Terrible Scarring and Numbness Almost Two Years After my "Lunchtime" Procedure

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I had the lifestyle lift in Jan 2006 and I am...

I had the lifestyle lift in Jan 2006 and I am still suffering from numbness in both of my jaws, and severe scarring around both ears, front and back. I have had to grow my hair out much longer than I normally wear it and am self-conscious whenever the hair moves from over my ears. I am particularly sensitive during the summer months when I am swimming and the ears are much more visible...so are the SCARS! I contacted the doctor that performed this surgery and they have agreed to attempt to improve the appearance of the scars at no additional cost. I urge all of you that have been unhappy with your results to seek recourse via your indivdual doctors. Most would be happy to attempt to improve the situation. Please post updates here as I would like to hear more about some of the scaring stories. Thanks! CRG
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