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I have been reading this website for a very long...

I have been reading this website for a very long time and it really helps me so much! You guys are so kind so put out your life of surgery and I would love to contribute as well.

The main reason I am here is because I am so indecisive about my two surgerys. I don't know which do do first. Its been so hard for me to decide which one I want first. I only have enough money for one procedure but I have been going up and down think which I want first.

I hate my the flare of my nostrils so much it flares out, my nostrils are wide and I look in the mirror every chance I get and I just want to cry because the flare just ruins the other parts of my nose. I already have a pretty good bridge but my nostrils just takes every thing away.

As for my eyelid surgery, I hate how every morning I have to put on glue to make the double eyelid. I love make up and it just takes away everything I love to do. I get so embarrassed when I look down because of the glue I put on. Or when it accidentally comes off and my single eyelid is shown.

I just don't know which to do. The rhinoplasty is a reasonable price and so it the eyelid surgery. I just don't which one to chose and it's killing me because I have to make the decision fast because of work. I am lean towards rhinoplasty because I hate my flare of the nostrils. I feel like everybody looks away because the flare of my nose. And I hear from people that the nose is the center of your face, its what makes you. But eyelid surgery sounds so good. Which one should I do? I just can't choose. Rhinoplasty or eyelid surgery?

Finally decided! I think?

I have had a non surgical rhinoplasty procedure done in which my doc used juvederm. I really wished he would of used something stronger like radiesse but the nurse told me he said juvederm will only be best for me. I liked it at first but after two months I can see it going down. He had made the bridge between my eyes narrow but that was it. I wanted more narrow but he wouldn't do it. What can I do :( doc said my nose is already perfect the way it is.

Well yesterday (02/04/14) I wet back to schedule another consultation to see if he could put more juvederm in and he didn't want to so he was very hesitate about it. Later I found out that I had to pay another $600 for the juvederm! I thought that was so ridiculous because it was a follow up meaning if it wasn't done properly then you fix it! But I shouldn't have to pay for it. Nonetheless we didn't narrow it more which I'm sure the doc was happy about. He just doesn't want to mess with my nose. I did notice that when I gain weight is when the my nose seems flatter looking like I never got non surgical rhinoplasty. I wondering anyone experiences that? Bc I lost weight again and went back to my original weight and my nose became a little narrow once again like how the doc did it the first place.

But now I have decided I want I do my rhinoplasty first. I will do my double eyelid surgery later perhaps in three months. I'm not sure if my procedure can really be called rhinoplasty bc the nurse told me that "rhinoplasty" will cost more. I'm having a closed rhinoplasty so? But that's the only thing my doc will do. He will narrow down the flare of my nostrils. I hope he narrows it to how much I want it, not how much he thinks and wants it. I asked the nurse for the full rhinoplasty where I want my bridge to be narrow just like how he used the juvederm on my nose so that I don't have to come back every 6 months to have juvederm procedure done over and over again. I want a final surgery to make it that same way but the nurse said he won't do it. So the only thing that I'm having done is the closed nose rhinoplasty to narrow my nostril flare. They told me my nose is perfect the way it is though which really gets to me because I have felt so ugly and my nose didn't fit my face. I don't want to go to another doc b I've already established a great relationship with them but sometimes I wish doc would do what I want. It wasn't something drastic, I wouldn't do that to myself, but no he will only do the closed nose procedure.

But any ways, I'm so excited because it'll be very soon when I get this done!!! It may possibly be late feb or early march and I just want this done as soon as possible, I want to see the beautiful result. The only thing I am worried about is him not making it the way I want it which means pinching and narrowing it a certain amount. I want it half way narrow and he's thinking of just a quarter to be reduced. I will just have to explain to him again what I want or I won't do the procedure since it won't do me any good if I'M not satisfied.

The good thing is that since its closed nose, the downtime is close to none. I remember him telling me I could walk out any nobody would notice the stitches in my nostrils which is so great because I have work that I can barely take any time off.

I can't wait though! I always wanted a smaller nostril because my bridge is already good. My face will fit all together not just some huge flare in the middle of my face. Wow I can't believe I am doing this!

The more days pass by, the more I'm ready for this.

It's so upsetting when you look at your face and you see huge flaring nostrils. When I'm at work I know people just notice my nose and not me. It makes me feel so self conscious and I just want to cry everytime I look at my nose.

I am SO ready for my surgery. I'm excited, relieved, and happy knowing I'm getting this done. I want to get it as soon as possible, I can't live my nose like this anymore. It upset me today especially today because for some reason I was thinking about my nostrils and surgery and my job and people staring at me and looking away in a split second.

I hate contouring my nose as well. It's not easy waking up every day and try to contour your nose but making it look natural. It takes me forever bc I feel contouring really does nothing for the flare.

I'm ready for my surgery without a doubt. But of course, I want it done my way. I hope it all goes well for me. But I still have about a month or a month and a half to go. I wish I could do it now. I know I would feel happy and just finally free from these negative caged in emotions that I've feel for so long.

Nobody knows I'm having this closed nose rhinoplasty. It's kind of hard going through this only but I just don't want any one to know that I went that far and got surgery. They don't know what I feel and they don't feel how I feel about my nose.

I know a lot of people tell me I am fine the way I am. That I'm beautiful just how I am. I know it's a compliment but for me it's not enough. I need to feel beautiful, not just hear it.

I can't wait for this surgery. No doubts. No worries. No regrets. I'm very ready for this.
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