fluid. Before my daughter, I was a size 0. I was very tiny, and was a fashion model. After she was born, I was a size 8. My breast went from a 34B to a 36D, and I did breastfeed for nearly a year. After I stopped breastfeeding, my beautiful full boobs..deflated. I was able to lose a great deal of weight although my stomach was not flat. I finally was satisfied after getting to a size 4. I didn't want to be as small as I was before, because I enjoyed my new curves. I ended getting pregnant a year after she was born, but my husband was injured overseas, and the stress from that (most likely) contributed to delivering prematurely to a stillborn little angel. Three years later, I gave birth to my son, and he was 10ibs! I had gestational diabetes with him, and gained 60 ibs. I was in a size 12 when he was born! The biggest I have ever been. I breastfed him as well, and my boobs seems to have gotten worse. Since his birth in 2009, my weight has been up and down, and although I am a size 6 currently, I still look about 5 months pregnant. I hate it! It seems to expand during the day, so by the end of the night, my stomach is protuding out of my clothes, to the point where I just mostly wear t-shirts to bed. I rarely wear lingerie for my husband anymore, unless it is completely covers me. No lights on during sex for sure. I can't really wear clothes that hug my body, and often have to wear a size up in my pants to fit over my belly. I have never been as self conscious of my body as I am now. On top of that, I got my tubes tied after my son was born, and the results are hormones that are completely horrible to deal with. I feel like I'm going through menopause, and I'm always moody and depressed, and my negative body image plays a lot into my feelings.

I used to only daydream about getting a mommy makeover. I never thought I could afford it, because I was not working, and my husband takes care of the finances. One day, my husband asked me if I was unsatisfied with our marriage, and I didn't understand why he brought it up, but he asked because he realized that I didn't seem as confident and interested in being intimate with him as I used to. I explained that it had nothing to do with him, but I was struggling with my body and my looks. I told him I wanted to one day have surgery, and although I never thought to bring it up to him before, we discussed it, and he understood why I wanted it done. He told me that the smartest thing to do is save up for it and get it done. I'm working now, and have done just that! Took me a few months, but I did it!

After much research, I decided that I wanted to go with Dr. Campos in Tijuana, MX. Although I have saved more than enough for surgery here, I have decided that my husband and I will spend our anniversary there, and before we leave for the trip, I will have the surgery. I am scheduled on Aug 16th for a TT, BA, and Lipo. Dr. Campos suggested fat grafting, but I really don't need it in my opinion. I already have a butt, although I'm no Kim Kardarshian. My husband doesn't think I need it either-but that's mostly because he believes with my new voluptous figure, I'd leave him for some ubber rich fellow. :-)

So, here's the deal. I'm actually flying home three days after my surgery. Yes, yes, I know the risks of flying back so soon. But I am confident everything will be fine, because I my neighbor's husband is a general surgeon, and he and his wife will be traveling with us. Once I get home, he has agreed to come check on me once a day, and I am confident he will be all I need. My mother will also be at my home to take care of my children during my recovery. So, do you think I'm still crazy, cuz I know that crossed your mind!

Anyway, I am very excited, and counting down the days to my op! 14 weeks away!! Woo-hoo!

I spoke with a vet who flew back from Tijuana the...

I spoke with a vet who flew back from Tijuana the day after surgery! She said she was fine because her anesthesia had not worn off. I was thinking, man, that's a bit much, but realize a day later isn't much better, so I will be flying out on the fourth day rather than the second. I am not nervous about flying back that soon because I will be with a surgeon and we have already gone over risks and precautions I must take.

Wow, twelve days to go! My emotions are all over...

