24 Years Old. 3 Kids:) - Texarkana, TX

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I had my 3 kids back to back to back. Defiantly...

I had my 3 kids back to back to back. Defiantly not happy with my stomach and hips. Ready to have a flat tummy again!
Already had my hips (flanks) done 2 weeks ago. Waiting to do my tummy tuck in 2 days!
Definitely nervous but more excited than anything!
Does anyone have any advice for me? What to do/ not do with my post op???

9 day post op!

Sorry been resting! I'm sooooo happy with my tummy so far! The first few days were miserable. Came home from surgery an my dog jumped on my stomach! OMG I was in so much pain! I slept in the recliner with probably a dozen pillows to keep me comfortable! At my 1 week appointment I only got 1 tube out. I begged for both! Lol the tubes an my back are the only thing hurting me... still not standing 100% upright but I'm close!


Oh my! I thought the coughing fit I had after surgery was bad... (since they stick a tube down your throat to breath, it gets dry an scratchy... beware the cough) now I'm sneezing an want to curl in a ball!!!! This hurts worse!!!! Ouch :(:(

2 weeks!

Today makes 2 weeks since surgery!!! :):) I got my 2nd tube out today! (Finally) I get to take a shower tomorrow! I'll post a picture tomorrow of my scar an belly button! :):)

2 week pictures.

I'm still swollen especially in the middle... loving it so far!!!
Dr. Rachel Keilin

Dr. Rachel Keilin and her staff are amazing! She told me things I need to do before and after my surgery. I'm very pleased with her.

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