Teosyal to Straighten my Nose and Smooth Frown Lines - Love the Results but Quite Painful

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Since my teens I've dreamt about getting a nose...

Since my teens I've dreamt about getting a nose job but I've always been worried about the risks and couldn't justify the cost. I though I'd never get it done unless the price came down a lot.
Recently I discovered that fillers can soften the shape of the nose as well as filling my frown lines which are getting quite deep. I was very interested in getting it done. At such good value, being natural looking, temporary and quick to get done it sounded perfect.
I was lucky enough to have a friend come with me because I was really nervous beforehand and quite shaken up afterwards.
I did get bruising but it wasn't very obvious. It's still best to have a quiet week following the treatment as you can't pull many facial expressions or laugh very easily. Moving the area is painful and I was told to keep it as still as possible for a day or so. It hurt for a few days and even now (2 weeks later) if I force a frown I get a headache.
Another problem is I do worry that as it's a new procedure we don't know the long term side effects yet.
In terms of how it looks I'm really happy with the results. So long as there are no more side effects the pain was worth it and I would do it again and I'm hoping to get a bit more done in about a year. My doctor said this should last for about a year and a half but I'd like to see if he can get it even straighter and fill some other areas as well.
I think it's a very subtle but great improvement.


My Doctor was careful, responsible and friendly.

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