Wow, twelve days to go! My emotions are all over the place! I'm excited, nervous, sick to my stomach, at the same time! Trying to get everything finalized. I booked my hotel and flights months ago, and I was considering renting a car, but I've read more experiences from ppl who discouraged renting cars and using the $5 taxis in Tijuana. I'm planning on using the trolley from the airport to get to the border, then hailing a taxi when we cross. I'm nervous about crossing back into te U.S before my flight tho. I was told it takes 1.5-3 hours to cross back in. I'm so scared about that process b/c I'll be using the trolley and I'm hoping it won't be too uncomfortable with the heat and other passengers. My pre-op appt is at 5, and my flight touches down at 11, so I'll be using the time to get supplies from the grocery store and doing a little sight-seeing. I'll be staying at the Lucerna, a highly recommended 5 star hotel in Tijuana, with a few restaurants in the hotel, so between stocking the fridge and the hotel restaurants, food will be covered..not that I'll have much of an appetite..getting my list together of all the things I need to bring. Ive combined lists after reviewing others' lists, and I'll post it as soon as I find time to type it all.

Ok, so I used to think, "man my time can't get...

Ok, so I used to think, "man my time can't get here fast enough," and now, I'm like "HOLD UP, it's here ALREADY??!" :-) I'm two days away from my surgery. I fly out in the morning, and have my pre-op appt at 5, and I'm so excited! I am a very optimistic person. I try and focus more on the good out of situations, so I am more excited that scared of everything. I refuse to believe that anything bad will happen. I'm tearing up just typing this. My husband knows that I this upbeat, cheerleader, Ra-ra type of woman, so he hasn't really said anything negative-until this past weekend. He just looked at me when I was curling my hair, and out of nowhere says,

"You know I'm CRAZY about your right?"

"Yes babe."

"You know I'll hurt someone over you right?"

"Yes babe."

"You and my kids are the most important things in my life. I just want you to know that. And that if this doctor doesn't do his job, I will hurt him, some kind of good."

"Ok babe."

The next day he asks me to explain everything-give him a rundown of every day we'll be there, from flight to flight. I let him know that I will most likely be drugged the days we fly back, so I'm not feeling too uncomfortable, so he will have to handle everything for me. He knows that I am a headstrong, take charge kind of person (being a military wife-I have to be, esp. b/c he's hardly ever home), so he has confidence that I have done my research and taken care of everything as much as I could. So I'm confident because he's confident that I've taken care of things.

I've stopped drinking wine several weeks ago, stopping taking ANY meds for months, not even Tylenol (although it's safe to take). I've been taking my prenatal vit that I've had since my last pregnancy, and yesterday I started taking Bromelain. Today I started on Arnica Montana. I am one of those rare ppl who cannot just drink water; I gag when drinking water. I have tried every type, but I hate the taste of water. Weird right? But I've been drinking only water, or flavored water. I've been monitoring my food intake since last week, and have been eating mostly fruit, veggies, and protein. Because of my job, I've stopped working out; prob haven't since last year, so I'm sure that will play a part in healing. :-(

I'm only packing my meds, silky pj's to make it easier to get in and out of bed, and two articles of clothing. I'll prob fly back with yoga pants and a zip down hoody. My husband surprised me with one from Old Navy this weekend, b/c he knew I was looking for one to wear back.He's so sweet! Unfortunately (hehe) it's long sleeved, so I'll prob just wear it in the airport. I'm hoping to find an international phone card so my hubby can call my fam to let them know everything went ok. If I can't find one, I'll just have him Skype my mom.

The only thing I'm slightly worried about is the discomfort of getting in and out of cabs. And walking through the checkpoint in the airport. I was going to put my drains in a fanny pack, but I'd hate to have to pull them out in front of people, freak out the TSA agents, and have them challenge whether I should be flying or not. I've got to work this out..any suggestions?

My mom got here on Sunday, so together we went shopping for foods for me. Luckily she's going to do all my school shopping for my babes this weekend during tax free weekend here in TX, for me. Meet the teacher night is next Thursday, so I'm hoping I'll be able to go, but I'm not sure I'll be up to being around people and kids running everywhere. I was also lucky to find a walker for $15, so I'm sure if I can get up and walk around the house as much as I can handle doing so, it will promote faster healing.

Anyway, I will be getting back on here hopefully after my preop consult to let you know how that goes.

TWO MORE DAYS!! WOO HOO ( in my Vicki from Orange Cty Housewives voice) !!!!

