25 Years Old, Have Had Implants 4 Years, Ready to Be Natural Again

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Firstly I would like to thank all of you ladies...

Firstly I would like to thank all of you ladies who contribute here, because this is an AMAZING resource and has given me more confidence in having my implants removed. I want to pay back the favor in hopes that someone else will find comfort in knowing that they are not alone!

At the age of 21, after years of wanting breast augmentation, I went for it and got 325cc silicone implants over the muscle through an inframammary incision. My situation may be a little different because I had tuberous breasts to begin with. So, not only was I unhappy with the size of my breasts, I thought they were deformed and ugly looking. My nipples were large and puffy, a result of herniation of fat into the areolas which is typical of tuberous breasts. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of myself before surgery! But I was *maybe* an A cup, hardly any breast tissue at all.

After the surgery I thought they looked awesome. I still think they look good. My nipples were widely spaced to begin with and I was told to expect that to remain the same. Considering what my breasts looked like before, I was over the moon after augmentation. What I really liked the most was how my nipples looked; I thought they looked normal and I was happy. This is why I have a circular scar around both my nipples.

Fast forward to today, and although I like the look of my breasts, I have never liked the way they feel. I always thought they felt fake, I could feel them move around, I could feel them when I hugged people, my husband can't rest his head comfortably on my chest, when I'm laying down all I can see are these giant orbs on my chest, exercising is more uncomfortable, and sometimes I feel like I have to dress for them in my conservative work environment because they look *too* nice in clothes.

Anyway, the straw that broke the camel's back was about 2 months ago when I noticed that the right side felt harder than the left. Since then I can definitely notice it is more firm and unnatural feeling than before. When I lift my arms above my head, I can definitely see a difference in the position. The right is higher, and rounder and faker looking. I am scared of progression of capsular contracture, so I want them out ASAP!

I had a consultation with a new PS as my original surgeon had retired on April 11, and he told me that the capsule is not bad yet, and that he could take out the implants without removing the capsule, and that he could do it under local anesthetic. I was overjoyed, because the last thing I want is general anesthesia. He said he can do it in the office and that I have "good skin", so he anticipates the outcome won't be terrible. He said I won't need any drains, just good compression for a while. He also told me that the look of tuberous breasts won't return, because it was the way my previous PS dissected the pocket, not the implant, that made it look like a normal breast shape. This really made me happy!

I scheduled the surgery for May 9th, which is 3 weeks and 5 days from today. I wish it were sooner! It took me a while to come to terms with the idea of having them out, but now that I'm there, I want them out now!! I am nervous what the results will be, but even so I know I will feel better and more confident since I will be wholly me, and not me + some silicone bags in my chest. I will feel more natural and will be able to hug people without being self conscious! I'm very excited. Frankly, as long as my husband is happy with the results (which I'm sure he will be because he is 100% supportive and amazing), I don't really care what they will look like. I just want to feel like myself again.

Is it May 9th yet??

I'm getting pretty anxious to get this over with... I've always been really impatient when I'm ready to get something done and have to wait. I may call the office and just ask that they let me know if anything opens up sooner.

Here are some more pics of my boobs as they stand today! Sorry about the weird color blocks, I'm pretty sure my tattoo would immediately identify me and I would like to retain some semblance of anonymity...

I'm also getting a little nervous how they will look afterwards since I'm so flat naturally. I guess since I'm paying so much attention to them now I'm noticing how strange it will be without them. I'm nervous I will look unbalanced since my lower half is, um, on the larger side.

I got bumped!

I am very excited because one of the ladies from the Dr.'s office called and told me they had a cancellation for May 1st and if I wanted it I could move up my appointment. I accepted, so now I am only 13 days out from surgery! This made me really happy because I am so impatient.

Now I am starting to worry about people noticing afterwards... I'm sure they will notice as it will be quite a bit difference. How did you ladies deal with questions or people noticing? I am in school and am around the same people all the time, but it's more like coworkers than good friends. Any suggestions how to deal? Did you tell people before or just let them ask?

4 more days!

My date is really getting close now, only 4 more days to go. I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous. I'm worried about the scars being very visible, I'm worried that I'll be completely flat, and I'm worried that I'll regret getting them removed. When I think that, I try to remind myself that they need to come out or else they'll probably get harder and more complicated. I also try to remind myself that whatever my real self is will feel better than what I have now, no matter how it looks. So, overall, I feel really good about it and just can't wait for thursday to come!

It's done!

Well ladies, I'm on the other side. Everything went so smoothly. I didn't feel a thing - I mean, not a single thing, which is amazing to me. Dr. Minns and I chatted the whole time and it was really quite pleasant. Pulling the implant out was a bit weird but not a lick of pain at all. I'm instructed to wear a compression bra day and night for the next week at least. I'm sure tomorrow the incisions will be sore but at this time I feel absolutely fine; like nothing happened.

The end result was a bit surprising, but I'm not disappointed. My left is bigger than my right but that's always been the case. I'm assuming this is the worst they'll look so if that's true, then yipee! I think they will only get better as they heal. I'm totally flat and I'm OK with that. Can't say that I feel like "omg it feels so great to be ME again" but I think that will come as I heal. It's only been an hour! :)

Post-op day 3

Today is day 3 after surgery. I feel great. I've had little to no pain. The incisions are sore if I accidentally bump them but other than that I feel fine. I'm looking forward to getting the all-clear to exercise and run without those gel bags flopping around! I think it will be much nicer.

I'm really, really liking my results so far. Even though my breasts are tiny, I strangely feel more womanly now. I think it's because I know it's me, and I feel less like a little girl pretending to have breasts with implants, and more like an adult now who has small but REAL breasts. I think they are small but cute, and I can't wait to shop for new bras. Compression bras for now...

The incisions are feeling ok, they look ok from what I can see under the tape. I'm really hoping my breasts stay this way and don't shrink down! I guess I fear that they look like this because of swelling and that they will shrink to nothingness in a few weeks :) Here's to hoping!

1 week Post Op

Well, it's post op day 7 and I'm doing great. I think my breasts look exactly the same as POD 3 in my last update. I had my post op check up and he said they look great and that I am healing well. I will still be wearing compression bras to limit the chance of a seroma, and I can't wear an underwire for a month.

I have already grown accustomed to my new size and I'm so loving it. I feel so much more like ME! I love the way they feel, so soft and warm. My husband is really pleased too and he has said he doesn't understand breast implants and that they aren't worth the look to sacrifice the feel of natural breasts. I agree. I couldn't be happier about my decision and I really feel like I lucked out with the results considering my pre-augmentation breast shape.

I hope all of you lovely ladies are doing well with your explants, wherever you might be in your journey!

2.5 months out - still happy with my choice

Hey ladies, it's been a while but thought I should give a quick update. I feel like my breasts haven't really changed in appearance since my last update, and I'm still super happy with my decision to explant. I feel like I never had implants to begin with because this feels so natural and like the way it should have always been. I still realize though, that my breasts wouldn't have ever looked like this if I hadn't had implants to begin with, because of the tuberous shape of my natural chest. After the implants and my surgeon's dissection and then explant, this is my final result and I couldn't be happier. My husband loves them, and to be honest they are more sensitive and erogenous now than with implants.

I haven't had any issues with healing and my scars continue to look better. I am a 34C cup now, which was surprising to me, but it seems to depend on the brand of bra. Here are some pics!
Lubbock Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Minns is great. He's professional and very skilled. I'm happy he was my surgeon for this procedure. His staff is great too.

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