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Hi everyone, I'm a 36 yo mother of 3. I lost 35lbs...

Hi everyone, I'm a 36 yo mother of 3. I lost 35lbs about 2 1/2 years ago & with my weight loss I loss my breast.. I have been considering this for about 1 year now & just recently started my consults..I'm 32B ish & want a full D.. I have done 3 so far & am in love with the second doctor. I have 2 more to go & should have a final decision by the first week in September.. My goal is to have my surgery by the end of September. I'm excited & very nervous! I have been gaining a lot of info from this site so thank you so much!

Pre surgery ? "B" cup

It just got real!!!????

Now that I've paid my deposit & scheduled my surgery its just hit me that this is really happening!!!! I'm officially on the count down!


I'm starting to second guess my size.... I'm going for a full D.. The implant I picked was between 425cc HP or 450cc HP under muscle.. I don't want to be gigantic after but I don't want to be too small.. I'm 5'4 & 132 lbs.. Anyone with those stats & size implant? Help please.


Did anyone buy any bras before surgery for when the surgery bra no longer fits? If so what brand & did it work? Thanks


I'm 4 weeks away from surgery.... I was already impatient, but now I'm chomping at the bit!!! I can't wait! Lol I just hope I keep this enthusiasm ; )


My husband tells me not to, but it's getting closer & im starting to feel a little guilty about the money : (

Getting closer!!!!

My pre op is in one week then the surgery 2 weeks after that... Can you say excited??!!?? Lol


This is with a 475 sizer at one of my consults. I have my final pre op on Wednesday... I really loved this look.

I thought I was at least a "B"??

So I decided to use VS way of measuring to see what size I was for a sports bra.. OMG I hope they were wrong because it says I'm smaller than I thought!! An "A"!! Really??!!? The 13th can't get here soon enough!

Pre Op!!

Pre op done!! Between 450&475 hp under muscle.. Got all my meds & that beautiful surgical bra.. Everything paid for... Now I just have to wait......


Did anyone start having trouble sleeping this far out from surg?? My mind won't shut off! I'm exhausted : (

Surgery Time....

So my surgery time was pushed back from 12:00 pm to 3:30 pm.... Not really happy about it but what can you do?? Hope my nerves hold up for that extra 3 1/2 hours.... Wish me luck.

I'm ready!!!

I'm just ready for it to be Friday the 13th already!! : /

Wish boobs


Next week at this time I will be getting Boobs!!!!!

This week!!!!

Cleaning house today & washing... Making sure I have everything ready for Friday.. It's like I'm nesting lol!! My new babies will be here Friday!! I am beyond excited!

& Now I wait....

I just got my call from the surgery center to go over my medical history & register. Everything is really done.. So now I wait.....


One more day! Not really sure how I feel right now?? Excited, anxious, nervous?? Lol Maybe all 3


I just took my valium so I can get a good night sleep for my surgery at 3:30 pm.... lmbo!! Good luck to all the ladies going in tomorrow. See you on the other side with our new additions!

Done !

Surgery was almost 2 hours late but I'm done..Dr. Nguyen & Michelle were so sweet.. I was able to get 475!! I'm sore& it's a little hard to hold a long conversation because I have to take deep breaths but other that that I'm fine. I'm not supposed to take the bra off to look until it's time to shower but he told my hubby I could as long as u put it right back on.. ; )

Still ok : )

Thanks for the well wishes. It's 2 o'clock am & I was able to go to the restroom alone even though hubby was hovering.. Still feeling the same. A little soreness & some tightness. It's a good thing I worked out prior to surg because my ab muscles are coming in handy lol. We will see what tomorrow brings? Night all. : )


Breast themselves are ok, but I haven't had pain meds since 9 this am & I think they have worn off. I just put my arms down by my side & had a really sharp pain. My incision is under the crease so I'm guessing the block has worn off & it's also from swelling. That did Not feel good : /

Feeling dirty!! Lol

I don't think I've ever wanted a shower as bad as I do now!! This is a long 48 hours!!