So I made it!! I'm so excited! We are all lounging...

So I made it!! I'm so excited! We are all lounging at the Lucerna Hotel right now, and it is pretty nice! For anyone who is thinking of going, I think this would be a great resource for you to use:

I followed it "to a T" and got to my destination with NO problems. That is def a good sign!! I am very happy that I am more excited than scared at this point, and I'm hoping to stay in this mood even after the surgery. My preop appt today is at 5:30, and my surgery is at 7:30 in the morning. Will keep you posted as much as I can!!

Post op day 9: Hi all! I actually posted the...

Post op day 9:

Hi all! I actually posted the day after my surgery, but it seems to have disappeared..although my pictures stayed up. Anyway, I'll try and post from the beginning.

I arrived in Tijuana a day before my surgery, and went for my consultation at 5:30. It was scheduled at 5, but found out they pushed it back without any warning. I arrived, and met Hannia, and I wasn't seen for another 30 min. My husband was with me, and when she did finally get me back, I was hoping my husband could come in the consult with me. He was told that I needed to undress and let Dr. Campos check me out first, but he would not allow him in. o_0 I wasn't very nervous, but my husband was, and he wanted to be able to ask questions and get a good feel for Dr. Campos. No such luck. Anyway, Dr. C began to assess the situation (my body) and I tried on a few sizers for my boobs. He thought I would look great with a full D, but I insisted on a full C. He mentioned lipo and butt graph, but I had not paid for that, nor did I request it, but I listened to his suggestions. He let me know that I didn't have much to lipo, but he could be aggressive if I wanted him too. i told him no, esp because I was not prepared for that-I had not bought anything in prep for a butt graph. After the consult, my frustrated husband and I left and I told him how he went. Hubby knew I did not request a BBL, and he didn't think I needed it, but left it up to me.

The next morning, I came in at 7:30. Angie was there, and she began to hand me paperwork, and make sure the financials were situated. She told me that she couldn't find my initial deposit, given to Giselle, and didn't have my last deposit. I tried to remain calm, and let her know that I kept receipts and made copies of everything, but it was in my hotel room. My husband became a little frustrated, as did I; this was not what I needed before surgery. She searched through Giselle's emails, and see her response to receiving the deposit, but not the actual deposit slip. Ergh. I told her that my husband could get what she needed, but I didn't want to go back to the room. She insisted that everything was ok, and that my husband could bring it after he came back to look in on me after the surgery. She told me to tell him goodbye, and led me to the consult room, where I undressed and was given two pills. Dr. Campos came in and began to mark on me, and reiterated what was discussed the day before. He told me he could probably get about 600 ccs and inject 300 in each cheek. He wanted to accentuate my dimples, in the "V" on my back above my buttocks, so he wanted to really lipo that area really good. I agreed with him, and he marked me up, and left out. Angie came in and let me know his plans, and that I had not paid for a BBL. I told her no, I did not, and did not want to pay extra for 600 ccs. Angie smiled and said he would probably do it anyway. Hey, that's fine with me! I was led to another room, big enough for a bed, and a nurse came in and put in an IV. The anesthesiologist came in and asked questions. He informed me that I would be receiving a spinal, and I was led into the surgery room where I was given an iodine bath. I started to feel nervous at that point, because the room was so small, and so many ppl were coming in and out. I remember being cold, even though the idodine solution was warm. I laid down on my side, so he could do the spinal, and GOD did it hurt! I felt a warm, numbing sensation spread to my legs and was put back on my back. Dr. Campos came in along with several nurses, and a blue sheet was put up. I remember being asked if I felt the Dr. pinch me, and then I was out.

The one thing that I didnt want to happen, happened! I woke up in the middle of the surgery! I looked up at Dr. Campos, as I felt my body rocking back and forth from him cutting away at my muscle to insert the implant. I groggily asked, "I'm not supposed to be awake am I?" He smiled, called me beautiful, and nodded at the anesthesiologist , and I was back out. Lucikly, I didn't feel anything! My husband was mortified when I told him that!

