Sonobello Lipo to Lower and Upper Abs Waist and Hips - Texas

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So far, so good. Surgery Thursday. Today is...

So far, so good. Surgery Thursday. Today is Saturday. No pain pills today. Waiting for the last incision to close ... until then: draining. Have found staff at Sonobello to be helpful and competent and answer all questions. Am getting daily emails on what to expect, which is also helpful. Procedure only slightly painful for a brief time. For most of it, I never felt any pain.

Things I wondered about : if you need to keep garment on for 3 days except for showers, how do you go to the bathroom? Well, the crotch has a hook and eye series and totally moves away from your buisiness.

Well, today is Monday after (post op 4 days). ...

Well, today is Monday after (post op 4 days). Dizzy off and on. Nurse says I need to drink more water. Also, am trying some arnicare gel on the bruising that pooled near my pubis (totally expected, but shockingly purple), but not on any open wounds! My wounds have closed. No leakage yesterday. Still lots of swelling and bruising. I am noticably smaller and can tell when the swelling is gone ... wow... this is a new look.

If you are on the fence: do I/don't I: I'm not going to sugar coat this. This is not a quick fix procedure and keeping it quiet is hard, but not impossible. Flu/food poisioning is a good cover story if you are wanting to keep folks out of your business. I'm not wanting to advertise this to friends/family because this is the sort of journey you undertake under your own will. And, it is a kick start to a new lifestyle of healthy eating and regular exercise. So, rather than being a commitment to another person, it a commitment to you. Paying the money out of your pocket, going through the pain and healing are all part of the commitment process.

TIP for the pre-op crowd:: Poise pads are not comfortable and don't work all that well for drainage, What does work are even cheaper and readily available at your home medical supply store. Grab yourself a box of DUKAL sterile combine abd pads size 5x9. Cost was $6.50 for a box of 25. Just spring for 2 boxes and send kind thoughts my way if they work well for you.

Be well. Choose carefully and then take care of you..

Hi. If you are reading this, you are probably...

Hi. If you are reading this, you are probably wanting laser liposuction, possibly at Sonobello. I am very happy with my results so far, and I am not totally healed. I am still a little sore and swollen. I didn't expect to be kept away from excercising the area that was done nor did I expect that I could not return to running yet. But, that is just the breaks. Clothes fit nice. I'm no longer selecting outfits by what best hides my tummy

Howdy from Texas! I am feeling so awesome about...

Howdy from Texas! I am feeling so awesome about my new sillouette. I feel sorta guilty now not telling any friends what I did... what if they think that it finally just came off with diet and exercise and then are holding themselves to a similar expectation? I feel like I am being so dishonest by withholding this info from them. On the other hand, my closest friends have not said one thing about how much smaller my waist is or how flat my tummy is. The difference is obvious, so maybe they have guessed? Guess I'm overthinking, as per usual. Well, best wishes to all of you in your journey, wherever you are.

Hi and happy November! Yesterday was my 6...

Hi and happy November!

Yesterday was my 6 week anniversary. I love the update emails I receive once a week from Sonobello. Yesterday's reminded me that although I'm looking great, to remember that I must keep eating right and exercising! Done and done. I keep thinking about the money and discomfort involved and there is no way I want to throw this away.

Am I perfect? No, not yet! Would I go around in a bikini if it was summer? No. I still very easily mark up from even loose clothes. I still look a little lumpy bumpy by end of day especially. What really helps relieve that end of day swelling is exercise. Elliptical works really great for this.

By summer time ... I will definitely be in a bikini. Getting dressed is fun again! No longer am I thinking, "what will hide the pooch"? Pretty soon a lot of things in my closet are being donated to charity because they are too big. How fun is that?? VERY!!!!

Halloween costuming was a blast. I had to buy a size small because the mediums swallowed me. And I didn't hide behind other people for picture taking, as I had grown accustomed to doing.

I sure wish I had done this 10 years ago.

Best wishes to all on a speedy recovery and great results!

Signed, Tiny in Texas!!!

Ran 5 miles of a relay race yesterday! Feels good...

Ran 5 miles of a relay race yesterday! Feels good to be back.

Past 3 month check up and still doing great. I am...

Past 3 month check up and still doing great. I am have been told to use heating pad twice a day and firming lotion twice a day to get the best results. I do have some bumps and lumps but am getting a little better every day. I'm so glad I did this. I've so enjoyed all the clothes I can now wear now that my tummy is flat. Next checkup is at 6 months. Best wishes to all of you.

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