20 Years Old, 400cc &450cc HP Silicon Implants - Texas

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Thought I would share my journey with you guys....

Thought I would share my journey with you guys. I'm 20 years old, with one kid. After being pregnant and seeing how big my boobs were, I fell in love. But of course they went back to being small 34b's. So I decided this was something I wanted!! I went to my first consultation in May, loved the staff and PS!! I got to try on sizers( I went with 350cc on the left and 400cc on the right) and had all my questions answered! I'm super excited and so anxious for the 30th.

Pre Op visit

Monday I went to my pre op visit. I have been having thoughts about going bigger. So I decided to try them on again. I tried on 400cc on the left and 450cc on the right. I felt like it wasn't a big difference at all and decided to go bigger :) I'm too excited now for the 30th. My visit went really good, took before pictures and filled out a bunch of paperwork, then left very satisfied. I got my lab work done today and still waiting on my pain meds and antibiotics to arrive at the pharmacy. I will continue to keep y'all updated on my journey :)

Before pictures 5'5 124lbs 34b

Before pictures

5'5 124lbs 34b


Sports bra questions

Quick question, I'm going with 400cc and 450cc over the muscle. My PS said I would for sure be a D, I was wondering what size sports bras I should buy to give me support. I don't wanna buy too small or too big. Thanks

^^ Ooops

Just noticed my before pictures never posted. I will try again later. My phone seems to have issues posting on this site.

Before pics

More before pics

10 days left

Eeeek only 10 days away. I hope they fly by. My brother in law is having their baby today, hopefully pretty soon, so maybe that will keep me distracted! Lol I'm going shopping later today for stuff I'll need after surgery. Made a checklist thanks to all you great girls out there! Really don't know what I would do without this site. :)

9 days

Only nine more days. Still haven't got everything ready, waiting for it to get closer to the 30th! Went to a baby shower, posting a photo of my outfit. Can't wait till I have boobs and can fill it out!! So excited to see how I look in clothes now. Almost bought sports bras yesterday but I'm scared there not gunna fit me. So I'm waiting on those. Still waiting to see if my honey has the week off for Fourth of July, (the week of my surgery) that would be so helpful if he was! Hopefully we find out someday this week soon and can make plans for my son. It's going to kill me not to hold him. He's a mommas boy bad!! My sons two and weighs 28lbs, how long did you mommies have to go till you were a normal mommy, I should say lol. And could pick up your child?


So of course the week before surgery, bills seem to be piling on. &&to top it off My honeys four wheeler is supposedly getting out the shop this week, so there's a $900 dent in our pockets. This can't be happening to me, it gets so close and now i don't even know if I'll be able to pay the surgery center bill the day of surgery. I'm a little mad right now, so I felt like venting to y'all! I hope everything goes okay and I will be able to have surgery on the 30th, I really don't wanna push it back, it would be the third time! So fingers crossed.

I go to the doc tomo to get my physical to get cleared for surgery, did my blood work last week, so after tomo I'm all good to go. Praying everything falls in place for us!

6 days

My nerves seem to have calmed down about surgery, I'm more stressing over if it's going to be my surgery or my honeys four wheeler we will be paying for this week. I really do not want to set my date back again, so we will see what happens Friday. I have already paid my PS, I just owe the surgery center money the day of surgery.
I called my PS yesterday because I have yet received my pain meds of antibiotics. They were supposed to call me back and never did, so I guess I will call back again today.
Hopefully this is my last week of being apart of the itty bitty titty committee. I'm so excited and ready for it to be done!!! I've got my mind set on having surgery on Monday, so I will keep you gals updated on when it will happen.
I've also been having second thoughts about the sizing. But I've read everywhere where people say to go with the bigger size. So I keep telling myself that, bc I do not wanna be mad at myself after for not going big enough.

Here's a before pic in a tank top before my workout. Anybody do T25, woooo that was a killer!!
Sorry if there's typos or misspellings! I type on my phone really fast.