Po day 3

So today is day 3 after my surg & I must say I'm feeling fine. There is still some soreness & the occasional twinge or pain, but I'm doing really well. My doctor was awesome! I'm still taking it easy for the most part, but I was able to get out & move around with my hubby today. I'm so very happy that I did this & I can't wait until the swelling goes down so I can see my final results!! ; )


Tomorrow I'm going back to work & I have yet to get a Full nights sleep.. I'm so exhausted! I had been doing really good as far as pain then this am I got " morning boob" along with muscle spasms in my left breast!! Really, after 4 days? Lol I'm hoping this goes away quick. Wish me luck ladies.


So today is my first day back at work.. I'm not in a lot of pain but they are a little more tight than they have been. At work I have not used the elevator in 3 yrs & I had to use it today : /... But anyway I'm ok. I'm on light duty so, so far so good.. Have taken toradol only. 4 more hours to go. Have a great day ladies!

5 day pics

6 day po

Visit was a Sucess!! We were both very pleased with my results so far. He said they are still a little swollen but look great. I have the Inspira implant so I have 470cc not 475 but who cares about those 5cc?? Lol I'm so pleased. No massage for another week & then I start scar gel as well. I won't see him for another 10 weeks unless I have a problem & I can stop the compression bra!! Hallelujah!! So that's all for now. Have a great day!


So I had my sutures removed this am at the doctor & prior to that they itched sometimes....Now they burn : ( no Bueno!

6 day pics


How long until the bloat goes away?? I'm not used to having a pregnant belly anymore!! My baby is 12 : /


I'm very pleased with my incision line. My doctor did awesome with the placement. It's really hard to see because over the suture he used derma bond instead of surgical tape & it's hanging around. I'm tempted to pull it , but I think that would be bad? Lol


Is it just me or does everyone find themselves checking their self out in the mirror more often??? It doesn't help that I work in Ophthalmology & mirrors are plentiful!! Lol!!

2 weeks!!

Well Happy Birthday to me & Happy 2 weeks to my girls!! Overall I'm doing ok. I think my nerves are waking up. I get random sharp pains in my boobs & at my incision line at times, but they look Great! Lol. I can't believe it's been 2 weeks some times then other times it feels like it been longer. Still very happy I made this decision. Have a great day ladies ; )


So last night all of a sudden I had horrible pain in my right breast on the under side to touch only. I wanted to cry. I only had it when laying down, while standing it was fine. There is no significant bruising & it's no longer there today. Needless to say it Freaked me out. I took a toradol & laid down. I didn't call my doc , but if it happens again I will. Anyone else ever have this happen? Thanks

3 weeks, massages & weird noises??

So tomorrow makes 3 weeks ... Wow! I'm still loving my girls but there is the occasional ouch at times. My incisions look great still.. They fall right in the crease. Again he did awesome lol. On another note I started massages & heard a strange " gurgle" sound on my left breast?? Please someone tell me that's normal & I hit an air pocket? I don't want to start calling my doc for everything even though that's what he is there for : ) . I hope everyone is doing well.

Kind of sort of " boob greed" ??

Anyone else notice that some days their breast look bigger than others?? I know I'm still early on & they have settling to do, but I must say that some days I wish I went a little bigger. Then on other days they look perfect. I think I may be a little greedy?? Lol . They need to hurry & get there ; ) Have a great day ladies.

Implant ?

Did anyone else get the Inspira SRX extra full projection implant. I thought I had just full projection , but I looked at my card last night & it was the extra full. Trying to find out what your end result looks like. Thanks

4 weeks

Wow!! 4 weeks.. It doesn't seem like it's been that long. My breast are great. Still the occasional nerve pain & nipple sensitivity, but I'm still so happy I did this. My breast look Great! I wouldn't change a thing ;) hope everyone is doing well!

