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Hi ladies! Well.. Since I was a junior in college...

Hi ladies! Well.. Since I was a junior in college I have thought about getting BA. In high school, I ran cross country, track and played volleyball AND basketball. So even though I knew I had small boobs, it wasn't a huge deal to me then! Fast forward to my late 20s. I'm happily married, and have been more seriously contemplating BA for the last 5 years or so. I'm pear shaped, and haven't ever really been happy with having curves on bottom, but lacking on top. I love the shape of my boobs..just not the size. i always thought i would wait till after having kids to do BA, but we've been trying for about a year and no luck. We decided to stop for a while..too emotionally draining. i decided to quit putting things on hold and revolving my life around trying for a baby. My husband and I recently received a substantial monetary gift, and recently decided to take the plunge. I had my preop with my dr and based on my body type (5'6, 130) and preferences, I've almost completely decided on 300-350cc.

I'm physical education teacher, and track/cross country coach. I also run 3-4 times a week, and love half marathons. Meaning I'm busy at my job 6 days a week, and physically active in my free time. Here's my BIGGEST QUESTION, how long after surgery till you felt you could resume daily activity? At my job I stand a lot, and track practices are from Feb-May. I don't consider my daily activity as "active" and I'm pretty physically and mentally tough- but obviously have never done anything like this before, so I'm counting I other beautiful and active gals to give me their experiences! My dr can't schedule Friday BAs, so Thursday is when I scheduled. I will have one week between track meets, and my surgery date would give me thurs-sun to rest/recover. Does that seem like "enough" time?

So I have decided to wait until track season is...

So I have decided to wait until track season is over. I don't have more than 4 days that I could have off in a row until June, so that's when I rescheduled for. Thanks for all the input! Until June, it'll be running as much as I can and coaching a ton! So, I should be ready for a break! I'll have a week off work due to the start of summer break, and before summer running clubs start up.

Rescheduled my breast augmentation!

I had surgery for other medical reasons this June, and had to reschedule/postpone my BA. I kind of had to leave it up in the air since school/coaching was starting back up. I called my surgeon and it is back on the radar for either Oct 24th! So soon, I wish sooner though! I am trying to decide on cc's. Last I spoke, we decided between 300-350cc. Im going under muscle, and probably saline. I'm active, and a coach so I don't really want them to be too big or out there- but I also don't want to wish I had gone bigger!

Also, I am looking into homeopathic and natural recovery. Definitely arnica for pain/scarring. Any other ideas? Also, I'm afraid of bloating, so any tips? Thanks!

Question about CCs

I do not want my BA to be too noticeable with clothes on. I am a gym teacher and don't wear too form fitting clothes on a regular basis. Also, I don't want them to be so big that it hinders my activity level. I am an active runner and I figure a full C will be plenty. I have a good amount of breast tissue already existing. Do you all think 350 is big enough but not too big? I'm fairly tall/ish

Pre-Op on Friday

I go in for my pre-op appointment on Friday! Surgery is on October 30th. I'm deciding on size and all that important stuff at the preop. Two things I know I want: saline and inframmary incision. I want saline bc it can be filled to the size needed and hopefully leave a smaller scar. The incision point I picked bc of the ease of it.

Any questions you think I should ask at the appointment? Any advice? I have had surgery before so I do understand general preop. However my previous surgery was a diagnostic surgery not cosmetic. Any ideas would be

Trying to be inconspicuous!

Did anyone else wear a super padded stuffed bra the weeks leading up to surgery? I've got one that I think is my goal size. I started wearing it last week. Hoping to sneak big boobs into my life!


Did other people go back and forth between nervous/cold feet and excited?? I think this wait is getting to my head! Part of me feels like guilty for spending money on myself! The other part of me can't wait!

On a different note, I have all my day of surgery and post op arrangements made. I just need to make my "get better soon" shopping list!

Pre-Op was today!