5 more days

Well finally the surgery center called me. I have to be there at 6am so I'm not sure what time my surgery is. I'm a little nervous about that part. Anybody wanna fill me on to what to expect when I arrive and till I go down for surgery. Thanks!
They told me I can't eat or drink anything after midnight, I've read that a lot though from other reviews, no makeup, jewelry or lotions. The usual. I'm really excited and super glad my surgery is early in the morning. So I won't starve. I'm the type of person if I don't eat or drink something I start feeling bad, so I'm deff happy it's early!!! Plus so I can go ahead and get it over with so I can relax the rest of the day.
So I'm guessing my honey has decided with paying for my surgery this week and not his four wheeler. He hasn't said anything and I've been talking about surgery Monday, so I'm guessing that's a yes. Lol he also told me has to work the day of surgery, we was hoping they would have that whole week off for fourth of the July, but pipelines don't ever take off :/ #lifeofapipelinewife I'm not sure if he was kidding around or benign serious, I can never tell with him... He plays a lot! So I will see about that. It's really going to suck without him though, even though I will have my mom if he's not able to come.
Well tomorrow I'm going to start getting everything ready. I will be spending the first two days either at my MIL's or my grandmas so I am going to clean and set up both rooms for me and make sure I have everything ready! I'm so excited it doesn't even feel like it's only 5 days away????????????

Tomorrow's the big day!!

Eeeeek I can't believe that in 14 hours I will have boobs!! Ahh so exciting. I have got everything ready and prepared to go. Cleaned the house today and done last minute things to get ready.
I'm still having second thoughts about size and I deff am going to ask my PS about why he is going over. Hopefully his answer calms my nerves. I don't wanna look huge. He said I would for sure be a d, and I don't mind that, but I don't want to be too big for my frame. I've also ready they use overs for woman who have saggy boobs... I don't feel like I have saggy boobs, so I'm not sure why he chose overs. Will see tomo though. I probably won't update the day of surgery, depends on how I fell I guess.
Started taking my antibiotics today, won't have to take one tomorrow though because they will put it in my IV.
I don't have really much to say today, but that I'm super excited and I probably won't get any sleep tonight lol I have to be at the surgery center at 6 am, so we will be leaving at 5 am, oh how I hate early mornings lol Still happy that my surgery is early so I can relax the rest of the day!! My son will be staying with my mom and grandmas, I sure am going to miss him, they will be visiting Tuesday. So that's good :) I was told I'm not able to lift heavy things for 4 weeks, so I'm scared about taking care of my son after I start feeling better. It's going to kill me not being able to hold him :(
Well wish me luck girls, and I'll update when I can :)

Before pics

All done :)

So I had my surgery yesterday, and everything went great. I arrived at 6am, filled out paperwork, went back and got prepped for surgery, said goodbye to my honey and was wheeled into the surgery room. All I remember is someone saying they were going to take real good care of me and I was out lol I don't remember much about after. Just being wheeled to my car and sleeping the whole way home. My honey has been so good at taking care of me, sad to see him leave off to work this morning. But my brother will be over later this morning to help me. I'm hoping to be able to pull down my pants and pull them back up to use the restroom, or me and my brother are about to become super close haha I'll make him close his eyes and help lol
I'm doing really good so far, pain wise. I've only been taking one pain pill every four hours. Yesterday I was taking them on an empty stomach and was really nauseas. I threw up once, which actually made me feel better. My MIL went and got me pudding and stuff like that so I finally got something down and then went back to sleep. That's pretty much all I do! Oh and yup I'm having boob greed already :( my honey says he really likes them so will see! I get to shower today or tomo whenever I feel up to it and I'll get to see them then. I wanna peek but I don't feel comfortable taking this surgical bra off, my boobs feel way too heavy to be unsupported right now!
I have my post op visit Monday can't wait to see how my doc feels like there doing. I deff have morning boob right now. There so tight, owwwweee!
Can't think of much else to say. I'll keep posting updated thou :)

So happy to finally have boobies! Deff worth it all! :)

Day one pics

Post op day 6

Hey y'all sorry it's been a couple days, been busy this week and enjoying my honeys time off. Well here's a little update

I've been off my pain meds since the second day, my pain seas very tolerable, just sons heaviness and tightness. Still feeling that today thou. And wow morning boob, that's no joke lol overall I've been doing really good, my recovery has gone so smooth I'm very thankful for that. I go to the doc tomo so I will post updates about what he think :)

Oh and I still have no pics of my girls, I'm such a wuss and hate to get out of my sports bra, I like these babies being supported at all times. Lol


I would like some advice about my boobs, because I've been freaking out about them lately. In the picture you can tell my left boob (your right) is lower than the other one. My right boob (your left) has 50cc more in it so could that be it? Or is it just riding higher than the other one. Please help. Should I call my doc or am I just not giving it enough time.

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