1-15-12 New pics! Scheduled for Dec. 13 So glad it's over!

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I am 49 yrs. old, married, and have a son in...

I am 49 yrs. old, married, and have a son in college.I'm scheduled for a TT,lipo, and BR on Dec. 13. I have to go back to work on Jan.3 and I'm wondering how I'll feel. I am worried about the pain and recovery time. I have finished my Christmas shopping, will wrap presents soon, and put decorations up on Thanksgiving weekend.

I am in decent shape .... I started riding a bike 1 1/2 ago which has helped me loose some weight. I still need to loose more. I am 5'7" around 200 pounds and wear a size 14. I don't look like I weigh that much, especially in my clothes. My first pregancy resulted in a miscarriage with a c-section, had my son, then had another miscarriage. After the c-section, my stomach was never the same. I have a huge flap that hangs down and I HATE IT. My husband doesn't care, but it kills me. I have wanted it gone for several years.

I went to my first PS several years ago and decided we just couldn't afford it. Since that time, I have saved $6,000 without my husband knowing about it. He will be shocked when I pull out that wad of cash!! Now I only have to put $6,000 on our home equity. I feel really selfish for doing this, cosidering I have bills, college, etc. to pay for. BUT I have worked really hard since I was 14 so I figured I will do this for me. Any hoot, I am nervous so a prayer for me would be nice. I am excited yet getting nervous.

I do have one question (for now). I am starting to buy my supplies and I'm wondering which is better. A zipper compression garment or a hook compression garment? Which is easier?Updated on 6 Nov 2011:Well, I just took some pictures and posted them. I want to throw up looking at them. It's hard to believe that 20 years ago, I had a flat stomach. I saw my mom today and she is trying to talk me out of the surgery. She keeps telling me how rough it going to be and that I don't need it. She doesn't see the flap... no one does. I really try to hide it with my clothes. It will be so nice not worry about it and try to pick clothes that will cover it up! I am going through with it. I know it will be a butt kicker the first couple of weeks, but I know I can do it!Updated on 8 Nov 2011:Scheduled my mammogram today. Checking off my "To Do" list. Pray the mammogram is good!Updated on 17 Nov 2011:I have my pre-op appointment scheduled for Nov. 28. I spoke to my PS's office today and they informed me that my insurance has approved the breast reduction. Now here's my dilemma: For insurance to pay for it, I will have to have 600 grams (around 1 1/2 pounds) taken from each breast. I am a 40 DD and want to be a D that is off of my stomach. lol I have never had small breast and I don't want them small now. I just want the smallER and lifted. Does anyone out there have experience with that amount being removed? I just can comprehend what that will look like. I am willing to pay for it myself to have the "right" size, but of course, we love to use insurance, if possible. Please give me your thougths. Thanks!!Updated on 28 Nov 2011:Well, today I went to my pre-op appt. I do feel better after talking to my PS. He told me that he's never lost a patient (I asked) and he thinks my surgery will be very successful. He told me that I'd be cussin' him the first two weeks, then I'd be thrilled. I was given lots of prescriptions. Here we go.... Phenergan 25 mg for nausea, Keflex 500 mg, Flexeril 10mg, Percocet, and a newer pain reliver called Nucynta. He said his nurse practitioner used it during her TT and had good results. He was going to give me hydrocodone, but I told him that it didn't work well for me. He will put in a cathiter during surgery and I'll keep it till the next day. I have to go for a check-up the next day... he'll check my dressing and remove the cathiter. I am a little worried on trying to get in and out of the car the next day. My mother will be with me, but I just hope she can maneuver me around. He stressed the importance of moving my legs while I'm resting and walking around the house at least 5 or 6 times throughout the day. My surgery is scheduled for 7:30 and I have to be at the hospital at 5:30. Yikes!!