1 month

Well I finally hit my 1 month mark so I decided to try sleeping on my side for the first time. It was awesome. I had the first full night comfortable sleep since surg lol. I put a pillow on that side under my breast & I think it helped. All is well & no pain when I woke up this am : )

Size... ; )

So I went to Victoria Secret today & was sized. I was told 32DDD at first. It fit but I think I was in shock over the size & the limited selection. Then I tried on 32DD & I liked the fit. I think in time I may be a little bigger but we will see!! Ps.. I Love the lounge bra.

5 weeks..

So nothing really to report.. I haven't even had to take an ibuprofen all week. My right boob is starting to drop more. Still not quite caught up with the left. Massages 2x a day. It feels like I can tell when I need to massage( slightly stiff?) Overall the girls are doing well. Have a great evening ladies!

6 weeks..

So tomorrow makes 6 weeks!! Time if flying ...The girls are still doing fine. No real pain & still haven't even had to take ibuprofen. The right is still a little more firm than the left, but I am right handed. It's also just a tiny bit higher than the left as well, but my husband says he can't tell. They look great in clothes & naked ; ) I'm still really happy I did this.

7 weeks

So my girls are 7 weeks now & all is about the same.. Still no pain meds needed. Upper body strength is still weak & can't do any upper body workout until I see him on the 28th. I started abs again, but no planks.. I also started legs with no weight. : / I sleep on my side just fine & still wear a sports bra to bed. My right breast is still a little more firm than the left & has not quite dropped as much but is dropping. Still extremely happy I did this & hope everyone is healing well. ; ) the pic is at 2 weeks & 7 weeks

TMI maybe??

Ok ladies.... At what point did you feel comfortable with your significant others getting "frisky" with the girls? I'm still a little protective of them & I think that makes him a little scared lol.


So I'm officially 2 months on Wednesday.. Today I decided to clean the house. Vacuum, sweep, dust & wipe things down. I'm right handed so needless to say my right arm did most of the work. Well now my right breast is achey. I'm not cleared for upper body workout until I see my doc on the 28th. Anyone else have this happen to them? Thanks.

Ready to lift!!

So tomorrow I see my surgeon for my 10.5 week po. I'm so ready for him to clear me for upper body. I've gone soft : ( I need to lift something lol. On another note I've been getting little zinging pains in my incision. I don't know if my implants are dropping or nerves are waking up? Anyway, other than that I'm still loving my girls. Hope everyone is doing well ; )

Yay!! I can lift!!

So my visit went great!! My doctor & the nurse kept telling me how "perfect" my girls look : ) I am now free to lift, but I was told to ease into it & listen to my body. I really am thrilled with how they look. He actually told me he was scared I was going to think they were too big.. Not at all! Lol ps. Sorry I'm not comfortable with the nude pics : /


Ok ladies... What are early signs of CC?? About 10 days ago I started noticing my left breast is a little more firm than my right & it was the softer one in the beginning. I also noticed that my right one that was dropping slower is now lower than my left. There is no pain, but of course I'm freaking out!! I will call my surgeon tomorrow, but just wondering if you guys had any info? Thanks

Unplanned Doctor visit

So I'm going see my surgeon today to make sure the firmness in my left breast is not anything major. Hoping he will tell me it's just a tight muscle & to stop self diagnosing lol . We will see.

Feeling kind of blah...

So I havent posted a recent update because I've been a little discouraged.. After seeing my doctor earlier in the month nothing much has changed. My left breast is still a little higher & firmer. Not any worse, so I guess that's good? I'm in my feelings about it because I went from them being "perfect" to not. I hate wearing my tanks now because even if no one else can see the difference, I can. I mean who wants a lopsided boob?? Lol anyway he told me it may relax on its own but I'm so impatient. I don't normally post nudes, but this is so you guys have an idea.

Before pic


So I took these puppies for a run for the first time since surg. Well my doctor told me to wear 2 bras because they support different areas. Well let me just say that the girls did Not budge. Awesome! I was so afraid they would, but it worked. So FYI a racer back & the reg sports bra together & you won't have any problems. Have a great day ladies ; )

4 months

So it's a little over 4 months now & the girls are about the same. They look great in clothes & out, but I can tell Lefty is still being stubborn.... What can you do? I used to be a stomach sleeper & after surg I had adjusted to sleeping on my side & back. Well for the last few nights I have been waking up on my stomach lol. No pain & it feels so good, but I was told not to.. Oops.. Any of your surgeons tell you to stay off your stomach & if so what was the reason? Thanks & I hope everyone is doing well ; )

; )

I LOVE the way my girls look in clothes!!!


