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I had a gastric bypass in 2001 and as a result of...

I had a gastric bypass in 2001 and as a result of quick weight loss, developed a lot of overhanging skin on my abdomen. I planned for and had a TT in October 2006.

The procedure went well enough. However, I immediately had a lot of itching and tingling right after the procedure. I thought it would go away and that it was due to the healing process. It would affect me more at night when I lay down moreso than during the day -- maybe because I was busy during the day and didn't notice as much; however, it still itched a lot. The itching is a deep itch under the surface of the skin that ranged from a burning, tingling, pinching feeling to horrific itching. Mostly itching.

This has gone on for almost 3 years and while it has lessened is still bad enough to make me feel like I'm going crazy sometimes. I wonder if it will ever stop.

If I had been able to experience this sensation before having the TT, I never would have had it, that's how bad the itching is. I have had other procedures done-- lipo to my upper arms, nose job, and again the gastric bypass, and never had this kind of itching. I feel that it will never completely go away.

For me, the tummy tuck was not worth all this.

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I would not recommend my provider because he was arrogant and had a only a fair bedside manner. He did a great job on the navel, though

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