My insurance approved my BR IF I removed 600-675 grams per breast. I asked him if that wasn't quiet a bit and what size would I be? He did think it was a lot and said I would be a full B or a flat C. Well girls, there is no way that I would look good that small. I'm just too big of a girl to go that small. I decided to go down to either a full C or small D cup and pay for it myself. He ended up giving me a break on the price and reduced it by $2,000. That was a blessing! My TT and lipo will be the most painful. He told me that repairing the muscle will be painful. HELLo Kitty, I think it will ALL be painful! I just can't imagine romoving my nipples and it not hurting. BUT I know I can do this! Pray for me and my mom and husband for taking care of me. My mom will come over during the day on Wednesday and Thursday and hubby will be off on Friday till I go back to work on Jan. 3. I will post pics again before I go in! Thanks to everyone for your support!Updated on 6 Dec 2011:Well, I have one week to go.... this time next week, I should be sleeping in recovery. I am having a hard time sleeping because I keep thinking about what's facing me next week. I need to start thinking about how much better I will look and how happy I'll be with my boobs off my stomach and my flap gone. I have my prescriptions filled. Here it goes:

1- Phenergan 25 mg for nausea

2- Keflex 500 mg antibiotic

3- Flexeril 10 mg for muscle spasms

4- Nucynta 50 mg for pain

5- Oxycodone/Acetaminophen 10-325 mg pain

I have my hospital bed w/memory foam ready. My mom will be here Wednesday and Thursday and hubby for the next 3 weeks. I have been sneezing the last couple of days and I'm afraid I may be getting a cold. I think I should go ahead and start taking cold medicine. Girls, I've got to get on the positive thinking train. I need positive thoughts coming my way! Thank you so much for your prayers and positive thinking.Updated on 11 Dec 2011:Only 2 more nights with the droopy boobs and the ugly flap! I am so sleepy since I haven't been sleeping much lately. I have to work tomorrow and then be at the hospital early Tues. by 5:30!

My husband is getting worried about getting me inside the house (5 steps) after surgery and then the next day to remove the catether. He wants me to spend the night, have the cath remove the next day while I'm there then come home on Wednesday. It costs $500 to spend the night and I hate spending that much money so close to Christmas. For those of you gals that have the surgery behind you, what are your thoughts? Is it worth the extra money? I do dread trying to walk up and down steps the day I go home and then again the next day, but I think I can do it. BUT I am willing to spend the night if it was something that I'd regret if I don't do it. Whew... too many thoughts and decisions. If you have an opinion, I'd love to hear it before I go in on Tuesday. I also have some pictures to add and I can't remember how I did it before. Do I have to save them on my computer then select the ones to post? My goodness, I can't think!!!Updated on 11 Dec 2011:Guess you can see that I figured out how to post new pictures. At least I can figure something out!!Updated on 15 Dec 2011:I went in to surgery at 7:30 Tuesday morning and he was finished around 11:30. My dr. said he removed around 5 lbs. around my tummy and close to 2 pounds from my breasts. I have had a lot of pain in the lipo areas and my tt. My breasts have hurt, but nothing like my tt.

I ended up spending the night on Tuesday, because I was going to have go back at 10:00 the next day to remove the catheter. I was so glad I stayed the night. I think it would have been really difficult for mom to help me up and down steps. I tried to take a shower while I was in the hospital. I ended up almost passing out. The nurse had to call for backup. So I still haven't showered. I have walked around the house and rocked in a rocking chair to flex my calf muscles.

So far the worst part has been trying to get up and down from my hospital bed. It burns and stings everytime I move. I have to go back to the doctor in the morning at 9:15 to have a few of the exterior stiches removed. I can't imagine doing that in the moring!

I havent had a BM, but I have been pretty gassy. I am taking Gas X, and MOM to help have a pain free MB.

Girls, I'm not gonna lie to you. It's pretty painful, but it's not anytihng you can't handle.