I had the strap tightened so it pushed the girls up a bit. Only lightly lined & no padding ; ) sorry if the pics are flipped crazy.

6 months

So I'm almost at six months (3 days) & the girls are about the same. My Right breast is still fine; soft & moves around just fine. The left is still a little higher & a little more firm. I saw my doctor today & he said that the capsule in my left breast is a little more firm & the breast is a little fuller on top. He said that if it is CC it is a very mild case & as long as it has not changed in months & is not painful then he would leave it alone. If I decided I couldn't deal then my only option would be a revision. Who wants that?? For now he recommends aggressive massage daily. So I'll just do that for now. They honestly do still look great, I can just see the asymmetry & it bothers me. I see him again in 7 months unless anything changes. Hope everyone is doing well.

6 month pics

Here are a few pics of what the girls look like now... Overall I really am happy with them. No boob greed here ; )


Last post was a fail so....


So I'm thinking of getting a second opinion regarding my left breast being firmer than my right as well as treatment options that don't involve surgery. Don't get me wrong.. I love my surgeon & the work that he did. He doesn't recommend surgery at this time & thinks we should just wait & make sure nothing changes. I see him again in 6 months. In the meantime I want to see if there are other options another surgeon would recommend. Does anyone know of any surgeons that offer non invasive options for mild cases of capsular contracture? Cause I'm pretty sure that's what this is. Thanks & I hope everyone is doing well!


Here you go ; )


So I'm past 7 months now & decided that I should start doing some of my workouts I did prior to surgery that also worked a little of my chest area. For the most part I can do them with little to no difficulty even though some are with lighter weights. What I did find out tonight at the gym is that Lat Pull downs cause BAD flex deformity! Needless to say, that is one workout I won't be doing again. Just wanted to share. Hope everyone is doing well! ; )

8 months... Progress?

So I'm now 8months. I have been massaging the hell out of my problem child (left boob) lol I can for sure tell that they are more even. It may be all in my head, but at times it feels a little softer also. I can for sure tell it has improved from when I first noticed it & freaked out!! I don't see my doctor until December, so hopefully it will be even softer by then. Hope everyone is doing well! Have a great day ; )


What other website can you post pics of awesome cleavage & not be judged for it????? Lol ; ) Have a great day ladies!!

10 Months

Hey ladies!! So my girls are 10 months today. I love them! My left is still a little firmer, but they have evened out more ( I think) no trouble with pain & im still very happy I did this. Still going back & forth about a revision on lefty because I do have a mild case of cc, but no final decision yet. I see him again 12/13. Hope everyone is doing well! xoxo

Weight gain or finally settled?

I think my girls have gotten a little bigger over time.. I'm coming up on a year in a couple months & I'm not sure if it's because they have fully settled or I have gained a few pounds.. They are slightly overflowing in my 32DDD from VS & this is a pic without a bra. Maybe something for the ladies that think they went to small to look forward to? ; ) hope everyone is doing well.


So in 2 days I make a year & I have finally turned a corner!! Yesterday am when I started my massages I noticed that my problem boob, (righty) has softened!! I had my hubby & a couple other people feel to make sure I wasn't crazy. Lol! I'm so thrilled. That means I'm no longer considering a revision for now? . I guess my surgeon knows what he's talking about after lol ; ) Hope everyone is doing well.

I loved Dr. Nguyen & his staff. They were all great. I felt completely comfortable the entire time. My biggest fear was the IV & the nurse told me she had never had an issue with one in 19 years & I was not going to be her first. It went perfect! I have only had minimal pain & my breast already look amazing. I would recommend him to anyone looking to have breast augmentation!

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