I have been teetering with cold feet lately, and let me tell you- one good way to clear that up is going into your pre-op! I paid for my new girls, got my prescriptions, and did all my blood work for the 30th. Now all I have to do is stock up on goods and foods and I'll be set. One thing though... My appointment was at 2:15, and I didn't see the dr till 3:45!!!!! I mean, I was back in a room in a robe for 60 minutes of that time just waiting. Wtf. I left work early for that! I hate when dr's do that. I mean, it's not a game changer, but it is a pet peeve. Whatever.. We decided on a range of 325-375cc and I told him to do enough to where I look good in a swimsuit, but not so much that people are like, "man, check out that fake rack." So we'll see what he decides. I decided on saline, but he said we could change it to silicone last minute if I decide to. I have so many friends with saline and I've felt theirs! I just don't see the big deal about silicone. I have one friend that has it. Hmm.. One thing he did say is that since I run, silicone may be lighter and easier on breast tissue. So.. That's a good piece if info. But anyways, for now it's 325-375cc high profile saline unders.

I've made all post op arrangements! 12 days. This is the hard part.

7 days to go!

Eeek! I am seven days away! All my prescriptions are filled, and arrangements have been made post op. I have my cleaning lady coming Tuesday (the day before) so my house will be freshly cleaned. These are the things I am planning on getting:

Pillows that help sit up and sleep
Maderma for skin
Coco butter for skin
Arnica for pain/bruising
Detox/green Tea
Ginseng tea
Soft cami style sports bra from target

Any other ideas?!?? What were your can't live without items?


3 days to go!

So, I went running today (i've been running like crazy before my big break) and thought, "wow this is my last few days worth of normal running for me!"So.. here's how my last week of small boobies has gone: Busy like hell at work which will make the few days off seem fabulous. Shopping for homeopathic post op stuff to help recovery. Had to restrain myself from buying any bras other than a few camisole type bras to wear around the house. I wanted to buy other stuff but am unsure of what size I'll end up being. I've been smothering my chest in coco butter and other types of lotion in hopes of preventing any skin issues. Eating clean, lots of fruits, veggies and liquids. Trying to detox/lose any junk in my intestines to prepare for the bloating and constipation that I hear about. Lots of berries and almond butter smoothies for me! Lots of detox tea and tummy teas. LOTS of water. I was at our natural grocers (ironic I'm a homeopathic/natural/granola type and getting fake boobs? yes. oh well!) and the guy told me to ask my surgeon to put a few cc's of vitamin C in my IV after surgery to help with recovery. Any ideas about this? I obviously didn't tell him I was having surgery for my boobs so I am not sure if it changes anything, but I may ask my surgeon what he thinks. I will let you know. Heck maybe he can give me some B vitamins for energy in there too?!

Anyways, I am getting more nervous than I thought, I guess since I am putting something in my body. I've had surgery before and anethesia and recovery doesn't bother me much, I think it's just the foreign object part of it that has me weirded out. However, I am SOO excited to be proportional and to have big soft boobs like I see on here!

Less than 24 hours!!!

Omg I did NOT think I would be so nervous. Eek. I'm excited too, I just think I am afraid of the unknown. Anyways, I'm about to go eat my last meal. Any night before tips??

Goodbye to my littles!

Just one last preop pic!

Finally got the tatas!! 400cc

Well im at home! Got out, felt good, took a pain pill at the hospital to stay ahead of the pain, and am wrapped soo tight right now! I felt uncomfortable in the car on the way home- but I finally got some food (chicken soup) and water in me so I feel way better. About to take a Valium nap. My boobs feel heavy, but ok. They went on the high end of my range 380 filled to 400. I told him I'd rather be full C small D and nothing more. He knows I'm a runner and took my ideal pics with him to achieve this look. More to come!

Day 1 after surgery: feels so good!

My biggest worry was the recovery. Im going to walk through the last 24 hours.

