43 Year Old Female - Texarkana, TX

I had lipo on my stomach 10 weeks ago and...

I had lipo on my stomach 10 weeks ago and it looks deformed my skin now looks like it belongs to a 90 year old woman and there is lumps and indentions everywhere. It has ruined my
relationship and my life!

Botched liposuction

It's now been a miserable 5 months and I have tried lymphatic massages and am now going to Dallas Texas for endermologie. I am still in shock that my belly looks like it does and am horrified every time I look I'm the mirror. Dr Whitten in Texarkana TX DID my liposuction.

Reverse tummy tuck

I would like to see pics of woman that have had a reverse tummy tuck.

Botched lipo

Dr Whitten

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