Day 24...a lovely day with some exciting news!

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I have always desired bigger breasts since I can...

I have always desired bigger breasts since I can remember. I am convinced they didn't fully form during puberty...who knows.

I had not seriously considered breast implants until this past year when I got a full time teaching job with benefits and got engaged. This is when I realized I could make my dream a reality! I will be getting married in June and this is the final piece to my wedding gown ;) I want to take advantage of my youth while I'm still young (I'm 23). I also want to be able to fill out my bathing suit on my beach honeymoon :)

Question about riding in a car... I am having...

Question about riding in a car...

I am having surgery December 19th, 6 days before Christmas. I usually travel 2 to 3 hours in a car the 25th. I am concerned that the ride will be uncomfortable. Feedback about traveling several hours 5 to 6 days after implants (submuscular) would be helpful!

Sooooo...Less than a month away from boobies...I...

Sooooo...Less than a month away from boobies...I am INCREDIBLY excited! I seem to flip flop back and forth between excitement and being nervous. Overall, I am just plain excited and looking forward to the end product.

I have a question from anyone that knows anything about anesthesia...Is there just one kind of anesthesia? I have been under before and I did fine-no stomach reactions etc. Is this the same kind that will be used again?

Also, the surgeon who performed my tonsillectomy said it took me longer to wake up than expected. What could cause this?


My my how time flies when you keep yourself busy!...

My my how time flies when you keep yourself busy! Can't believe my surgery is 13 days away. I have my pre-op today. So glad my fiancé will be there, he's taking care of me so he'll need to get the scoop on everything. Right now I'm feeling like I'm having an out of body experience. I am very, very excited but also kind of numb. I have my list of questions ready and I'm trying on sizers today. I'm leaning toward 325 cc saline. Can't wait to see how it looks on me! I tend to pass out when having blood drawn so I just finished eating a hardy meal. Luckily, I haven't passed out the last few times I've had blood work done...I always have them to lay me down just in case! Anyway, this site is fantastic. So glad I joined such a supportive community. Reading other people's posts makes me feel better about it all. The few people I have told at work have been incredibly supportive, I am SO very thankful for that. My parents are also in total support so that makes me feel amazing. I promise I will post a picture soon. I've been so crazy busy this last month. In a way, I'm looking forward to a week of not being able to do anything...I tend to overbook myself and sometimes I need to be reminded of how to relax and slow down. Surgery should do the trick ;) I'll update after my pre-op.

Ok so pre-op...the main thing that bothered me was...

Ok so pre-op...the main thing that bothered me was my doctors lack of "bedside manner." Maybe it's because I was the last patient of the day...but he has this cocky attitude of, it's no big deal blah blah blah. Other than that it went well. No massage, no bra- even a sports bra-for 3 weeks. Have to wear that strap for 3 weeks and cover my nips with band aids. Also said I couldn't do any repetitive motions for 6 weeks...laundry, dishes, stuff like that...thought that seemed like an awfully long time. He didn't give me Valium, even though I expressed my concerns about asthma triggering anxiety...which could trigger a panic attack. The antibiotic and pain meds he prescribed are ones I've been on before. Good to know they won't make me sick. I have a nausea patch to put behind my ear the night before surgery...not sure what's that's for. Hope they'll give me nausea meds in the IV. I requested to be numbed before the IV is out in. Glad they could do that for me. I also requested to be incredibly loopy while going into the or...don't want to remember that. Has any one heard anything about the IV medicine burning as it goes in? I read that online somewhere... Doctor prescribed 500 mg of cefilexin (sp) 3x a day for 5 days, and 5.5 Vicodin. My appt is at 8am and they should have me back in 15 mins. Surgery will take about 45. Decided on 325cc saline. 11 days!

A week from now I'll have one day old boobies! I...

A week from now I'll have one day old boobies! I am feeling very, very excited! I feel like I am informed as I can possibly be so that makes me feel better. Once again, very thankful for this site and all the connections I have made. I am going to the hospital today to pick up my anesthesia records. Wonder what they will say!

SO EXCITED!!! I know I will be INCREDIBLY nervous...

SO EXCITED!!! I know I will be INCREDIBLY nervous Wednesday morning...but until then I am determined to stay positive and excited! Christmas shopping/wrapping is done and I'm going tomorrow to get food. I have kept myself VERY busy this month and the time has absolutely flown by...thank goodness. I am so thankful I have so much support from my parents and friends. I have two friends bringing my fiance and I food Thursday :) Also have some other friends who will be visiting at some point over break.

Hello all! Surgery was breeze! Best sleep ever! I...

Hello all! Surgery was breeze! Best sleep ever! I woke up with a big smile on my.face :) so glad the actual procedure is over. I don't have much pain...its more of an aching. I am so incredibly relieved that I can take.a.full, deep breath. I.was worried I was going have a pa.ic attack.if my.breathing was thrown off from the pressure. I've been taking my pain picks regularly and napping.Hope everyone is having a.happy.boobie day!