3:00 pm came home. Felt very tight bit no pain. Limited range of motioning the arms/chest as expected. Took a hydricodone and fell asleep. Woke up an hour later with VERY TIGHT pecs, but only when I sat up. Ridiculously tight as in felt like I had been hit with a bat and had two elegant a sitting on my chest. Still no pain though. For dinner I had pith move tea and chicken noodle soup. Hit the spot!

Sat around talking and the more I talked to friends the heavier my eyes got and the tighter my back and pecs got. I wondered if I was taking too much hydro/Valium so I stopped for a bit. I tried to write down all my times/doses to keep up.

Sleeping was SO.HARD. Getting comfy was a pain, raising up hurt like helll. My friend mentioned putting an ice back on my back which was the best idea. I put the ice on my back and leaned back on it. Most relief ever. The strap the gave me hurt so bad. When I went into my post op and they took it all off I felt like a wright had been lifted. That was where most of my tightness and discomfort came from. I feel up to 90% of my normal sejf. Sleepy, but normal. Hopefully that first night was the only tough night I was going to have!

First bare shot

Here they are high and tight!


Forgot to attach


Anything that can be done to relieve. The tightness? Besides time? Mine are so high and tight they feel twice their size. Anyways, I have been resting a lot but up and moving a lot too. Don't judge me but I am going back to work tomorrow. I feel ready and will be smart. :)

Day two of recovery

So, Wednesday night was the hardest, as the first night seems to be. My body seems to be adjusting quite well so far. Friday I went to work and was fine, just REALLY tired. And constipated. During my lunch break I took a nap. Instead of smooth move tea, I bought "Get Regular" by Yogi. It's got senna in it. I've had two cups of tea a day and Friday after school it finally gave be some relief to the bloating/constipation.(yukky tmi!) I feel great and lighter today! Anyways, Friday night had a great nights rest, slept with frozen cauliflower bits wrapped in a paper towel on my chest and I tell ya, my frozen veggies have made better ice packs than the two I have from our athletic trainer/physical therapist at school.

Saturday (post op day 3, four if you include surgery day) I am coaching in our regional cross country meet. We have two teams that I coach that are competing.,I feel good, so I'm praying it stays that way! I'm not doing anything more than being on my feet for four hours and coaching my teams before abd during each event..

I can't wait be home even though I love my teams and love that they are talented.

**side note,,topical arnica, trainees and dissolvable arnica have helped with the "my boobs could pop any second" feeling **

Day 3 after Surgery pics

Forgot to attach??

Here's a few pics that show the awkward shape I really had hoped to avoid. The indentions are from my boobs swelling up when I walk and they are soo high like, to my armpits. The only thing my dr sent me home with was a front zip sports bra.. I have friends that were told to not wear anything. I just want to call my PS to see what he says will help dropping. :(. Walking around today really made them swell UP so it's time for some arnica, Valium, light ice, tea, vitamins and organic squash soup! With Organic quinoa poppers Yummm. Eat healthy as you recover, your body will thank you!


Do they look ok?

Post op Day 4

Morning ladies! After an active day yesterday, I am excited to have gotten great sleep last night and to have nothing on my agenda today! Hellllooo relaxation! A few changes I've noticed is, my breasts have started to feel more a part of me. They don't get as hard as often, only upon waking. (Is that what they call morning boob?) One thing I'm learning, is that my boobs are kinda like babies. If I sleep through the 5-6 hr time frame I usually take medicine in- they're crying like they're about to die. The second I give them what they need it's like "ahhhhh." The things that make my boobs go "ahhh" are arnica montana (topical and oral), one hydrocodone (I'm weaning off it), a tad bit of ice (only about 5 min), coco butter, and when I unzip my sports bra for a few min.

