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So far, I am currently waiting on my impressions...

So far, I am currently waiting on my impressions to come in the mail. I just wanted to start my review because I hope to keep everyone updated on the process. I liked reading all the reviews from others and followed along with their experience so I want to give a recent review for others as well! I ordered my evaluation kit on 6/17/16 (Friday). I'm assuming the work normal business hours because they didn't send my impressions until today, Tuesday 6/21/16. Which would be right on the 48hrs they told me I would have them shipped out by. So, no weekend hours. They also e-mailed the papers for me to e-sign (which went to my junk mail so if you are looking for them look there too). I have not gotten far enough to decide if I'm fully paying or going through SmilePay but they have the flat rate of $1500 which is fine with me! I will keep updating as I go through so hopefully y'all can get the information you need to get started! :)

Got Impressions, Did Them, Sent back

So today (6/23/16), I got my impressions in the mail. I live 2 hours away from Nashville where they are sent out of so it was really quick! I got them out did two tops and two bottoms. There are directions in the package but I had already watched a few videos of other people doing them so I knew kind of what I was getting into. I recommend doing that! I tried on my trays and they fit pretty well. If they don't you can send them back for a different size. I mixed my catalyst and the base together to form a solid color and it does it pretty fast, then you form a "worm" and put it in your trays. I advise when putting the trays with putty into your mouth you put your molars in the putty FIRST, that way there is not a lot of moving and scraping of you front teeth. But, that's just my opinion! Beware there is a LOT of slobber while waiting the 2-1/2 minutes! Then I put them in a sent them out this morning!

Got my treatment plan.

It took exactly how long they would say, just remember they don't include weekends or holidays so it takes a little longer. For my case they said I would need a 6 month treatment, including 12 tops and bottoms (I had braces in high school and my teeth have moved just enough to get on my nerves
.) The cost is $1500 for a single payment but what I didn't know is if you choose to do the payment plan you pay an extra $235 in lab fees but for single payments they waive them. I also found a coupon on retail me not for $100 off! I'm going to order them so we will see how this goes!
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