Anyway, everything went well, and I woke up around 4:30. I looked down, and my boobs were exposed, and my stomach was wrapped in gauze. My husband was there, and I remember blabbing to him about something. He said I described everything that happened before the surgery. Visiting hours were until 5:30, so he left around that time. I thought I would be nervous about sleeping there by myself, but I wasn't-because a nurse literally slept at the foot of my bed. Like for real. I woke up the next morning and was given some jello and water, and I was prepped for discharged. A nurse came in and helped me in the compression garment. I don't remember being in a ton of pain, until after the compression garment was put on. It was so tight, I couldn't breathe! Somehow I got to my hotel room, and the rest of the day is a blur. I felt much better the second day, good enough to eat at the fantastic restaurants at the Lucerna. If there is one thing I recommend everyone to do, it is to stay there, and make sure to request Alonso. He was the most helpful, caring individual I've worked had the pleasure to meet in a long time. He arranged EVERYTHING for us. The hotel has their own 24 hour taxi service, which is great, and $3-$5 will get you EVERYWHERE in Tijuana. He even got me a wheelchair the day I was discharged-where he got it from, I don't now! But he did it all, whatever our request, and I wanted to make sure he was rewarded handsomely for it, so we left him a hefty tip the last day. He arranged a shuttle to get us back across, and it was on time, and we got back to the airport two hours ahead of our flight.

After I returned, I noticed that the more I sweated, the more my swelling went down, so I tried to stay heavily clothed. I walked around ALOT, because I think it helps speed up healing, and it has. Of course I have not done anything to overwork myself. At day 4, I started draining less than 25 units of fluid. I was also able to get up and down on my own without my walker. At day 8, I was able to walk around the mall for an hour, and do some grocery shopping, using the electronic carts. At day 9, today, I got my drain removed. Disgusting experience. I have some swelling of course in my abdomen, which gets worse throughout the day. But I'm making it slowly but surely. My boobs are still in my armpit of course, but my abdomen is looking pretty good. Thanks to everyone that's commented, and kept me in their thoughts! Will keep you posted!

2 Week Postop: After my sutures were removed, I...

2 Week Postop:

After my sutures were removed, I noticed how inflammed my stretch marks were. It was a very disgusting sight to see. I nearly started crying after removing the sutures because of how sensitive my stretch marks became. Every moment I made, made them itch, and of course with my skin being numb, even if I rubbed them (don't scratch, rub!) they still itched, and chills ran through my body everytime. I get goosebumps everytime I think about it. I didn't know what to do or think, so I started researching and found out it was because of my swelling, and the stretch marks started to accomodate the swelling, which is why they were so swollen and inflammed. I took a shower, and rubbed them with an oil mixture I created (Bio Oil, Virgin Olive Oil, shea butter, and coconut oil) and that helped. I had to walk around practically naked to avoid touching them. The next day I noticed the inflammation had gone down, and they aren't as sensitive as they were the day before. THANK GOD. That has been my worse day. I still have my stitches in my BB, and am hoping to have them removed on Friday.The dr who removed my drain insisted that I leave them in as long as possible, but I was skeptical because I didn't want my skin to heal around them, making them difficult to remove. But I'll be going to my primary physician to see if he will take them out. So that has basically been my week. Dealing with the stretch marks, and swelling, which has not gone down yet. On top of that, I noticed a large hump above my BB. I had read about seromas, but noticed no fluid like wave around the hump. It's soft, but tender, and it swells as the day goes on. I had a hernia removed, so I am not sure if that has anything to do with it. I called the dr's office and sent pics, and Dr. Campos responded that it was just swelling, and to continue to take Arnica and get lymphatic massages. Hoping to go get one of those on Friday, but I am very nervous about someone rubbing my stretch makes me itch and squirm thinking about it. But I have to return to work on Tuesday, so I need to control this swelling!