I feel like everyone worries about similar things. A few things that worry me (and I think some worry is natural) are random burning sensations that come and go (I'm going to ask about that Monday when the dr office opens) and I worry that my surgical bra is too tight. Indentions everywhere! This morning I woke up with numb spots on my breasts. I'm not sure if that's because of how I sleep of bc of the bra. But the bra is uncomfortably tight. :/ my doctor said in my post op that I needed to keep it on 24/7. I switched today to a soft target yoga bra. Idk if it's supportive enough, but for today, I was so happy to be out of the tight one, I don't care. It was such a feat to get in it! I've been doing arm exercises (holding them straight out laterally, straight out in front, at 45 degree angle above my head and gradually trying to raise them straight up "touchdown" style) and I look like a slow mo cheerleader! Haha. But I still have random sharp pains at certain movements. All in all I think everyday is a little better than the one before! Now, if these puppies could just drop!


What pains, pressures, discomforts do you all think are normal? Specifically asking those who are more than 1-4 weeks post op?

Day 5 post Op

Ok ladies! Day 5!! I feel like I'm making progress, but then I regress then progress, then regress! Haha! Today I am in my third day back at work. I am also trying to go all day without hitting the pain meds. I haven't had a hydrocodone since midnight! Yay :) drug free! It's red ribbon week at school so that's appropriate! I had my first shower yesterday, which turned out not to be as hard or as scary as I thought. I was able to wash my own hair and shave my legs, although way slower than normal. I kept my back to the water and patted my incisions with a dry hand towel throughout the shower (I have a towel rack at the back of the shower). All in all, it's business as usual- slow business, but business nonetheless.

I still haven't driven, I'm scared to! But I have my one week on Wednesday so I have to! Eek!

Work hasn't been too exhausting today- but it's only 10:15! Lol I am a PE teacher and a basketball coach, so at work I've definitely been limiting my activity (I'm sure the kuds think it's odd, but I told them I got the flu shot and was feeling achey!) and sitting when I can.

Happy healing to you all!

I think I'm getting a cold/allergies

:( I'm on antibiotics still so I know it's not an infection. But I think I'm getting a cold! Achey (not boob related body aches) chills and sneeeeezzzzy (which hurts like hell on my sternum). I am on a clean and healthy diet regularly, take multivitamins and am getting 8-9 hrs of sleep!! How did this happen? :( I have my 1 week appointment tmrw so I'll ask him to check that all out. I'm just worried about the new ladies. I'm taking the whole day off tomorrow and just sleeping in! :)

Almost 2 weeks!! Post op!

Life has pretty much been normal, went to my 8 day a few days ago- things looked fine. Which is great considering I got hit in the boob moderately hard with a basketball at practice the day before. Hurt, but not redness, swelling, bruising or anything. The kids don't know about my surgery so I had to just act like nothing happened. Checked my boob during a break in practice. So even new implants are decently durable.

Anyways, still get morning/late night stiffness, but not as bad. Burning sensation in my right nipple is just "nerves" according to my dr- but I barely get it anymore. I was cleared to walk on a treadmill or elliptical, and to do lower body. I'm gonna work out tmrw morning at 4:45 so, we'll see how it goes. I've been to football games, dinners, school, and been hugged a million times (hurt last week but ok now) and have full range of motion in my arms. (Scratched my own back yesterday!)

Preop clothes still fit, just look better now. Lol!

Boobs are softening but still upper pole full and higher than they'll end up, and firm. But getting better!

Getting softer! 12 days PO

Not much to update except morning stiffness is all but gone, elliptical and treadmill walking are good, body weight squats/lunges etc are easy. No abs/upper body yet.



Meant to attach!

Feeling more natural!

Loving how they feel now! They still creep up and tighten up if I'm cold, or in practices when I have to raise my voice. All in all they're still stiff but getting softer. I shot a jump
shot the other day (from very close in) and it didn't hurt. I still haven't ran/jogged yet but I take my dogs to the park and walk every day and can't wait to start working out again! I tried crunches, but the ladies are still tender laying flat and using my abs. Aside from losing muscle mass, I don't feel too bad about not working out ;) I'm actually really excited to start again- maybe the break has helped prevent burnout!

