2 weeks post op and I LOVE them!

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I'm a 21 year old mom of one. I nursed my child...

I'm a 21 year old mom of one. I nursed my child for about 18 months which left me at a VERY deflated A (if that) with pseudo ptosis. Before pregnancy I was a full B, during pregnancy a full C, during breast feeding a very full D/DD. I'm 5'4, 120 pounds and hoping to go to a full C/small D.

I had my consultation a few months back and finally got enough guts to go for it! We're planning on doing saline, under the muscle, with a transaxillary incision. I'm thinking HP to correct the pseudo ptosis. Anyone have any experience with that? I have no idea what to even consider as far as cc's because I didn't try on sizers at my first consultation. My PS just showed me a TON of pictures of ones he has done and told me to show him a few of where I'd like to be. A couple of my friends went to him and highly recommended him to me. He has been amazing, kind, and informative so far.

I feel like I'm obsessed with boobs. I'm constantly reading reviews or looking at before and after pictures. Now, just to pass the time until February. Oh joy. I welcome any tips or bits of wisdom anyone would like to impart on me! :)

Well, I've moved my surgery date up a week! The...

Well, I've moved my surgery date up a week! The countdown to February 1st begins now :) 31 days to go!! I've been trying to gather supplies that I will need for recovery. I know my surgeon provides a bra but I may need another one. What all will I need? Ahh so excited!

Due to scheduling conflicts I had to keep my...

Due to scheduling conflicts I had to keep my original surgery date of Feb 8th. :( I got my pre op instructions and prescriptions in the mail today! It's getting real!! And I'm starting to get nervous :/ How did you all keep calm during the very close pre op period? I plan to update with pre op pictures tonight!

Today I told a couple friends about my upcoming BA...

Today I told a couple friends about my upcoming BA (one of them has already had a BA) both of them kept telling me not to go TOO big because I'd end up looking like Dolly Parton or something. I don't want to go super big as to where it will cause problems later in life, but I don't want to end up going too small and regretting my decision. I mean I am paying a lot of money for this and it's going on MY body, I should be happy with my choice right? I guess I'm just worried that I'll come back to work and school and everyone will be talking about how obviously fake I look and so on. I'm starting to second guess myself :(

Today I paid my final payment and got my...

Today I paid my final payment and got my prescriptions filled! Almost time! What should I be doing to prepare?

So my BA is in 4 days. My son has had the flu,...

So my BA is in 4 days. My son has had the flu, strep, and the stomach virus all in the past 3 weeks. I thought I was in the clear after we made it through the flu and strep but now I have the stomach bug. Ugh! It's supposed to be a 24 hour bug but I've had it for 2 days now. Really hoping this doesn't affect my booby day :(

Just got the call to be at the surgical center at...

Just got the call to be at the surgical center at 730 Friday morning! Found an awesome pillow at Walmart today. It's the kind that has arms on the side. Hoping that'll make sleeping upright a little easier. 2 more days!! Good luck to all my February 8th booby buddies!

Well girls I'm on the other side and I'm loving...

Well girls I'm on the other side and I'm loving it! Surgery went extremely well. Been sleeping on and off all day. Ill update more later when I can actually see the screen to type lol congrats to all my booby buddies!

How do I email someone to have them rotate my...

How do I email someone to have them rotate my pictures?

It's 1 am where I live and time for a pain pill. I...

It's 1 am where I live and time for a pain pill. I can't sleep so I thought I might as well update.

My bf and I arrived at the surgical center at around 715..15 minutes before my appointment. I was getting nervous so I sat in the truck instead of going inside. Glenda, the nurse, came outside and said "come get some boobs! We can't operate on you in the truck." I loved her sense of humor. So we get inside and we're the only ones there. Glenda and a nurse she was training took my bf to a private waiting area that had a tv, movies, all that. First she had me change out of my clothes into a rob and give a urine sample. Then I came out, took off the robe and laid under a heated blanket which felt great! Glenda asked me a couple of routine questions and took my vitals . They started my iv which took a few minutes. Normally Im an easy stick but I guess since I hadn't drank anything since about 9 the night before they just weren't popping up. After they got the iv they started me on normal saline and an antibiotic, ancef. They also gave me an iv push of zofran, since they said sometimes this surgery could stimulate nausea. Glenda commented on my tattoos saying she loved them. I was thinking "I like her already!" since a lot of people judge tattooed people lol. Next, the anesthesiologist came in, asked me a couple questions, listened to my breath sounds, and asked if I would rather have lemon or spearmint gas. She made me feel so comfortable. She also happened to be my surgeon's wife. I wonder if she had fake boobies? Haha anyway. She told me she would give me some medicine to make me feel good but she wanted to wait until I talked to my PS so that I was lucid enough to know we were on the same page. Then, the dr came in asked me one more time what I wanted. We verified the size and he drew on me. After that the nurse pushed some versed and wheeled me back into the OR - that was at 8 am. Once we got there I remember commenting on the skylight windows on the ceilings. One of the nurses said "yeah we get a lot of squirrels watching" I said hm that's must be an interesting view. Next thing I remember was the nurse calling my name and telling me it was time to wake up. I don't remember getting dressed or getting in the truck (although I'm pretty sure my bf picked me up and put me in since its a pretty high step). I barely remember getting home or getting in bed. I wasn't in excruciating pain. I had a pretty good nap, woke up and ate a fiber bar. I vaguely remember my bf putting my pills in my mouth, giving me water and telling me to swallow. When I finally woke up for good I felt decent. When I'm just laying here I feel no pain, just pressure like I'm engorged. When I get up and move around its a different story. My boobs don't hurt, it's my sternum and the muscles on the side of my boobs under my armpit. I haven't really gotten up except to pee. My bf is a gem. He gets me out of the bed, pulls my pants down and up for me, even volunteered to wipe me. I told him no thanks id like to save some of my dignity if I could lol he pulled my hair up in a ponytail for me. So adorable. Our bed is high up so he basically lifts me by my legs so I can stand on the bed frame (thank god he's an ex marine and still works out like one) any little whimper he's right there saying "are you okay baby? What can I do for you?" Precious. We put a towel under me horizontally to use as a draw sheet (nursing came in handy) and he gets at the top of the bed and uses that to scoot me up. We have silk sheets which isn't the best in the world due to all the sliding I do. I got one of those pillows with the back rest and arms that's shaped like a chair and its working wonders. Overall it hasn't been just terrible. Of course it's painful but I birthed a child naturally and have quite a few tattoos, one covering my entire back. I think I have a pretty high pain tolerance. ;) I'm trying to think if I've forgotten anything. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Ill update more tomorrow

