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I am a 45 year old active mom with young children...

I am a 45 year old active mom with young children still at home. I work out, ride horseback and spend an enormous amount of time in a swim suit playing with my energetic little boys in the Texas heat. I can try and control every other part of my figure with diet and exercise, but that will do NOTHING for my breasts. Over time, they have become long and heavy and terribly unattractive. They make me feel old. They stress me out. They dictate my clothing, my activity and occasionally, my mood. I think about them too much and spend too much time and money trying to hold them up, cover them up or strap them down. I’ve got years left of monitoring the pool, floating the river or sitting in the heat waiting for the ninth inning to be over. I’m not sure if “high breasts” are considered vanity at this point, or just plain practical.
At my first consultation, the doctor told me that I needed a lift with anchor shaped incisions and would need a 500 to 600 cc silicone implant placed on top of the muscle to fill out the residual skin and give me the cleavage I desired. He also told me that I had to be realistic about the results, and that I must wear a good support bra forever because my age and the weight of the implants would cause my breasts to sag again. His patient photos did show improvement, but the breasts weren’t really “lifted”. Just the nipple was. That did not seem to be enough to justify surgery and be left with large anchor scars to boot!
The next doctor recommended implants under the muscle this time, but much the same story. The results just didn’t seem to be worth it. I already have good sized, heavy, hanging breasts that have to be held up or held in by a serious brazier WITHOUT the scars. I was getting discouraged now.
Finally, I found realself and as I flipped through the pictures I kept seeing these great before and after shots of breast lifts. These breasts are high and round and NO vertical scar and every one was done by Dr. Horndeski out of Sugarland, Texas. That‘s about an hour and a half from me! Right there, I called his office and made an appointment for a consultation. My husband went with me, and to be honest, we were relieved at the understated, serious décor of the Horndeski offices. We had seen some super trendy, almost carnival like set ups that looked more like a hair salon than the offices of a SURGEON. Dr. Horndeski listened to what I was hoping to achieve with surgery, looked at what he had to work with and told me that I did not need an implant at all. He got out his ipad and through pictures of actual patients, AND ACTUAL SURGERIES, he walked us through the Horndeski Method. He showed us how he forms support around the breast with your existing tissue, holding the breasts high and firm. He showed us how he was able to avoid the vertical scar and even how he is able to keep the nipple intact so you don’t lose feeling and can even breast feed if you wanted to… (which I don’t, any more, but it’s good to know anyway!) As long as we had questions, he had answers, and even told us how his engineering background brought him to this new solution to the old problem. Not only was I impressed, but my husband told me he was 100% sure this was the doctor, and the surgery, we’d been looking for.
I am now scheduled for a breast lift via the Horndeski Method on April 30, 2015. Needless to say, I am excited and nervous and considerably scared. I have been scouring the reviews of ladies who have gone before me, studying their amazing photos and taking to heart their advice. That is why I am writing my own post. Maybe something here will help someone who comes after me.
Pray for me …and I will keep you posted!

Mission Complete!!

Sorry I haven't kept up my review more. I had so much to do before the surgery to get ready for being laid up after. Then post-op, I needed time to get my head back on straight. I have read most reviews and I applaud the ladies that were able to go shopping, go back to work or even take a shower. I could barely hold my head up. My operation went smoothly, but the anesthesia and pain meds really knocked me out. I just wanted to sleep. I tried to eat some crackers and water before I took the meds that night and even cut the pain pills in half, but still, I couldn't sit up right for more than a few minutes. We stayed in a hotel near the hospital, so the doctor came to our room the next morning to remove the big bandages. To be honest, I barely remember. They fitted me into a bra and back to sleep I went. I even laid the car seat back and slept the 2 hours to my house. Surgery was Thursday, drove home Friday and I don't remember Saturday at all. By Sunday, I knew I needed to more around some, so I stopped taking the pain med and was able to shower, visit with my kids and call my mom. I didn’t really have much pain, unless I moved my arms too much. Just a tightness. I had to remind myself to breathe. The drains grossed me out, so I spent very little time “looking” at myself, but by Monday, they were ready to be removed, and for the first time, I was able to see my new boobs… and they look awesome.