Now, if I could just fix my bad abs that have come from no core work for two weeks. ;)

Hope y'all are all healing well too.

Over 3 weeks post op!

The boobs are getting softer and softer. I almost don't remember what it was like before. I feel comfortable with them, my mind/body has adjusted to them and accepted them! Yay! I am fully released to run and do everything as of Friday. I am running in a 12k turkey trot tomorrow after a few 5k workouts etc I think my body has retained it's conditioning, just a little slower. For any runners out there- you'll be ok! The first three weeks were hard, and my body image suffered a bit bc of my inability to run (stress reducer) but all in all it's worth it. My first post op run, I wasn't sure what to do with weight up top! But I have the underarmour sports bras and they are great!

I do my massages a LOT. I'm addicted to feeling my boobs. I have attached a few photos to show their squishability and my massages I do. One that I could get a pic of is to hold both hands on the breast at 6:00/12:00 and move the breast in a circular motion clockwise and counter clockwise. I feel the implant, but not much. My right breast is a little firmer, but not a lot. All in all- life us good!

More massage pics.

Whoops! Updated too soon. Here's more massage pics.

I also have kept with some serious coco butter/vitamin e cream bc my right breast skin feels tender/sun burned. I know it's just the stretching and nerves. My right breast is also still numb a little and that nipple is never at "full attention" unless I touch it a lot. (Sorry that sounds skeezy.. It's not.)

I got sized!!!

I went to VS for Black Friday and got sized! 34D! Yay! Just what I wanted. I can fit into C, but the coverage is smaller. Hooray!


My steristrip on my left breast fell off today. I was impressed at how you can hardly see the incision, but it is a little raised. My doctor had explained it's part of his technique before it flattens. But I can't remember it all. Any ideas?

Feels like I've had them forever!

Not much to update- I still do my massages and stuff. Running and lifting and jumping as is normal for my workout routine. Shooting hoops is normal- I was really worried the D cups would affect my shot, but all is good with bball. They're getting softer slowly but haven't really changed much. Attached a couple of pics where you can see the side boob. Yay!

Can't remember life without them!

I cannot even imagine life without my favorite additions. :) I love them SOOO much. They look and feel Soo good, and I feel as though they balance my body perfectly. Hubby isn't omplaining at all. To anyone thinking about it, DO IT. haha, obvioulsy took me forever, and I was so worried about the fact that it's a surgery, and who would notice, and being so active would it affect my lifestlye- NOTHING has changed, life is still active, and no one has really noticed and said anything, and if they've noticed and NOT said anything, well, it's not their body to worry about.

Anyways- I included a few pics and a short video to show their moveability at 3 ish months. They've been noticeably jiggly since mid december/january. And to anyone worried about recovery time hurting their active lifestyle... My surgery was in October, I took about 21 days off running, and wasn't up to full mileage until Mid November, have run in 5ks, 10Ks and am running my 10th half marathon on Sunday! THey have NOT affected my running or lifting at ALL.. pushups are taking more time and bench press.. But it's mainly bc I don't want to feel the implants move, its a personal preference/limit, not a medical one!



From before, guess they didn't attach


Anyone know how to delete a post? Apparently my video didn't upload, but The post with it has a link I'd like to remove.. Any help with the technology side of things would be great.


Not much to update! Life is normal, except I still don't sleep comfortably on my stomach. Otherwise, workouts and life is normal!

Love them!

Can't get over how much I love my boobs. I can't really remember how it was without them. They feel so good at this stage, have for a while..probably since the 3-4 month stage is when I really noticed them soften, but 5-6 months was like a whole new level of soft. They squish and bounce and jiggle.

The only things I noticed are that my right breast (which had the worst zingers post op) is still numb or overly sensitive to touch at times. My dr said that may go away eventually. I can sleep on my stomach now too- it's not perfect but if I prop myself with a pillow it's not bad. My scars finally are perfectly flat and feel/look great.

Anyways, it's the best money I've ever spent! If you're thinking about it- just do it!
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