The Real Truth About Zerona - They Measure for Total Inches Lost, Not Problem Areas

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*Treatment results may vary

According to Zerona and my doctor, my treatments...

According to Zerona and my doctor, my treatments were a success. I lost 5 inches, which sounds great, right? 5 inches of belly fat and slimmer thighs? Not exactly.

Let me tell you how they figure the inches lost. First, they measure your neck, bust, arms, abdomen, hips, thighs and knees-yes knees. Unless you are really overweight (and therefore not a good candidate for Zerona) most of us are not looking to lose weight in our neck, bust or knees. Guess where I lost the majority of those 5 inches? You guessed it: bust, arms and knees. I only lost one inch from my waistline, which was the only area I really needed to lose.

Also, you should know that the protocol calls for a one week pre-treatment cleansing followed by the two week treatment in which you will need to exercise a minimum of 40 minutes per day, eat a low fat diet, abstain from caffiene and alchohol, take special vitamins and drink a ton of water. I also recieved two lymphatic massages. Three weeks of diet and exercise should probably give about the same results, don't you think? Try following this regimine for 3 weeks first and take your own measurements to see how many inches you lose and then decide if $2000 is really worth it.

Just so you know, I am not really overweight- just had some extra belly fat and a little extra padding on my thighs. The fat was a little lumpy looking, so I was hoping to get some smoothing results too.

No change in skin texture whatsoever. The doctor had shown me some pictures beforehand and had stressed how much smoother the skin looked, so I was hoping for similar results. I also followed the treatment instructions to the letter, exercising every single day by jogging, biking, walking and weight lifting. I am a regular exerciser anyway and I always drink a lot of water, but I did have to struggle with Starbucks withdrawals and no wine or Mexican food on weekends.

If you still think an inch or two around your problem areas are worth $2000, go ahead with the procedure with realistic expectations. Personally, I was very disappointed. Not only did I not go down a pant size, my pants don't even feel looser. But hey! now I've got those super skinny knees!

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