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My teeth have always made me feel a little self...

My teeth have always made me feel a little self conscious, but I managed to train myself to take pictures at a certain angle in order to make my teeth look not so crooked. Once I got married though I started to feel even more self conscious about my smile. I didn't enjoy taking wedding pictures as much as I should have. Plus, it doesn't help that my husband has the most gorgeous teeth!

For my 27th birthday and 3rd wedding anniversary gift, my husband gave me the go-ahead for Invisalign! I went through my regular dentist because I was impressed with his perfectionism during other dental work I received. Invisalign projected I would have 18 aligners for the top and 22 for the bottom. I have 9 attachments.

When I got my first set, I had a pretty bad headache for the first three days. My teeth were very sore so I didn't eat a lot those first couple days. It took me a while to figure out how to get the trays out in a way that worked and wasn't AS freaky. I talk on the phone a lot at work and I could really notice a lisp the first week or so, but It gradually got better. People that knew I was starting my treatment said they didn't notice a big difference in my speech. People who have no clue what i'm doing didn't say anything and haven't even mentioned noticing my aligners. I started drinking a TON of water because my mouth gets really dry and i've been going through lip balm like crazy! My lips feel constantly chapped. The corners of my mouth also got a little cracked from reaching in my mouth to pull the trays out and from flossing so much! I've had a little bit of rubbing on the inside of my mouth from the trays, but nothing too bad and it goes away after a couple days.

Within the first week I lost one attachment, but got it replaced a couple days later no problem. The trays did get really loose toward the end of the first two weeks. I got my second set today and even though they're tight, I almost prefer them that way because I don't think I notice the trays as much since they're so close to my teeth. Or maybe i'm just imagining all that!

So far the only thing that really seems to get in the way is when I go out to eat and need to worry about taking the trays out and then brushing my teeth afterward. And its hard having to keep track of time in those instances so I don't have the trays out for more than 2 hours per day. Its all a small price to pay though! I took a peek at my 4th set of trays (my Dr. gave me trays 2-4 at my appointment today) and I can notice a little difference in the top trays, so I have a little more hope that this will all really work!

A couple days ago I started tray 9 (upper and...

A couple days ago I started tray 9 (upper and lower) and i'm really liking the results so far! Family members are starting to notice the difference as well. It was nice to be able to take the trays out when I took some family pictures and had a job interview recently!

The most movement has been done on my front teeth. They were kinda turned in toward each other and sticking out (eek), but they've flattened out and now they're working their way back to align with the other teeth. It's cool just how much has been done so far. My bottom teeth still have a lot of work.

When I got my teeth cleaned this month they kept commenting on how clean my teeth were! UH DUH, I brush my teeth like 5 times a day, they better be clean. You know you have Invisalign when you basically buy out the whole stock of travel toothpastes at Target :)

Wow! Now on trays 14/18 upper, 14/22 lower!...

Wow! Now on trays 14/18 upper, 14/22 lower! Sometimes I really feel like i'm breezing through the whole Invisalign process and other times I feel like i'll never be finished!

My teeth have straightened out so much, but my two front teeth are something I seem to be obsessing over a lot lately. They were straight across the bottom when they were crooked, but now that they're straightening out, the front tooth with the attachment has rotated (like it should!), but is now slanted along the bottom.... which kind of (really) annoys me! Don't get me wrong, my teeth are still A LOT straighter than they were before I started the treatment and i'm grateful... I just can't wait for the slant to be fixed! I absolutely saw this problem in my ClinCheck before my treatment started and my dentist made me aware there would either need to be some filing on that tooth or a veneer placed on it at the end of my treatment. Every time I go in to get my new set of trays he always says how great everything is looking, so i'm confident he'll help me achieve those results i'm wanting... I just need to do my part and have a little more patience!
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