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I have a large all black tattoo on my torso. I...

I have a large all black tattoo on my torso. I ahve had one PicoSure Treatment so far. I am due back for my second oe October 7th. I am happy to not see any hypo and/or hyer pigmentation. It was extremely itchy for about two weeks but I had little to no blistering. Now though, it seems to look exactly how it looked before my first treatment which is depressing. I was hoping to see a lot of change like some people on here. I really hope my second treatment has significant fading. I am putting all of my funds into this.

Yesterday Was Four Weeks After First Treatment

I took a photo yesterday since it was my four week mark after my first treatment. I think it actually looks darker but it may be because my skin has lightened quite a bit due to no sun exposure. Hoping second treatment has much more fading.

Second PicoSure Treatment

These pictures are about 24 hours after my second treatment. It started blistering and turning red immediately. It looks like my tattoo is definitely reacting more to the second treatment, which makes me happy. I am keeping it covered and smothered in vaseline for the next 3-5 days. I'll post another picture about three weeks from now.

I Think It Is Fading!!

Three Weeks After Second Treatment

These pictures are three weeks after my second laser treatment. I am going back this Friday for my third treatment. I am very happy with the results from the second treatment and hope the third removes as much ink as the last one! My first treatment felt like a waste of time and money.

Side by Side

Two Weeks After Third PicoSure Treatment

These pictures are two weeks after my third treatment. The doctor turned the laser down a notch this time to I believe 3.4, but I am not sure becasue he told me while I was getting lasered so I was in so much pain I could not hear anything, lol. I definitely think the pain is worth it though. I am getting two more laser sessions and then I guess I will have to get another quote. I think I will send requests for quotes to some new cities that didn't have the PicoSure when I sarted this. I really like my doctor and the facility but if I get a cheaper quote from a closer place I may go there. I am waiting six weeks in between treatments this time due to the upcoming holiday. I am very happy with the fading from session two to two weeks after session three. Hoping to see more fading in the next four weeks before my fourth treatment.

Fourth Treatment Today

I had my fourth PicoSure treatment today! I missed my flight back in December so I had to reschedule my fourth Tx for today. So it has been 9 weeks since my third treatment. I had my first lidocaine shots, prior to being lasered, and I can definitely say it is so much better with the shots. I am pretty sure I will be getting them for as many treatments as possible going fourth. My doctor turned the setting on the machine down to 3.0 (I've been getting layered at 3.5). To me, it looks and feels a lot more intense than the 3.5 treatments. I am excited to see the fading results in a few weeks. I am putting vaseline on it for a week (until it heals) and then rose hip seed oil after it has healed. I am hoping to get back over there in February for my fifth but it will be Mardis Gras and that may be difficult. Ha.

Has anyone seen this guys removal story?

Almost 4 weeks after treatment 4

Lots of hyper and hypo pigmentation.

7 Weeks After Treatment 4

I will be having my 5th treatment Friday morning. So it doesn't look like muhs has changed in the last four weeks as far as disappearance. It does look a tiny bit less hypo ppigmented but still hyper and hypo pigmented.

7 Weeks After Treatment 4 Picture

Maybe you can see the hyper and hypo better? IDK

7 Weeks After My 5th Treatment

These pictures are roughly six-seven weeks after my 5th treatment. It is still pretty hyper pigmented but I am just going to continue getting lasered until the ink is gone and then fix the hyper pigmentation. I have been putting hydroquinone on it for about four weeks and I think I see a little bit of lightening so I am happy about that. Luckily my skin feels smooth and unscarred so I think my only problem after I am done with treatments will be the darkening of the skin. My 6th treatment will be April 18 and I am hoping that I will be at least halfway done with my treatments!! Hoping to have normal skin by next summer! I cannot decide if I want to wait 4-6 weeks or 6-8 weeks until my 7th treatment. I guess I will ask the doctor how ling he thinks I should wait. I am getting a bit worn down with this whole process and I am ready to be ink free. =/ I really hope I see some serious clearance of these stubborn spots. I think the doc will use a lower setting on them and a lighter setting on the much lighter ink areas like last time.

One more pic of the 5th treatment results.

The picture is really bad on the bottom but I don't think there was much difference between the 4th treatment and the 5th treatment. =( Hope to see more fading with the next treatment. =(

Different Light for 5th treatment results

Probably still looks the same but these are in a different light.

5 Weeks after 7th Treatment

5 Weeks after 7th Treatment

It's been 5 weeks since my 7th treatment. I was treated with Picosure then with a fraxel laser for the hyperpigmentation. I do not really have anything to report as I feel like it looks the same as it did a few months ago but honestly I haven't looked at it or thought about it much lately which is probably a good thing. I've had a lot going on and it has kept my mind off of the tattoo. I will probably get my 8th treatment at the end of October or November IDK. Maybe I should stop for 6 months or so. September has officially been a year since I started this process. The assistant at the clinic said it could take up to five years to get rid of the hypopigmentation, maybe more, and I am assuming it's five years AFTER the last treatment for ink. So that is pretty depressing. A lot of times I wish I have just left it but it's a bit late now. So I am just assuming that by the time I am 40 it will look okay (I'm 29 now).

A couple More photos from 7th Treatment

6 Weeks After Fraxel try out & of Using Hydroquinone Twice Daily

I have noticed a lot of hyperpigmentation fading since my last treatment (7th Tx to date). I do not know if it is from running the Fraxel laser over after getting Picosure or if it is from religiously putting hydroquinone on my skin twice daily for the past 6-7 weeks. It is still pretty hyper pigmented but I have a renewed hope since noticing the hyper fading! Has anyone used Hydroquinone and Retin-A together? I have been thinking about using them together to see my hyper fading.

Almost 3 years since I started

It's been almost 3 years since I started Picosure. I think it's been about a year and a half since my last laser treatment because I have pretty bad hyper and hypo pigmentation. =( I'm pretty sure it will never go away. I have been putting Nadinola skin lighting cream and it is really really helping the hyperpigmentation but I really don't think there is anything that can help my hypo pigmentation unfortunately. I still think it's better than the tattoo though. With makep as you can see in the pictures I can almost completely cover it up.
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