Pelleve ONLY WORKS Depending on the Technique Used!!

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I just completed my 2nd Pelleve treatment for face...

I just completed my 2nd Pelleve treatment for face and neck ($400 each). I'm supposed to have at least 4 to get the results I want. I have slightly sagging jowls, large pores, and the beginnings of a turkey neck. I've done other similar treatments like Accent XL and Sheerwave, non-ablative treatments, where the idea is to heat up the skin underneath to stimulate collagen. These two treatments did NOTHING, and I went through a full series.

Here's what I've begun to realize: if the treatment is supposed to be painless, it isn't going to do anything. Save your money. The only treatments that gave me results were PAINFUL. I did Thermage years ago and it was fantastic, but it hurt so bad I don't want to go through it again. This is why I chose Pelleve, but it also isn't pleasant. It burns. In order to work, the skin has to be heated to 41-43C. At 43C it is unbearable in some areas. Fortunately, the technician moves the wand around and you get a break.

Another good thing about Pelleve is they can go under your eyes right up to the lower lashes.

After my second treatment I am beginning to see results. My pores are smaller, especially on my nose, my skin looks fresher and younger. No real tightening affect yet, but overall, there's something about me that just looks better. I will continue to get these treatments and give updates.

Update after 4 treatments

Pelleve did give results. I give it a 3 star out of 5. Smaller pores, slightly tighter skin with smaller jowls, tightened up the neck a smidge. If you have very slight aging skin you will get SOME results.

If you have heavy jowling or turkey neck, save your money and choose another option.

Fifth Treatment With Different Technique Worked

I was only so-so about Pelleve. But I went back to the same place and got a new technician. Her technique was different than the first girl. Instead of back and forth swipes, she used a swirling motion. This allowed my skin to heat up to 43 degrees Celsius comfortably instead of only 41 Celsius, which is what I can usually stand before I flinch. The higher the heat, the better the results.

Her technique change made a BIG difference. I saw results after one treatment I hadn't seen before. The sagging was still there but my skin was tight, fresh, way smaller pores. It made me look years younger. It was almost like I had a Thermage treatment results.

With the correct technique, I definitely recommend Pelleve. Without the proper technique it's not that great.
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