I'll keep ya posted. Feel free to ask my any questions.Updated on 17 Dec 2011:PO: Day 4 (Unless someone tells me it's PO Day 5)

Saturday morning and I need to have a BM! I always have one every morning so this is not normal for me. I have drank a half bottle of MOM and still no potty for me! I am peeing great and I have gas. Surely it will happen today!

I am starting to itch today. I hope this is part of the healing process.

My goal for today is to take another shower and posts some pictures. I know it helps everyone to see the recovery process.

My husband has been wonderful. He has kinda surprised me on how well he's taken care of me. He has drained my bulbs every time it's been done. He sets his alarm for my pain medicine at 3:15 am., brings me water and anything else I need. I will owe him big time!

Day 2 and Day 3 PO was terrible. The pain really takes your breath away, but it's only when you move. So figure it's 8 to 9 times a day. Friday was better and I know today is better since I've already been up for 1 hour (on my own), made a pot of coffee, and on the computer. It's time for me to have my pain meds so I'm signing off for now.Updated on 17 Dec 2011:Just wanted to add that I had a BM around 4:00 today. Boy, was I glad to get that over with! I just can't believe what a difference a day makes. Girls, if you're facing this surgery, just prepare yourself for Day 2 and Day 3 as being the bad you have before the good happens!Updated on 21 Dec 2011:PO Day 8

This week, I have really be resting most of the time. Today, I feel kinda blah.... don't have much engery and just don't feel well. It's 1:30 and the last time I had a pain pill was at 7:30 this morning. I really feel like I need to stop taking them or at least taper down to only a couple every 24 hours.

I went to my PO doctor appt. yesterday. I had one drain removed and it hurt so badly that I screamed. I was so embarrassed. It felt like a hot poker stabbed me in the side. I don't want to scare anyone, but I wasn't prepared for that at all. I've read where everyone didn't even feel it or it was barely felt. I don't know what's wrong with me, but it was the worst pain I've had from this procedure. Now I am really dreading getting the other one pulled. I go in next Tuesday to have it removed.

I also was really disappointed with my BR scar. I've never seen this from any of the other postings, but I have a scar on each side that is 8 inches going up my shoulder blade. I will post a picture. When I asked about it yesterday, I was told that I had a lot of breast tissue under my arm and he had to continue pulling the skin up toward my back to make sure I didn't pucker. I guess I understand that, but in the summer I wear a lot of tanks.

Okay, as I'm typing this, I realize that I am Debbie Downer. I am hoping this is just the day for my pity party. I want to be positive but just don't really feel well. I'm going to try and post some PO pictures.Updated on 22 Dec 2011:Dec. 22 PO Day 9

I am feeling better today. I just showered, put a little make-up on, and some real clothes (vs. pj's). I don't have a lot bruising, but I am swelling. I am trying to not take any prescription pain med due to it putting me in a funk. I think I will feel better. I am including pics today. Good luck to the rest of the folks that are heading into surgery soon!

PO DAY 11 I am finally starting to walk around a...


I am finally starting to walk around a little better and not hunched over. I have my husbands family coming over for Christmas but I wanted to quickly post a few new pics before they got here. I have to delete them off my camera since we'll be taking pictures tonight. My luck, my son would grab the camera and see his mother in all her glory! Lord Jesus, we sure dont want that to happy. Any hoot, I hope everyone is feeling better and has a Merry Christmas!!

Wow, what a difference a month makes! If you are...

Wow, what a difference a month makes! If you are feeling badly from your surgery, hold on because it will get better. I am still sore in my stomach and breasts, but it is so manangable. I still can't sleep on my side, but I sleep fine. It's unbelieveable how much smaller I look. I was a 16-18 size girl and now I've bought new clothes and a size 14. I am happy with my size now. Never wanted to be a stick and my husband can't get over it. I am looking forward to full recovery in the next few months. I am so happy and thrilled with my results. My new bras are a 38D which is so much better than the 40DD or 40DDD that I was wearing. I had instant relief from neck, shoulder, and back pain. Wonderful!!
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the first week is rough.... just hang tight and it will pass soon!

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