Well, here I am on the other side of boobie land....

Well, here I am on the other side of boobie land. The surgery was a breeze; had an amazing anesthesiaologist and she numbed my hand and stuck the iv in in a total of maybe 10 seconds. Very thankful for that. Right after she put the IV in, she added the "I don't give a poo what's going on" medicine. Good stuff. I don't remember walking down the hall, but I do remember stepping up onto a blue stool so I could get onto the operating table. As I was laying there I remember saying something like, "I don't want to do with this arm." After that they put a mask over my face and that was that! Woke up in recovery with a smile on my face, not really in pain just a little tightness. I remember taking a bunch of deep breaths and being thankful i could do that. That definitely eased my anxiety. The nurse gave me some crackers and ginger ale. It was the tastiest ginger ale I've ever had. I'm pretty sure I got ginger ale in my hair because I noticed later it was sticky. When I got home I took a pain pill and took a nap. It wasn't until about 9:00 that I started to hurt. Woke up every 4 hours to take medicine. Woke up this morning with morning boob...not fun. I recently took one and a half pain pills because my left boob hurts soooo bad. I pretty much almost have full mobility in my right arm but hardly any in my left. This nausea patch makes it very hard to read anything because my vision is so blurred. I have my docs permission to take it off today. I'm kind of nauseous right now...guess its from all the medication in my system. Left boob is riding higher tha. My right...I find this odd because I am right handed, Both implants are still hard. Hoping to see a difference today...also trying to be patient! I a have a feeling my pain level may be a little higher today. Good luck and best wishes to anyone having surgery today!!

So here I am at post-op day 3. Surgery was a...

So here I am at post-op day 3. Surgery was a breeze. Day 1 was a breeze. Night 1 was a breeze. Day 2 and night 2 were not so much of a breeze. I puked all of day 2. Fiancé had to call the surgeon and run to the pharmacy to get me anti-nausea meds at 4 am. The next morning we went back to the surgeon and he prescribed me Percocet. That has worked like magic. It's 7:30 and and I haven't had one since 1:00. I may just take a half tonight? My boobs are very full at the top, my nipples are low and pointy, and ,y breasts are far apart. Honestly, I've been pretty depressed. Everyone else on here seems to look pretty good. I on the other hand look like I have cones on my chest. I hope this will get better with time. I am only in a strap which velcros together above my breasts below my collar bone. My surgeon doesn't do massage and he doesn't want me to wear a sports bra. I am to wear this thing for 3 solid weeks. My post-op appt is the 26th. I hope and pray I will look better by then. I keep telling myself to be patient and have's so tough though. I wanted to feel sexy and I'm anything but that right now. My fiancé doesn't even want to see them. I am also incredibly bloated. I look pregnant! Please leave me comments if you were one of those people who felt less than beautiful after your surgery.

So lately I've been feeling really down because my...

So lately I've been feeling really down because my girls just don't look good. My nipples are low and don't even get me started on my bloating and stomach issues! However, I just woke up from a nap and went to the mirror and realized that lefty had dropped a wee bit! This is exactly what I needed. A teeny weeny bit if hope! In other news, it's day 4 and I'm not on any pain meds. Chest feels Ike I just worked out too hard at the gym. I have full mobility in my right arm and almost the same in my left. I no longer need any help in the bath. I shaved and put lotion on my legs today :) it's the small things in life I guess :) Doctor says no massaging but I've been poking...makes me feel better :) My pizza has arrived, I'll update later!

Here is the update: I'm depressed, still swollen,...

Here is the update: I'm depressed, still swollen, bloated, still cone shaped, my back hurts and I can't get comfortable to sleep. I have to wear this dreaded strap for 2 more weeks. When I wear a shirt my nipples clearly point down and I look like a size A. It's torture to to try hide them. I don't have a lot of breast tissue between my nipple and my incision so I'm worried about that. My post-op is tomorrow, thank goodness.

Had my stitches out was no big deal. I...

Had my stitches out was no big deal. I saw the nurse not the doctor, but she said everything looked good. I am still swollen and pretty tight in some spots. I feel like every time I use those muscles they automatically tighten up. I am starting to feel a little better about them. I had to wash my compression strap tonight and tried on a few bras...that was exciting. This strap is getting annoying. I'm wearing it over a shirt because I have a rash under both arms. I have been out a few times in it...I am paranoid people can see I'm shaped weird but obviously I'm just paranoid. I think it's helped me to get out of the house. I'll probably try driving tomorrow. Woohoo! I need to post some pics on here. I may do that after I submit this post. This site is wonderful and I thank everyone for the comments and encouragement!

Dear New Boobies, I know we haven't always...