It's been just over 2 weeks now, and I got to take the tape off. I was afraid it would hurt, but it didn't. Wounds look good underneath. One of my breasts is a little swollen today, but it was the OTHER one yesterday, so I guess we're good. Doctor said we were doing well. We won't be able to tell if I'll have to have any "tweaking" done until I have completely healed, so I won't worry about a bump here or a pucker there until then. The body is has amazing healing powers and anything can happen... and this was a big surgery. Lots of healing on the INSIDE too.
I'm doing well now. More like myself. I have plenty of movement now and very little pain. Mostly the tightness we all talk about. Like being engorged. And more recently, a deep, low, almost background ache... in my arm pits mostly. I take it to be the muscles healing. I don't need any pain meds for that. I got some Arnica pills from the health store, and some Bromelain for the swelling, and I drink lots of herbal teas and water. Basically just staying healthy.
I'm starting to see the beauty in my new boobs. I'm still a little Frankensteiny, but my silhouette is awesome. I have a nice swell starting just below the collarbone. I love it! Before my BL, I was starting to get bad vertical wrinkles in my cleavage area. (Tell tale sign of aging. We don't talk about it like we do our crows feet or forehead, but it's just as noticeable and makes us look old.) I had a little laser action done on my neck to tighten the skin a little there, but the chest skin is too thin for that. ANYWAY... THE WRINKLES ARE GONE NOW!!! I really didn't think about that little benefit until I saw it. The skin across there is so tight now and perfect. Like a teenager. I could not be happier!!
I guess that's about it for now. I have a long way to go, but I see major light at the end of the tunnel now. I'll keep wearing my bra, staying out of the bathtub (and gym) and taking care of myself and my investment. I cannot wait for this summer!!!!!

3 Weeks Post Op

While my incisions are looking really good now and the swelling has gone way down, my pain "inside" has increased this week. No fever, but I'm a little red just below both areolas. I took it as bruising at first, but I got worried, so I sent the doctor a pic and he put me on an antibiotic, just in case. I've been 2 days on meds now, and the pain seems to have decreased but the redness is still there. Obviously, it's early, but I'm keeping a close eye. If this pain and redness is part of the healing process, then it is totally bearable, and I'm fine with it, but if it's a symptom of a problem, then I want to get ahead of it. My breasts are starting to relax a little, and I really like where I am heading in terms of shape and firmness. I don't want any set backs if I can help it. Hopefully, I'll have good news next week!

4 Weeks Post Op

After a week of antibiotics, I am still a little red under the areolas, but my pain is minimal. I am not sure if I actually had an infection. Maybe the pain, etc, was part of the healing process. Maybe I have less pain now cuz it's a week later. Doc said that the lower pole is often subject to gravity and that can cause some redness, maybe swelling. Makes sense as I have had no fever, and am starting to relax a little into a more natural curve. Whatever. Antibiotics were not a hardship and I am feeling so much better this week!!! I can move my arms now and getting to wear cute little tops (with my big BRA, of course... i have worn it 24/7) The incision around the areolas are almost healed and the scar is flat and unremarkable, my nipples are even more sensitive than they were before the surgery, and I could not be happier! ---especially when I look at the "before" pictures. Ugh. Here's some new pics.

2 Months Post OP

Swelling is gone, incisions are healed and the girls are dropping into place nicely!!! I am so happy I can't stand myself!!! This before and after pic is astonishing to ME even! I think they will round out and soften a little more in the next couple of months but now I'm just nitpicking :-)

4 months post op and a no support bathing suit!!

Just over 6 months of healing

Just over 6 months of healing

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I shot this weird little video to try and show the scarring around the nipple and below the breast up-close. You almost have to get this close to see it though. It has healed very nicely. You'll notice the little puckers near both armpits. Doctor Horndeski asked me to wait a full 6 months to address them because by then the new incisions will be much smaller. I had those removed by Dr. Horndeski later this day, but I wanted to show what they looked like. I will take more pics after the "tweaking" has healed.

Best move I ever made!!!

It's been 8 months since I my surgery and I could not be happier!!!
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