Getting out of bed and up and down is easier. My stomach muscles don't hurt as much anymore. I have caught myself before I sneeze several times, although I had a coughing fit last week that nearly put me on my butt. Oh, as as far as my BBL, I'm pretty sure I've lost whatever he put in, lol. Haven't been thinking about that much, because I've had no choice but to sit on it, although I still notice some of my underwear are tighter. May just be from the swelling tho. The lipo pain is still here, but its tolerable. My compression garment is dead. I got frustrated with it and cut it up. :-) Haven't been wearing anything other than a waist cincher, but it has those wires in it, so I swell around it, but have decided to order another compression garment for when I return to work. Prob why my swelling hasn't subsided.

OH,and I wanted to mention this. I told my husband how much I appreciated him and how well he has been taking care of me. I think it is important for us to do that for those that have someone helping them through this, esp because this process is so much about us and dealing with our healing. He listens to me, he cleans for me, he even holds my hand while we sleep at night because he knows that I love being under him. So I've shown my appreciation a few times the only way I can ;-), and I am GLAD to do so. He and everyone else that helps us during our healing, deserves it, so make sure to express your gratitude!!

3.5 weeks post: SWELL HELL! Ergh, this swelling...

3.5 weeks post:

SWELL HELL! Ergh, this swelling is so aggravating! So I returned to work on last Tuesday. The night before, I slept on my side for all of 5 minutes, then shifted back on my back. The next morning I felt an intense burning pain on my side, and imagine that I bruised it when i turned on my side the night before. I took a Percocet, because that was all I had, and went to work. I forgot to grab a piece of fruit to snack on in the car, and I def regret that! As soon as I got near my job (a 25 min drive) I could feel the Percocet setting in-I have a high tolerance for meds; one Percocet gets me high. As I settled in at work, I realized that I didn't feel too good, and about 5 minutes later, I passed out. When I came to, I was sweating and had the "shakes." I got up, walked quickly to my car, and as soon as I started it, I passed out again. I sat in my car for an hour, praying and trying to get it together. I felt like throwing up, on top of breaking out in a sweat and having the shakes.I knew I needed to eat something, so I carefully drove across the street to a Jack-in-the Box and sat in the parking lot and ate. I stayed there for another hour, until I felt I had the strength to drive back home. I felt better the more the day went on, but man..not a good day for me. I was fine the next morning.

I went to the doctor to see if the lump above my BB was a seroma, and after a CT scan, sure enough, it was. The next morning, a dr drained it for me, and so much came out! Luckily I couldn't feel anything, but it was gross! I'm still feeling that some fluid has built back up, because it is still hard and swollen where it was previously but I'm hoping it will resolve itself on its own.I still can't straighten up all the way, because it feels as if I'm pulling too much, and I feel it at the site of the seroma as well.

So that's basically been my week. The swelling is going down, but still bad enough to where I can't button or zip my pants. I have been wearing tights, stretch pants, and dresses mostly. As far as my boobs go, the right has dropped. The left has not. I am a bit disappointed because I told Dr. Campos that my left boob has always been smaller, maybe a half cup size smaller, and asked if he would increase the size of the implant. He said he would, but he ended up just giving me the same size in each boob (370 cc). So, it is def noticable. Currently, I am a 36D. I was barely a 34B before. My husband has deemed my right boob his girlfriend. Lol. My left is its mini-me. Not too happy about that, but I will wait to see how they end up after they have officially dropped and fluffed.

I did get 300L injected in each butt cheek, but I am not really noticing TOO much of a difference. I may be a bit rounder, but that's about it. Some of my pants don't go over my hips, but I know I didn't get anything injected in them, so I'm coughing it up to swelling. Its still nice tho. Anyway, until my one month anniversary, smooches!! xoxo

Today is my 6 week anniversary!! Go me!! Well, I...

