Vertical Lift with Fat Transfer. Texas, TX

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I had a vertical lift with fat transfer to breast....

I had a vertical lift with fat transfer to breast. My surgeon offered a peri- areolar lift because I have a have small frame, nipples were already above the fold, and and my breasts aren't huge (32b or c). However, I decided on the vertical lift after much anxiety. I opted for the vertical because after research I learned it gave more projection and a better natural comical shape I was after. The benelli or areolar lift, according to research, led to flattening which wasn't what I was looking for. I opted for fat transfer over implants due to personal preference- I preferred just to "fluff" them vs get the upper fullness provided by
Implants. Plus, although you can't tell from below, my Areolas were oblong (like a galaxy!) after breastfeeding 3 awesome boys plus pointed slightly downward and they were stretched out. Photo is 4 Days post op and they are super swollen and really asymmetrical but I'm not super stressed out just yet. The improvement seems ok and I hope worth it although the procedure was easily twice what an implant alone cost! Happy to answer questions. These puppies hurt a ton day 1 and 2 post op. Today they just feel heavy and I'm just on Tylenol during the day with fiorocet at night. I'll try to rotate the photos.

14 days post op

I'm 14 days now. My scars are healing ultra fast in my opinion. The breasts have de fluffed and I know they'll continue to have less swelling and shrink as the fat grafts decide to take or not. Right now I'm super happy but I'd love for them to stay right where they are.

Day 21

Day 21 update. Yes swelling is down and they are less high and firm for sure. I'm still happy and I really hope they stay like this. I now have a little hang below the inframammary fold but not much.
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