Dear New Boobies,
I know we haven't always gotten along and we got off to a rough start, but I'm starting to really like you. You are starting to feel like a part of my body other than intruders. Although you make your presence known when I clean or when I wake up in the morning, I know that each day will get better. I put you in a bikini top today and was amazed at what I saw! You are, believe it or not, even starting to look better under a shirt tucked under this hideous strap! You were even nice enough to allow me to sleep on my side last night and I especially thank you for that. My back pain is better and I'm a happier person overall because I am sleeping better. Despite our differences and views on the healing process, you are part of me and I welcome you!

Owner of Boobies

So post op day 11...feeling like myself again!...

So post op day 11...feeling like myself again! Still doing a lot of sitting around and resting up before I go back to work Wednesday. I have a little bit of morning boob and I still get really tight when I get in the shower-guess its because if the hot water. They also get tight when I use them a lot. I have noticed a small lump above my nipple. I'm thinking it may be a fat deposit or the implant valve? I also know that my mom has non-cancerous lumps in her breast and I think that can be genetic. I'm not really worried about it but I will say something at my next appointment this coming Thursday. I have also noticed that I'm lumpy underneath my incision line. I can feel this more when I lay down. Anyone else have this? I'm thinking its scar tissue. The girls are softening up more each day and they are really feeling like a part of me. Again, if you would like pictures send me an inbox message with your email address. Happy healing!

Today righty has been acting up. I believe I have...

Today righty has been acting up. I believe I have been having what are called "zingers?" Are these the sharp little pains that send a jolt to the boob? If so, they have been happening on and off alllll day. Is this normal? I have my second post-op tomorrow. VERY excited. I have a few questions most of which are about my nipples rising higher. I iced tonight after taking down the tree. Hope I didn't overdo it. I will post a few pictures of me in my recent Victoria's Secret garments. I am not sure if I can wear them yet, hope to get them approved tomorrow at my appointment.

Today I caught this horrible, horrible, horrible...

Today I caught this horrible, horrible, horrible stomach bug so I had to cancel my appointment. It's rescheduled for next Thursday. Feel like poo.

Today I had my second post-op. I thought it went...

Today I had my second post-op. I thought it went really well. This whole process is absolutely fascinating to me! Surgeon says everything is looking good and the implant just needs time to set in. Time, time, time. He approved running, a bra with no underwire, and said I could begin scar treatment. NO MORE STRAP!!! I didn't even wear it out of the office, just put it in my purse. It feels so strange not wearing it. Next week I can wear an underwire. Woot! Next week I get paid...even bigger woot! I don't want to buy anything expensive so, Wal-mart clearance bras here I come!
The surgeon basically saw the final outcome (when I was propped upright n the operating table) after the operation before I was woken up, so I asked him how close I was to that result. His response in a short, slightly comical fashion was, "not very close." Hah! For some reason I found that funny. It gives me hope that he knows and trusts his work and said that I wouldn't...hopefully...stay this shape forever. I'm so glad I asked if he propped me up and checked everything before surgery was completely finished, it made me feel better. He also said that my nipples would rise as the implant took its position. Shew, thank goodness. I also asked if he tried to fix the asymmetry and he said he did. Yay. My next appointment is Jan. 31st.
I have my alteration fitting for my wedding dress in a few weeks, so I hope the girls will put on a good show :)
People at work are impressed with the size and say it doesn't look fake or too big :) Exactly what I was hoping for!
The fact in itself that I can wear a bra makes me feel much better; I won't have to worry about concealing the strap!
OH! While its n my mind: wash your hands and use germx! That stomach flu was TERRIBLE!!!! I would rather have another BA than that nastiness.
If I have some major dropage or fluffing I'll update again...hope to see more of that in the next few weeks.

Until next time, happy healing!

So the emotional roller coaster decided to throw...

So the emotional roller coaster decided to throw me another loop. I haven't liked my implants the last few days. I can't see any changes, my nipples are still low and saggy and look as if they're sliding off the implant. I feel like I should have less upper pole than I do at this point. I'm wondering if the implant was placed too low to begin with. I don't know. I just know that I am getting impatient. I was expecting big changes around the one month mark...and that's next Wednesday.

Soo I ran half a mile today :) Let me tell ya what...

Soo I ran half a mile today :) Let me tell ya what a strange feeling! I had two sports bras on and I could still tell there was a little something extra there. My lets were ok but it was my middle back that bothered me. I guess my body will just have to get use to it...and that's ok with me! I'm liking my girls more today.
So my news: I've been debating on getting a dog :) Today I will be bringing home a 5 year old yellow lab! Seems like a very good dog with good habits. The last dog I adopted ended up being a biter so that was traumatic. I'm telling you all this because I really think and hope a pet will help with stress and keep my mind off the boobies :) Pretty excited! I get to give her a trial run for a week and then I can make up my mind if she's a good fit.

Best wishes!

Kingsport Plastic Surgery Center

I knew about this location because I drive by it frequently and it is an ideal location in regards to where I live. The surgeon is also very qualified.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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