Forgot to add I got 425 cc, saline, under the...

Forgot to add I got 425 cc, saline, under the muscle, transax incision. Would have went bigger but that's all my little body could hold. I told him go as big we possible without making me look like Dolly Parton :) not sure what profile he decided on. Ill ask at my post op Monday.
Oh and they put me in a bra and strap with 4x4s and paper tape over my incisions

Today is soooo much better than yesterday. My bf...

Today is soooo much better than yesterday. My bf had to get up every four hours last night so I didn't wanna bother him to take me to the bathroom. I just kinda log rolled outta bed and pulled myself up with my core. Probably not the best idea but I survived. I took my most recent pain pill 6 hrs ago and I'm fine without it. Also, my boob is making those weird gurgling noises lol I'm gonna get up and try to walk around some today. It's supposed to be really pretty outside. Hope my booby buddies are healing nicely. Xo

Day 3 post op - Had my first post op appointment,...

Day 3 post op - Had my first post op appointment, got rid of the strap (thank God), went over all my Dos and Don'ts. I see him again in a month. I was able to get up, flat iron my hair, and put on my make up. I went to Walmart after my appointment to get suppositories (ick!) and browsed around. I did fine. Got home and took a little nap. My boobs were sooooo heavy after my nap. Kinda felt like morning boob.

Night 2 (counting the night I came home from surgery as night 1) and day 1 (counting surgery day as 0) were the worst. As long as I was in bed I just felt engorged. When I had to get up to pee it hurt like hell. And I had a burning pain in my armpit where my incision is. I hardly slept any that night, my back was killing me.
Day 2 - much, much better. My wonderful bf gave me a shower and washed my hair. I shaved everything (except my armpits) and actually kinda felt a little bit human again. I sat up on the couch for a while and discovered how much better it feels without that satan strap!
I can tell the girls are dropping some. If you take anything away from this blog let it be this: ICE, heating pad and stool softeners WHILE you're taking the pain meds. My stomach has hurt me worse than my boobs almost and my bf had to give me a suppository today. (TMI) ice has been a life saver for my boobs and heating pad for my back. I've been off narcotic pain meds since day 2 and have just been taking Tylenol extra strength. I may have to take a muscle relaxer before bed tonight. Hope all is well in booby world. Xoxo

Day 8 post op - I feel almost 100%. I drove on...

Day 8 post op - I feel almost 100%. I drove on post op day 3, went back to class on day 5, went to nursing clinical on day 6. I may have over done it a little at clinical so I've just been resting since. Left has dropped a lot, and I've developed a nastylooking bruise on that one. Right is slowly but surely getting there. I was cleared to stop wearing my surgical (granny) bra this weekend so I just went to Walmart to get one. I got a 34 D, but it's too small. I'm gonna go to vs to get sized today or tomorrow. I'm starting to feel boob greed. I know they're not getting smaller but the more they drop and lose that upper pole roundness the less I like them. Oh well, I guess I should just be happy I have more than what I started with. I also took my steri strips off and got cleared to shave my armpits and use deodorant (thank God!) my incision is barely visible so that's a plus. My next post op is in March at the 1 month mark. Hope my booby buddies are healing well!

2 weeks post op - got measured and I'm a 32-34 DD....

2 weeks post op - got measured and I'm a 32-34 DD. so excited. I had a little booby greed but I'm over that now. I love them!! They feel like part of me. Nothing new to report. The huge bruise that developed is gone now. I have no soreness or tenderness. My scar (trans ax) is almost completely invisible. Ill post a pic of it tomorrow. Right is still dropping slower than left but getting there slowly but surely. Hope everyone is enjoying their new boobs!
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