19 Years Old, 36 DDD/E. Terre Haute, IN

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I have to say I'm glad I found this site! It's...

I have to say I'm glad I found this site! It's wonderful (sad?) to see I'm not the only one living with God-given punching bags. I've had big breasts almost as long as I can remember, but sixth grade is when I can pinpoint the growth. Just a few weeks ago, I went to the doc to check for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome because of horrible back pain. Well, obviously I didn't have it (luckily), and I kept thinking nothing was wrong, and it was all in my head. Well, today I figured out why my back, neck, and shoulders always hurt. I went and got measured for the first time in 3 years, and I was told I was a 36 DDD or a 34 E. She even measured me three times just to make sure she was right. I was absolutely shocked. I honest to God thought I was only a DD, but today I had to face the reality. I'm making an appointment with my doctor to get referred to a plastic surgery. Hopefully, my journey will begin soon!

Update #2

Evening, everyone! Just thought I'd update! Yesterday I called my doctor and made the appointment for April 8th (also my 20th birthday :D). My doctor will (more than likely) send a referral to a plastic surgeon. Prayers for speedy jumps through the hoops!
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