Braces Relapse Turns to Smile Direct Club. Tennessee, TN

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I had braces for 3 years and wore my retainer...

I had braces for 3 years and wore my retainer religiously but it got throw away after a series of unfortunate events and being the dummy I am I didn't immediately go get a new one. Well it's been a few years and I'm now extremely self conscious of my smile and after a bunch of research decided to try Smile Direct Club. I got my impression trays and was fortunate enough to not have any problems because it can be really difficult to get a good clear impression. I got my treatment plan and I'm extremely satisfied with what they say the end result will be. I ordered the aligners with a $299 down payment and I'll pay $100/month until they're paid off. They say it takes 21 days to make the aligners and send them. So I paid my down payment and anxiously waited. I waited a month and heard nothing from them, not a word. I called and they were very nice and told me that whoever I submitted the payment to didn't even place my order and they would take $400 off my total and expedite the trays and they told me I would have the trays in 10 days. I waited ANOTHER month and called back twice, both times the person on the other line said they were gonna look into it and call me back and I never received a call back either time. My trays were now 2 months late and I had no idea if they were even being processed. I called back again but they were closed so I left a message explaining that I'm rather unhappy and I want to know the status of my trays and I got a call back the next day saying they were on the way. I now have them but all of that is to say that their communication and customer service is very lacking. The employees I've talked to have been very nice but not helpful at all. Don't hang up the phone until you get an answer because they won't call you back.

Anyway, I digress, I started my first trays today and I braced myself for extreme pain and took some pain killer and popped them in, it was the most painful while putting them in but once they're in its not so bad. The quality of the trays is pretty good and I'm excited to see the results! I'm on the 10 tray plan and will try to update when I see results or run into any problems.

Worst Customer Service I've EVER Had

Don't get me wrong, I've only talked to one employee who was rude to me. They are incredibly nice but the right hand has NO IDEA what the left had is doing. Every time I call with a problem (which is incredibly often) I get told some entirely new information I had no idea about. For example, more recently I called because I hadn't received my fifth trays and it's been a really long time and I was told "it says here we've sent you all 12 trays" I'm not even on the 12 tray plan! Also I've only received 4 trays. That's an example, it's stuff like that on a regular basis and then it's me having to jump through tons of hoops to try to fix THEIR problems. I swear they have records of nothing because it sure seems like it. Also the majority of people don't respond. I've been told a multitude of times "I'll call you back when I find out the information" and NEVER hear anything and end up having to call back days later. I've sent the same email to one of their customer service managers and she still hasn't responded. I just copy and paste the same email to see if she gets the point and still...nothing. It's truly horrible, if you care that much about saving money then be prepared to work for it. This is no easy process.
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