Breast Implant Removal without Lift

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I just wanted to share my story in hopes that it...

I just wanted to share my story in hopes that it would help someone. First off, I had a BA done in 2013. I got 325cc silicone round unders. When I first got them I thought they were "okay" but I wasn't crazy about them. I assumed that with time I would begin to like them. Well, it turned out to be the opposite. With time, I hated them. I always covered them up and I just felt like they did not look natural. Now I was a tinnnyyy A before the surgery (5'2'' 120lbs small frame) and I was basically a full C, basically a D after the BA. I had wanted a small to full B size. I didn't get a BA to show them off or anything I wanted to look natural and just wanted to it have to wear padded bras all the time. I went to one of the best doctors in the country and still they just didn't look right in my eyes. I realized that no matter what, fake boobs are fake boobs. Fast forward to 2015 and I finally decided to have them removed. The PS tried to convince me to go with a different shape and size of iplant which is what I originally wanted to do, but after some carefully thiking and self reflection I realized that I hated having these big fake lumps in my body and I also hated carrying that secret. I hated the fact that I had done this to my body and hated the fact that I'd have to go through this every 10 to fifteen years. I realized that even if the implamt was tiny it was dtill something fake in my body. I decided to just extract them. My PS told me it is rare for someone my age to just explant them but I didn't care. This was honestly the best decision I've ever made for myself. I'm only a few days post op and I have no sagging skin or issues. The surgery was a breeze, I went out to eat right after the surgery. I feel 100 times better about myself. Although I hated what I had originally done to my body, I feel like I have a new love and appreciation for my body. I HATED my A cups before and now I LOVE and prefer them to having fake boobs in my body and to be honest it seems like my boobs are actually a little bigger, maybe a half a cup bigger now (I haven't bought a new bra since I'm still healing and have just been wearing sports bras). I also instantly look 10 lbs lighter and just feel so much better... it's bizarre really. I thought I'd be on a depressed state after the surgery. All in all what I'm saying is seriously love your body. I wish I had listed to everyone before getting my boobs done, but I guess this is what it took for me to accept my own body. I hope I can bring comfort to those wanting to explant or prevent someone from getting a breast augmentation in the first place. Thanks for reading and good luck to everyone if you need anything or have questions just message me.


Well its been about 5 days now and I am still happy about my decision. I no longer need pain meds and I feel like the skin on my breasts is becoming tighter. I didn't have sagging, but I did notice the skin was a tad thinner in the upper pole of my breast. In just 5 days though I see a huge difference. I'll try to post pics soon. Thanks again for the support from all of you!


Okay so I finally took some pictures. This is 6 days post op. Note: my left breast has always been bigger than my right. Also to note... my breasts were actually smaller than this before I ever had implants. I could not even fit into an A cup before so for some reason mine have grown a little bit. My nips also have always been slightly flat/ inverted.

with implants

So here are a few pictures with implants in from just a few weeks ago. I hated my implants so much that I never even took a picture of them lol. I didn't even want to take one before the explant because I wanted to forget about them forever, but sometimes I wish I had just so people on here could see. Now you can't really tell but my implants kind of made the skin between the boobs rise up so I didn't really have cleavage and they also sat too high on my chest.

found pics of my implants

Funny so I was browsing through my PS's gallery and I found myself. You can notice a bit of the skin in the middle was slightly raised which is one thing I hated about them. They also sat too high on my chest and had a "pec" look and feel to them. I always just felt like a man with pecs. It seems like with time they got even worse. Glad I found these pics though. Funny also that I feel my boobs actually look better now than before the implants haha! I'm so happy they're out!

17 days post op

Haven't updated in a while. Today I'm 17 days post op, and i have never felt better! My breasts are getting fuller everyday and the Dermabond on my incisions is finally starting to come off. After it comes off I'll be able to use my scar cream. I will update soon with some pictures, I just wanted everyone to know that I'm doing great and I really couldn't have done it without the support of all you wonderful ladies sharing your stories and support. Thanks again really you don't know how much it means to me!

my experience...

Alright so it has been 6 weeks since my surgery! I am finally able to wear a bra with an underwire which I'm happy about. I'm measuring at a 34 A right now and couldn't be happier! I wanted to share my REAL experience with my plastic surgeon though... before having the actual surgery and still recovering I didn't want to disclose much information, but now I am going to. I wanted to say that my plastic surgeon made me feel horrible about myself. First of all when I first got my implants, I feel like he would try to save face a lot. My implants were OBVIOUSLY placed wrong and too big for my body, but he always acted like everything was fine. He kept saying they would drop eve though they looked like man pecs and he never mentioned the lifted skin whenever I was in for a check up. Finally I mentioned it after noticing that nothing was helping and he acted surprised... how can you supposedly be oblivious to it.. so anyway that's when I started thinking g about a revision. He basically told me to wait a year to see if it would fix itself. I think everyone on here knows that within 6 months if it hasn't fixed it's not going to. Anyway I did wait a year and then had to wait longer because I couldn't take time off work. I finally went to the consultation not sure if I should even have a revision because I just hated everything about the implants, but I still wanted to see what the doctor had to say.. and I was co sidering just having them removed, but I was scared. During this visit is what upset me the most. I told him that I did not like being so big and that they were too high.. I started crying because I was just overwhelmed with this horrible mistake I made. He then proceeds to tell me that "it's not like he picked the size." That PISSED me off.. I mean we chose 325ccs and he agreed that they would look natural on my body. I tried on the sizers (which looked was smaller and nothing like how they looked with the actual implants) and he said they looked like a good fit for me so how can you tell me you have nothing to do with what size I chose. I also evendors mentioned that the 325s even seemed a little big and he said they usually look smaller with actual implants which was the opposite. To TOP IT OFF I found out he put 380ccs in me! Then when I mentioned I thought I just wanted to have them out, he said it's very rare people do that and that "not to be mean, but they looked kind of WEIRD before because of the asymmetry." Can you believe that!? Of course I'm self concious already, then you tell me I'm gonna look weird? Alright... well I basically left the office crying because he said he thinks I'd be happy with a very small different sized implant. I said okay bUT I still didn't feel satisfied. A few days later I called back and told them I just wanted them out. I didn't care how they looked. The patient coordinator was nicer and actually talking to me about what I was feeling over the phone and she said it's rare that someone my age just takes them out but she agreed that my implants didn't look right. Then comes my surgery day and I just act normal and hope he doesn't mess up my body again and thankfully he didnt. The only thing I can say he did well was my actual implant removal but that's it. I even went back for my week check up and I didn't even get to see him. The nurse was the one who looked at my progress. So I drove 40 minutes for a 5 minute appt. to see the doctor and I didn't even get to see him. Fast forward to the 6wks appt and I didn't even go. What's the point? I never want to see that doctor again. A d although I didn't show up I didn't even get a call or anything. Shows how much he cares. I'm just glad to be done with it and that o never have to see him again. Sorry for such a long rant, but the truth about the doctor needed to come out. Also I promise I'll post pics soon. I e just been soooo busy at work. Tha KS again for all everyone's support!
dr. John doe

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