Today is my 6 week anniversary!! Go me!! Well, I can say that things are getting better. My swelling is subsiding on my flanks, which is making my stretch marks less inflammed. This was bothering me so much, because the inflammation made me itch so bad! I couldn't wear my cg even with a tshirt on under it, because it was so uncomfortable on my inflammed stretch marks. So, I went to Dillards and bought a Spanx garment. I had never used Spanx before, and I love how soft it is! I've been wearing it all day, and its so comfortable! I am still not wearing pants, because I'm so accustomed to wear skirts, tights, and dresses, but with my Spanx, I may be able to wear them and be comfortable. Not much change in my boobs. I'm very nervous bc one has so much more volume than the other. Can you tell which one in the pictures? The smaller one has not dropped much yet, so was the boob that was originally smaller than the other, and I was hoping Dr. C would correct it by putting an implant in that was much bigger, but he didn't. I sent him pictures of the difference, about two weeks ago, and no response. Hmph.

I find that stretching really good before and after I get out of bed really helps me, because I was so uncomfortable when I attempted to straighten up. My back doesn't hurt as much this week because I'm walking straighter so yay! Also, my lipo humps and bumps are getting softer. I massage them daily. I stopped with the arnica and lymphatic massages. Dont really have time to go any more. My hubby and I have done the "ooh wee"..almost every other day, and it is still uncomfortable, but I just adjust and keep it moving. I forgot to mention that I had to stop sleeping with my pillow under my knees about two weeks ago, because I realized that that curved my spine slightly and it was contributing to me being hunched over. Once I laid flat, it was easier for me to walk straight. My muscles still ache a little when I cough or flex, but no where near as bad as the beginning.

So overall, I am so glad that I had the courage to get this MM. I encourage all of you that have not done so to continue to do the research, and do this for yourselves, because you deserve it! I will update in a few weeks. xoxo!!

Hi guys! I wanted to do a quick update. It has...

Hi guys! I wanted to do a quick update. It has been 9 weeks, and the healing is coming along...SLOWLY, but surely!

My left boob, which originally had more volume than the right, has dropped more, and both implants are becoming softer. My right boob is still high for some reason. I get sharp pains on the side of my right boob, and it can be very irritating. It still looks smaller than the left. To me, it is noticable. My boobs look nice, but you can see the difference in the volume when I wear tank tops. I am disappointed still, because I mentioned to Dr. Campos that I wanted a larger implant in the left boob to make things even, and he did not do that. I am hoping that once it drops more, it will look a bit more even. Anyone have this problem, and if so, did it resolve itself?

My TT:
The swelling has mostly gone down on my flanks. The swelling is mostly on the top of my stomach now. My stomach is still very firm below my BB and completely numb. I have started using ScarAway, and it is softening the scar, which I think may be starting to keloid. My BB looks ok. The stitches that he did for my BB were so deep that even after the dr I went to removed about 8, I removed about 4 after that, one recently last week. They were very tight, and we basically had to cut my skin to remove them, so it got a little irritated and stinky. Wish he hadn't have used so many, and done them so tight. But everything is ok now. It is starting to look normal.

Still experiencing pain from it. Most of the time it comes very quickly, and it is very sharp. The bumps are smoothing. For a while I couldn't wear anything harsh against my skin because it was torture due to how sensitive it was from the lipo, but using Spanx helps. I noticed recently that the right side of my waist looks much more contoured than the left, and I am PRAYING that evens out. My left side is more swollen, so that prob contributes to that. He did not lipo the top of my back, nor the area where bra rolls accumulate, but that was because I did pay for him to do extensive lipo. I'm actually thinking about going back for a FG, but I honestly don't have muchfat, and I don't want to gain weight, because I do NOT carry it well. I've been thin all my life, so I look bloated with weight on me. I'm telling myself to wait to January to determine if I want to get anything else done, because by then, I should have the results of everything.

I am the most pleased with the bottom of my back. He did a great job. He wanted to accentuate my "dimples" and it shows because, it makes my butt look lifted & more round.

Still sore, when I sit for long periods of time. Soft and jiggly. Don't know if have enough to make it clap, lol. Haven't tried. Since the swelling has subsided on my back, I can see a difference as far as volume goes. I still don't have a donk, didn't really need it, but I think it looks nice. My hips look rounder, wider, but I believe it is because my waist is a little more contoured. Pretty sure he didn't put any fat in there, because I didn't have much to begin with.

Hopefully I answered everyone's questions. If not, get at me, and I'll do the same. Kisses!

Hi ladies. The last two weeks has gone by pretty...

Hi ladies. The last two weeks has gone by pretty quickly for me. The swelling has subsided on my sides from the lipo, although there are still lumps that I have to massage every now and then. I also experience shooting pains throughout the day, but I believe it is from my nerves reconnecting and because the numbness is diminishing. My swelling is still heavy on the front of my stomach. I am trying to be patient with this swelling!

So I am faced with a new dilemna. I described earlier that my boobs seemed to be different sizes, with my left being about a cup size bigger than the right. I have always had this issue, and I mentioned it to Dr. Campos, and asked if I should get two different implant sizes. He said no. Because of the difference in sizes, I have been doing research and found out that if you have two different breast sizes before augementation, it will be much more noticable after augmentation. And it is true in my case. My right implant has still not dropped much as well. I am hoping that when it drops, the difference in size won't be quite as noticable. I sent pictures of my breasts to Hannia at Dr. Campos' office, and within an hour, she was calling with him on the line. He admitted that he should have put in a larger implant on my smaller boob, and he suggested I come back to have him replace it. He told me he wouldn't charge, and I'd just have to pay for hospital fees. That sounds great, but of course I'd have to pay for airline tickets, a hotel, and other expenses, since I live in TX. I am a little upset because he didn't bother to really consider the size difference beforehand, and upset that I will have to come out of pocket to get things corrected.

So now I have to determine if I'm going to get this taken care of. Besides the expenses, my husband is refusing to "allow" me to get this corrected. He was so scared for me the first time, that he freaked out once I talked to him about this. I explained and explained, but he is scared for me. He deploys soon, and yes, I could go without letting him know once he's gone, but I really believe karma will bite me in the butt for doing that. He's even more angry because Dr. C didn't deal with this the first time.

So. ladies, what do you think? Should I get it corrected? Or live with a smaller boob, like I did before my augmentation, and pad my bra? I appreciate any input. Thanks ladies!!

It has been a long time! I didn't want to post as...

It has been a long time! I didn't want to post as much because I knew that my changes would come slower and slower, but I'm happy to do an update. I am 5 months post surgery, and I am still very happy that I went through with the surgery.

Breasts Augmentation
I am still a dealing with having one higher boob, which is also smaller than the other. The implants are much softer now and they have dropped more as well. They are still a bit numb underneath, but that is getting better. I have started working out and doing pull ups and pushups, but it has caused my muscles to tighten around my implants, which can be uncomfortable at times. I have to take it easy on those.

Tummy Tuck
The swelling is definately going down, but it is still pretty evident. I do believe I have a lot of fluid still, which is causing the swelling, because I can tap my belly and it responds in waves. i have been drinking a ton of water, and irecently started working out again. it isn't as painful as I thought, doing sit up and crunches. I honestly do not feel most of the lower abs workouts. i am still very numb above my incision, which I know is to be expected. My scar was light, but it is much darker now, and it has keloid-ed over. I have started using Scar-Away silicone scar strips, which is def helping. I am planning on getting a tattoo to cover the scar this summer.

Not too much to complain about on this end! I read that the first initial pounds you may gain after this surgery may go straight to your butt, and that is true. Although I did not get any fat injected in my hips, they are def wider. Most of my pants were put up because they didn't fit over my hips. I'm assuming the weight I may have gained is spreading to my butt/hips. Def not complaining about that! I'm still small framed, only a size 6, but I love how small I am up top, and curvy at the bottom. I have always admired Draya's shape (BBW), because her frame is petite with just the right amount of curves.

Overall, I am happy so far with my results! I still have not decided if I want Dr. C to correct his mishap with my boob, because I will be opening a pole fitness studio this summer, so I do not want that to hinder my opening. Many of those who answered my last post did not think a correction was needed, and I appreciate your opinions. Thanks to you all who have responded and emailed me, and for you who are facing surgery, good luck and God speed!
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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